Florida Beach Wedding Venues: Indian Rocks Beach

Sea oats and native Florida vegetation greet you as you walk over wooden bridges onto white, sugary sand and azure water. The two public beach accesses in Indian Rocks are located at 4th Avenue and 17th Avenue. Indian Rocks, has 27 access points along Gulf Boulevard is popular with both locals and visitors seeking paradise…including couples wanting to get married on the beach!

Clearwater Beach Weddings in Florida

Full of character, there is always something to do in this thriving beach town with many activities for everyone, young and old. Explore the Indian Rocks Beach nature preserve and other parks, or plan to take the kids to Splash Harbour Waterpark for water slides. Of course, Tampa is close by with airport access and many more activities including Busch Gardens.

Groom at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

The main attraction for beach wedding couples is of course, the stunning Gulf of Mexico, white sand and incredible sunsets! The main beach includes a pay station for you and your guests to park as well as a nice boardwalk for the bride to walk down the aisle. While this Gulf beach can get busy during the day, it tends to clear out towards the evening hours which is perfect for a sunset wedding. If you guest list is under 50 people, no permit is required for this Florida beach wedding venue.

Top Indian Rocks Beach Restaurants for a Wedding Reception

What is the the best beach wedding reception venue that includes great food in Indian Rocks Beach? Read on for a delicious list of Indian Rocks Beach Restaurants. So whether you’re eloping and looking for an intimate dining spot or hosting a full on post wedding party, we’ve found the place for you. Just make sure to check ahead regarding any current dining guidelines.


Caddy’s has it all. Waterfront. Great food. Laid back atmosphere. Indoor or outdoor seating. And live music. Now if that doesn’t say perfect post wedding reception dinner then I don’t know what does. What we love about Caddy’s is the delicious seafood selection (there is other non-seafood cuisine), refreshing drinks/cocktails, and views of the river with boats cruising by! Oh, and the service matches the rest of the awesome atmosphere.

JD’s Restaurant and Lounge

JD’s Restaurant and Lounge is an all American good time kind of place. Piano bar, dance floor, fresh burgers and local seafood all come together in one place for a roarin’ good time. And they even accommodate large wedding parties. So if you’re ready to bring your newly wedded sandy feet to the dance floor, this is the reception venue for you, your wedding party and guests. They also have a great happy hour if you need a little liquid courage to get on the dance floor. 

Guppy’s on the Beach 

Looking for something a little more upscale? Guppy’s on the Beach is on the map for fine dining without the stuffy fine dining atmosphere. This place offers both indoor and outdoor seating and has a wonderful ambiance. This place can fill up quickly so be sure to get on the call ahead/reservation list. 

Salt Rock Grill

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the best steak house in town, Salt Rock Grill  (well the best in our opinion, but you can ask Trip Advisor if you don’t want to take our word for it). On the pricey side, but worth every penny. The menu here is full of classic American steakhouse classics with a creatively delicious touch. Wood Grilled Alaskan King Crab Legs, Caribbean Fire Roasted Lobster Tail, Filet Oscar. Cue the drool. 

Jimmy’s Fish House & Iguana Bar

The view, the sunset, it’s paradise in a restaurant at Jimmy’s Fish House. Enjoy a fish sandwich and a beverage of choice while overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The food is affordable, atmosphere is casual,  and locals & vacationers alike are returning for the breathtaking sunsets and pina coladas

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Top 5 Wedding Regrets: Avoid these Beach Bride Mistakes

So many wonderful things go into planning a beach wedding. But sometimes brides easily lose sight of the forest for the trees (or the beach for the sand) when it comes to wedding planning. At the end of the wedding day, the bride and groom (or same sex couple) will be joined as husband and wife. Therefore, it should be a day filled with joy and celebration, not stress! Here are some tips to avoid having any beach wedding regrets and five ways to avoid common mistakes. 

