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Beach Wedding Planning – Just Say NO to D.I.Y. Weddings!

In a culture FULL of D.I.Y. projects, YouTube tutorials, and Pinterest boards, bloggers and t.v. show hosts are pushing the “let me show you how to do it yourself” movement. And maybe that worked for that coffee table, paint project, car engine restoration (or maybe not). But we’re here to tell you don’t DIY for your wedding. Let Florida Beach Wedding DI”F”Y- Do it FOR you! Here are three reasons why to leave the beach wedding planning to the pros (ahem- that’s us) and save the D.I.Y. for some tie-dye honeymoon t-shirts! 😉 

Florida weddings on the beach with blush, ivory and baby's breath for a rustic feel.


Top 3 Reasons to Just Say “NO” to D.I.Y. Weddings

1. Money

One of the top reasons people are attracted to the D.I.Y. idea is to save money. And yeah, saving money is a great idea. But by the time you’ve gathered, wheeled and dealed, nickeled and dimed everything you need for your wedding ceremony, the costs start adding up real quick. And not to mention most of the items you’re planning to use for your wedding will never again see the light of day after you say, “I do.” With Florida Beach Weddings you can keep the “D.I.Y.” budget without the hassle, stress, time drain of trying to do all on your own. Our affordable beach wedding packages are all-inclusive so you know exactly what you’ll be spending on your wedding. No surprises, no hidden fees, and it’s completely planned out beginning to end. 

2. Personality

So you don’t want the next factory produced, seen it all before wedding. We get it! And a D.I.Y. wedding could allow for you to put your personal touch on every decision. Let’s say that again, every decision.. location, chairs, aisle, flower decor, unity ceremony, vows, photographer, officiant…the list goes on. Ok, so there are A LOT of decisions that go into planning a wedding. And some things, like ocean tides, sunset, beach permit regulations, wedding party size, parking issues, all these often are forgotten. So what started out as fun quickly makes an overwhelming turn! Florida Beach Weddings has put in the time, experience, and will do all the work for you. So you can still add your personality and creative touch in your color and package choices, bridal gown, choose from selected vows, with a heck of a lot less stress. And why not put your creative flare into creating fun beach wedding favors for your guests!?

3. Convenience

While D.I.Y. weddings seem like they save money and allow you to channel your inner creator, they are way more involved than what first meets the eye. Florida Beach Weddings is all about you fully enjoying your wedding. That includes the beach wedding planning before AND the day of. Our all-inclusive packages really do include everything you need for your wedding day. Wedding officiant, vows, consultations by phone and e-mail pre-wedding, unity sand ceremony, photographer, legal filing of your Florida Marriage License, all this is included with even our most basic package. So you have time to enjoy your destination beach wedding, spend more time on shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress, local entertainment while you’re in town, and truly enjoy your entire beach wedding experience. 


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5 Reasons to Avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding

But it’s a three day weekend, right? Extra time off work without using up vacation days. Yes, you and the rest of America are all thinking the same thing. But guess where nearly everyone wants to go on Memorial Day? The beach. And for all the right reasons. That fickle, warm then cool again, leftover spring weather is gone. The water is warming up and refreshing. The grill is hot and ready. So the message isn’t to avoid the beach for the holiday. But unless you want to pay double the hotel rates and airfare, and share the beach with every other stress-free-seeking beach goer, avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding. So go ahead and hit the waves, but save the vows for a better weekend. Read on to see why.

5 Reasons to Avoid a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding

Hotel Rates

While the “price gouging” line is fuzzy and grey, hotel rates seem to increase up to $50/night during Memorial Day Weekend. You do the math- that’s over $150 more for the weekend. Airbnb is a price flexible alternative, but book soon because the affordable, desirable places will get scooped up quick! 


Price for Memorial Day travelers is approximately $30-$40 more per ticket compared to prices on non-holiday weekends. And traveling during popular months like May, can often increase prices $100 or more per ticket in comparison to less popular travel month like September and October. 


Airports, beaches, restaurants, roads. All these Memorial Day Wedding Weekend spots will be experiencing a heavy increase in traffic. So if you love a big beach party, bring on the Memorial Day Wedding Weekend. But consider this your warning: Heavy Traffic Ahead! 


So not only are you paying more for your hotel and airfare, but your guests will be forced to as well. And often people have vacation traditions or book getaways planned around a year ahead of time knowing they have an extra day off work. So what seems like a convenient perk of the added day off, the added travel expenses may not be worth it. 

