5 Must Haves For A Beach Wedding in Daytona

If you are planning a Florida wedding in Daytona Beach you want to be sure that you have not missed any details. Most brides know that they should allow enough time to get their hair done (2 hours is the recommendation) but there are other things that need your attention. We have suggestions that will make the day easier for you and your guests.

Couple gazes at each other under wedding arch on Daytona Beach

The goal for any wedding is to have a memorable ceremony where everyone has all eyes on the bride and groom, then to follow it up with a reception or dinner where everyone can enjoy themselves. Every great wedding IS great because every detail has gotten the attention it deserves.

Couple kissing in sea on Daytona Beach after wedding

5 Things That Will Make Your Day Perfect

Daytona Beach wedding couple going on honeymoon

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on it is that beach weddings in Daytona are beautiful. There is another thing that everyone can agree on, it can be hot on these east coast beaches. Making sure everyone attending your beach wedding in Daytona is comfortable can be accomplished with just a little planning. A little pre-planning for your guest’s comfort can go a long way in making sure that everyone has a great time during the ceremony. Incorporate the following into your wedding planning:

  • Sunglasses for the sunny beach
  • Sunscreen to protect each wedding guest
  • Flip flops for safe walking on the sand
  • A foot cleaning station to remove sand
  • Handheld fans for guest comfort

Setting up the beach area for comfort is key. You want all eyes on you and your beloved, and you do not want people squirming in their seats because they are comfortable. A couple of buckets of cheap sunglasses will ensure that everyone gets to see the service and that they are not fighting off the glare. There are plenty of ways to present these little gifts for those that forget their own. Why not a little gift bag or beach bucket on each chair? If you’ve chosen one of our Distinctive Design wedding packages, it comes with chilled water which will be welcome on a hot day. Perfect for an elegant Florida beach wedding.

Sunscreen and Fans

Your beach wedding in Daytona is going to hopefully happen on a crystal clear day. However, even a sunset wedding, requires sunscreen because of the location. Buy trial sizes and place them in the area that greets your guests. A little protection can go a long way in making sure no one is too burnt to enjoy the reception. Help your guests to beat the heat by incorporating handheld fans into your wedding décor. You can place them on each chair with that chilled water.

Couple by sea grapes married on Daytona Beach

Flip Flops for the Sand

Coming to your wedding dressed to impressed may mean you will have some ladies that have left their sandals at home…or want to take those shoes off. Make it easier for them to get on the sand and watch the ceremony by placing a bucket of different sized flip flops near the entrance to the ceremony. You can buy flip flops online or at a dollar store for $1, and they will be greatly appreciated as they watch you tie the knot.

Bucket in sand with starfish

Foot Brushing Station

Set up a station where your guests can brush the sand off their feet. A mat with some paintbrushes in a bucket can be a welcome relief for guests that have sand between their toes that do not necessarily want to take with them to the reception dinner.

A Wedding Agenda

Using the best beach wedding company means your entire ceremony is planned from start to finish. As a bride, you will only have to focus on your vows and not the decoration setup, chairs, accessories or priming the location…because we do it all for you. We provide you with a general timeline when you book your wedding day with us and a completely detailed agenda for your wedding day. It will help you and your guests arrive on time and enjoy your special day.

 A Wedding Package

The smartest brides understand a package is the way to go. No matter how hard you try, it will be hard to find all the items you want in your wedding on an a la carte basis. Having everything in a package, professionally designed, setup and executed for you will save you a lot of time and money. Plus there are so many themes to choose from and customize: tropical, rustic wood, black bamboo, dusty blue designs, classic floral, branches, shells and more! The colors to customize are many so browse for one today.

This bride and groom celebrate during one of our weddings in Florida.

We hope these tips help you plan an amazing Daytona Beach wedding day. Contact us to speak to a beach wedding specialist now.

Ft. Walton Beach Wedding & Bonfire Reception

Dreaming of a beach wedding in the Florida panhandle? Love the idea of an intimate fireside reception? Well grab your Florida marriage license, a s’mores kit, and a pair of flip flops. Then get ready to say “I do” on the sandy shoreline of the Gulf coast beaches.  And who says your first toast has to be with a champagne glass? Why not a marshmallow?  Learn more about a Ft. Walton Beach Wedding and Bonfire Reception here!