Bride and groom on Daytona Beach kissing on sand with bridal bouquet

Daytona Beach Wedding bride and groom


 “I was worried for nothing,” “In hind sight, that was no big deal,” and “I was too stressed to enjoy my wedding day.” DO NOT let those thoughts be yours. Do not lose site of the goal here. Your wedding day should be centered around your marriage. Florida Beach Weddings company will take care of everything to ensure your wedding site is nothing but the best! We set-up and break down/remove all your wedding ceremony decorations (like the Coral Distinctive Design wedding package below) and file your Florida marriage license with the government for you. Any bride/groom should mentally prepare for a hiccup or two. Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction, drizzly weather, or late wedding guest, keep your eyes on the prize- your soon to be spouse! We will ensure your ceremony location is ready to rock and roll, whether you are having a small beach wedding, micro-wedding or larger wedding. Your main priorities are: your marriage license and the presence of the bride and groom. Everything else is secondary as far as your concerns go. With this mindset, you can look back on your wedding day with no regrets!

Coral and white wedding decor set up on Daytona Beach.

Coral Distinctive Design Package on Daytona Beach

Time Management

Be on time. That’s the best wedding time management advice. So calculate how long any hair/make up/nail appointments will take and plan your wedding day accordingly. Use your phone/Google Maps to determine drive times ahead of time, not 10 minutes before walking out the door. We recommend our wedding couples arrive to their destination wedding city a day or two ahead of the ceremony and explore your chosen beachfront site. Allow some wiggle room for traffic, make up fixes, large bridal parties, etc. You can’t be responsible for your guests and bridal party arriving on time, but it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with them timelines and expectations. Be clear about meeting places and allow for extra time for off beach parking/walking. Your Beach Wedding Specialist will help you with all of this, including providing a detailed agenda for your special day.

Daytona Beach bride getting ready for ocean wedding


 Wise choices and an affordable destination wedding. That’s the name of the budget game. KNOW YOUR BUDGET before ANY planning begins. You are much more likely to make wise choices and appropriate compromises when you have a clear, established budget. And from there, our Beach Wedding Packages Page is a great place to start. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and one stop shopping experience. So what you see is what you get when you choose your wedding package decor. Prioritize your “must haves” and “can do withouts” and stick to it. Check out other ways to save money on your beach wedding with adding our professional photography or a first dance to your ceremony. Our Beach Wedding Specialists can help you make the right decisions that won’t break the bank: they can recommend affordable amenities on both the Gulf beach side of Florida and the Atlantic coast.

beach wedding expenses

Professional Photographer

Forever in Love Photos professional wedding photography is now part of the Florida Beach Weddings team! So you can rest assured that your beach wedding day will have the highest quality, most memorable photos possible. We often have to deal with the bright lighting on the beach: the sun, the glare, the sparkling water and most importantly, the sunsets. Not an easy task when you only have a few precious moments to get a shot. We also know how to deal with the sea breeze blowing around your wedding dress and hair, or if there is precipitation coming and the light is low. It really is to your benefit to use the services of a professional beach wedding photographer, and it costs less than you think. Just ensure to book the photographer with your wedding package so that you don’t miss out!

Bride poses before wedding in Siesta Key on the beach

Bride before wedding in Siesta Key Beach


Don’t regret choosing your beach wedding attire without considering a few basic tips. Dress appropriate for the hot, Florida weather and keep in mind the sand, wind, and sun! Our Beach Wedding Specialist will not schedule your wedding at the hottest time of day, however some things to keep in mind:

  • Dress– Depending on the season, you may have more or less options here. It’s safe to say if you are booking a beach wedding between the months of May-September your most practical advice is to keep it cool. Don’t choose thick fabrics or a three piece suit for the groom. You will be sweating and you will not be happy if you don’t follow that advice. We have a few other helpful posts on beach groom style and beach wedding dresses
  • Accessories/Shoes– Less is more so consider a barefoot wedding. Bare feet or open sandals are a great idea for brides. Going barefoot or simple flip flops are ideal for grooms. Nobody wants to miss out on the “toes in the sand” experience! Jewelry is pretty flexible and can be worn according to your personal style (read more here). Veils can be tricky due to the sea breeze, however a good beach photographer can help you manage it for wonderful photos. Even a slight breeze can have your veil wrapped around and tangled…not very romantic! By the way, sunglasses are not wedding accessories (although your guests will definitely need them). Ensure all cell phones are turned off.
St. Augustine beach wedding packages with bamboo canopy in Florida.

