Is it an Elopement or Destination Wedding?

What is an Elopement?

Tropical Florida Beach Weddings and elopements

Long ago, ‘to elope’ was ‘to run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent’. These days, there are many reasons behind why a couple might decide to ‘elope’. Most of the time it comes down to just wanting a wedding for two with a short, intimate ceremony. Here are a few of the most common reasons people choose to elope or opt for an intimate wedding:

  • A big event either doesn’t seem authentic or causes extra stress.
  • An elopement focuses more on the couple and less on the event. The focus of the wedding day is really just about the couple and the vows they want to include. 
  • Eloping saves money. The couple can choose to spend money on a destination and vacation honeymoon, rather than a big wedding. They can choose to get married at amazing locations like Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Miami Beach or historic St. Augustine, Florida.
  • Some people aren’t that close with their families. However a lot of couples choose to elope with limited friends and family. Florida Beach Weddings packages allow you to have up to six guests (but not a wedding party).
  • A second marriage. Eloping allows more possibilities and flexibility. When couples head off to get married with an intimate group or just the two of them and their officiant, they have a lot more options for where they can get married and what they can do. 
  • Eloping places more value on the experience than on ‘things”. Rather than spending money on table settings, fancy food, a bar, or DJ, eloping places the main value on the ceremony vows and marriage experience. 
  • More funds for the honeymoon. Whether that’s putting money towards traveling, or saving some of that cash for an epic honeymoon, eloping is budget friendly. Consider the thousands of dollars saved on a beautiful beach elopement versus the expense of a full blown wedding.

Destin Beach Elopements in Florida on the gulf Coast beaches.

Many elopements nowadays aren’t last minute at a local courthouse or decided on within a week. You can plan it that way, but you can also sit down as a couple and find a beautiful all inclusive package to elope in Florida on the beach – all from the comfort of your living room! Check out some complete elopement packages here.

Does it have to just be me and my significant other?

Some people do choose to elope with just the two of them but many couples like to bring along a few close friends or family members to celebrate their special day. However Elopement does NOT mean 30 people or surprise guests on the beach – that’s a destination wedding! Read more below if you and your fiancee want a larger, decorated ceremony with more guests.

Jacksonville Beach Elopements all inclusive

What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is a larger, more decorated wedding ceremony with guests (up to 100). It is considered a micro wedding if you have 20 guests or less, in a relaxed setting with a shorter ceremony. Either size will work for a Florida destination wedding! If a couple wants to they can have a larger party or reception at another venue like a restaurant afterward.

The secret to a successful destination wedding is NOT to do it yourself: just because you may not be having a big wedding doesn’t mean that the stress of planning disappears. Make it easy on yourself and your fiancee by hiring an experienced beach wedding company to plan and execute your precious wedding day. A professional wedding specialist will help with choosing wedding decorations, colors, music, vows, travel tips, accommodations, florist and more:

At one of our Destination beach wedding packages in Florida the couple says "I Do".

Options to Add Wedding Ceremony Songs: Don’t forget your playlist including the song you fell in love with for your first dance as a married couple.

Unity Ceremony: Like any other wedding, a beach wedding has meaning when a unity sand ceremony is included. True to it’s name, the wedding couple adds sand together to a keepsake sand vase, with the sand color of your choice. Seashell blessing is optional too.

Photographer: Chances are you won’t want to ask guests to take iPhone photos so don’t forget to add photography time to any wedding package. It’s affordable and having a professional beach wedding photographer at your wedding will ensure you have captured memories for years to come.

South Beach Weddings in Miami, Florida are the tropical and lively bride.

On-Trend, Beautiful Wedding Decorations: Your wedding on a budget won’t be busted! All the beach wedding items can be included that you would expect in a Florida wedding: bamboo, flower, shells, driftwood, anchors, lanterns. It’s up to you which complete package you choose.

Rustic Geometric arch on the beach

Rustic Geometric Arch

Affordable Wedding Locations: Popular beach wedding destinations include Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Miami Beach or historic St. Augustine, Florida and more. We offer beach wedding ceremonies on both the east coast of Florida and Gulf beaches on the west coast.

Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings with a sunset feel and views of the lighthouse.

Bride and groom sunset wedding Ponce Inlet Beach

A beach wedding in Florida is truly the best, most affordable destination wedding location you can choose for either an elopement or complete destination wedding. Other destinations can’t compare to the ease of getting married in the US at a ceremony in the sun and sea. Contact our beach wedding specialist today to plan your 2020 wedding today.

Gulf Beach Weddings in St. Pete, Florida

TripAdvisor describes St. Pete Beach: “Sugary-white sand, dolphins frolicking just off shore and eight major barrier islands make St. Pete Beach a postcard-perfect seaside destination”. We agree! Bohemian. Creative. Local. Hip. With more than 35 miles of beaches this seaside town is the ideal location to provide you with one of the best places to get married in Florida.

