Should I choose an à La Carte wedding?

After a couple gets engaged, it’s exciting to begin planning your wedding. It may be tempting to pick and choose every detail; after all you both want to make a statement as you begin your new life together. However, wedding planning involves a lot of details, big and small, which can slowly take over your life and cause you stress as your big day approaches. You really do have to think of and find everything: from table cloth to chairs to glass rentals – and watch out for additional budget busters like caterers, cleaners, florists, etc. In the end the budget savvy bride and groom can be seeing red! Choosing a complete wedding package, especially if you are having a destination wedding, may not, at first, seem like a choice to get you everything you want…but you may be surprised!

Florida Beach Wedding Package with tropical decor, chairs set up on beach.

Tropical Distinctive Design Package

You can customize many of the details AND decor to match your personality:

As illustrated above by our Tropical Distinctive Design Package, Florida Beach Weddings packages come in many colors, themes and designs. You can find one with shells, flowers, different colors of bamboo, palms, geometric shapes, driftwood, anchors, chalkboards, chilled water station and more! Chair choices with color spandex chair bands. You will have a choice of personalized ceremony and vows provided by “Florida Beach Weddings”, and music.

Of course the most important part is the amazing wedding arbor: the wedding arch where you will say your vows in the sun and the sea. This can be geometric, light or dark, bamboo with large coordinating decor at the beginning of the aisle-way. Four post, two post – you get to choose. Check out our Beach Bliss Distinctive Design below.

Bliss beach wedding arch in blue

Beach Bliss Distinctive Design Package

You get to choose your preferred Florida beach location:

Florida has some of the most famous beach wedding venues in US. We perform weddings on both the Florida east coast and Gulf beaches.  Beautiful locations in Florida to tie the knot are our specialty and we know the “personality” of each beach to help you decide. We personally perform each romantic beach wedding ceremony and guide you from start to finish regarding all beach wedding venue details: best beach, reasonable accommodations, wedding reception venues, guest activities in the area and more.

Hotel in Clearwater

You save time: a lot of it with a dedicated beach wedding specialist to help you:

Apart from choosing among our offerings and being available to answer questions, our beach wedding company will take care of everything for you: permits, setting up your decor, sand ceremony, music, filing your Florida marriage license and more. For the busy bride that may leave some things until the last minute an all inclusive wedding package can be planned relatively quickly from the comfort of your home. You can also add our professional photography time for a very low fee ($325). However, don’t procrastinate on choosing and confirming your date; destination weddings in Florida are very popular and dates fill up fast

At a Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony The bride and groom finish their sand ceremony.

Wedding couple performing sand ceremony on Florida Beach

You get a lot for your money – Florida Beach Weddings are affordable:

We present the newly married couple at this beautiful Teal Distinctive Package at a Florida Wedding on the beach.

Teal Distinctive Design

Our all inclusive wedding packages give you a lot of on-trend, beautiful decor at an amazing price. None of your guests will think you chose a cheap Florida wedding package even though our complete ceremony packages, at the top end, average $2,500. Our Distinctive Designs are very unique and have many details you can customize. Professional, experienced beach photographers can be added for only $325.

Don’t be fooled by the internet claims that beach wedding packages are not unique. There are elements that every wedding has in common but there is one that can never be duplicated: the beach! The natural beauty of Florida beaches, weather and the seaside changes every day. Gulf beach weddings have a different sunset every evening and the waves on east coast beaches such as Daytona Beach, St. Augustine Beach and Cocoa Beach are never the same. Take a look at some of our real wedding photos and you will see that every couple had a unique wedding day experience they can call their own…and remember forever.

Read our affordable beach weddings Florida reviews here. Then contact our dedicated wedding specialist by clicking here.

Best Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages

Clearwater Beach Weddings for the sunset and beautiful views.

Think of a Clearwater beach wedding package like choosing a new home. You could spend months, even years, finding land, hiring builders, contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians. The list goes on. Consequently, you’re left waiting on workers. You’re spending more money than originally anticipated. You’re pouring blood, sweat and tears into building. Or, you could choose a move-in ready model home. Buy the house and simply add all of your own personal touches. Liking the sounds of a move-in ready model home? Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages are your move in ready beach weddings. We’ve done all of the hard work, hours of phone calls, emails, and researching for you. Therefore, you get the fun part-color selection, unique decor choices, and a ceremony that suites you and your future spouse perfectly!