St. Augustine Beach wedding couple kisses after tying the knot

We hope these tips will help you feel cool, comfortable and calm for your Florida destination wedding. So if you’re ready for a stress and regret free beach ceremony, click HERE!

Beautiful Beach Wedding Make Up

Wake up. Make up. Your big day is soon (2021 still qualifies for “soon”) and you want to look your best. So whatever your make up style, here are some tips to keep your beach wedding make up looking effortlessly flawless. Just like your wedding should be! These tips can help your wedding party too, if you are having bridesmaids.  All of you want to look picture perfect for the ceremony and the photographs of your special day.

Tips for Beach Wedding Make Up

Make Up Budget: Can you afford to hire a pro? Go for it! If you have chosen an affordable beach wedding package you may be able to. Either way, you should look like yourself on your wedding day. Not some overdone, shiny version of yourself. You can also visit a make up counter for a “trial” and get tips and tricks to use on your wedding day. Some places, like MAC, may do the make over complimentary but prefer you purchase a product or two. And of course, don’t forget to tip. The important thing is to look natural and relaxed…that Florida sunshine is bright!

Bride on the beach smiling in Florida

Not Your Everyday Event: Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. But when it comes to make up, your look shouldn’t be too far from your everyday look. Consider adding some highlighter/bronzer or a fun new lip color…just not too dark so so that all you see is lips in the bright sunlight.  However, if you’ve never worn a smokey eye or red lipstick a day in your life, your wedding day may not be the time to try it out. You may also wish to ехfоlіаtе your skin with a natural mіхturе оf оlіvе оіl, brоwn ѕugаr аnd а hіnt оf lеmоn. This wіll hеlр уоur mаkеuр blеnd еffоrtlеѕѕlу оn ѕоft, glоwіng ѕkіn. Аvoid drinking alcohol and drіnk more wаtеr а wееk bеfоrе уоur wеddіng so that your skin is plump and hydrated.

Bride saying vows on Florida beach

Product: You can search YouTube, Pinterest, and every other blog out there. You’ll end up worse off than when you started with over-information, contradicting product reviews, and feeling like you need a small loan to buy new make up. Тhе ѕun, аlоng wіth thе саmеrа, wіll rеvеаl еvеrу lіttlе aspect of уоur fасе. Ѕо уоu need tо mаkе ѕurе уоu uѕе а grеаt соnсеаlеr fоr аnу skin іmреrfесtіоnѕ уоu mау hаvе. If you already have make up that you use and love, stick with that product line and make sure it’s stocked and fresh. Another good resource is a local makeup outlet store. The employees can help you whatever your budget and you can mix and match brands according to your beach wedding make up needs.

African American bridesmaid holding flowers at beach wedding

Special Touch: Maybe you want that beach glow for your wedding day. Consider a spray tan and you’ll look like you’ve already honey-mooned in the islands! Best advice here is to do a trial run. Try a spray tan MONTHS in advance because it take a couple weeks to fully wear off. Even if this is a destination wedding, you can find the spray company, like Mystic Tan, and locate a tanning salon with comparable services both locally and at your destination.

Beautiful smiling beach bride saying vows in Florida

Beach Specific: So the main difference between an indoor wedding and an outdoor wedding revolves around the sun (pardon the pun). For a beach wedding you may want to consider a make with SPF to avoid a burn, depending on the time of day and duration of your wedding. Waterproof and long-wear products are also great for any wedding day, but especially at the beach. Keep a lip gloss and powder on hand for touch ups. And don’t forget to powder and gloss before your post wedding photos. Тhіѕ роwdеr wіll hеlр уоur fасе ѕtау аѕ mаttе аѕ роѕѕіblе wіth nо ѕhiny ѕроtѕ. А ѕеttіng ѕрrау аlѕо hеlрѕ tо ѕеt mаkеuр ѕо thаt іt wоn’t fееl lіkе іtѕ mеltіng оff оf уоur fасе.