Say your vows on this stunning Gulf beach with views of white sand as far as the eye can see. The charming and historic Florida beach town provides everything you need for the perfect Gulf beach wedding and reception. Couples who marry at St. Pete Beach locations such as Passe-A-Grill beach or Upham Beach will have picture-perfect memories to share together for the rest of their lives.

What do we love about St. Pete, Florida? 248 sunny days per year almost guarantees your wedding day on the Gulf beach will have wonderful weather. 

Beach Locations to Get Married

Upham Beach is a great option for your St. Pete Beach wedding: white sand, beautiful sunsets, metered parking, restrooms and more. Upham Beach has beautiful greenery, adding a great backdrop to your after ceremony photography. The biggest appeal of Upham beach, is the break of almost constant hotels and condos on the beach. It also has beautiful wooden walkways over the dunes and rocks in the water.

Where to Stay

The Plaza Beach Hotel has been family owned and operated since 1988. With just 39 suites, you and your guests can enjoy the place without major crowds. All of the suites have a kitchenette and are spacious. Perfect for the ultimate St. Pete beach vacation!

The Beachcomber has a private beach, outdoor pool and Jimmy B’s Beach Bar: what an easy and convenient way to plan dinners with your guests, or enjoy a nice relaxing evening beachfront dinner with your fiance. This is an easy way to kickback, relax and not have to worry about traveling or getting around. The best part? The views of the sunset you will receive from the deck! 


Your Wedding Reception

The end to a perfect wedding day is your wedding night! Celebrate with your guests at a beautiful dinner reception venue. Stay at the beach or head into Tampa, for some night life. Here are some suggestions:

400 Beach Seafood and Taphouse has many different private dining options. This will allow you to truly enjoy visiting with your guests that came down for your wedding. Enjoy the private chef’s table, which holds up to 12. Or take advantage of their other rooms for larger weddings: up to 200 people.

Want fine dining and panoramic views? Rooftop dining, but also private indoor dining is available at the Castile. It serves Latin and Mediterranean dishes with fresh seafood that showcase the seasons. 

Your Perfect Day

With the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Tampa Bay on the other, St. Pete is surrounded by natural beauty. As the sun sinks into the sea over the sugary sand, there isn’t a bad seat in the house or a dry eye in your wedding party. Say, “I do” with one of our complete wedding packages. Our wedding photography will capture your special day with family and friends forever. See some of our real beach wedding couples below then contact us to book your date today!

Clearwater Beach Weddings with beautiful views of the sunset and Gulf of Mexico.

A sunset kiss in front of one of our beach wedding packages in Clearwater Florida.

Hotel Weddings in Daytona Beach

Wedding party celebrating on Daytona Beach

Beachfront Hotel Weddings

Daytona Beach is one of the only places in Florida with an abundance of hotels DIRECTLY on the beach making it one of the best places to get married. Many hotels will claim to be on the beach, but will have a long walkway, or even a street blocking you! In Daytona Beach you have the option to have a wedding at a hotel that is directly on the oceanfront. You can easily plan a reception party after your destination wedding. If a seaside wedding is your dream, Daytona area beaches should be considered. Unlike the Gulf beaches, these east coast beaches have white cap waves and silky dunes that have to be seen to be appreciated.

Hotel wedding couple at Daytona Beach Shores Resort and Spa

Hotel wedding couple at Daytona Beach Shores Resort and Spa

Benefits of a Hotel Wedding Day on Daytona Beach

Convenience– Hotel weddings in Daytona are the most convenient way to celebrate your Florida beach wedding ceremony. With a true one-stop-shop option, you can rest assured that your day will run smoothly. You can get ready at your hotel room, walk down to your Daytona Beach wedding ceremony and then head right back up to your hotel to enjoy a wedding reception. Don’t stress over coordinating travel plans, including directions, and hoping your guests arrive on time. Although Daytona Beach weather is wonderful with a great breeze, a hotel wedding is also a great backup option in case of rain! 

Daytona Beach Weddings at the shores resort and spa hotel on the beach 

 Affordable– Having a your Florida wedding ceremony in Daytona Beach at a hotel can be a huge saving for you. On top of the savings of having a destination beach wedding, you will find that choosing one of our Daytona Beach Wedding Packages will not only be cheaper than having a ceremony through your hotel, but will also give you beautiful, on-trend decor. You will definitely know what your destination wedding will cost. Some hotels charge more than our most expensive Daytona Beach wedding package, and give you nothing but a couple of chairs! Save money and get more with our complete beach wedding packages. 

