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Clearwater Beach Weddings

Florida’s beautiful west coast is the perfect spot to make your dreams a reality. Ditch the price and stress of a wedding at home, grab your sun hat and your wedding gown and head on down to Florida. According to TripAdvisor, Clearwater Beach is the #1 beach in the United States. Therefor, you couldn’t ask for a better destination wedding location. Of course being the number one beach in the United States means there is beauty everywhere. After all, you don’t want to have a beautiful sunset over the wrong colored sand. This dream destination has the soft white sand, the vibrant sunsets directly over the calm water of the Gulf of Mexico and a serene feeling of romance as you say, “I Do”. 

Clearwater Beach is a top choice among our brides for so many reasons. Everything you could imagine wanting for your Florida beach wedding ceremony, you will get. First, the white sand will make for a perfect aisle-way as you walk towards your new life. Then, as you say, “I do” and share your vows, the deep vibrant sun will begin to set directly over the calm water of the Gulf of Mexico. Finally, you can finish up your wedding with our photographers capturing every perfect moment of the sun setting to show off back home. 

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Look At These Stunning Locations!

Mandalay and Avalon Beach– our top choice for your Wedding Ceremony. Mandalay and Avalon Beach brings all the key elements of a beach wedding in Clearwater together. With soft white sand, beautiful dunes and a walkway that will complete your grand entrance, you can’t go wrong. The sunsets are directly over the calm, refreshing water of the Gulf of Mexico and make for the stunning photos you will be proud to show off back home. 

When is the best time to have a beach wedding?

Florida’s west coast is beautiful year round. However, once you have chosen your ideal destination location, the next question of when appears? 

Planning a ceremony during the winter months is a choice our Northern brides love. You and your guests will enjoy being able to escape from the cold, harsh northern winter on the warm beaches of Florida. On top of escaping to paradise, you will be able to take advantage of less crowded beaches and less rain. Winter weddings in Clearwater are also cheaper as you will be able to take advantage of off season rates for hotels, restaurants and more. 

Spring weddings on the beach are beautiful! With warm, sunny weather and a refreshing breeze, you will be surrounded with beautiful weather. 

Summer weddings are ideal if you are looking for a true vacation. You and your guests can enjoy relaxing days on the warm, sunny beaches. Taking full advantage of the Gulf of Mexico’s warm water and being able to not only soak up the sun, but splash and swim around in the beautiful water. This is an ideal way to guarantee endless entertainment and take full advantage of your trip to Clearwater. 

Fall Beach Weddings in Clearwater are complete with refreshing air, warm sunshine and warm water. While fall days in Florida are warmer than most, you won’t be as hot as in the summer, but you can still enjoy the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Why choose Clearwater Beach? 

It’s simple, sunsets. We have amazing, vibrant sunsets that set directly over the Gulf of Mexico. The fluffy, white sand pops along the clear Gulf and orange sky, making for the perfect destination wedding location. Our packages include everything you need for your ceremony; the officiant, photographer, set-up, break down, coordinator and more. 

The best time to have your ceremony is approximately one hour before sunset. However, our staff will help you decide the best time for your beach wedding in Clearwater based off of your specific needs. 

One of our many unique packages and beach choice location is sure to fit your needs. 

What do you include in your wedding packages?

Our packages include everything you need for your wedding ceremony. Our officiant, setup crew and photographers are all trained professionals and excited to be working with you. The best part about us is, all our packages provide the ease and beauty. With limited options for additions, you will know exactly what your wedding ceremony will cost. Our Client portal will help you keep track of your total balance, clearly state the price of any completely optional additions.
A big saver is, you are working with one company which helps to ensure your costs stay low. We understand that planning a wedding while out of state can be difficult. Our Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages ensure you know exactly what your beach wedding will look like and there are no surprises when you show up for your wedding ceremony.

Our packages include professional photography. All of our photos shown on the website are taken by our staff photographers or our exclusive upgraded photography, Forever in Love Photos. We believe you should see the complete work of our Florida wedding packages before you make your decision. A brief breakdown of some of our packages are listed below. 

Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages

Since every couple has their own unique vision of a beach wedding, we offer a variety of wedding packages including:

Simply Florida Package

We created the Simply Florida package for couples who would like to elope. If you choose this package, you can expect an officiant, a natural bamboo canopy, a unity sand ceremony, a short photography session, the legal filing of your Florida marriage license and more. This package is for less than eight people, including you and your spouse to be.

Florida Nautical Knot Package

The Florida Nautical Knot package was designed for weddings of to 35 people. With this package, you’ll receive bamboo poles with your choice of colors and a unique bamboo topper. There will also be seating for up to 14 people on nice chairs with white or ivory covers and colored sashes.

Florida Destiny Package

For larger weddings without any of the stress, the Florida Destiny package is the right choice. It comes with music, a beautiful bamboo canopy, and up to 24 chairs at your ceremony site.

Distinctive Design Packages

If you’re picturing a luxurious wedding with a unique theme, one of our Distinctive Design packages is sure to exceed your every expectation. These packages feature deluxe white resin chairs, just married t-shirts, a chalkboard announcing your marriage, and a lemonade and water station for your guests to enjoy. The following Distinctive Design packages are available:

Our Florida Beach Weddings makes it easy for you to plan your beach ceremony. Once you contact us, we’ll ask you to select a package and reserve your wedding date. We will then send you an information packet and ask you to select your preferences. On the week of your wedding, you can expect an agenda outlining every detail of your special day.

As soon as you arrive to Clearwater beach, we’ll be happy to show you your ceremony site and make suggest exciting things to do. We have no doubts that you’ll be amazed at how elegant and beautiful your wedding on the beach turns out.

If you’d like more information about having a wedding on Clearwater Beach you can check out our wedding packages or contact our wedding coordinators today. We can’t wait to bring your dream wedding to life!

Photos of our Clearwater Beach Weddings



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Florist: Publix Supermarket has a beautiful selection of floral arrangements at excellent prices

Hotel: Hotel Cabana Clearwater Beach Just Minutes from our beach location! 

Hair and Makeup: Destiny and Light Hair and Makeup

Reception Location: Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill and Bar is located directly on the beach and you can walk there after your ceremony




Looking for a specific beach in Clearwater?

 These beautiful beaches in the Clearwater Beach area are perfect for your Florida Beach Wedding. 

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