We live in a culture full of D.I.Y. projects: YouTube tutorials, Pinterest boards, bloggers and design TV show hosts are pushing the “let me show you how to do it yourself” movement. Maybe that worked for that coffee table, paint project, car engine restoration (or maybe not). But we’re here to recommend that you don’t DIY for your wedding. Why? Stress is the biggest factor and we all know that a bride already has plenty of that. Therefore, here are three reasons why its good to leave the beach wedding planning to the pros (ahem- that’s us) and save the D.I.Y. for painting the bathroom at home.


One of the top reasons couples are attracted to the do-it-yourself wedding is to save money. And it seems like a great idea, but a la cart wedding items can add up fast. Most of the items you’re planning to use for your wedding may never be used again. With Florida Beach Weddings packages you can save money right from the start. Forget the stress of trying to do it all yourself…wouldn’t you rather just show up at the beach and have everything ready for you? Our affordable beach wedding packages are all-inclusive so you know exactly what you’ll be getting AND spending on your wedding. No surprises, no hidden fees, and it’s completely planned out beginning to end online with your beach wedding ideas. We even help with your Florida marriage license. Vow renewals, elopements, or larger Florida destination wedding. What could be easier?

Pass-A-Grille Beach couple at sunset under wedding canopy


Like every bride, you don’t want a cookie cutter wedding…you want to use your own wedding ideas. And a D.I.Y. wedding could allow for you to put your personal touch into your ceremony. However, choosing a wedding package doesn’t mean you can’t do any customization. Our Destiny package has over 20 different color choices for the bamboo wedding arch, many choices for your topper decorations, plus a variety of aisle-way choices such as shepherd’s hooks, tiki torches and lanterns. There are some things that are much harder such as location choices: having a Clearwater Beach wedding? Have you investigated the sunset time, beach permit regulations, or parking issues? What begins as an exciting adventure can quickly turn into a nightmare of hours on hold waiting for answers. Our Florida Beach Weddings company has put in the time, experience, and will do all the work for you. As Florida wedding planners, we’ve been doing it for over 13 years and know how to get these issued taken care of quickly. So you can still add your personality and your colors in our all-inclusive package with a lot less stress.

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While D.I.Y. weddings seem like they save money and allow you to be creative, they are way more involved than what first meets the eye. Even small beach wedding packages are easier than doing it yourself! Florida destination weddings are all about you fully enjoying your special day. That includes the beach wedding planning before AND the day of. Our all-inclusive packages really do include everything you need for your wedding day. Wedding officiant who also coordinates your ceremony, vows, consultations by phone and e-mail pre-wedding, unity sand ceremony, legal filing of your Florida Marriage License; all this is included with even our most basic package. You can also add our professional photography. So you have time to enjoy your destination wedding, spend more time on shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress, local entertainment, and truly enjoy your entire experience. From a Daytona Beach wedding to St. Pete Beach weddings, our beach wedding company does it all so you can relax!

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If you are ready to save money, personalize your wedding day, enjoy your wedding day celebration then CLICK HERE to start planning your beach wedding today with our Florida wedding planners.