How to Plan a Ft. Walton Beach Wedding and Bonfire Reception

Destin Bamboo wedding arch with tropical flowers

We’ve broken down the Destin beach wedding planning process into 6 uncomplicated steps. Check it out:

  1. Visit floridabeachweddings.com and check our all inclusive beach wedding packages page. Match your vision with our expert beach designs to choose the perfect wedding ceremony choice. The Destin and Fort Walton Beach area are very popular with beach brides so its important to get on this early.
  2. Contact us to check on your date availability.
  3. Make a deposit by check, or credit card, to reserve your Ft. Walton beach wedding date.
  4. Receive your confirmation packet and User ID/Password for the selections pages.  From here you’ll choose all of your ceremony decor, ceremony/vows, and music that comes with Destin Florida wedding packages. A general timeline will be included in your confirmation packet (including dates and important details).
  5. Return your completed selections online to our beach wedding planner.  You will then receive a detailed ceremony agenda for your beach ceremony.
  6. And, on the day of your ceremony, we will see you on Fort Walton beach for your wedding ceremony!

Sound easy enough? It really is! And you can visit our FAQ page or contact us if you have more questions.

Ft. Walton Beach Bonfire:

A beach bonfire- a perfect, intimate way to celebrate the start your marriage and the end of the day!

Beach Bonfire Destin FL

So 30A Bonfires is an awesome company sharing a similar philosophy with the Florida Beach Wedding Company. Put plainly, it’s a one stop shop with great customer service and satisfaction. There are multiple package choices and locations for beach bonfires and choosing one is easy with their clear cut descriptions on 30Ablaze.com.  Now, you can also obtain your own beach bonfire permit, but you won’t be provided chairs, tables, fire pits, S’mores kit and a set up and take down. Seems well worth a little extra to have that all taken care of.

Couple at Clearwater Beach with a Destiny wedding package sitting

Here’s an idea of what you’ll get with a 30A beach bonfire:

  • Beach Bonfires start between 6:00-8:00PM and are available year round.
  • Vendor will contact you to set up a time for the date you have requested. It is best to book these at least one week in advance due to limited supply.
  • Duration: 2-3 Hrs.
  • Available Packages
    • 2 Hour Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 5 chairs, S’mores, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire
    • 2 Hour Deluxe Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 10 chairs, 1 table, S’mores, Bluetooth speaker, tiki torches, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire
    • 3 Hour Bonfire Package: Fire bowl, wood, 20 chairs, 2 tables, S’mores, Bluetooth speaker, tiki torches, bonfire permit and attendant to set up and tend fire.

best beach wedding locations in florida

For more details, additions, questions, you can visit 30Ablaze.com. Ready to book your Destin or Fort Walton Beach Wedding? Click HERE!

Spring St. Augustine Beach Wedding

This past March the weather on the east coast was perfect for an outdoor wedding. This St. Augustine beach ceremony was everything this couple was hoping for…and the fact that their wedding package was all-inclusive was just an added bonus. The brides wedding dress with flowing train was so enchanting and perfect for a beach environment. She opted for long, flowing hair which was playful in the ocean breeze. The groom’s more formal look added a touch of class to the ceremony, and was echoed by the children’s attire.

Barefoot wedding couple on St. Augustine Beach

Choosing an all inclusive beach wedding package is definitely the way to go for an easy ceremony. However, which one do you choose when there are so many beautiful designs? This St. Augustine Beach wedding couple decided to go for a vintage theme: they chose our Rustic Romance beach wedding package. It is an elegant yet earthy theme that incorporates a rustic, wooden wedding arch with soft, pastel florals.

First wedding kiss on Anastasia Island wedding

Muted florals are all the rage this spring and when combined with neutral colors it is a sensation on the beach. This package also comes with just about everything you need to look forward to on your wedding day: vows, a unity sand ceremony, music, officiant, chairs and chilled water for your guests. The chalkboard sign at the beginning of the aisleway is the perfect way to announce the newly married couple.

Rustic beach wedding in St. Augustine

Don’t worry about getting a Florida marriage license, our beach wedding specialists can help you with that. In fact, Florida destination weddings are just about the safest and easiest way to get married in the US. Our wedding company takes care of any required permits too.

Bride and groom kissing by ocean

The best thing about a simple beach wedding in Florida is that its fun! If you add our wedding photography to your package, our professional outdoor photographer will take all the wedding pictures you crave: the bride approaching, your vows, first kiss, family and friends, bridal party and more photos down by the ocean. Although we suggest a few traditional poses, some of the best moments are when you and your guests are relaxed, happy and laughing!

