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St. Augustine Beach Wedding Permits: What You Need to Get Married on the Beach

St. Augustine Beach Wedding Permits

Many brides-to-be dream of having a St. Augustine Beach wedding. But not many future brides know how to start planning for one. Once you find the perfect St. Augustine beach wedding location but before selecting dresses, colors, flowers or any other crucial details, you need to know whether the city, county or state owns that part of the St. Augustine coastline. More importantly, since all beaches are public, you will need to know which of the St. Augustine Beach wedding permits is right for you on your special day.

Kinds of St. Augustine Beach Wedding Permits

There are multiple St. Augustine beach stretches that are ideal for a beach wedding. Some St. Augustine beaches are owned by the state of Florida. Others are owned by St. John’s county and others are owned by the city of St. Augustine Beach itself. Each government entity requires a different application, a different usage fee and has a different amount of wait time before receiving approval. Each kind of beach has specific rules and regulations, too. Florida Beach Weddings has all the information at their fingertips and is happy to take that concern off your list.

For those wanting to go it alone, we offer the following information. Please note that the process can be confusing and frustrating so it’s best to leave it to the professionals like Florida Beach Weddings.

Florida State Park Beach Wedding Permits

State Park beaches, like Anastasia State Park, have always been a destination of choice for weddings because of their absence of buildings and abundance of large parking lots. Florida beach permits cost $53 for 25 or fewer guests. For more than 25 guests, the cost increases to $212. The Parks Division of the Florida State Department of Environmental Protection will process your request. It’s best to apply three to six months in advance.

St. John’s County Beach Beach Wedding Permits

One County beach access point in particular, located at the end of Dondanville Road, has fine white sand and drive-on parking. The special event permit fee for this location is $100 and other St. John’s County beaches. Inquire online and you will be sent an electronic application form. The average wait time for processing the permit is two weeks.

City of St. Augustine Beach Wedding Permits

There are many Inns and Resorts on the beach in St. Augustine that offer wedding packages but leave little room for personal touches. If you get married on the grounds, you don’t need a permit. If you want the ceremony on the beach at a hotel, the City of St. Augustine Beach collects the permit fee. No matter which beach lodging accommodations you pick, you will need to send a separate check payable to the City of St. Augustine Beach in the amount of $100 along with the local beach permit application. Some hotels may offer to do this for you but most let you take care of that task. The city government of St. Augustine Beach will provide the application.

Avoid the St. Augustine Beach Wedding Permit Red Tape

Many brides-to-be are way too busy planning the big event in addition to working on their career and enjoying single life, to be researching and applying for St. Augustine Beach wedding permits. Florida Beach Weddings takes the work out of selecting the perfect location. Just tell Florida Beach Weddings your location requirements and they will suggest specific sites for your consideration. If any permits are required, they will obtain them for you and add the cost of the permit to the price of your St. Augustine Beach wedding package.

St Augustine Elopement Packages: How To Find The Right One For You

For couples who want to skip the cost and fuss of a large St. Augustine Beach wedding, St. Augustine elopement packages are the perfect solution. The historic downtown district and idyllic beaches set a romantic backdrop for a small, intimate or completely private elopement wedding. Here’s everything you need to know about St. Augustine elopement packages:

Just the Two of You

St. Augustine beach weddings are meant to celebrate the love of a couple, which can quickly be forgotten in the hectic planning of a large ceremony. Whether you want to say your vows on the sand or in a courthouse ceremony, your St. Augustine elopement wedding is sure to be special and created especially for the two for you.

Just as mind boggling

A St. Augustine elopement wedding can be just as complicated as a larger wedding. Things to consider are securing a permit for a beach or an historic site, finding a place for the after-ceremony celebration and, probably, a bed and breakfast inn to spend your first, romantic night together. (At that point your wedding becomes your honeymoon).

The Perfect Solution

Couples today have very busy lives. They work, volunteer, exercise, play sports, have hobbies and enjoy the company of friends. There may not be any time to plan this major, life-changing event, the wedding of your dreams. The perfect wedding solution may an elopement wedding. This kind of wedding helps you to relax into your married life together. It can be as spontaneous or as planned as you like.

St. Augustine Elopement Packages

Elopement wedding packages take care of all the details for you. They help you find the ideal, scenic location for your ceremony, secure a site use permit, employ the photographer, find a restaurant that suits your palate and book the Bed and Breakfast with your preferences of view in mind. Some of the packages and inns offer special gifts for staying or planning with them. Gifts can include a bottle of champagne and his and hers flute glasses. Some elopement packages also arrange for sightseeing tickets and discounts once you’ve tied the knot. Some even file the marriage certificate for you!