Wedding Planning Savings

If you are actually looking to save money instead of spend more, avoid the holiday weekends which are NEVER sale weekends in the wedding business. You can actually save money on these select dates


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5 Beach Wedding Expenses To Ditch Before You’re Hitched

Out of hand wedding budgets. Yikes! Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t let the pinterest-worthy ideals keep you from enjoying your wedding or neglecting your budget. At the end of your wedding day these words should come to mind: relaxing, special, and affordable. Read on to see what’s worth keeping and what needs ditching when it comes to your beach wedding expenses . 

5 Beach Wedding Expenses to Ditch Before You’re Hitched


beach wedding expenses


So whether you’re just beginning the wedding planning process. Or maybe your wedding is just weeks away. Here are some tips to keep your beach wedding on track and within budget. What to keep and what to kick to the wedded curb.

Your Clearwater Beach Weddings has you covered with EVERYTHING you need for a wonderful beach wedding. The rest, eh, it’s just details. You’ll need to get an official marriage license and something to wear, but we’ll handle the rest. 🙂 So these next points are ways to trim your budget and eliminate unessecary beach wedding expenses. 


Now we’re not saying elope (which you could do). But couples end up spending hundreds of dollars on fancy invites and postage stamps. These intricate, selective pricey invitations are usually read, RSVP returned (well hopefully), inputted to a smart phone calendar event, and end up in filing cabinet #13 (AKA your invite gets dumped in THE TRASH)! So save time, money, and stress with an evite. Or if you’re dead set on a paper invite, photo cards are an affordable alternative to elaborate cardstock invites.

2. Flowers

Again, we aren’t saying toss the bouquet idea out the window, but get creative. Hiring a florist is not mandatory. And depending on your level of creativity and vision, you can find tons of DIY bouquet ideas. Buying flowers at a grocery or market can save you hundreds (and in some cases thousands) on your floral budget. And if real flowers really don’t matter to you, you can also find a host of faux flower bouquet ideas. Fuax real! 

3. Cheesy Wedding Favors

No one needs a candle with your last name it. Seriously, what do you do with that? But personalized sunglasses for your wedding day? Fun, practical, and a perfect photo op! Check out our post on Beach Wedding Favors that your guests will love. We tried to limit the level of cheesiness. 😉

4. Expensive Accessories

It’s one day. Wear what is special to you. Family heirlooms and gifts from your groom or family/friends are perfect ideas to add to your wedding look. But don’t go spending hundreds of dollars on a piece that you will likely never wear again. And, spoiler alert, no one will know if you buy a good knock off (pearl, diamonds, etc.). If you just must have that statement bridal piece, did you know you can rent accessories from rent the runway? And as for the veil, nix it. There is often at least a light breeze on the beach which will have you constantly fixing your veil or blowing into your groom. 

5. Beg, Borrow, Just Don’t Steal

From earrings to shoes, make up must-haves to wedding gowns. Borrowing a family heirloom set of earrings, a friend’s gorgeous headpiece, or your cousin’s perfect wedding shoes will make it that much more special. You can even rent a bridal gown! There are lots of creative ways to take otherwise expensive things and get thrifty with it! Etsy, Goodwill, Swip Swap, or your grandma’s closet are all easy spots that just may be holding your perfect find!


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Destination Wedding Invitations

 “I’m having a destination wedding, but what do I include on my destination wedding invitation?”

Great question! So a destination wedding follows traditional wedding invitation etiquette in a lot of ways. However, there are some key points that should not be overlooked when mailing/e-mailing out your destination wedding invitations!

destination wedding invitations

So before we get to the actual invite, let’s brief with “Save the Dates.” Due to additional travel plans/vacation time from work, it’s important to give your guests plenty of time to plan for your destination wedding. Save the Date cards should be sent out approximately 6-8 months prior to your wedding date. No major details needed. Just date and location. Something like this will do the job (click photo for link)…

destination wedding invitations


Ok, now back to the invites! Here’s a list of what to include on your destination wedding invitation:

  • Date & Time (per usual)

  • Address (per usual) *Make sure to include clear indication of “beach wedding” so guests can plan attire accordingly.

  • Reception information or “Reception to follow.” If no reception, there is not need to make any additional note. 

  • Include an accommodations card OR double side your invite with accommodation information on the back. Accommodations card should include guest hotel options/information and any group discounts available. 

  • Wedding Website URL- A wedding website is a great way to inform guests of your engagement story, photos, ceremony/reception details, and any other important details worth sharing. Check out for an easy to use and free wedding website creator!

  • RSVP card 

Invite ideas:

So you can go digital and choose to save time and money. Otherwise, websites like or have some fun beach-inspired destination wedding invitations waiting for you!

destination wedding invitations



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What to do the Night Before Your Beach Wedding

So wedding plans are chugging along. Your big day will be here before you know it. And if you’ve hired Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company, you can rest assured that your beach wedding ceremony is going to be smooth sailing. And speaking of resting, a good night’s sleep makes our to-do list the night before your beach wedding! 😉 Let’s talk about what else you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be doing the night before your beach wedding. 