Bridal party jumping on St. Augustine beach

At the end of your special day you and your beloved will be laughing at how stress-free your wedding was! All-inclusive destination weddings are cheaper than weddings at home, even when you factor in travel and hotel. If you don’t want a full on, big guest wedding, you can choose to elope: many of our Florida elopement packages include photography.

wedding couple laughs by the ocean

St. Augustine on the east coast is so beautiful for a Florida wedding on the beach. Are you ready to have a fun-filled wedding? Of course you are! Our beach wedding specialists are ready and excited to help you reserve your date and find your perfect affordable beach wedding. Contact us today.

Say No to Do It Yourself Beach Weddings

We live in a culture full of D.I.Y. projects: YouTube tutorials, Pinterest boards, bloggers and design TV show hosts are pushing the “let me show you how to do it yourself” movement. Maybe that worked for that coffee table, paint project, car engine restoration (or maybe not). But we’re here to recommend that you don’t DIY for your wedding. Why? Stress is the biggest factor and we all know that a bride already has plenty of that. Therefore, here are three reasons why its good to leave the beach wedding planning to the pros (ahem- that’s us) and save the D.I.Y. for painting the bathroom at home.


One of the top reasons couples are attracted to the do-it-yourself wedding is to save money. And it seems like a great idea, but a la cart wedding items can add up fast. Most of the items you’re planning to use for your wedding may never be used again. With Florida Beach Weddings packages you can save money right from the start. Forget the stress of trying to do it all yourself…wouldn’t you rather just show up at the beach and have everything ready for you? Our affordable beach wedding packages are all-inclusive so you know exactly what you’ll be getting AND spending on your wedding. No surprises, no hidden fees, and it’s completely planned out beginning to end online with your beach wedding ideas. We even help with your Florida marriage license. Vow renewals, elopements, or larger Florida destination wedding. What could be easier?

Pass-A-Grille Beach couple at sunset under wedding canopy


Like every bride, you don’t want a cookie cutter wedding…you want to use your own wedding ideas. And a D.I.Y. wedding could allow for you to put your personal touch into your ceremony. However, choosing a wedding package doesn’t mean you can’t do any customization. Our Destiny package has over 20 different color choices for the bamboo wedding arch, many choices for your topper decorations, plus a variety of aisle-way choices such as shepherd’s hooks, tiki torches and lanterns. There are some things that are much harder such as location choices: having a Clearwater Beach wedding? Have you investigated the sunset time, beach permit regulations, or parking issues? What begins as an exciting adventure can quickly turn into a nightmare of hours on hold waiting for answers. Our Florida Beach Weddings company has put in the time, experience, and will do all the work for you. As Florida wedding planners, we’ve been doing it for over 13 years and know how to get these issued taken care of quickly. So you can still add your personality and your colors in our all-inclusive package with a lot less stress.

Couple at Clearwater Beach with a Destiny wedding package sitting


While D.I.Y. weddings seem like they save money and allow you to be creative, they are way more involved than what first meets the eye. Even small beach wedding packages are easier than doing it yourself! Florida destination weddings are all about you fully enjoying your special day. That includes the beach wedding planning before AND the day of. Our all-inclusive packages really do include everything you need for your wedding day. Wedding officiant who also coordinates your ceremony, vows, consultations by phone and e-mail pre-wedding, unity sand ceremony, legal filing of your Florida Marriage License; all this is included with even our most basic package. You can also add our professional photography. So you have time to enjoy your destination wedding, spend more time on shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress, local entertainment, and truly enjoy your entire experience. From a Daytona Beach wedding to St. Pete Beach weddings, our beach wedding company does it all so you can relax!

Classic Florida Beach wedding packages

If you are ready to save money, personalize your wedding day, enjoy your wedding day celebration then CLICK HERE to start planning your beach wedding today with our Florida wedding planners.

Clearwater Beach Weddings on a Budget

There are many wonderful new things newlyweds receive following their wedding. Presents, wedding rings, a new last name, just to name a few. One thing newlyweds don’t want to acquire is a load of wedding debt. Traditional wedding expenses can leave couples drowning in debt before even walking the aisle, and that’s not even counting your honeymoon. Is a destination wedding any cheaper? The answer is yes, it can be if you choose wisely and stay in the USA. Two of the most popular destinations are Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach. In fact, Tripadvisor has named St. Pete Beach the top beach in America for 2021! So let’s talk these beautiful Tampa Bay beaches and how to have a Florida Beach Wedding on a budget. Do the words affordable budget and wedding planning even belong in the same sentence? Yes!

