Staff Picks: Best Beach Wedding Decor

The Verdict is In! Natural and Floral Distinctive Designs are Staff Favorites

Getting married on the beach in Florida is a dream for many couples but there is often the perception that beach wedding decor is cheap. As you can see from the stunning photos below, our complete beach wedding package decor is beautiful, elegant, and on-trend for 2020. Owner and President, Pamela Fuit and her staff of wedding specialists work tirelessly to bring our wedding couples’ dreams to life on the beach locations we serve across Florida. Our Distinctive Design packages are a cut above the rest and therefore our staff favorites. With more elaborate draping, larger floral arrangements and custom canopies, the final effect is breathtaking for beachfront wedding photography. Distinctive Designs bring all your best destination beach wedding ideas to life! 

The Floral Distinctive design has a very upscale feeling with its neutral palette. It offers a natural bamboo canopy with your choice of ivory or white draped material that often floats in the breeze while you say your vows. A large asymmetrical floral and greenery canopy topper is the perfect altar. The matching greenery aisle-way naturally placed in the sand with floral accents at the beginning of the walkway will guide your first steps toward your beloved. Up to 32 deluxe white resin chairs with the option to add colored spandex chair bands completes this wedding design. This truly feels like an island beach wedding. A large decorated “chalkboard” sign announcing the newly married couple is included, along with a chilled water station for your guests. These complete wedding packages include a sand ceremony, music and you can add our professional photography time for a low fee ($325).

Altar with flowers on the beach for wedding

Floral Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package

The Natural Distinctive Design is stunning in its simplicity. This will make your Florida beach wedding site the envy of everyone. None of your guests will think you chose a cheap Florida beach wedding package even though these ceremony packages, at the top end, average $2,500. Intimate, elegant, and complete with everything you need you can’t go wrong with this beach wedding package. It offers a large, dark stained, four post bamboo canopy with your choice of white or ivory material draped elegantly, flowing down to the sand. Dark bamboo pole aisle-way with white or ivory flowing material and matching flowers in the poles. The natural branch canopy topper with natural flower accents completes this beachy look. Up to 32 deluxe white resin chairs with the option to add colored spandex chair bands included. This is Karen’s favorite! As above, this all inclusive beach wedding package includes a sand ceremony, music and you can add our professional photography time for an affordable fee ($325).

Wedding in Florida with white chairs and natural beach wedding canopy.

Natural Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package

The Anchors Away Distinctive Design is included just because it is so stunning! It has everything you need for a beachfront wedding in Florida that will turn heads. It is spectacular against the white sand, especially on a Gulf beach. It includes all the upgrades you expect when choosing a Florida Beach Wedding package. Find out more about this design here.

A classic black and white look with banded deluxe resin chairs, chalkboard and anchors with shells start this isleway at a Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony. St. Augustine Elopement

Anchors Away Beach Wedding Design

Imagine walking down an aisle of white sand to say “I Do” under our stunning Rustic Geometric Arch.  This decorative member of the Rustic Romance Collection (new for 2020) looks amazing on the beach and stands out with its pure simplicity. Our staff just couldn’t leave it out of their favorites. The modern geometric arbor is unique and our wedding couples can’t get enough of it!  Any color accents can be used to highlight your theme, in fact it also comes in a white Tropical theme. Our wedding package designers leave no stone unturned when bringing couples the most up to date features. This Florida wedding design can be used as a beach wedding or vow renewal. Contact our beach wedding planners in Florida today to reserve your date!

Rustic Geometric arch on the beach

Rustic Geometric Arch

Now that our beach wedding staff has named their favorite designs, it’s time for you to find yours. Don’t forget to find the right beach location to set the tone of your Florida wedding ceremony. Each beach is different on the east coast or west coast of Florida. We look forward to hearing from you to reserve your 2020 wedding date!

Spring Beach Wedding Inspiration

So in case you missed it, the spring season has arrived. And while some northern folks are still suiting up for the snow, here in Florida we’re suiting up too, in bathing suits that is. So what better time to showcase some of our most inspirational Spring Beach Wedding decor. Forecast: warm, sunny, with a touch of spring pastel! Check out some of out favorite affordable beach wedding set ups. And whether it’s a 2019 Spring Beach Elopement or you’re ready to get ideas for 2020 Spring Beach Wedding, these inspirations will have your beach wedding heart in full bloom! 🙂spring beach wedding

Plan Your Spring Beach Wedding

Our favorite thing about a spring beach wedding are those first warm sea breeze winds and sunny skies. Also, sunshine and warm air coordinates with any wedding color scheme! Our beach wedding packages allow you to choose your dream color design. So here you go, get inspired:

Colors and Trends

White: White is such a classic color that really goes with all seasons. And it allows you to really be creative with your focal points of design. The clean subtle white design blends seamlessly with the sand and water allowing you to bring pops of color through floral bouquets or clothing/attire. If you’re on a tight budget this white elopement package gives such a classic, elegant look.

PASTELS: Walk down any aisle of Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, late February-May and you’re going to be wandering through a pastel wonderland. It’s because you can’t say the word spring and not think of baby pinks and blues, soft greens and yellows, and maybe Peter Rabbit. 😉 In the beach wedding world, we get all spring-time swooned when it comes to these gorgeous Spring Beach Wedding designs. It reminds us of the sun and sea.