Happy beach bride wearing flowers in Florida

Making up your mind about all this make up? 🙂 Ready to say “I do” with your fresh look on a Florida beach? Click here to book!

Top Tips for Your Destination Wedding On the Beach

wedding on the beach

Florida destination weddings are more popular than ever for couples that are planning a beach wedding. A wedding on the beach is the perfect romantic way to say “I do” for many people. Planning early can be the best way to ensure your wedding ceremony comes together perfectly. Of course, the perfect beach wedding starts with picking your beach venue. Getting married on the beach does not mean that you need to travel out of the USA, but it does mean you need to make preparations a few months in advance. Choosing a reputable, professional beach wedding company will go a long way to reducing any stress you have about planning a destination wedding.

Tips for Planning A Wedding On the Beach

Beach weddings in Florida are popular destination wedding spaces so you do want to book early. Your first step to getting married on the beach is to ensure that you have your date booked. You should plan as far in advance as possible. Of course, you can always book later, but it is best if you can book around 6-12 months out from your planned date, especially if you want a weekend wedding. One of the things you can do to make the process easier is to be a little more flexible on your wedding date: have a few options in mind when you speak to your wedding provider.  

This bride and groom celebrate during one of our Daytona Beach Weddings.

Daytona Beach Wedding Couple

The same goes for location! Have a list of your top 3 beach venues so that you book one that aligns with your date. For example, if you want a Gulf beach wedding then explore Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beaches, and Siesta Key beach. If you prefer the Atlantic coast of Florida with its white capped waves, then explore getting married on St. Augustine Beach, Daytona area beaches and Cocoa Beach.

You should plan for about 50% attendance rate at your beach wedding if it is a destination wedding. If you live in Florida that changes things. A local Florida resident will have a much larger turnout, than those that have to travel a long distance for the wedding at the beach. Don’t worry either way, your Florida marriage license is easy to get.

Sand Key Park, Clearwater FL

Sand Key Park, Clearwater FL

Make a List

If your wedding is a destination wedding, lists are a very important part of the planning process. Making lists of everything that you will need for your wedding on the beach is vitally important to ensure a smooth ceremony. Include on your list the following:

  • Delegation of duties
  • Transportation
  • Packing list
  • Ceremony necessities

In addition to the general bridal planning, you will need to delegate some of the duties for your destination wedding, especially if children are involved. A bride and groom should not be managing young children on their wedding day, so enlist the help of family and friends to assist with them. Also, delegating someone to ensure that guests have all the help they need, directions, etc. is crucial. Ensure every detail is planned for the day and keep a list of who is responsible for what. Your bridal party will be glad to help as well.

New Smyrna Beach Wedding in Florida

New Smyrna Beach wedding couple after saying vows

Transportation Arrangements

Make a list of what transportation you will use to get around during your stay. Contact the transportation method of choice early on to book your transportation so you can check that off your list. Whether it is a beach shuttle, rental car or private limo, make sure it is confirmed and ready when you arrive. We encourage our couples to arrive a few days early to their chosen beach venue in order to become familiar with the beach, their accommodations and transportation. We also provide our wedding couples with a list of local amenities and vendors, once they have booked their ceremony with our top rated beach wedding company.

What To Pack

You will need to arrange to get your wedding attire to the beach venue, and all the things that you will need during your stay. Make a list of everything that you want to bring with you so nothing is left behind…especially your wedding dress! Check with your airline for sizes and carry on regulations. Don’t assume anything. It is important to avoid packing your wedding dress in checked luggage if at all possible. Try to find out how your airline handles passengers with large-but-delicate items like a wedding dress. You can call them ahead of time to see if they would potentially offer closet space (often at the discretion of the flight attendants on duty). 