Crowds– While hotel weddings in Daytona Beach do take place in less secluded beach venues, the guests are courteous and will be in awe of your beautiful seashore wedding ceremony. There is nothing quite like having the guests cheer for your from the distance of the pool deck as you officially tie the knot and start your new life together.

Daytona Beach weddings on the beach in Florida. 

Less stress– We do our best to make your beach wedding ceremony as stress free as possible. However, having one of our Hotel weddings in Daytona Beach can eliminate even more anxiety. Forget about coordinating transportation, providing directions, worrying about where to go on the beach, when you need to leave to arrive on time, traffic and so much more. Get an ocean view room and easily be able to see your Daytona beach wedding ceremony setup on the beach outside of your hotel, so you know exactly where we will be. Our dedicated wedding staff takes care of all the details so you don’t have to: we even file your Florida Marriage License. Sigh of relief!

Mini vacation– Many hotels around Florida will claim to be “on the beach”. However, with long walkways and sometimes even roads blocking the beach, you really aren’t truly oceanfront. There are a wide variety of hotels directly on the beach. This makes it easy for you and your guests to truly enjoy all the seaside has to offer. With pool decks overlooking the ocean, and just a quick walk until your toes hit the sand, it is easy and convenient to soak up as much sun and sea as possible (but don’t forget your sunscreen!). Your guests, especially those with kids, will love the convenience and easy access of getting to the ocean. You and your guests can also kick back, have a reception meal or a drink on the pool deck and enjoy the cool ocean breeze, views of the ocean, and get a true feel for paradise. Getting married on the beach is simple when you use an experienced beach wedding company. Choose an all inclusive wedding package and experience your dream wedding in Florida!

Daytona Beach Weddings and Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings with bamboo canopy, coral material, coral beach decor and chairs.

Ponce Inlet Daytona Beach wedding ceremony

Check out our Daytona Beach Wedding Packages Here, or Contact Us to reserve your wedding date.

Should I choose an à La Carte wedding?

After a couple gets engaged, it’s exciting to begin planning your wedding. It may be tempting to pick and choose every detail; after all you both want to make a statement as you begin your new life together. However, wedding planning involves a lot of details, big and small, which can slowly take over your life and cause you stress as your big day approaches. You really do have to think of and find everything: from table cloth to chairs to glass rentals – and watch out for additional budget busters like caterers, cleaners, florists, etc. In the end the budget savvy bride and groom can be seeing red! Choosing a complete wedding package, especially if you are having a destination wedding, may not, at first, seem like a choice to get you everything you want…but you may be surprised!

Florida Beach Wedding Package with tropical decor, chairs set up on beach.

Tropical Distinctive Design Package

You can customize many of the details AND decor to match your personality:

As illustrated above by our Tropical Distinctive Design Package, Florida Beach Weddings packages come in many colors, themes and designs. You can find one with shells, flowers, different colors of bamboo, palms, geometric shapes, driftwood, anchors, chalkboards, chilled water station and more! Chair choices with color spandex chair bands. You will have a choice of personalized ceremony and vows provided by “Florida Beach Weddings”, and music.

Of course the most important part is the amazing wedding arbor: the wedding arch where you will say your vows in the sun and the sea. This can be geometric, light or dark, bamboo with large coordinating decor at the beginning of the aisle-way. Four post, two post – you get to choose. Check out our Beach Bliss Distinctive Design below.

Bliss beach wedding arch in blue

Beach Bliss Distinctive Design Package

You get to choose your preferred Florida beach location:

Florida has some of the most famous beach wedding venues in US. We perform weddings on both the Florida east coast and Gulf beaches.  Beautiful locations in Florida to tie the knot are our specialty and we know the “personality” of each beach to help you decide. We personally perform each romantic beach wedding ceremony and guide you from start to finish regarding all beach wedding venue details: best beach, reasonable accommodations, wedding reception venues, guest activities in the area and more.

Hotel in Clearwater

You save time: a lot of it with a dedicated beach wedding specialist to help you:

Apart from choosing among our offerings and being available to answer questions, our beach wedding company will take care of everything for you: permits, setting up your decor, sand ceremony, music, filing your Florida marriage license and more. For the busy bride that may leave some things until the last minute an all inclusive wedding package can be planned relatively quickly from the comfort of your home. You can also add our professional photography time for a very low fee ($325). However, don’t procrastinate on choosing and confirming your date; destination weddings in Florida are very popular and dates fill up fast

At a Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony The bride and groom finish their sand ceremony.

Wedding couple performing sand ceremony on Florida Beach

You get a lot for your money – Florida Beach Weddings are affordable:

We present the newly married couple at this beautiful Teal Distinctive Package at a Florida Wedding on the beach.