BLUE: American color company Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as its color of the year for 2020. We think it works best in our Beach Bliss Distinctive Design Wedding Package which features blue and champagne: timeless and elegant in its simplicity.

Incredible Weather

Another great thing about a Spring Beach Wedding is the lovely weather. There are usually a few lingering “cold days,” and we use the Florida definition of cold. Florida Cold: Any temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring Florida temperatures can range anywhere from upper 50s to low 80s, which by most standards is pretty pleasant weather. 

Affordable Wedding Package Prices

Okay, so Florida Beach Weddings are affordable all year long, but we just thought it was worth mentioning. 🙂 Our all inclusive wedding packages allow couples to have the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. It can be planned from the comfort of your home. And if we had an image to match the stress level for couples planning a beach wedding with Florida Beach Weddings, it would probably be something like lying in a hammock on the beach! Affordable, stress free, gorgeous- the triple play! 

Ready to plan your Florida Beach Wedding? Click to contact us and start planning! Keep scrolling to check out some of out favorite Spring-spirational wedding set ups!

Cocoa Beach Weddings are great for beach elopements with a canopy.

Clearwater Beach Weddings for just the bride and groom with natural beach wedding decor.

Clearwater Beach Weddings with pink and white beach wedding canopy.

A bride and groom stand in front of their Daytona Beach Weddings Packages with white draping, natural flowers and a white draped aisle-way.

Super Bowl Beach Wedding

Well you’ve made it through the dating playoffs. And in the relationship world, you’re about to experience what football is relative to the Super Bowl. The main event. The final game. This one’s for all the marbles. YOUR WEDDING DAY! Congratulations! And if when choosing your wedding day, one of your pre-requisites is to avoid conflict with any major sporting event, then you’ll love what we’ve tokened, ” Super Bowl Beach Wedding .” Check out these awesome pro football and college football wedding theme ideas and find out how to incorporate them into your beach wedding. 


Super Bowl Beach Wedding Ideas

Garters: Team spirit running through your veins? But looking for a more discreet way of showing your school pride? These team wedding garters are the perfect way to bring game day to your wedding day. 


super bowl beach wedding

super bowl beach wedding


Cuff Links: Add a personal touch to the groom’s style with these fun cufflinks. 


Super Bowl Champions- Represent your team with these Philadelphia Eagles cufflinks! Click here for other pro teams. 

super bowl beach wedding

Pro League 


Check out these classic West Virginia cufflinks. Find your college here!

super bowl beach wedding

Cake toppers: Bring the team spirit to your reception with these fun cake toppers! They even have one if you are a “house divided!” Click images for more ideas/purchasing options. 


super bowl wedding

super bowl beach wedding

super bowl beach wedding

super bowl beach wedding


Wedding Favors: Go into overtime with these football-themed wedding favors! Click images for more info!


super bowl beach wedding


super bowl beach wedding

super bowl beach wedding



So, do all these Super Bowl Beach Wedding ideas have you rushing to the end zone? Click here to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today. 

Beach Wedding Decorations

beach wedding canopy with beach wedding decorBeach weddings are affordable, fun, and relaxing. You get glistening blue waves and a white sandy shoreline as the back drop for your wedding ceremony compliments of mother nature. But what can you do to make your beach wedding extra special? How do you add your personal touch? Your Florida Beach Weddings has over ten year experience perfecting the classic beach wedding look. And we love discovering new ocean-inspired beach wedding decorations. Elopements, vow renewals, wedding parties both large and small, we have the beach wedding set up for you. Check out the variety of beach decor and set up offered. But let’s take this a step further and add another layer or creativity, uniqueness, and fun.  

 Personalize Your Beach Wedding with Beach Wedding Decorations 

  1. Before the Wedding: If you have guests traveling from out of town or this is a destination wedding, nothing says “Welcome to my Beach Wedding” better than a beach-themed welcome bag. Set the tone for your paradise wedding weekend and make your guests feel extra special. You can get lots of great ideas here
  2. Ceremony Site: Your Florida Beach Wedding Company will take care of everything you need to execute an effortless, stress free, and affordable beach wedding. However, if you are a creative mind or love a good D.I.Y. project, here are some beach wedding decorations you may want to try:
    • Beach Wedding Fans- Keep your guests cool and get creative. You could print bridal party names, provide location/directions for reception, or add a fun engagement photo!
    • Beach Bubbles– A fun way to celebrate without worrying about beach clean up. Makes for great entertainment for kids too!
    • Sunglasses– A fun and practical way to give your guests what they’ll need. 
    • Beach sign: These adorable signs are perfect for beach weddings. In addition, it makes a great piece to bring home. Display it in your yard or remove the post and hang it on your wall!
  3. Wedding Party: Think outside the box. You can replace traditional wedding bouquets with some pretty tropically amazing ideas. Like these pineapple  or starfish bouquets. And these starfish and pearl sets are the perfect combination of beach and elegance. 


Whatever your style, whatever your budget, you can buy, make or borrow these beach wedding decorations ideas to make your beach wedding day uniquely yours.