Why Hire a Beach Wedding Planner?

So you said, “Yes!” and now it’s on to the next set of decisions: multiple lists of wedding plans and contacts, budgeting and to-dos. You’ve decided on a beach wedding, but now what? Is it worth hiring a beach wedding planner and what does a beach wedding planner even do? Let’s break down the top 5 reasons for hiring a beach wedding planner.

A bride and groom celebrate their Daytona Beach Weddings at the Shores resort and spa.

  1. Affordable: Most brides tend to think of D.I.Y. weddings as the most affordable option. However, with Florida Beach Weddings you pay one affordable price with no hidden fees. You won’t be left with much to do besides show up the day of your wedding. Save your money on beach decor and tedious hours planning. We’ve been planning dream beach weddings for over a decade (since 2007 in fact). Our efficient practices allow our beach wedding planning services to stay well within your budget.
  2. Destination Known: While the majority of beach weddings are destination weddings, many couples may be unfamiliar with beach locations. We perform weddings on the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast. Our beach wedding planners can tell you which beach are the best during tides, highly sought after photography locations, beaches with free parking and those with fees, permits, handicap accessibility, drive and no drive zones.
  3. One Stop Shop: Florida Beach Weddings prides itself on two things: affordability and stress free weddings. We can provide all the services you will need for the day of your wedding in one place for one price. Officiant, wedding photographer, set up and break down, ceremony decor: you choose the details, customize it and we make it happen. This means you won’t be worrying and wasting time contacting dozens of vendors throughout planning and the day of your ceremony. So easy!
  4. After Party: Whether you’re looking to throw a huge party or enjoy an intimate celebratory meal at a wedding reception venue, our Florida Beach Weddings specialists can guide and help you find the perfect spot. With many years of planning beach ceremonies, we have found the services and venues that our couples are looking for. We want your wedding day to be perfect from start to finish and have the experience to make your dreams come true.
  5. Relaxation: So hiring a beach wedding planner is affordable, reputable, and professional. This means you get to relax and enjoy the beach wedding vacation you deserve. Take the extra money you’ll save by hiring the Florida Beach Weddings company and splurge on a couples massage or buy the wedding party an extra round of frozen cocktails on the beach.

Small Florida beach wedding ceremonies

Design Your Clearwater Beach Wedding On A Budget

Do you love the idea of a destination beach wedding in Clearwater? Captivated by these emerald Gulf beaches with a gentle tide and white sand? Here’s how you can do it online with the help of our exclusive wedding portal and beautifully designed wedding packages. This Tampa Florida beach has become one of the most popular and romantic venues for beach weddings, and with good reason. The weather and water is warm all year round making it a paradise for engaged couples to tie the knot. Not to mention the spectacular sunsets the Gulf of Mexico has to offer!

The best part of a Florida Beach Weddings ceremony in Clearwater is that you can design everything online without leaving your house…or sofa for that matter. If you have a specific budget in mind then the best way to start is by choosing an affordable location, and in the Clearwater Beach we offer 8 different beachfront areas to choose from: Clearwater BeachSand Key ParkMadeira BeachIndian RocksRedington Beach, Treasure Island, Passe-A-Grille or St. Pete.  Our complete wedding packages are priced competitively so that you can STAY within your budget and still get a fully decorated, romantic wedding ceremony on a Florida Gulf beach. For example, the Destiny package in the photo below is $1550 at one of our Clearwater Beach locations. There may be extra options you wish to add on, such as our experienced outdoor photographer for $350 or a first dance as a married couple. Even with any permit or parking fees that may be required, this incredibly beautiful wedding package comes in way cheaper than a traditional wedding would cost you at home! Not only that, but you can choose from over 20 different color choices to make your wedding day dreams come true.

Couple at Clearwater Beach with a Destiny wedding package sitting

Clearwater Beach is very popular, of course. So it you are planning to get married there you will need to book your wedding date and hotel stay very soon. As a newly engaged couple there is no time to waste! Destination weddings are on the rise and you don’t want to compromise on any detail if you don’t have to. There are a variety of chain hotels to choose from that you may be able to negotiate a block of rooms discount with. Florida Beach Weddings can provide you with a list of vendors that we have received good feedback about.

