Reasons to Elope to Daytona Beach in 2021

It’s called “world famous.” But why? People have been attracted to Daytona Beach for decades. But just what is it that keeps people coming back for more? This “top 5” list will guide you to some of the top rated reasons couples chose this area for beach weddings and entertainment.

Couple embraces in the sea after wedding on Daytona Beach.

1. The Beach

It’s true Florida has an abundance of beaches…and they are all different and beautiful. But we aren’t alone in our thinking that Daytona Beach is pretty awesome! So whether you are ready to dive in and swim in the warm, clear ocean or simply stroll along the beachfront, the salty air is calling your name! Many people don’t know there are a variety of unique beach venues along the Daytona Beach coastline: Ormond Beach with its cinnamon sand, Daytona Beach which is perfect for driving and biking on, Daytona Beach Shores which is a little quieter but with many hotel options for your reception, Wilbur-By-The-Sea (no driving on this beach), and serene Ponce Inlet. These are all our top ceremony sites: and these beaches are perfect for family activities if you bring children along. Something magical happens when you visit the Atlantic ocean, so get ready!

Bridal family jumping on sand in Daytona Beach

2. Sunrise and Golden Hour

While you can experience some form of the sunrise from just about anywhere on earth, there is something about a Daytona Beach sunrise that will still your soul and wow your senses. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this point. Getting married during the sunset hour on the Atlantic coast can be just as magical as the west coast. The pink, peach and golden tones stretch across the sky from the west to provide an unforgettable backdrop for your beach wedding photographs.

Sunrise on Daytona Beach, FL

Couple sits in the surf in Atlantic after beach wedding in Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet Beach Sunset

3. Riding on the Beach

Beach cruisers, scooter and  bicycles are one totally enjoyable way to experience Daytona Beach. But the cruising isn’t just for the bicycles. Daytona Beach is amongst the few beaches that allows cars to drive on the sand. So roll down the windows, play some tunes and take it all in! Beach carts, electric bikes, or scooters are all fun ways to get around on Daytona Beach. With 23 miles of firm, sandy beaches, Daytona Beach provides plenty of room to ride bikes right on the beachfront. You can take the family for a fun ride any time of day, providing the tide is out. Biking on the beach is the perfect way to spend time together before or after your beach wedding. The couple pictured below rides their bikes during their stay at the Nautilus Inn near the Daytona Beach Pier.

Couple rides bikes on Daytona Beach

4. Surf and Sea

The east coast of Florida is known for it’s slightly bigger, more powerful waves in comparison to the west coast. So what does this mean for travelers? Surf’s up, dudes! Get your adrenaline flowing with a unique Daytona Beach surf lesson or grab a body board and hit the waves. And if the water is calm, stand up paddle boarding will have you feeling on top of the ocean world! Or just try jumping the waves with the kids! When the tide is out, the beaches will be left with delightful pockets of clear, warm saltwater which is perfect for little ones to wade and play in. If you want to see the sandy shoreline and ocean waves from another perspective, a fishing charter is a fun way to take to sea. If you’re lucky, you may even bring back fish dinner. Doesn’t get an fresher than that!

Two surfers in Atlantic on Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet Beach Tide Out on cloudy day

5. Cheaper Weddings

It doesn’t matter what size wedding ceremony you are planning, and if you are eloping to Florida, you can’t beat the wedding package prices on the Atlantic coast. The smallest elopement ceremony for just the two of you, Daytona Heart in the Sand, costs only $599 if you get married Monday-Thursday! For many of our eloping couples, Wilbur-By-The-Sea is one of our most popular small wedding venues because of the white sand and there’s no driving on the beach. Slightly larger elopements, for the couple getting married, and up to four guests can choose the Simply Florida Package which is all-inclusive with a natural bamboo wedding arch and starts at $699 on weekdays.

Daytona Beach Couple married heart in sand made of flowers

For large weddings, Daytona Beach is still the cheapest option. The Classic Distinctive Design below is neutral and breathtaking with all the bells and whistles below costs $1750 and that is for 32 guests!

