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Weddings on the beach in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions about our Weddings on the Beach In Florida

Weddings on the beach in Florida don’t have to be complicated to plan. Now that you have had a chance to choose your Florida beach wedding location and the beach wedding package that fits your needs, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Weddings on the beach in Florida can be a beautiful experience, our rules and policies are in place to make sure you have the best day possible. Interested in how it works? What happens if it rains? How does the ceremony photography work? Below are our frequently asked questions to make sure all of our weddings on the beach in Florida are a success. If you have further questions or are ready to reserve your beach wedding date, please contact us.

Do I need a Florida Marriage License for weddings on the beach in Florida?

Absolutely! You need a Florida marriage license to get married anywhere in Florida. No matter which state you live in, you must obtain a Florida marriage license. For our out of state couples who are having their weddings on the beach in Florida we can provide you with information on how to obtain your Florida marriage license by mail by once you have reserved your wedding with us.

Learn more about Florida marriage licenses by clicking here.

What happens if it rains?

We do not provide back-up for your beach wedding ceremony. However, in some of the beach parks we use, there are covered picnic areas.  And, If they are not in use, we can move the ceremony there.  If you are having your reception in the area, or staying at a nearby hotel or condo, we can move the ceremony to this nearby location (with their permission).  However, most, or all of the decor, would not be able to be moved, as it is designed for weddings on the beach.  Our main goal is to get you married on the beach. So, if it is a passing shower, we will try and wait it out for a short bit. If it is a very light rain, have your guests be prepared with umbrellas, as the ceremony will go on.

Wedding Packages and Wedding Attire

Packages:  Our Packages for weddings on the beach in Florida, are sold as they are.  You will have choices that will be listed on the package (such as chair sash color, material colors, etc…).  You will also be choosing your own ceremony and music, as well as sand colors.  If there are some things you may not need, such as the sand ceremony, you can take them off your package, but no credit will be given.  You can bring your own minister, too (no credit issued).  If you will have your own photographer, you will receive a $100.00 credit off of your package (not available for the Simply Package).

Wedding Attire: Any type of wedding attire is great for weddings on the beach in Florida.  A bride’s dress can never be too formal, even if the groom is opting to wear khakis and a dress shirt. Brides, keep in mind for your hair and veil: even on the best of beach days, there is usually a breeze, so remember to have extra pins to pin up unruly bangs or fly-away curls. A veil can be beautiful at a wedding, but a long veil can easily be twisted in the wind at your beach wedding. We recommend skipping the veil, but if you must wear one, make sure you can easily take off your veil, if needed to.

Officiant (Person who legally performs the ceremony) Policies

All of our packages for weddings on the beach in Florida, include the officiant. You are welcome to bring your own minister, or officiant. However, we do not discount the packages. Our Officiant is still present, acting as your beach wedding ceremony coordinator. If you bring your own officiant, or own minister, they are responsible for legally signing and mailing your Florida marriage license back to the county. Their ceremony must stay within a twenty minute time limit (this does not include you walking down the aisle, etc. it includes the actual ceremony “talking” time).

Deposit, Cancellation, Rescheduling and Refund Policies
  • A deposit is needed to reserve your date. All deposits are non-refundable NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The amount of the deposit depends on the package chosen. Each deposit amount is listed under the package price on our packages page.
  • If you cancel your wedding with less than 45 days before the ceremony, all monies paid are non-refundable. If you cancel with over 45 days from the ceremony date, any payments made to outside vendors, or for any required permits, plus your original deposit are non-refundable. All other payments will be refunded to you within ten days of your cancellation date.
  • You have the opportunity to reschedule your wedding ceremony one time, as long as it is over 45 days from the ceremony date, and the new date is available. You will also need to put down an additional $300.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve this new date.
  • Refunds of payments (not deposits) are given for any wedding cancelled over 45 days from ceremony date. If it is within 30 days of your ceremony date, no refunds, or rescheduling is available.
Beach Wedding Locations, Permit and Parking Fees

BEACH LOCATIONS:  Remember, all beaches are public.  Even at private resorts, the beaches are public.  In most cases, you cannot block off any area of the beach for weddings.  However, we try and choose the best location on the beach to give us the most privacy, as well as the best access for you, and your guests, as well as us.  And, as most weddings are performed in the evening (near the most popular sunset time), the beaches are usually much quieter.  We can provide you with beach locations in the city of your choice. If you are staying directly on the beach, and they give you permission to use their beach access, and there is reasonable beach access, and parking for us, we can certainly have your beach wedding ceremony there. Florida Beach Weddings will determine the location on the beach, unless otherwise directed by rules at your chosen location.





BEACH WEDDING PERMIT:  If any beach wedding permits are required, we will obtain them for you, and add the cost of the permit to your package.

PARKING:  We are not responsible for any parking fees.

Beach Weddings in Florida are meant to be a stress-free, affordable and unforgettable experience. We have taken the knowledge that we have learned over our 10+ years performing beach weddings and created the most amazing beach wedding packages that makes your beach wedding as unique as you are. We make it easy for your to plan our beach weddings in Florida from the comfort of your couch. With access to your client portal, you can easy Esign all of your important documents, view your selections, check out pictures of the decor, find our accommodation recommendations and so much more.