A groom dips his bride during one of our Destin, Florida beach weddings.

Destin, Florida beach wedding bride in mermaid dress

Ceremony Necessities

Make a list of everything you want at your ceremony. Having a list to check off will ensure that you do not forget anything. Maybe you want guest bags or sunglasses. Maybe some cute flip flops. Do you want chilled water for your guests? We have complete beach wedding packages that include this so you won’t have to worry about their comfort in the Florida weather. Getting organized and using lists to your advantage can help you to have the amazing beach wedding you always dreamed of. Contact our beach wedding specialists for more help. Some of most popular Distinctive Designs are listed below:

Coral Distinctive Design Package – click here for more information

Florida Beach Wedding packages with coral and white material, chairs, officiant and photographer.

Coral Distinctive Siesta Key

Floral Distinctive Design – click here for more information

Florida Beach Weddings with greenery and natural beach wedding decor.

Clearwater Floral Distinctive Design

Rustic Geometric Arch – click here for more information

Rustic Geometric arch on the beach

Rustic Geometric Arch

Best Beach Wedding Bouquets

Why does a bride carry flowers? Most experts agree the custom began in ancient Greece, where brides carried bouquets made of spices and herbs…even garlic! The strong scent emitting from these bouquets was said to ward off evil spirits that could curse the newlyweds. However, these days our brides prefer a much sweeter smelling bouquet and can choose the flowers they love for their special day. Your bouquet can be created and purchased easily once you arrive in Florida, or if you have silk flowers it can be arranged at home.  This couple had a St. Augustine beach wedding and chose a teal theme for their Nautical Knot wedding package.

St. Augustine bride and groom kiss on the beach after their wedding with flowers

This Siesta Key wedding couple chose yellow roses and lilies for their Simply ceremony. So beautiful!

Yellow roses bride bouquet on the beach with hands

A beautiful summer bouquet with pastel colors was perfect for this Destin beach bride. It matched the color of the Gulf beach water.

Clearwater Beach Weddings wi

What better place for sunflowers than a Florida beach? Perfect for a Rustic Romance wedding on one of Daytona Beach’s Atlantic coast venues.

This Miami Beach bride chose beautiful lavender roses to compliment her entire wedding theme of pink and purple. Totally gorgeous!

More lilies at this perfectly peaceful Palm Coast wedding by the Atlantic sea. Neutral colors are always beautiful at a beach wedding.

posing for photos during our Palm Coast, Florida beach weddings.

Kenya chose blush colored roses for her St. Augustine Beach wedding with our Nautical Knot package. Her options included a custom chalkboard sign and extra guest chairs.

African American bride on St. Augustine Beach, FL

Nautical Knot wedding arch in St. Augustine with couple

This large, round yellow bouquet compliments the bride’s gorgeous red hair and soft ivory gown at her Cocoa Beach Wedding with our Natural Distinctive Design package. See more of her wedding photos here.

Weddings in Florida with a natural bamboo canopy.

Coral flowers go with a sunset at Ponce Inlet Beach on the walkway. This wedding picture is complete with the bridal bouquet for this seaside ceremony.

Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings with a sunset feel and views of the lighthouse.

Pink is perfect with petals at this Clearwater Beach wedding. This couple chose our Nautical Knot beach wedding package to say “I do” as the sun went down on this serene Gulf beach.

Indian Rocks Beach Weddings with canopy, chairs, officiant and more in Clearwater, Florida.

We would love you to share your ideas for best bridal bouquets on Facebook! If you would like to get married on a Florida beach, please contact us today to book your date.

Daytona Beach Weddings: Best Places to Get Married

The World’s Most Famous Beach may also added to the list of World’s Most Famous Beach Wedding. With a uniquely distinct beach atmosphere, cool Atlantic waves and endless entertainment it’s no wonder this ocean beach is so popular. However, within the Daytona Beach area, there are a variety of beaches to choose from, each with its own personality and characteristics like Ponce Inlet featured in the photograph below. One of them may be right for you! Read on to find out more about the best Daytona Beach Wedding Locations.  

Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings are complete with elegant dunes. This is the ideal location for our Daytona Beach Weddings in Florida.

Bride and groom kissing Ponce Inlet Beach

On Daytona Beach:

The Shores Resort and Spa

If you’re looking for the kind of place where you can do it all, this is it. The Shores has award winning accommodations, both top end and poolside dining, spa, nightly bar specials, oceanfront bonfire pits, breathtaking views. Oh and did we mention you can walk right from your hotel room to the beach for your marriage ceremony! Talk about convenience. The Shores also offers a variety of seasonal sale rates on rooms for the complete affordable beach wedding experience!

Daytona Beach Weddings at the shores resort and spa hotel on the beach

The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach with wedding couple

A bride and groom celebrate their Daytona Beach Weddings at the Shores resort and spa.

Daytona Beach Shores wedding couple on the beach

Best Western Aku Tiki 

Happy hour, free breakfast, in room kitchenette option, this hotel is like a vacationers home away from home. And Aku Tiki rates reflect it’s friendly accommodations. They boast, ” The new tropical style remains true to the unique beach character guests have come to know and love, while giving the hotel new life, reflective of the fun Daytona Beach spirit.” You’ll get a real island experience and swim in one of Daytona’s largest all-tile heated pools! This hotel is also family friendly, with a kiddie pool, picnic area, and family recreation area with basketball, table tennis, and shuffleboard. It’s also one of the closest to entertainment areas. Again, walk right from your room to the beach for your wedding by the sea – the Beach Bliss package is perfect!

Aku Tiki Daytona Beach Hotel

Aku Tiki

Bliss beach wedding arch in blue

Beach Bliss complete wedding package

Hilton Garden Inn

On the north end of the Daytona Beach map, this Hilton hotel is conveniently located near great local attractions. Oceanfront pool, fitness center, on site restaurant, and room service all allow you to check in, kick back, and enjoy your beach vacation! A special romance package may also be available. This hotel also offers great rates to fit in your budget friendly beach wedding. And AGAIN, on minute you’re in your hotel room, the next you’re walking down to your dream beach wedding!

Hilton Garden Inn Daytona Beach Oceanfront Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn Daytona Beach

Other Nearby Beaches:

Wilbur by the Sea 

While this beach spot is not connected to a hotel, it offers a slightly more private beach wedding experience. What you lose in convenience of being able to walk from your hotel room to the beach, you make up for in tranquil beach atmosphere with fluffy, white sand and subtle sunsets. Also, this location has a large public parking lot just a block from the beach. So this location is a great option to accommodate large wedding groups. And there are some great Airbnb options. Or, you can still stay in the heart of the action and Daytona entertainment with just a 10-15 minute ride to this excellent beach spot. 

Daytona Couple married heart in sand

Wilbur-By-The-Sea wedding couple

Wilbur Beach bride and groom at sundown

Wilbur Beach bride with veil at sundown kissing groom

Ponce Inlet Jetty

This is certainly one of the most unique beach spots of them all. The pictures speak louder than words. This beach is situated on the southern portion of the greater Daytona Beach area. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the entertainment hub of Daytona. However, the landscape and vibe of Ponce Inlet will have you feeling like you’re on a secluded island with emerald waters. With the climbable lighthouse, walk-along jetty, and gorgeous sand dunes, this beach is simply picturesque. And why not celebrate your first dinner as newlyweds oceanfront at North Turn or riverfront at Off the Hook 

Daytona Beach Weddings and Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings with bamboo canopy, coral material, coral beach decor and chairs.

Ponce Inlet Daytona Beach ceremony

Daytona Beach Weddings at Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings with beautiful wooden walkways.

Bride and Groom Ponce Inlet Beach walkway

Find your perfect beach Daytona Beach Wedding location and get married with a Florida sunset. Our couples give us 4.9 out of 5 stars on Wedding Wire. Want to find out more about our all inclusive wedding packages? CLICK HERE to book your Florida Beach Wedding!