Drift Away Distinctive Design Package

Our new and exclusive Driftwood Beach Wedding Packages! 

Driftwood wedding arch on the beach

Drift Away Distinctive Design


  • Wedding Officiant who will perform, and coordinate, your Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony
  • Your choice of personalized ceremony and vows provided by “Florida Beach Weddings”
  • Beachfront location in the city of your choice, with reasonable beach access — for private rental locations, you will need to obtain property management permission and prior approval from us
  • Option to add our photographer for your wedding. See details on photography time below. 

Drift Away Distinctive Design Decor: 

  • 3 post driftwood bamboo canopy with your choice of asymmetrical flower arrangements (shown above) or your choice of natural white flowers on the bottom of the canopy
  • Large golden lanterns at the base of the driftwood canopy
  • up to 32 white deluxe chairs with option to add colored spandex chair bands
  • Burlap sashes and baby’s breathe  on the aisle-way chairs
  • Driftwood arrangements with lanterns, netting and greenery accents at the beginning of the aisle-way
  • Recorded music will be played on our PA system. Over 25 guests: A microphone will be provided for the officiant
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Sand ceremony table, a large keepsake sand vase, and sand color choices
  • Seashell blessing (optional)
  • Large decorated “chalkboard” sign announcing the new couple!
  • Chilled water for your guests

The Final Details: 

  • Consultations by phone and email
  • Final beach wedding ceremony agenda will be provided
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license
  • Our exclusive beach wedding bridal guide and free gift mailed to the couple
  • Access to your client portal. This will make it easy for you to plan your destination Florida wedding on the beach with us. You will be able to easily select your decor, ceremony choices, add your optional additions, etc..



Photos of our Drift Away Distinctive Design Package



Package Cost

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Total Participants


For groups over 50, contact us for possible additional charges.

Non-Refundable Deposit



This non-refundable deposit  is required to reserve your date. This deposit will be subtracted from the package price. Any permit fees that may be required, will be due at time of reservation deposit.

Available Optional Additions ($):

-Add Photography Time

-Additional Chairs

-First Dance Under the Bamboo Canopy

-Custom Ceremony Playlist

-A Non-Alcoholic Toast with Keepsake Toasting Glasses


Contact us about our Distinctive Design Packages

Adding Ceremony Photography Time

This is one of the most important moments of your life. Be sure you have the photos to show off your beautiful beach wedding ceremony for years to come. 

What is included in the our ceremony photography time?

  • Up to one hour at the ceremony site
  • We cover all the important details of your ceremony. You walking down the aisle, the rings, the sand ceremony, the decor, the kiss and so much more during your ceremony
  • Photos with your immediate family members at the ceremony site (grandparents, parents, siblings..)
  • Photos with your bridal party down by the water
  • Photos of you and your significant other down by the water

Why choose our photography time? 

  • Our photographers have been working alongside us for over 10 years and know how our ceremonies are run, are experts in assisting with lining up and coordinating when you should walk down, know when all the important details will happen and most importantly they specialize in beach weddings. 
  • You get to use your beautiful beach wedding canopy as the backdrop for your immediate family photos
  • You will receive all the photos taken via digital download link for FREE!
  • We are affordable, yet professional. We provide beautifully edited photos and help coordinate your wedding day at a price you can’t beat! While we are affordable, we are professional. With professional equipment, knowledge in posing and lighting, you can rest assured as we photograph your beach wedding

Adding this photography time is only $325! You will receive all the photos to download from a link sent right to your email! There is also the option to add a photo CD if this is your preferred method. If you will be adding ceremony photography, you will need to do so within a week of your reservation, so that we reserve the photographer’s time (payment for our ceremony photography is not due until 30 days before the ceremony date).

Customize your Drift Away Beach Wedding Package 

This package is the best way to take the natural scenery of the beachfront and turn it into an unforgettable destination beach wedding. It is all-inclusive and comes complete with wedding officiant, set-up crew, chilled water station, sand ceremony vase and so much more. If you are looking to escape the usual bamboo canopy – escape to beach elegance with our driftwood beach wedding packages! 

Our Driftwood beach wedding packages have two style designs. You can choose the asymmetrical greenery arrangements on the driftwood canopy, or you can have white flower accents halfway up the bottom of the driftwood canopy. If you are looking for more drama, we can also drape a piece of white or ivory material across the top half of the driftwood arch. Contact us to start planning in style.