$ Crunch the Numbers $

Before beginning any planning, do your homework. What is your budget? Planning Clearwater Beach Weddings on a budget can mean different things  for different couples. However, even if you have the slimmest of funds, a little creativity and a small beach wedding package can work together for the beach ceremony of your dreams. Once you’ve established your bottom line budget, it’s time to get to planning the best Florida beach wedding!

Florida Beach Weddings on a Budget

Consider Your Costs

Think of all the non-negotiable items involved in your Florida Beach Wedding Budget. It’s a common mistake to skip right to the wedding planning and neglect travel and lodging costs. So avoid any sneaky, costly, surprises with your wedding budget by considering the following expenses. There’s a great tool to get an estimated cost calculator for traveling. And with Clearwater Beach near Tampa Bay, you can get even more accurate budget costs by city.

Travel Expenses

Flying? Driving? Check out travel costs, bearing in mind calendar dates may cause variations in price. Websites, like Trip Advisor, allow you to search for by date, airport, and travel preferences. Driving? Google Maps allows you to type in your location and destination for mileage estimates and food, hotel, etc. along the way. Right now, air travel is more affordable than ever and passengers named Tampa as one of North America’s most hygienic airports!

Aerial shot of Tampa International Airport Florida


The average cost for a hotel in Florida is around $100-$200/night. Of course, you can find more budget friendly places or live the luxurious life and go all out. So that’s a starting point. Again, check out the cost calculator by city to get a better idea. The Tampa Bay area offers so many choices that it’s easy to find your preferred type of accommodations. Check out the Holiday Inn Harbourside an ideal location for couples that want to enjoy an all-inclusive Clearwater Beach wedding venue since you can book a wedding reception there too. Want beachfront? The 3 Palms Retreat is an ideal location for an entire bridal party. This rental property has beautiful views of the ocean. What makes this house even more extraordinary is the separation of the main house and the duplex: it provides separate areas to get ready before the wedding. It can be less expensive than you think for family and friends when sharing.

Indian Rocks Beach Weddings and hotels in Clearwater, Florida


This is a budget point that will sneak up on you before you know it. The average cost for food is $44/day! However, finding a hotel with a kitchen/kitchenette can cut down on that price substantially. So if you’re on a tight budget, add a hotel room kitchen to your must have list and you can save hundreds on food. If you are planning a beach wedding reception you will have to add that to your budget as well.

Palm tree pineapples and fruit for wedding guests


The great thing about Florida Beach Weddings on a budget is you have built in free entertainment- the Gulf beach! So a bathing suit and sunscreen could be your only expense here. The sun and sea are priceless especially on the white sand of Clearwater Beach! But if you’re looking to hit up a concert, visit a theme park, book a fishing charter, or other fun Florida activity, consider those costs as you plan.

Wedding Dress & Accessories

Bridal gowns and suits vary greatly in price. Some of the pricier gowns can be in the thousands, but the great thing about a Florida Beach Wedding is the laid back atmosphere. That means lots of options for the bridal dress code. Love Boho or a short wedding dress? You can find a casual beach wedding dress for less than $100. Or check your local swip swap and resale stores if you are set on that traditional wedding dress without breaking the bank. Same goes for the groom. A nice pair of khakis and white button down fits right in on the beach and your budget.

Short, cute wedding dress in Siesta Key


In an age where technology is king, the e-vite is a perfectly suitable and cost efficient means of inviting guests for your Clearwater Beach wedding on a budget. That should cover just about all the non-negotiable wedding costs. So now, let’s move onto your big day.. choosing your budget friendly wedding package.

Wedding Package

Bamboo Beach wedding setup on Clearwater Beach
Now that you’ve calculated costs for all the “other” wedding planning items, it’s time for the best part! Florida Beach Wedding Packages! Florida Beach Weddings offers intimate elopement packages all the way to upscale beach wedding packages! Everything you need for your special day is provided. Some packages even include our professional wedding photography, like the Beach Beginnings package pictured here.

The next step is to visit our complete Wedding Packages page and find your perfect wedding day set up. Our Beach Wedding Specialists are waiting to help you. Complete package prices start at $699 and go up to around $2,500. You show up to the beach with your marriage license and Florida Beach Weddings does the rest. Best of all our family and friends operated beach wedding company handles the setup and breakdown. You don’t have to lift a “ring finger”.