Clearwater Beach and pier

Stress is the biggest problem with traditional weddings. As a future bride, you should be enjoying every moment of your engagement with your beloved. Instead, you may have to run around securing catering, halls, parks, decorations, gifts, and more in order to meet the standards of a wedding at home. Guess what? With a beach wedding in Florida you will not have to do ANY of that! Once you have booked your date, you can relax and play around with choosing your colors and decorations. Do you love lanterns? Shepherds hooks or rustic wood? Maybe driftwood or tropical flowers. What color bamboo would you like? All this while reclining with your laptop on your sofa at home in our secure and private online wedding portal. Even more important, you will know EXACTLY how your wedding decor will look because you saw it pictured online. Stress just isn’t a part of the Florida Beach Weddings company planning process…just look how happy the married couple below are as they celebrate their first kiss under the Natural Distinctive Design canopy.

Treasure Island Beach Elopements with a natural bamboo canopy.

Even the more modern bride can get what she wants with a Clearwater Beach wedding. This Tropical Geometric Design Package is pure pleasure on the beach and won’t be forgotten by your wedding guests. With white chairs and flowing fabric, this geometric arch will be a standout success by the blue Gulf waters! Don’t forget to take those pictures and use our professional beach photographer who will find the poses to remember forever.

When all the planning is done, and it is a week before your wedding, you will be glad you chose our Florida Beach Weddings company. We will provide you with a detailed agenda so that when you arrive you will know EXACTLY where to go in Clearwater Beach and at what time. You won’t have to worry about getting lost or any extra fees and you will be within your budget! Soon you will be saying your vows with your beloved by the sea and enjoying your honeymoon. We even take care of officially filing your Florida Marriage License. What more could you ask for? Give us a call today at: (727)249-2708 or email: Pam@FloridaBeachWeddings.com to find out more about Clearwater/St. Pete Beach. We are a Couples Choice® Winner.

What to do the Night Before Your Beach Wedding

Wedding plans are chugging along and your big day will be here before you know it. Plus, if you’ve hired our Florida Beach Weddings Company, you can rest assured that your beach wedding ceremony is going to be smooth sailing. After all, you can contact us with any concerns you have as well as checking your private and secure wedding portal at any time for details on your complete wedding package. Now, on to the night before your wedding, a good night’s sleep makes our to-do list the night before your Florida wedding…but it’s not the only thing! Let’s talk about what else you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be doing the night before you tie the knot. 

Bride and Groom under wedding arch on Daytona Beach

Rustic Romance Wedding on Daytona Beach

What to do the Night Before Your Beach Wedding

  • Delegate: Most pre-wedding plans should be in place the night before your beach wedding (check our How to Plan for a Destination Wedding posts for more on that). Don’t use the night before as a time to re-plan your wedding and obsess over details. However, there are a few things that ARE best left to the night before:
    • Marriage license: Make sure to bring this to your wedding ceremony to keep things official. If you have a reliable bridesmaid or family member, you can give it to him/her the night before and ensure they bring it to the ceremony location. Find out more about obtaining a Florida Marriage License here.
    • Rings: Give your rings to a trusted friend/bridal party member (maid of honor/best man) to bring to ceremony location. You definitely don’t want to be running around looking for these at the last minute.
Beach marriage under tropical bamboo canopy with couple kissing

Tropical Distinctive Design Wedding Package

  • Bag It: Just about everybody has that friend that is a walking filing/medicine/snack cabinet. Or maybe it’s you. Whether it’s a band-aid, safety pin, stain remover, or granola bar, this person always seems to have it. So while it’s not necessary to bring a suitcase to your wedding ceremony, a little bag will come in handy. It’s best to pack a bag with some essentials for the day of your beach wedding. You can buy a fun bride bag or even a simple gallon zipper bag will do the trick. Some possible necessities: (this could also be where you keep the marriage license and rings if you don’t have a friend to delegate the responsibility)
    • Snack- often brides get so caught up with hair/make up/ and a little pre-wedding jitter that meals often go neglected. So to avoid hunger pains and dehydration (or moodiness), pack a mess-free snack and a bottle of water. Take a bite before driving/walking to your ceremony site.
    • Make Up- The beach is your wedding chapel so it is best to be natural and prepared for some sunshine. It’s a good idea to pack your lip stick/gloss and a powder for a quick touch up before walking down the aisle and again before photos (more make up tips here).
    • Hair: Depending on your style maybe a few bobby pins, travel hair spray, or just a brush may come in handy. See more about beach brides hair here.                                             
    • Don’t go crazy and overpack, just think of basic essentials and have this bag ready to grab and go in the A.M.
Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant

Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant

  • Choose Your Beverages Wisely: Water is best. It will keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated, especially in the Florida sun. A glass of wine or small cocktail to help take off the pre-wedding jitter edge is fine. But don’t go partying it up which will lead to a more restless night, dehydration, and a possible hang over. Yuck! It’s also best to avoid caffeine, which could just add to your jitters and make for a bouncing off the wall bride at night and sluggish beauty in the A.M.
Destin bride holding bouquet at beach wedding in Florida

Destin bride holding bouquet after Florida Gulf beach wedding

  • Sleep. I know we’re not the first to talk of the importance of a good night’s sleep. This means turning off social media and other screens well before bed. Rest up so you are ripe and ready for your big day!  

Sweet dreams beach bride! And if you’re ready to plan your ultimate dream of a wedding, click HERE!

The 3 Secrets of a Successful Beach Wedding in Florida

What do you think of when you hear the word beach: fun, relaxing, beautiful? Well, just add the word “wedding” after beach and you can still keep those same descriptions. And guess what?  Beach wedding planning can be fun and relaxing with a beautiful outcome on your special day. You just have to know THE SECRETS to getting it all done. Don’t believe it? Then let’s break down some beach wedding planning responsibilities and you’ll see just what we’re talking about it.

Bride and Groom say I do on a Florida beach

Beach Wedding Planning Secrets

The first question is: do you need to use a wedding planner or beach wedding company? The answer is no, but you will have an easier wedding experience, and likely save some money if you do! Here’s the FIRST SECRET: purchase a complete beach wedding package for one price that includes everything you need.

Tropical Wedding Arch on the beach with flowers and white chairs St. Pete

Now we can’t speak for all wedding planners, but here’s what you’ll get with our Florida Beach Weddings company. **Spoiler alert**, you may be shocked to see just how little work you actually have to do. Our M.O. is “one stop shop” at affordable prices. So here goes, your Florida Beach Wedding Planner will:

  • Obtain any required beach permits and help you choose the right beach side wedding venue
  • Provide guidance in choosing exact ceremony location, time (which can depend on the tide or sunset), and package options to design your wedding online
  • Provide an experienced wedding officiant, who will perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony
  • Provide ceremony and vows (you can also choose your own)
  • Provide consultations by phone and email
  • Provide ceremony decorations– this varies with package selection: choose bamboo, driftwood, flowers, lanterns, chair sashes and more
  • Provide recorded music for ceremony played on our PA system
  • Provide a Unity Sand Ceremony, including: decorated sand ceremony table, keepsake vase, sand color choices
  • Provide Photographer at ceremony site for wedding photos (an extra fee may apply for some packages, very affordable)
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license after the ceremony, per Florida laws for resident and non resident couples

As you can see there is not much you have to do for the ceremony. But what about any guests that are coming? Hotels? Restaurants or a venue for a wedding reception? Here’s the SECOND SECRET: Our Florida Beach Weddings company has a list of recommended vendors we share only with our wedding couples. We know where you can obtain flowers, get your hair and nails done, suggestions for a reception, the best parking areas and more. You can relax as we have many helpful suggestions to smooth the path before your special day.

Ormond Beach Weddings with an affordable beach wedding company.

Still, there’s footwork to be done before you arrive at your Florida wedding on the beach. Luckily, with over 12 years of beach wedding experience, we have written extensive blog articles for you about many of the decisions needed to prepare for tying the knot. Finally, here’s the THIRD SECRET: Florida beaches are a unique environment and it’s NOT the same as getting married in your hometown. These must-read blog topics cover the special circumstances of a beach wedding and how you will need to make adjustments for heat, sun and sea. We wrote them JUST FOR YOU with the goal of providing all the information you need to make decisions. You, your partner, your guests and bridal party want to be comfortable and relaxed. Not to mention guidance on how to obtain a Florida Marriage License. It’s worth your time to learn a bit about Florida beaches and how to make your ceremony memorable for a lifetime.

