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Florida Weddings on the Beach

Florida weddings on the beach are the ideal location for any Florida wedding. Florida has a wide variety of beach options for your ceremony, whether you are looking for sunsets over the Gulf or the white waves of the Atlantic Ocean, our beach wedding packages can be done. Our Florida weddings on the beach include everything you need for your beach wedding to be a success. We include setup, breakdown, ceremony photography, officiant, and your own client portal to easily make your selections and payments. 

Beach Chic Nautical Knot Package

  • Officiant: who will perform, and coordinate, your Florida beach wedding ceremony
  • Your choice of personalized ceremony and vows provided on our selections pages
  • Our select beach locations in Florida
  • Consultations by phone and email
  • Detailed wedding day timeline provided
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Decorated sand ceremony table, keepsake vase and sand color choices
  • Recorded music: your choice of traditional or steel drum wedding music that will be played on our PA system
  • Photographer at ceremony site with 40 photos, which will include the ceremony and a few poses of the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony, presented to you free via online download link: Available for upgrade, see additional information at bottom of this page
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license
  • Three ivory poles (one on each side and one going across) draped in ivory, blush and lace ribbon
  • Aisle way of ivory buckets with baby’s breath floral arrangements 
  • Up to 14 chairs at ceremony site 
  • Choice of sand colors for your Unity Sand Ceremony

Contact us about our Nautical Knot Package

Total Participants


(Includes Bride & Groom)

Package Cost

Select Location Above

*Does not include any permit or parking fees that may be required

non-refundable deposit


This non-refundable deposit  is required to reserve your date. This deposit will be subtracted from the package price.

Any permit fees that may be required, will be due at time of reservation deposit.

Available Additions ($):

-Additional Photography Time

-Water on ice for your guests

-custom ceremony playlist


-Additional chairs

-$100 discount if you have your own photographer

Ceremony Photography Options

All of our packages include standard photography of your beach wedding ceremony: From the start of the ceremony, during the ceremony, and we finish with a few standard poses of the bride and groom.  Check out our photography options to make the most of your wedding day experience.

How will you receive your ceremony photos?

No matter which option you choose for photography (standard, included with your package, upgrade, or Forever In Love Photos), your photos will be available by free download.  You will receive a link to download your photos free to your computer or copy them to your own CD.  You will not have to purchase any prints from us.  A photo CD is available upon request for only $25.00 (shipping and handling fees).

Option #1

Add additional photography time after the ceremony with our staff photographer. This will include all of your ceremony photos, plus a group photo of all guests, immediate family photos with the bride and groom, bridal party photos, then ultimately many more poses of the bride and groom.   You can add this extra photography time for only $200.00 (or the Simply Elopement package, add $100.00).  If you are having over 50 guests, this additional photography time:  $250.00.   Once your photos are ready, you will receive a free downloadable link sent to you email.  Your photos will be then be able to be saved to your any device.  You will not have to purchase any prints from us, which is a great money saver after your beach wedding ceremony . A photo CD is available upon request for only $25.00 (shipping and handling fees).  Please note, most of our photos shown on our photo gallery Facebook pages, etc…  are from the purchased additional ceremony photography time.

Option #2

Are you looking for a more journalistic approach to your ceremony photography? More poses, for example “trashing the dress’ or a large outlined heart in the sand? Hire our exclusive wedding photography company: Forever in Love Photos. If you hire her for your ceremony photography, she will replace our staff photographer. She will take all of your ceremony photos, as well as all the after ceremony photos at the beach. If you hire Forever in Love Photography for your beach wedding ceremony, she will take the place of our staff photographer. And, you will receive a $100.00 credit on your package when you use her photography services (this credit cannot be combined with any other discounts, and this credit is not available for the Simply Package). Once your photos are ready, you will be able to download them for free (no purchasing prints from us!). A photo CD is available upon request for only $25.00 (shipping and handling fees). You will need to contact them directly, to check their pricing, and availability.

If you will be hiring your own photographer

Your independently hired photographer will take the place of our ceremony photographer. You can deduct $100.00 from our package price when hiring your own photographer (not available for the Simply Package). Once the ceremony is over, your photographer will take all the guests to the water to complete your after ceremony photography. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Florida Weddings- Why are they so great?

Do you wish to escape to paradise and leave all the stress and expense of a traditional wedding at home behind you? Florida weddings on the beach allow you to escape to paradise without the headaches of leaving the country. No passport? No problem! You won’t have to worry about the laws of the foreign country, the language barrier, or even having to file your marriage license again in your country when you get back. Florida weddings are legal in all 50 states! If you truly want to escape to paradise and leave the stress behind, then you should really consider any of our Florida weddings. 

Florida weddings on the Gulf Coast include white sand and beautiful sunsets. With laid back cities, and the option to debark on a cruise out of Tampa after your beach wedding ceremony, you can have a beach wedding and honeymoon in one! 

Florida weddings on the East Coast include beautiful walkways, blue ocean water with white cap waves and dunes that are a perfect back drop for your beach wedding photos. 

Our Beach Chic Nautical Knot beach wedding package is a beautiful choice for any location in Florida. With neutral colors you can add your own twist by changing the chair sash band to match your bridesmaids or your bouquet. We can’t to see what color options you make with our Florida Weddings.