White draped bamboo wedding arch on Daytona Beach with white guest chairs

Or choose our extremely popular Rustic Romance package for $1650 which again includes everything you need to have a successful and complete wedding day on the beach. This photo was taken on Daytona Beach Shores.

Romantic Bohemian Beach wedding decor in Daytona by the ocean

Wedding couple kisses in the surf of the Atlantic in Daytona Beach

Are you ready to come explore the Atlantic coast? Click HERE to book your Daytona Beach wedding date today!

Why Eloping to Siesta Key is a Great Idea

Siesta Key couple embraces on beach after wedding under floral arch

If your dream is to elope to Florida, why not choose Siesta Key on the Gulf coast of Florida?  Eloping to Siesta Key is very easy, and very affordable when you use an all-inclusive elopement package that allows you to say your vows on this Sarasota beach. With our Simply Package, everything you need is included in our beach elopement packages. Our bamboo canopy with white and ivory flowing material will add an elegance to your Florida elopement package. We include the ceremony officiant who will legally marry the two of you. We add the sand ceremony into the beach wedding, which represents the joining of the two of you. And, you have the option of upgrading to one of our two more dramatic, custom bamboo canopies: our lush Tropical Decor, or our unique, Natural Decor.

Siesta Key Wedding during the sunset are the ideal time to pose with your groom during your Florida beach wedding.

What is an Elopement?

According to Merriam-Webster: elope has historically meant “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent.” But it has also means “to escape.” The word has meant “run away with a romantic interest” since the beginning of the 17th century, but at first it was specifically applied to a woman who left her husband to run away with her lover. So, the earliest sense of elope was “escape” or “flee,” and one might argue that this is somehow connected to the way people are now using it: for a “small destination wedding,” “wedding that is not financially insane,” or “wedding that allows us to not invite all the people we would rather not invite.”

At Florida Beach Weddings, our elopement packages are ideal for a small, but important, beach wedding ceremonies (or vow renewals) for the bride and groom, and up to four guests. There is no bridal party.

Sunset Gulf Beach Weddings and elopements

Why Elope?

So you’ve seen how the dictionary defines an elopements and, indeed, some of those reasons might apply to you and your partner. Here are some more reasons:

  • With the ever increasing cost of a traditional wedding topping $20,000+, why not elope? Eloping to Siesta Key is a stress free, beautiful way to get married for very little money — after all, what is a wedding ceremony about, but the couple declaring their love, and commitment to each other, and promising to love, and cherish each other for the rest of their lives?  
  • Why not save the money from a traditional ceremony, and use savings for any of the many things you may want to add to your new life together?  A down payment for your dream home, or a new car?  With all of our complete beach wedding packages, but especially our Simply Elopement package, you will be able to have a beautiful ceremony on the beach without breaking the bank! Photographs are included.
  • With the current environment of uncertainty, “getting away from it all” is more appealing than ever. Florida beaches are a great way to tie the knot outside in a safe, sweet, simple ceremony.
  • Eloping to Siesta Key Beach cannot be easier when you choose us to host your destination wedding. You have the option of obtaining your Florida marriage license by mail or online, so you won’t even have to visit the local courthouse.  And, yes, a Florida marriage license is definitely required to get married in Florida!

Beach wedding couple in Siesta Key by Gulf

Our Tropical Decor Upgrade can make you feel like you are in the tropics, instead of eloping to Siesta Key! The tropical topper, and conch shells in front of large, natural bamboo poles of the canopy, truly make this a tropical getaway, but no passport is needed!

Tropical Florida Beach elopement with African American couple under bamboo wedding arch

Why Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key beach is a short drive from Sarasota and offers museums, golf courses, wildlife, incredible shopping, and a variety of restaurants. The sunsets and natural light paired with the beautiful backdrop of Siesta Key beach guarantees that your wedding photos will turn out better than you could ever have dreamed of. Years down the road, you will be glad you chose Siesta Key beach as your wedding venue. Picture saying “I do” on a breathtaking white sand beach with your toes in the sand and your loved one beside you. 