“I Do!”

Now that you have a clear budget outline, it’s time to make the “free” decisions. Wedding date, specific location, vow choices, color schemes…Contact us today to start planning the Florida Beach Wedding of your dreams.


Affordable Destination Wedding Planning Tips

So you have your heart set on a destination wedding in Florida, but not sure if it’s affordable? Well, we can say with certainty that it is cheaper than a traditional wedding at home. However, doing the research yourself will convince you so we’ve provided a great resource to help you plan. Also, a little creativity will go a long way in making your beach wedding dreams come true all within your wedding budget. Check out the guide below for everything you need to know about planning an affordable destination wedding.

Bride and Groom kiss by dunes in St. Augustine Beach, FL

Bride Guide: Planning an Affordable Destination Wedding

Know Your Budget:

Before we dive into HOW to save money, let’s decide exactly how much money we’re starting with here. This number doesn’t have to be down to the penny, but we need a starting place for the wedding fund. It’s your big day, but you don’t need a big debt to start your new life with when it’s all said and done. Choosing a wedding ceremony package is the way to go to save money…almost everything you need is included. Our Florida wedding packages start at $699 and at the top end average $2,500, depending on the beach location. Gulf beaches like Clearwater, St. Pete, Siesta Key and Destin Beach are typically more expensive, and Miami weddings, but that doesn’t mean you should rule them out if that’s your dream. Our Beach Wedding Specialists can help you discover which location will work for you.

Cocoa Beach Wedding Ceremony near Orland


Make a list of non-negotiable items and see where everything stands. Is a Clearwater Beach Wedding the only one for you? Or can you go for a more budget-friendly Atlantic ocean ceremony such as a Cocoa Beach wedding, St. Augustine or the Daytona Beach area? Can you cut back on your wedding dress budget to make room for an upgraded hotel suite? Do fresh flowers make your wedded heart swoon? Or can you go for a faux bouquet of flowers to allow for professional hair and make up? So its a good idea to write it all down. Some ideas are:

  1. Wedding party size (permits may be more expensive for a larger number of guests)
  2. Elope in Florida or a full wedding
  3. Hair and Make Up
  4. Wedding Package Design Choice
  5. Additional/Professional Photography
  6. Flowers
  7. Wedding Dress – try renting to save money on the dress you love: click here for resource
  8. Groom Tux/Suit – rent or buy easily from home: click here for resource
  9. Hotel/Accommodations – check out our locations pages for some popular suggestions
  10. Travel-Flight/Car
  11. Honeymoon
  12. Wedding Favors – check our blog resource here
  13. Bridal Party Gifts
  14. Invitations/Evites
  15. After party/Reception

For more help, you can also check out The Knot’s FREE wedding budget calculator.

Complete Wedding Packages:

Bohemian bride and groom by the sea

As mentioned above, your best bet to save money and stress is going with an all inclusive wedding package. This is especially true for destination wedding where you have to deal with vendors in an unfamiliar location. With Florida Beach Weddings, almost everything you need for your wedding day is included in the affordable, upfront price! You can choose your theme, colors and decorations, which makes all your wedding ideas come to life. With our Florida wedding planners, even your beach wedding officiant is included. The only option we recommend adding is our professional outdoor wedding photographer so that all your memories can be captured forever. And, just as important, is that having it all in a package means less stress: just show up and tie the knot!

Money Saving Ideas:

With a little creativity, you can save money left and right! Here are some ideas for trimming the fat from your sand, sun and sea beach wedding budget:

  • Wedding Dress- Second hand (try a local Facebook resale group or high end consignment shop)
  • Hair and Make Up- If hiring a pro is out, there are no shortage of Youtube hair/make up tutorials. Just practice, practice, practice.
  • Travel- Subscribe to a travel search engine and check back frequently for cheap air fare. These prices can fluctuate day to day so look for a price drop and pick up your tickets!
  • Evites over mailed invitations can end up saving you hundreds. Between the actual stationary and the cost to mail them, go paperless and save more.
  • Flowers- Have a creative and RELIABLE friend attending the wedding? Could he/she put together a some simple bouquets and boutonnieres? You may have to settle with whatever flowers are in stock that day/week at the local grocery store in Florida, but if that’s not a priority to you, then that’s an easy, fresh option\\

Wedding flowers on Clearwater Beach

Now you realize your dreams can come true without going into wedded-debt! Let Florida Beach Weddings help you plan your complete, affordable destination wedding today. Click here!