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Beach Wedding Regrets – Avoidable Mistake Advice for the Beach Bride

So many wonderful things go into planning a beach wedding. But sometimes brides easily lose sight of the forest for the trees when it comes to wedding planning. At the end of the “wedding” day, the bride and groom will be joined as husband and wife. And it should be a day filled with joy and celebration! So here are some tips to avoid having any beach wedding regrets and ways to avoid common mistakes. 


Beach Wedding Regrets : Avoidable Mistakes Advice for the Beach Bride


beach wedding regrets


  • Stress

 “I was worried for nothing,” “In hind sight, that was no big deal,” “I was too stressed to enjoy my wedding day.” DO NOT let those thoughts be yours. Do not lose site of the goal here. Your wedding day should be centered around your marriage. Your Florida Beach Wedding will take care of everything to ensure your wedding site is nothing but the best! Any bride/groom should mentally prepare for a hiccup or two. Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction, drizzly weather, or late wedding guest, keep your eyes on the prize- your soon to be spouse! We will ensure your ceremony location is ready to rock and roll. Your main priorities are: your marriage license and the presence of the bride and groom. Everything else is secondary as far as your concerns go. With this mindset, you can look back on your wedding day with no regrets!


  • Time Management

Be on time. That’s the best wedding time management advice. So calculate how long any hair/make up/nail appointments will take and plan your wedding day accordingly. Use your phone/Google Maps to determine drive times ahead of time, not 10 minutes before walking out the door. Allow some wiggle room for traffic, make up fixes, large bridal parties, etc. You can’t be responsible for your guests and bridal party arriving on time, but it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with them timelines and expectations. Be clear about meeting places and allow for extra time for off beach parking/walking. 


  • Budget 

 Wise Choices. That’s the name of the budget game. KNOW YOUR BUDGET before ANY planning begins. You are much more likely to make wise choices and appropriate compromises when you have a clear, established budget. And from there, our Destin Beach Wedding  Packages Page is a great place to start. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and one stop shop. So what you see is what you get. Prioritize your “must haves” and “can do withouts” and stick to it. Check out other ways to save money on your Destin Beach Wedding. 


  • Attire

Don’t regret choosing your beach wedding attire without considering a few basic tips. Dress appropriate for the weather and keep in mind the sand, wind, and sun! 

  • Dress– Depending on the season, you may have more or less options here. It’s safe to say if you are booking a beach wedding between the months of May-September your most practical advice is to keep it cool. Don’t choose thick fabrics or a three piece suit. You will be sweating and you will not be happy if you don’t follow that advice. We have a few other helpful posts on beach groom style and beach wedding dresses. 
  • Accessories/Shoes– Less is more. Barefeet or barefoot sandals are a great idea for brides. Barefeet or simple flip flops are idea for grooms. Jewelry is pretty flexible. Veils can be tricky. Even a slight breeze can have your veil wrapped around and tangled. Oh and sunglasses and cell phones are NOT wedding accessories. 🙂 


So if you’re ready for a stress and regret free Destin Beach Wedding, click HERE!