Destination wedding planning time! So you’ve decided on a beach wedding in Florida and of course you want to invite your friends and family. And planning a destination wedding is a stress free experience with the Beach Wedding Specialists at the Florida Beach Weddings company. So give your guests the same stress free beach experience by following these easy destination wedding invitations tips!

African American wedding couple kissing on Daytona Beach

  • Timing: You know the old saying, “Timing is everything.” Well a late invite could have your destination beach wedding more like a VERY quiet elopement. Give guests PLENTY of time to save and plan for your destination wedding. The real truth is lots of folks won’t make travel arrangements until they get an honest-to-goodness invite. So if a lot of people are going to have to travel for your wedding, sending the invitations out 3-4 months in advance will be a greatly appreciated. (And trust me, nobody will forget about the wedding because you sent them a little early.)
  • Are you having a pre-wedding cocktail party or other event such as a rehearsal dinner? Don’t forget to include those details.
  • A destination wedding is an especially good time to utilize a “Save the Date” card. Check out these cute postcards or magnets

Teal save the date cards for a beach wedding

To Paper or Not to Paper: That is the question. You can save money with a paperless invite from Evite and Greenvelope; some are even free! They even have some great beach wedding themed Evites. You can also do this for “Save the Dates” and follow-up with paper. Just make sure paper and pencil guests (ahem, Grandma and  Grandpa) have access and information! You can even get romantic, beach-themed invitations from Etsy: a sunset, sandy beach, tropical flowers or starfish will be hard for your guests to turn down!

Wedding invitations with a beach theme and starfish design

Content: Be sure to include all the traditional wedding invitation information, of course. Rather than being super-formal, just address people by the names they actually use. The key to remember is to clearly communicate the who, what, where, and when for your destination wedding. If you’re sending out save-the-dates, put your wedding website (if you have one) on them to get your guests even more interested in your special day. When you send out your formal invitation out later, include the wedding website information again…we all get so much information so another link doesn’t hurt! 

You may also need to add hotel/travel information. Let guests know the best ways to get there, when flights to your destination go on sale, and links to places to stay – you might even want to book reasonably-priced accommodation for your guests and then ask them to reimburse you. A fun idea is to arrange welcome gift bags for them on arrival with items that they can enjoy during their stay.

White wedding favor bag with beach shells on it

Most importantly include specific instructions/directions for getting to your beach wedding ceremony site. Your Florida Beach Weddings Specialist will provide you with a complete, detailed agenda with landmarks for you to communicate to your guests. Guests should arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony time. We often tell our couples to have someone act as a “guest liaison” so that the bride and groom are not held up with last minutes texts or phone calls. 

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Gifts: “Our guests are already spending so much money traveling to our destination wedding…or we don’t need anything.” This a common concern for many modern couples so what should you do? What is the best wording to use to discourage gifts or steer guests toward a different kind of gift? Avoid printing “no gifts” on the invitation. Instead, you can carefully word the invitation with a cute message. Here’s some fun wording from Pinterest that you can include on a separate card asking them to contribute to a possible honeymoon fund.

Wishing well gift card for wedding use

Inviting guests to a Hometown reception after your destination wedding
Are you planning a hometown reception after your beach wedding? If you have only invited a small number of guests to your destination ceremony, you may wish to have this type of party upon returning home. You’ll need to send an invitation for your hometown reception that also serves as an announcement for your destination wedding. Here is an example of how to do this:

They got their feet wet in the sea and the sun
They exchanged their rings and had some fun
Jane & Jon
were joined together in marriage
on July 13, 2021 at Treasure Island, FL
In celebration of their union, please join us for
a post destination wedding reception
on August 22, 2021 at 3:30 PM

Design Time: Now for the really fun part…choosing your invitation design. There is no shortage of creative and beautiful beach wedding invitations designs.The ideal destination wedding invitation will excite your guests so they say, “Yes, we’re coming” and book their flight! You can also send them a preview of the beach wedding package you have chosen in an email or link, and photos of the destination wedding location whether it is St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach near Orlando, or one of our perfect Gulf beach wedding venues near Tampa (Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete, Venice Beach).

Couple kissing under floral beach wedding arch St. Augustine FL

Rustic Romance wedding in St. Augustine

It’s time to find the perfect wedding invitation design and get ready to fill in all your special day details. Click here to secure your ceremony date for your Florida Beach Wedding today!