Read more about why choosing a Clearwater Beach wedding package is preferred:

  1. Location, location location: Florida Beach Weddings has been in business for over 12 years so we know parking and permits in Clearwater and the Gulf beaches. We’ve found the sunset views. We’ve set up Gulf beach weddings for groups large and small. We KNOW beach weddings. Hiring inexperienced planners is a recipe for last minute disaster. Read more about our beach wedding company here.
  2. Personalize: Although the packages are clearly defined, you still have the opportunity to make your wedding unique. You choose the canopy and chair color, walkway decor, canopy topper, sand ceremony, and vow selection. Try surfing social media and you’ll be floundering among thousands of choices and “seemingly simple” DIY projects. So that $10 cheap wedding project turns into a disaster, time killer, and then you’re back to where you started. Furthermore, our skilled wedding specialists have perfected the beach look (see our Distinctive Designs) and have the perfect amount of variety for you to choose from without being overwhelmed.
  3. Cha-Ching: Clearwater Beach Weddings prices are affordable and up front. It’s a one stop shop with no unforeseen costs: you can see all your planning in your private client portal. Consequently, our packages are designed to cut out travel, set up, and rental fees saving you money. 
  4. Time: Here’s a list of all the people you WON’T have to contact: officiant, photographer, set up crew, linen rental company, county beach permit department, chair rental company. Pretty easy right? As a result, spend your extra time and money booking a honeymoon. Or go on a date to talk about the excitement of your upcoming stress free and affordable Gulf beach wedding!

Click Here to check out our Clearwater Beach Wedding Packages now and start planning with a reliable and experienced beach wedding company.

Clearwater beach wedding couple sitting on the beach kissing



Money Saving Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding

Gearing up for your destination wedding? Trying to stick to your budget? Follow these money saving travel tips for a stress free, budget-friendly trip!

Money Saving Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding:

beach wedding expenses

1. By land, air, or sea: Choosing your mode of transportation is a good starting point. And depending on your starting and ending point, your most affordable option can vary.

  • Land: Calculate gas/mileage for a Florida road trip and travel time to your beach wedding location
  • Air: Check travel sites like Orbitz or Travelocity to see flight costs. Don’t forget to consider additional fees like baggage (your wedding dress), seat selection, cost to park at the airport. Sometimes choosing a slightly higher “upfront” ticket can be cheaper in the long run by including free bags or seat assignment. Also check out Trip Advisor’s handy tool for choosing which airport is the right fit for your destination wedding and some Florida Flight Stats.  
  • Sea: Surprise! Sometimes this can actually be a very practical way to travel if you’re near a port city. With Florida hosting cruise ships up and down both coasts, there are various options here. Check out this list of American cruise ports and see if this may be an option for you. This is also a great idea for an elopement as it serves as a stress free honeymoon/vacation built in to your wedding celebration! Check out our post on Cruise vs. Beach Weddings here!   

2. Time of Year:  Spring break is a hot season for travelers to Florida and hotel prices often reflect those demands. You can often get late August/September discounts as long as you can handle the heat. Otherwise, Fall is a great time to plan a Florida beach wedding. Less heat, less travelers, and traditionally cheaper rates. Also, avoid price hikes during holiday weekends. If you are a northerner looking to take a break from the brutal winter, Florida’s mild winter weather may be the perfect reason to ditch the snow shovel and get some Florida sunshine on the east coast or Gulf beach.

3. Weekday Wedding: Although this is often a burden for wedding guests due to work conflicts, consider a weekday wedding in Daytona Beach for an elopement or vow renewal. Save a few bucks, have a less busy beach, and turn off the alarm for a few days! 

Daytona Beach Weddings for an intimate Daytona Beach Elopement ceremony.

So now that you have an idea of money saving travel tips for your destination wedding, are you ready to book the beach wedding of your dreams? With our complete wedding packages you can have a cheap beach wedding that looks expensive!