So you have your heart set on a destination wedding in Florida, but not sure if it’s affordable? Well, we can say with certainty that it is cheaper than a traditional wedding at home. However, doing the research yourself will convince you so we’ve provided a great resource to help you plan. Also, a little creativity will go a long way in making your beach wedding dreams come true all within your wedding budget. Check out the guide below for everything you need to know about planning an affordable destination wedding.

Bride and Groom kiss by dunes in St. Augustine Beach, FL

Bride Guide: Planning an Affordable Destination Wedding

Know Your Budget:

Before we dive into HOW to save money, let’s decide exactly how much money we’re starting with here. This number doesn’t have to be down to the penny, but we need a starting place for the wedding fund. It’s your big day, but you don’t need a big debt to start your new life with when it’s all said and done. Choosing a wedding ceremony package is the way to go to save money…almost everything you need is included. Our Florida wedding packages start at $699 and at the top end average $2,500, depending on the beach location. Gulf beaches like Clearwater, St. Pete, Siesta Key and Destin Beach are typically more expensive, and Miami weddings, but that doesn’t mean you should rule them out if that’s your dream. Our Beach Wedding Specialists can help you discover which location will work for you.

Cocoa Beach Wedding Ceremony near Orland


Make a list of non-negotiable items and see where everything stands. Is a Clearwater Beach Wedding the only one for you? Or can you go for a more budget-friendly Atlantic ocean ceremony such as a Cocoa Beach wedding, St. Augustine or the Daytona Beach area? Can you cut back on your wedding dress budget to make room for an upgraded hotel suite? Do fresh flowers make your wedded heart swoon? Or can you go for a faux bouquet of flowers to allow for professional hair and make up? So its a good idea to write it all down. Some ideas are:

  1. Wedding party size (permits may be more expensive for a larger number of guests)
  2. Elope in Florida or a full wedding
  3. Hair and Make Up
  4. Wedding Package Design Choice
  5. Additional/Professional Photography
  6. Flowers
  7. Wedding Dress – try renting to save money on the dress you love: click here for resource
  8. Groom Tux/Suit – rent or buy easily from home: click here for resource
  9. Hotel/Accommodations – check out our locations pages for some popular suggestions
  10. Travel-Flight/Car
  11. Honeymoon
  12. Wedding Favors – check our blog resource here
  13. Bridal Party Gifts
  14. Invitations/Evites
  15. After party/Reception

For more help, you can also check out The Knot’s FREE wedding budget calculator.

Complete Wedding Packages:

Bohemian bride and groom by the sea

As mentioned above, your best bet to save money and stress is going with an all inclusive wedding package. This is especially true for destination wedding where you have to deal with vendors in an unfamiliar location. With Florida Beach Weddings, almost everything you need for your wedding day is included in the affordable, upfront price! You can choose your theme, colors and decorations, which makes all your wedding ideas come to life. With our Florida wedding planners, even your beach wedding officiant is included. The only option we recommend adding is our professional outdoor wedding photographer so that all your memories can be captured forever. And, just as important, is that having it all in a package means less stress: just show up and tie the knot!

Money Saving Ideas:

With a little creativity, you can save money left and right! Here are some ideas for trimming the fat from your sand, sun and sea beach wedding budget:

  • Wedding Dress- Second hand (try a local Facebook resale group or high end consignment shop)
  • Hair and Make Up- If hiring a pro is out, there are no shortage of Youtube hair/make up tutorials. Just practice, practice, practice.
  • Travel- Subscribe to a travel search engine and check back frequently for cheap air fare. These prices can fluctuate day to day so look for a price drop and pick up your tickets!
  • Evites over mailed invitations can end up saving you hundreds. Between the actual stationary and the cost to mail them, go paperless and save more.
  • Flowers- Have a creative and RELIABLE friend attending the wedding? Could he/she put together a some simple bouquets and boutonnieres? You may have to settle with whatever flowers are in stock that day/week at the local grocery store in Florida, but if that’s not a priority to you, then that’s an easy, fresh option\\

Wedding flowers on Clearwater Beach

Now you realize your dreams can come true without going into wedded-debt! Let Florida Beach Weddings help you plan your complete, affordable destination wedding today. Click here!