What to do the Night Before Your Beach Wedding

  • Delegate: Most pre-wedding plans should be in place the night before your beach wedding (check our One Week Away or How to Plan for a Destination Wedding posts for more on that). Don’t use the night before as a time to re-plan your wedding. However, there are a few things that are best left to the night before. 
    • Marriage license: Make sure to bring this to your wedding ceremony to keep things official. If you have a reliable bridesmaid or family member, you can give it to him/her the night before and ensure they bring it to the ceremony location. 
    • Rings: Give your rings to a trusted friend/bridal party member (maid of honor/best man) to bring to ceremony location. 

the night before your beach wedding


  • Bag It: Ya know, everybody has that friend that is a walking filing/medicine/snack cabinet. Or maybe it’s you. Whether it’s a band-aid, safety pin, stain remover, or granola bar, this person always seem to have it. So while it’s not necessary to bring a suitcase to your wedding ceremony, a little bag will come in handy. It’s best to pack a bag with some essentials for the day of your beach wedding. You can buy a fun bride bag or even a simple gallon zipper bag will do the trick. Some possible necessities: (this could also be where you keep the marriage license and rings if you don’t have a friend to delegate the responsibility)
    • Snack- often brides get so caught up with hair/make up/ and a little pre-wedding jitter that meals often go neglected. So to avoid hunger pains and dehydration, pack a mess-free snack and a bottle of water. Take a bite before driving/walking to your ceremony location.
    • Make Up- It’s good to pack your lip stick/gloss and a powder for a quick touch up before walking down the aisle and again before photos (more make up tips here).
    • Hair: Depending on your style maybe a few bobby pins, travel hair spray, or just a brush may come in handy.                                                         

             Don’t go crazy and overpack, just think of basic essentials and have this bag ready to grab and go in the A.M.


  • Choose Your Beverages Wisely: Water is best. It will keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated. A glass of wine or small cocktail to help take off the pre-wedding jitter edge is fine. But don’t go partying it up which will lead to a more restless night, dehydration, and a possible hang over. Yuck! It’s also best to avoid caffeine, which could just add to your jitters and make for a bouncing off the wall bride at night and sluggish beauty in the A.M.



  • Sleep. I know we’re not the first to talk of the importance of a good night’s sleep. This means turning off social media and other screens well before bed. Rest up so you are ripe and ready for your big day!  


Sweet dream bride! And if you’re ready to plan your ultimate dream of a wedding, click HERE!

Why Hire a Beach Wedding Planner?

So you said, “Yes!” and now it’s on to the next set of decisions. The lists of wedding plans and contacts, budgeting and to-do listing. You’ve decided beach wedding, but now what? Is it worth hiring a beach wedding planner and what does a beach wedding planner even do? Let’s break down the top 5 reasons for hiring a beach wedding planner.

beach wedding couples plans beautiful Daytona Beach wedding with Beach Wedding planner

5 Reasons to Hire a Beach Wedding Planner:

  1. Affordable: Most brides tend to think of D.I.Y. weddings as the most affordable option. However, with Your Daytona Beach Wedding Planner, you pay one affordable price with no hidden fees. You won’t be left with much to do besides show up the day of your wedding. Save your money on beach decor and tedious hours planning. We’ve been planning dream beach weddings for over a decade. Our efficient practices allow our beach wedding planning services to stay well within your budget.
  2. Destination Known: While the majority of beach weddings are destination weddings, many couples may be unfamiliar with beach locations. Our beach wedding planners can tell you which beach are the best during high tide, highly sought after photography locations, beaches with free parking and those with fees, handicap accessibility, drive and no drive zones.
  3. One Stop Shop: Your Daytona Beach Wedding prides itself on two things: affordability and stress free weddings. We can provide all the services you will need for the day of your wedding in one place for one price. Officiant, photographer, set up & break down, floral arrangements, ceremony decor-you choose the details and we make it happen. This means you won’t be worrying and wasting time contacting dozens of vendors throughout planning and day of.
  4. After Party: Whether you’re looking to throw a huge party or enjoy an intimate celebratory meal, Your Florida Beach Wedding Planner can guide and help you find the perfect spot. We want your day to be perfect from start to finish and have the experience to make your dreams come true.
  5. Relaxation: So hiring a beach wedding planner is affordable, reputable, and professional. This means you get to relax and enjoy the beach wedding vacation you deserve. Take the extra money you’ll save by hiring Your Daytona Beach Wedding and splurge on a couples massage or buy the wedding party and extra round of frozen cocktails on the beach.