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Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Invitation

Some wedding plans are more fun than others, and well, this makes the very fun list! Newly engaged and preparing the perfect invitation for your bridal party? Look no further than these absolutely wonderful beach wedding inspired bridesmaid invitations for your soon to be beach wedding bridesmaid! Of course there’s the traditional call your friend or ask her while on a lunch date, but we just can’t resist some of these beachy fun invites. And it fits right in under the affordable beach wedding theme! 🙂 So read on, maybe even just get inspired, and create your own special invite for your Florida Beach Wedding bridal party. 


Beach Wedding Bridesmaids Invitations


Tropical Card

beach wedding bridesmaid


Message in a bottle 




Flip Flops

beach wedding bridesmaids







Mermaid Card




Bridal Cards 


Well, now that you’ve nailed down your bridal party, let’s get to planning your dream beach wedding together! Contact Florida Beach Weddings to start planning your perfect and affordable beach wedding. 



Beach Wedding Favors Under $5

There’s beauty in the details. And with these perfect beach wedding favors, your guests will really feel the beach love. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite favors to keep an affordable beach wedding real! All of these favors come with a price tag no more than $5 each. And some are as affordable as $2 each! 

Beach Wedding Favors 


Beach Wedding Cookies Ohhhh, ahhhh, yumm! That’s what guests will be saying after enjoying these fun beach wedding cookies. This etsy seller gets bonus points for prompt orders, amazing design, and delicious cookies! 

beach wedding favors



Sunglasses: Functional, fun, and talk about a great opportunity for an awesome group pic! These sunglasses are the perfect accessory and gift for your beach wedding! 

beach wedding favors




Sand Dollar Christmas Ornament: Remember the ocean breeze and sandy shore every Christmas while dawning the tree with these beautiful keepsake ornaments. A great wedding favor for guests, wedding party, and newlyweds! 

beach wedding favors



Personalized Beach Wedding Coozie: Colas, Beers, and Waters can find their home in these fun keepsake coozies. Cheers to the new couple!

beach wedding favors



Air Plant Sea Urchin: How cute right?! And added bonus, you don’t need a green thumb to keep these fun plants alive. Just a weekly water and a lil’ sunshine will do the trick. 

beach wedding favors


Feeling inspired? You’re sure to gain “favor” with your guests with these beach wedding favors! 😉 And if you think these favors are affordable and fun, you should check out our beach wedding packages

Beach Wedding Planning – The Day Of

You’ve gone through it all. The exciting engagement The fun planning. The dress shopping. The location choosing. And it’s finally here, your big day. So now what? Well, hopefully you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your big day. And if you’ve hired Florida Beach Weddings as your beach wedding planner, all systems are go! So here’s all you need to know for Beach Planning Wedding – the day of your wedding!

beach wedding planning

Beach Wedding Planning – The Day of Your Wedding

Time management is your best friend as you prepare for the day of your beach wedding. You’ll have a detailed literary from Florida Beach Weddings explaining the exact times of where to be and when. So we’re going to focus on pre-wedding timeline plans! 

Rise and Shine!

Hopefully you’re waking up on your big day refreshed and well rested. Well maybe we should back up and say, it’s important to get to bed at a decent hour the night before your wedding. And don’t party hard. A glass of wine or drink the night before is fine to settle any nerves and unwind. However, hangovers, headaches, and regrets are NOT the way to start your big day! Then start of with a normal breakfast. No need to change things up here from your regular routine. 

Hair and Make Up

A girl’s got to look good on her big day! Whether you’re doing a D.I.Y. wedding hairstyle or getting a professional touch, remember the 2 hour rule.  You should allow at least 2 hours for hair (shampoo, blow out, the works). And you should have about 2 hours before your wedding of being “aisle ready.” Meaning you should be ready to walk the aisle- hair, make up, fed, ready to rock and roll. This sounds like a lot of time, but inevitably something will take a little longer than expected, or traffic, or… Better safe than sorry. And you can get some beach wedding hair inspirations here!


Breakfast, lunch, do your thing. Don’t eat anything out of the ordinary on your wedding day. It’s best to just stick to the usual. If you normally pig out for breakfast, do it. Breakfast skipper? Skip it. And make sure to stay hydrated. It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement that you forget the H2O. Don’t let dehydration happen to you! And it’s also a good idea to pack a healthy snack for a little pre-wedding snack. You may lose track of time and not eat for hours and we want you feeling your best on your best day!


If you haven’t already, get an ETA from your pre-wedding location to the ceremony site. Thank you technology. And with that being said, you now have no excuse for being late to your own wedding. 🙂 

Operator, please. 

One thing couples often forget is how to deal with “needy guests”(you know that friend who always gets lost, explaining to grandma where to park, flower girl’s mom with 1,000 questions). It’s best to have your maid of honor or other reliable friend as a contact for any wedding guest Q&A. Send out his/her phone# to guests and indicate they can call them with any questions. Or simply give her your phone the day of and she can play operational manager for the day. 

Wait for it….

So you’re ready to go! Wait until the last 30-45 minutes before leaving your last stop before the wedding ceremony to get dressed if possible. This eliminates chances to get stains, wrinkles, etc. And don’t forget to use the restroom before dressing. Stay in your air conditioned car for as long as possible before meeting your wedding coordinator. 

I Do!