Spend a day enjoying the sun and sea at Siesta Key Watersports parasailing or jet skiing. For even more adventures, you can rent bikes, paddle boards, and more from the Adventure Tiki Hut at Tropical Breeze Resort.  Stay for a few days or longer on your honeymoon; Florida is the perfect getaway.

A bride holds her groom after our Siesta Key Beach Weddings.

One of our most exciting additions to our Simply Package: Your first dance on the beach as a newly married couple!  After your intimate wedding ceremony, we invite you to have your first dance under the bamboo canopy.  Of course, you can choose this very personal song, and it will be played on our professional amplifier. When eloping to Siesta Key Beach, why not add on this option that will complete your beautiful beach wedding ceremony?

It is actually included in our Simply Deluxe Elopement package. It includes everything that our Florida Simply Package includes, as well as up to 6 chairs for your guests and your choice of traditional or steel drum music for the bride to walk down the aisle. Even though our Simply Deluxe Beach Wedding Package has the option for the bride to be escorted down the aisle, there is no bridal party: it is still an elopement.

Of course, you can add a few, very important guests, four at the most. Also, if you have children you would like to include to represent their importance to your newly combined family, you can add them to your sand ceremony. They can add their own colored sand, to your sands, and share in this small wedding celebration.

If you have decided eloping to Siesta Key is right for you, contact us today to make this Florida destination beach wedding a reality!

How to Elope in Florida

Intimate ceremony, relaxed atmosphere, second marriage, small family, non traditionalist. The list of reasons for an elopement ceremony goes on and on. But the bottom line is you’re getting married! And a beach elopement on is a perfectly special way to begin your new married life together!

The 3 “R’s” for a Perfect Beach Elopement

Tropical Florida Beach Weddings couple under bamboo arch

Tropical Simply Florida Beach Elopement

  • Relax. A huge selling point of any elopement is less stress. So an all-inclusive beach wedding is like an afternoon nap on a hammock with the sound of the waves and the breeze blowing on a Sunday afternoon. Is that appealing to your senses? Now just imagine you could actually be doing that on your wedding day, before your wedding! By that, I mean, if you book a beach elopement with Florida Beach Weddings, all you need to do is show up with your marriage license. Does it get any simpler? 
  • Rollover. No, I’m not talking dog tricks here. Bankers, you know what I’m talking about. And non bankers: a rollover is when you perform a transfer of finances. What does that mean for a beach elopement? It means you ARE SAVING MONEY. Big time. So take the money you’d be spending on an otherwise elaborate and expensive wedding and roll it over to another useful fund. Affordability is the name of the game with a beach elopement (and Daytona Beach Wedding package prices are up front with no hidden fees). You can often save upwards of 50% by using Daytona Beach for your wedding ceremony! Permits are less and a lot of our beach wedding locations don’t have parking fees. Hotels are often cheaper than with Gulf beach wedding ceremonies.
  • Romance. Without the stress of planning, hustling, and to-do listing, you can truly savor the moments of your wedding day. AND with our complete Beach Elopement packages, a professional photographer is included in your already affordable package price to capture your love on the beach. You get to live in the moment and remember it forever!
Couple elopes under bamboo arch on Daytona Beach, FL

Florida Natural Elopement Package on Daytona Beach, FL

Call (386) 214-6361 east coast of Florida or (727) 249-2708 Gulf coast

Is it an Elopement or Destination Wedding?

What is an Elopement?