Variations of St. Augustine Elopement Packages

Some couples choose to bring another couple on their elopement wedding. Only do this if both members of the couple are your best friends! The other couple serves as the best man and maid of honor. They also are your witnesses. But, what if you want to ditch them once the honeymoon begins? It could be problematic.

Another choice for St. Augustine elopement weddings is aboard a cruise ship or private charter, where the captain of the ship marries you. Then you get to celebrate with 5000 new “friends.” But then you’re stuck on the ship and can’t begin your party until the boat docks back at port.

For those married couples wanting to renew their vows, St. Augustine beach elopement packages is the perfect way to celebrate your continued commitment to each other.

How to Plan Your St. Augustine Elopement

Because Elopement Weddings are very popular now, the best plan is to not do it alone. You can select the attire, location and one of the St. Augustine elopement packages, and Florida Beach Weddings can do the rest. Once you decide whom you want with you at the elopement wedding, you can simply contact Florida Beach Weddings to see the many choices you have. Most packages allow up to 8 people in attendance. Prices for St. Augustine elopement packages range from $850 to one thousand dollars, which also can include a canopy and seating. 

Contact to get started today.   

St. Augustine Beach Wedding Venues: Scenic Settings for Saying I Do

Are you dreaming of a beach wedding? Do you want to say your vows with sand between your toes and the sound of waves gently washing ashore? Does the ancient Conquistador and Pirate lore of Old St. Augustine, the oldest United States city, entice your imagination? Do you need tips on how to plan your perfect wedding on the beach in the St. Augustine area? Here’s a rundown of all the unique and scenic St. Augustine Beach Wedding Venues perfect for saying “I do!”

There are multiple St. Augustine beach wedding venues ideal for your upcoming beach wedding ceremony. St. Augustine has beaches that are owned by the state, the county of St. John’s, and also the city itself. It’s important to know which government agency has jurisdiction over the part of the beach you select. If any beach wedding permits are required for your wedding, Florida Beach Weddings will obtain them for you, and add the cost of the permit to your package..

St. Augustine Beach Wedding Venues

Anastasia State Park_Celebrate Winter_Winter seashells at Anastasia State Park Beach

Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park is one of the most popular St. Augustine beach wedding venues and is the closest beach to the historic district.  It is ranked the number one Florida beach. This state owned beach is very natural and is absent of buildings.  With plenty of parking and a view of the lighthouse, this is a perfect fit for brides with either an extensive or selective guest list. Learn more about Florida Beach Weddings at Anastasia State Park!

St. Augustine Beach Wedding VenuesFrank B. Butler Park

Frank B. Butler Park is a St. John’s County Beach Access Point that has plenty of drive-on parking. Of the St. Augustine Beach wedding venues, this location is a popular choice, with it’s fine white sand and wide beautiful beach. It is also the site of civil rights confrontations during the 1960s. Learn more about Florida Beach Weddings at Butler Beach!


St. Augustine Beach Wedding VenuesRiver to Sea Preserve

River to Sea Preserve offers a unique St. Augustine beach wedding experience in Flagler County. Just 15 minutes south over the Matanzas Inlet. this natural location adds travel to the itinerary for the day’s events. However, it’s worth the trek. The rocks make for a setting that can produce striking wedding photos. Plus, the Marineland area offers seclusion from the main tourist areas of St. Augustine.

Beachfront Hotels

There are also beachfront and riverfront hotels that can be ideal St. Augustine Beach wedding venues. Hampton Inn St. Augustine Beach Walk has a beautiful boardwalk that guests can walk from the hotel down to the beach for the ceremony and then back to the hotel banquet room for the reception. The City of St. Augustine Beach issues the permit for this location.

Nestled on the white sand beaches of St. Augustine Beach sits the magnificent oceanfront House of Sea and Sun aka Saint Augustine Bed and Breakfast. It was built in 1914 by the niece and heir to the Henry Flagler fortune. This charming Saint Augustine oceanfront bed and breakfast features the warmth of a bygone era, with all the modern conveniences. Each room is beautifully and uniquely decorated with quality antiques and accessories for your comfort and pleasure. This is the perfect location for a destination or small, intimate wedding.

If all these St. Augustine Beach wedding venues have your head spinning, the smartest thing to do is contact They make it easy and fun to plan your once-in-a-lifetime special day by offering packages that take care of all the important details.