Bride & Groom

Bride and groom say vows under wedding canopy on the beach

So with the help of a reputable Beach Wedding Company, there isn’t much you’ll need to worry day of your wedding. There are just a few things you’ll need to get in order before the big day.

  • Bride & Groom Attire– Find out what we have to say about choosing the perfect beach wedding dress or groom attire!
  • Choose Decor: Our pre-determind packages are perfectly designed with beach couples in mind. Just choose your style and colors and we’ll put it all together for a stunning wedding ceremony.
  • Transportation– Planes, trains, automobiles. Ya know, find out how you’re getting to and from your destination beach wedding location.
  • Hotel Accommodations– It’s customary for the bride and groom to not only find suitable lodging accommodations for themselves, but also for traveling guests. 
  • Invitations– Send them out in plenty of time, especially important for destination weddings.
  • Favors/Gifts– Traditionally, couples gift wedding party members with something memorable/significant. And if you want to go above and beyond, destination wedding favors are a great way to make guests feel extra special and welcome.
  • Hair/Make Up– So if you’re hiring professional help in the hair and make up department, be sure to book ahead of time. While if you’re fine D.I.Y., we have some very helpful beach wedding make up tips.
  • Marriage License– Though we handle the legal filing after your marriage ceremony, you must apply for/obtain a Florida marriage license. 

So hopefully that clears things up in the beach wedding planning responsibilities realm. In addition, if you’re only planning concern is when do I say, ‘I do?’, then CLICK HERE to book a Florida Beach Wedding. You can also call our Beach Wedding Specialists at 386-214-6361.

How to Have A Simple Wedding on a Florida Beach

You have always dreamed about getting married in Florida on a beautiful, sandy beach. You want simplicity and stress-free. Absolutely this destination wedding dream can come true, and at an affordable price. All of our Florida beach wedding packages are well below what you would pay for a traditional wedding in your home town.

beach wedding in St. Augustine

Wedding couple in St. Augustine with Anchors Away beach package

Step One: Will it be an elopement or wedding?

An elopement is considered just the two of you and maybe a handful of guests: our elopement beach wedding packages are meant for 2-6 participants. The Florida Beach Weddings company offers several elopement packages that can be booked up to six months in advance:

For a small beach ceremony that includes the two of you and a few MORE guests, the Beach Beginnings all inclusive wedding package (below) for up to 10 people delivers a big, beautiful bang for your buck! And it’s still considered a small wedding.

White chair covers with fucia sashes in Florida Beach Weddings package at Daytona

This couple tied the knot at Ponce Inlet, south of Daytona Beach

Step Two: Choose the beach venue you both love

Would you prefer calm turquoise waters, white sand beach like St. Pete Beach, Siesta Key or Clearwater? Or emerald waves and firm sand that you can bike on like Daytona Beach, Wilbur-by-the-Sea and Cocoa Beach? Dolphins, nature parks and fishing are abundant on both coasts of Florida so it really depends on your “vibe” and the activities you plan to do. Tampa is closer to the Gulf beaches and Orlando is closer to the East coast beaches. You won’t be disappointed no matter where you tie the knot, so do your research, read our virtual tours, and then book your beach!

Step Three: Will family and friends be attending?

The answer to this question will help guide your choice of complete wedding package. For instance, you can have up to 18 people with our Nautical Knot wedding package. It is still simple and small by traditional wedding celebration standards. You can choose your colors and the decorated aisle will guide you toward your beloved by the sea.

With many activities to offer, many people want to visit Florida. Check with the family that are must-haves to attend. Give them some optional dates, so they can try and make it work within your selected dates. As long as the most important people on your list are clear to come, you have the biggest hurdle covered!

