There are the color swatches…and the wedding dress shopping. The vow choices…and the perfect location. Then there’s the icing on the wedding cake: your hair and make up. Let’s talk about wedding hair, specifically for east coast beaches. Why? Because the Atlantic ocean is unique and if you are getting married on Daytona Beach, New Smyrna BeachSt. Augustine Beach or Cocoa Beach, or further south in Boynton Beach and Fort Lauderdale, there are natural elements to consider when planning your wedding hairstyle. So here’s some Atlantic ocean beach wedding hair tips.

Sea Breeze

MPH– I’m talking wind here. Consider the unpredictability of the wind conditions, especially on the east coast. You could have a bright sunny day, with little wind 5 miles inland, but a normal day’s sea breeze on the coast will get things moving. And by things, I’m talking your hair. So whether your hair’s up, down, or somewhere in between, keep this in mind. For your beach wedding day or beach elopement, you want to keep your face clearly visible. A simple pin back with a cute, beachy accessory or a headband could do the trick

Bride with white rose bouquet and groom hug on st augustinebeach

Wedding Veil

A wedding veil on the beach…why not? However, keep in mind the east coast breeze could have it whipping around. You might want to make it easy to remove in case the wind picks up. You can wear it for the ceremony and remove it afterward for your ocean wedding photos. Our professional photographer will ensure you have beautiful pictures in both cases.

Couple gazes at each other under wedding arch on Daytona Beach

Professional Hairstyling

D.I.Y. or call in the professional: Do you have some wiggle room in your budget for hair and make up? If you’ve booked a cheap Florida beach wedding package you probably do! If so, this is a good place to go for it. There’s just something about the magic touch of a stylist that keeps things in all the right places for the long haul. Especially for beach weddings when you’re considering sand, salt, heat, wind, etc. Maxed out budget? Don’t sweat it. Seek help from a fashion savvy friend, or a YouTube style channel, and do a few practice runs. Oh, and LOTS of hairspray!

Your Hair Type

Be realistic: In the world of internet stock images and photoshop, don’t be fooled. Finding an image or style that “inspires” you is a GREAT place to start. But be willing to modify the look to fit your beach wedding venue and personal hair type. Consider thickness, length, and curl/straight and be aware of how that affects your style options. If you have heavy, thick, straight hair, springing curls may not work for you. However, you can still achieve a beachy wave or similar look. Just cater to your natural beauty!

Bride Smiling before wedding Cocoa Beach trees

Long/Medium Wedding Hairstyles

Couple kisses by ocean in St. Augustine at beach weddingBohemian bride and groom by the seaBride looking down at bouquet on Anastasia Island Beach FL

Short Hairstyles:

Up Do’s

Hair updo

Happy Hair Styling! And if all these dreamy hair photos have you ready to get things going, click here to book your all inclusive Florida Beach Wedding package today!