Once arriving to your wedding ceremony location all the beach wedding planning is a thing of the past. Florida Beach Weddings will give you instructions on where to go from there. And you get to simply enjoy the beautiful beach and your stress free wedding. 


Well that’s everything to do the day of. And if you’re not quite there yet, but like the idea of a beach wedding, contact us to start planning today! 

Top 5 Beach Wedding Planning Mistakes

You’re big day is approaching. And you’ve got the beach wedding planning ideas rolling like the waves! But before you end up drowning in the ocean of wedding planning, be sure to avoid common beach wedding planning mistakes. 

beach wedding planning

Top 5 Beach Wedding Planning Mistakes 

1. Poor Budgeting

From underestimating to overspending, don’t fall into the dreaded wedding money pit. Before you really get into any planning, know your budget. What’s your top dollar and what does your wedding week look like? Budget items to consider: 

  • wedding set up/planner
  • bride & groom bridal attire
  • hair/make up
  • hotel accomodations
  • travel expenses (airfare, baggage, airport commute or car/gas)
  • food
  • extra activities 
  • marriage license 

More budget friendly wedding tips here. 

2. Over-planning

Type “A” brides listen especially closely- there is such a thing as over-planning. Trying to plan out every minute is going to drive you to the “crazy bride ward.” Let Florida Beach Weddings do all the beach wedding planning for you so you have more time to focus on fun things. Things like which beachfront restaurant you’ll hit up after your wedding. Or what color is perfect for your bridesmaids’ dresses? And over-planning only leads to our next mistake…

3. Stressing Out

There is certainly a healthy level of anxiousness that comes with committing yourself to another human for the rest of your life. 🙂 But cold feet and a stone cold stressed out bride are two different wedding animals. And avoid falling into either category. Remember, at the end of the day, you’ll want to look back with fond memories of planning and your wedding day. With over a decade in the beach wedding planning business, one word of advice for you: TRUST. Trust that you will have a beautiful wedding ceremony. Trust that you won’t be stuck with hidden fees with our up front affordable beach wedding package options. 

4. Social Media

Yes, we said it. And since there’s no elephants roaming the beach, let’s address the blue whale in the room. Pinterest, Buzz Feed, Facebook, Tumblr.. Healthy choices, people. It’s ok to get inspired. It’s not ok to get obsessed. Whether it’s the perfect wedding or bridesmaid dress, make up tutorial, hair D.I.Y., photo pose, or beach wedding dream experience (you know the kind with magical sun rays, the perfect amount of wind, high heels in the sand- ha ha yeah right), keep it in check. So get your ideas, be inspired, but keep reality in check and focus on enjoying your day more than absolute perfection.

5. The D.I.Y. Wedding 

We go into detail with the trouble with D.I.Y. weddings here.  But the bottom line is the budget, time planning, and details involved in planning and executing your own wedding is often misunderstood until you’re too far in planning. Let Florida Beach Weddings give you a stress free beach wedding experience and keep your budget. A win-win! 

Well we’ve covered the Top 5 Beach Wedding Planning Mistakes, now for the #1 thing you SHOULD have on your beach wedding planning list, contact Florida Beach Weddings! 


Spring Beach Wedding

So in case you missed it, the spring season has arrived. And while some of you northern folks are still suiting up for the snow, here in Florida we’re suiting up too, in bathing suits that is. So what better time to showcase some of our most inspirational Spring Beach Wedding decor. Forecast: warm, sunny, with a touch of spring pastel! Check out some of out favorite affordable beach wedding set ups. And whether it’s a 2019 Spring Beach Elopement or you’re ready to get ideas for 2020 Spring Beach Wedding, these inspirations will have your beach wedding heart in full bloom! 🙂spring beach wedding


Spring Beach Wedding Inspirations 

Our favorite thing about a spring beach wedding are those first warm seabreeze winds and sunny skies. And sunshine and warm air coordinates with any wedding color scheme! Our beach wedding packages allow you to choose your dream color design. So here you go, get inspired:


White: White is such a classic color that really goes with all seasons. And it allows you to really be creative with your focal points of design. The clean subtle white design blends seamlessly with the sand and water allowing you to bring pops of color through floral bouquets or clothing/attire. If you’re on a tight budget this white elopement package gives such a classic, elegant look.

PASTELS: Walk down any aisle of Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, late February-May and you’re going to be wandering through a pastel wonderland. It’s because you can’t say the word spring and not think of baby pinks and blues, soft greens and yellows, and maybe Peter Rabbit. 😉 In the beach wedding world, we get all spring-time swooned when it comes to these gorgeous Spring Beach Wedding designs.


Another great thing about a Spring Beach Wedding is the lovely weather. There are usually a few lingering “cold days,” and we use the Florida definition of cold. Florida Cold: Any temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring Florida temperatures can range anywhere from upper 50s to low 80s, which by most standards is pretty pleasant weather. 


Affordable Prices

Ok, so Florida Beach Weddings are affordable all year long, but we just thought it was worth mentioning. 🙂 Our all inclusive wedding packages allow couples to have the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. And if we had an image to match the stress level for couples planning a beach wedding with Florida Beach Weddings, it would probably be something like lying in a hammock on the beach! Affordable, stress free, gorgeous- the triple play! 


Ready to plan your Florida Beach Wedding? Click to contact us and start planning! 


Keep scrolling to check out some of out favorite Spring-spirational wedding set ups!




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