Beach Weddings in Florida

Beach Weddings

Step Four: Pay Your Deposit 

It’s easy to secure your date with Florida Beach Weddings. Once we have received your package deposit, you will receive access to your private client portal. This will have all of your important documents for signing. It is password protected and secure. Your contract, ceremony decor selections, final invoice, optional additions, marriage license information and more are listed for you to complete. Talk about simple! Of course, you can email or call our Beach Wedding Specialists at any time with questions.

photo of beach wedding employee on the phone in office

Karen, Florida Beach Weddings Specialist

The Biggest Step is to Find a Beach Wedding Company you can trust

Hire a great beach wedding company who you can trust, to ensure that all aspects of your beach wedding are covered and executed (hint: check their reviews). And, of course, that means hiring the Florida Beach Weddings Company!. Seriously, a Florida beach wedding is one of the greatest things you can do to make your wedding day the most memorable for the rest of your lives. Just think how many return trips you can make to the beautiful place where you got married to relive those special moments? We are waiting for you on the beach so contact us today.

Florida Beach Wedding Packages and photography

Your Wedding Day: What You Need to Know

Let’s assume that your Florida Beach Wedding is all booked, paid for, and planned out. Now, it’s the big day, your wedding day…make sure you’re ready!

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Sunrise on Daytona Beach, FL

This is going to sound like your high school teacher the day before a big test, so please bear with us! But never the less, it’s still sound advice for your wedding day. A good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast are the basics for starting your wedding day. So try to get a good night’s sleep (I know, nerves, last minute details). But at least plan on being IN bed at your usual time, even if you count a few extra sheep or read a few more pages than usual. We KNOW you read our previous posts about NOT drinking anything but water before your wedding day…even if there was a rehearsal dinner.

Omelet on white plate

And don’t start off your day with a sprint. Plan a healthy breakfast and allow PLENTY of time to get ready before your ceremony. Any and all planning should be done before your wedding day. So all you procrastinators (yeah, you, the one reading this post the night before your wedding), don’t wait until the last minute to figure out who’s driving who to the wedding or think you’ll have time to run to the court house the day of for your marriage license. Not happening. 


Determine travel times to and from hair/make up appointments and plan accordingly. You will have received a helpful list of recommendations from your Beach Wedding Specialist ahead of time. Also be sure to communicate with your stylist/artists what time you need to be walking out the door. This will keep everybody prepared, calm, and well groomed (pardon the wedding pun). 🙂 Oh, and brides. Be on time. Simple.

Dressing Up

It’s best to get dressed about 20-30 minutes before you need to be walking out the door to your chosen beach ceremony site. Getting dressed too early sets up for too many potential mishaps: spills, discomfort, snags, creases…. You get the point. Do any last minute make up touches BEFORE putting on your beach wedding dress: we have more make-up tips here. And also take a bathroom visit immediately before getting dressed. The extra time allows for any pinning, accessorizing, undergarment shifting, or other last minute tweaks to your wedding dress.

Arriving to Your Final Destination- Ceremony Location

Well, it’s here. It’s showtime! Your Wedding Day! Again, your Beach Wedding Planner will have previously sent you a timeline for this special day. So stick to that and you’ll be good to go! Your timeline will include the following:

  • Beach location and address, whether it is a Gulf beach wedding or on the Atlantic coast we will provide you with the EXACT location
  • Ceremony start time for your vows
  • Description of your package choices/set up 
  • Reminder to BRING YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE (your marriage is NOT official without this). We will officially file it for you afterward.
  • Guests should arrive at ceremony location 30 minutes prior to ceremony start (a good idea to make note of arrival times on your Beach Wedding Invitation). We will sure to have them seated for your walk down the aisle.
  • Groom and Bridal Party should arrive to ceremony location 20 minutes prior to start time.
  • Bride should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to ceremony start at the location determined by your Beach Wedding Planner (indicated in timeline email)
  • Any other additions, details, or pertinent information will be included in the timeline email.

Whether you have a small wedding or one of our larger wedding packages, you will not have to worry about setting up your decor or breaking it down after the ceremony. All the details you chose when you built your beach wedding package online will be exactly as you expect when you arrive to tie the knot! If you scheduled our exclusive Florida Beach Weddings photographer, he or she will meet you there. 

Driftwood wedding arch on the beach with white chairs

Drift Away wedding package on the beach with white chairs

Is all of this sounding like the wedding on the beach you’ve been dreaming about? Click HERE to book your Florida Beach Wedding!