Teal Distinctive Design

Our all inclusive wedding packages give you a lot of on-trend, beautiful decor at an amazing price. None of your guests will think you chose a cheap Florida wedding package even though our complete ceremony packages, at the top end, average $2,500. Our Distinctive Designs are very unique and have many details you can customize. Professional, experienced beach photographers can be added for only $325.

Don’t be fooled by the internet claims that beach wedding packages are not unique. There are elements that every wedding has in common but there is one that can never be duplicated: the beach! The natural beauty of Florida beaches, weather and the seaside changes every day. Gulf beach weddings have a different sunset every evening and the waves on east coast beaches such as Daytona Beach, St. Augustine Beach and Cocoa Beach are never the same. Take a look at some of our real wedding photos and you will see that every couple had a unique wedding day experience they can call their own…and remember forever.

Read our affordable beach weddings Florida reviews here. Then contact our dedicated wedding specialist by clicking here.

Get Ready: Your Beach Wedding Day is Here!

You’ve gone through it all. The exciting engagement, the fun planning, the dress shopping, the choice of beach location. And it’s finally here, your big wedding day! Naturally, you are nervous but we hope you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your wedding ceremony on the beach. if you’ve hired the right beach wedding company then all systems are go! So here’s all you need to know for Beach Planning Wedding – the day of your wedding!

beach wedding planning

Time management is your best friend as you prepare for the day of your beach wedding (just like a traditional wedding day). You’ll have a detailed agenda  from your beach wedding specialist explaining the exact times of where to be and when so there will be no surprises. You also will be confident in your beach wedding décor because you made your package choices from online photos. So we’re going to focus on pre-wedding timeline plans! 

Rise and Shine!Omelet on plate

Hopefully you’re waking up on your big day refreshed and well rested. Well maybe we should back up and say, it’s important to get to bed at a decent hour the night before your wedding. And don’t party hard. A glass of wine or drink the night before is fine to settle any nerves and unwind. However, hangovers, headaches, and regrets are NOT the way to start your big day! Then start of with a normal breakfast – something like a smoothie, omelet and toast. No need to change things up here from your regular routine, however some foods can cause bloating: too much dairy, gluten, refined sugar, carbonated beverages, and caffeine.

Hair and Make UpBeach bride getting ready for wedding with veil

A girl’s got to look good on her big day! Whether you’re doing a D.I.Y. wedding hairstyle or getting a professional touch, remember the 2 hour rule.  You should allow at least 2 hours for hair (shampoo, blow out, the works). And you should have about 2 hours before your wedding of being “aisle ready.” Meaning you should be ready to walk the aisle – hair, make up, fed, ready to rock and roll. This sounds like a lot of time, but inevitably something will take a little longer than expected, or traffic, or… Better safe than sorry. When choosing your hairstyle, keep in mind that heat and humidity may be a factor depending on the time of year.


Breakfast, lunch, do your thing. Don’t eat anything out of the ordinary on your wedding day. It’s best to just stick to the usual. If you normally pig out for breakfast, do it. Breakfast skipper? Skip it. And make sure to stay hydrated. It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement that you forget the H2O. Don’t let dehydration happen to you! And it’s also a good idea to pack a healthy snack for a little pre-wedding snack so you don’t get dizzy. You may lose track of time and not eat for hours and we want you feeling your best on your best day! This applies to any children participating in your Florida beach wedding as well.


If you haven’t already, get an ETA from your pre-wedding location to the ceremony site. Thank you technology. And with that being said, you now have no excuse for being late to your own beach wedding. 🙂 

Calling Guest services

One thing couples often forget is how to deal with “needy guests”(you know that friend who always gets lost, explaining to grandma where to park, flower girl’s mom with 1,000 questions). It’s best to have your maid of honor or other reliable friend as a contact for any wedding guest Q&A. Send out his/her phone# to guests and indicate they can call them with any questions. Or simply give her your phone the day of and she can play operational manager for the day. Less stress = more fun!

Last StopsDestin, Florida beach wedding where the bride waits to walk down the aisle

So you’re ready to go! Wait until the last 30-45 minutes before leaving your last stop before the wedding ceremony to get your wedding dress on if possible. This eliminates the chances to get stains, wrinkles, etc. And don’t forget to use the restroom before dressing. Stay in your air conditioned car for as long as possible before meeting your Florida Beach Weddings coordinator. Soon enough it will be time to walk down the aisle!

I Do!

Once arriving to your wedding ceremony location all the beach wedding planning is a thing of the past. Florida Beach Weddings will give you instructions on where to go from there. And you get to simply enjoy the beautiful beach and your stress free wedding. 

Tropical Florida Beach Wedding couple in Clearwater, FL

Well that’s everything to do the day of. And if you’re not quite there yet, but like the idea of a beach wedding, contact us to speak to a beach wedding specialist and start planning today!