Tropical Florida Beach Weddings and elopements

Long ago, ‘to elope’ was ‘to run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent’. These days, there are many reasons behind why a couple might decide to ‘elope’. Most of the time it comes down to just wanting a wedding for two with a short, intimate ceremony. Here are a few of the most common reasons people choose to elope or opt for an intimate wedding:

  • A big event either doesn’t seem authentic or causes extra stress.
  • An elopement focuses more on the couple and less on the event. The focus of the wedding day is really just about the couple and the vows they want to include. 
  • Eloping saves money. The couple can choose to spend money on a destination and vacation honeymoon, rather than a big wedding. They can choose to get married at amazing locations like Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Miami Beach or historic St. Augustine, Florida.
  • Some people aren’t that close with their families. However a lot of couples choose to elope with limited friends and family. Florida Beach Weddings packages allow you to have up to six guests (but not a wedding party).
  • A second marriage. Eloping allows more possibilities and flexibility. When couples head off to get married with an intimate group or just the two of them and their officiant, they have a lot more options for where they can get married and what they can do. 
  • Eloping places more value on the experience than on ‘things”. Rather than spending money on table settings, fancy food, a bar, or DJ, eloping places the main value on the ceremony vows and marriage experience. 
  • More funds for the honeymoon. Whether that’s putting money towards traveling, or saving some of that cash for an epic honeymoon, eloping is budget friendly. Consider the thousands of dollars saved on a beautiful beach elopement versus the expense of a full blown wedding.

Destin Beach Elopements in Florida on the gulf Coast beaches.

Many elopements nowadays aren’t last minute at a local courthouse or decided on within a week. You can plan it that way, but you can also sit down as a couple and find a beautiful all inclusive package to elope in Florida on the beach – all from the comfort of your living room! Check out some complete elopement packages here.

Does it have to just be me and my significant other?

Some people do choose to elope with just the two of them but many couples like to bring along a few close friends or family members to celebrate their special day. However Elopement does NOT mean 30 people or surprise guests on the beach – that’s a destination wedding! Read more below if you and your fiancee want a larger, decorated ceremony with more guests.

Jacksonville Beach Elopements all inclusive

What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is a larger, more decorated wedding ceremony with guests (up to 100). It is considered a micro wedding if you have 20 guests or less, in a relaxed setting with a shorter ceremony. Either size will work for a Florida destination wedding! If a couple wants to they can have a larger party or reception at another venue like a restaurant afterward.

The secret to a successful destination wedding is NOT to do it yourself: just because you may not be having a big wedding doesn’t mean that the stress of planning disappears. Make it easy on yourself and your fiancee by hiring an experienced beach wedding company to plan and execute your precious wedding day. A professional wedding specialist will help with choosing wedding decorations, colors, music, vows, travel tips, accommodations, florist and more:

At one of our Destination beach wedding packages in Florida the couple says "I Do".

Options to Add Wedding Ceremony Songs: Don’t forget your playlist including the song you fell in love with for your first dance as a married couple.

Unity Ceremony: Like any other wedding, a beach wedding has meaning when a unity sand ceremony is included. True to it’s name, the wedding couple adds sand together to a keepsake sand vase, with the sand color of your choice. Seashell blessing is optional too.

Photographer: Chances are you won’t want to ask guests to take iPhone photos so don’t forget to add photography time to any wedding package. It’s affordable and having a professional beach wedding photographer at your wedding will ensure you have captured memories for years to come.

South Beach Weddings in Miami, Florida are the tropical and lively bride.

On-Trend, Beautiful Wedding Decorations: Your wedding on a budget won’t be busted! All the beach wedding items can be included that you would expect in a Florida wedding: bamboo, flower, shells, driftwood, anchors, lanterns. It’s up to you which complete package you choose.

Rustic Geometric arch on the beach

Rustic Geometric Arch

Affordable Wedding Locations: Popular beach wedding destinations include Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Miami Beach or historic St. Augustine, Florida and more. We offer beach wedding ceremonies on both the east coast of Florida and Gulf beaches on the west coast.

Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings with a sunset feel and views of the lighthouse.

Bride and groom sunset wedding Ponce Inlet Beach

A beach wedding in Florida is truly the best, most affordable destination wedding location you can choose for either an elopement or complete destination wedding. Other destinations can’t compare to the ease of getting married in the US at a ceremony in the sun and sea. Contact our beach wedding specialist today to plan your 2020 wedding today.