Simple Beach Weddings In Blue

Now that the warm weather is returning brides are dreaming of making their wedding ideas a reality. If your big day is in the planning stage, now is the time to find your wedding style. If you want to be outside for your marriage ceremony, why not consider a simple beach wedding? If you are searching for a color palette for your beach wedding, then you have surely come across the pastel trend that is featured just about everywhere. And one of the most popular this year is the blue wedding!

Dusty Blue Distinctive Design Wedding Package

Our couples love the simple greenery and muted florals in this new Florida Beach Weddings package: the Dusty Blue Distinctive Design. This package is perfect for an all inclusive destination wedding because everything you need for a successful day is included. Just walk down the aisle and tie the knot. If you choose, our professional photographer can be added to capture all those special forever moments.

Blue Beach Wedding Attire

From wedding dresses to formal attire, the dress code at a beach wedding is what you want it to be! Our brides have been married in full length ball gowns, bohemian wedding dresses, short wedding dresses and even black dresses! Some choose to have a veil, some just go with flowers. It’s all beautiful on your special day. See more wedding dresses here, and take a look at the groom’s attire while you’re at it.

Beach Elopement Packages and vow renewals can be performed with any of our packages, although most of these couples prefer a small ceremony. Again, blue is a very popular color choice. The “something blue” comes from the idea that blue represents love, purity and fidelity which are the elements of a happy marriage. Why not add blue to your wedding cake, if you are having a small dinner reception after your ceremony?

Blue chairbands on beach wedding package

Simple weddings are so popular, our beach wedding planners are booking them every day. In fact a surge of weddings is expected this year from couples who postponed their weddings due to the pandemic. Escape is on everyone’s mind and weddings on the beach fit the bill perfectly. Why not choose a small beach wedding package like this Nautical Knot package pictured below? Pick your blue tones, florals and accessories and you’re done!

Blue material and flowers on beach wedding arch

If you are looking for a great Florida wedding destination, our beach wedding company can marry you on either the west coast or east coast of Florida. So choose the beach wedding package you love, invite your wedding guests, put on your flip flops and we will see you there! Contact us now to reserve your wedding date.

Weddings On The Nation’s Best Beach: St. Pete Beach

Wedding fever has hit America and it seems there is nothing more popular right now than outdoor weddings. Brides from coast to coast are planning their special day and one of their top location choices is the Clearwater Beach area, which includes St. Pete Beach!

Groom picks up bride on Gulf beach at St. Pete

St. Pete Beach named the nation’s best beach, fifth-best globally

The 2021 Tripadvisor rankings put St. Petersburg Beach, or St. Pete, in the top citing it as “The most perfect place to watch the sun set over the ocean.” And that’s what many engaged couples are looking for: weddings on the beach including a dream location with stunning sand, sea and sunsets. St. Pete Beach delivers on all three!

The vibe in St. Pete beach is youthful and upbeat. Sunny days can be filled with toes in the sand fun, kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, horseback riding, gulf beach dining and musical entertainment. Your friends and family will be delighted to not only attend your St. Pete Beach wedding, but stay for a vacation at the same time!

Florida Island Beach Weddings on clearwater beach during the sunset hour.

Pass-A-Grille Beach

Very relaxed with local boutiques, having a Pass-A-Grille Beach wedding includes dolphins with your sunset! What could be better to delight all your destination wedding guests? What a local gem.

Pass-a-grille sunset beach weddings in Florida.

Fort De Soto Beach Wedding

This paradise covers five islands and 1,136 acres on the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, and offers activities and amenities to entertain your guests. For an intimate wedding, Fort De Soto offers a secluded feeling with wildlife and a serene, natural environment. What a special place for a St. Pete Beach ceremony.

Couple under wedding arch on Fort De Soto Beach

Wedding Package Options

Simple Florida beach wedding packages are a great way to go with a Gulf beach location. You can choose to elope and just because you are eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have the dream wedding experience! Pamper yourself so you look and feel your best and don’t worry about other details. Your elopement package in St. Pete includes everything!

Couple elopes at sunset on Clearwater Beach FL

If you are want a small St. Pete Beach wedding package that is more decorated than an elopement, we the Beach Beginnings wedding package includes our professional photography. It’s simplicity is what makes it so pretty and you and your beloved will shine as you say your vows with those you love to witness it.

Bamboo Beach wedding setup on Clearwater Beach

For a large wedding day, our highly designed weddings in Clearwater and St. Pete are the best choice. These have many upgrades and special touches for you and your guests to enjoy and our professional photography can be included for just $350. These inexpensive beach wedding packages cost far less than a wedding at home, and offer you and your guests so much. For example, the Tropical Distinctive Design is very pretty on a Gulf beach with colors that you can customize.

Tropical Distinctive wedding arch on Sand Key Beach, Clearwater, FL

Our all inclusive beach wedding packages in Clearwater Florida will never be disappointing when you choose the nation’s best beach: St. Pete! This is the perfect spot for an elopement, vow renewal, small wedding, second marriage, large formal wedding, and same sex marriage. Contact us today to reserve your date.

An Indian Rocks Beach Wedding near Clearwater

Indian Rocks Beach, just south of Clearwater, offers quaint waterfront areas that give this ceremony location a romantic feel. Indian Rocks Beach, with access points along Gulf Boulevard is popular for beach weddings. With sea oats and greenery to greet couples as they walk over little bridges, who wouldn’t want to get married on this silky sand by the emerald sea?

Couple kisses at Indian Rocks Beach Wedding

5 Simple Steps To Plan an Indian Rocks Beach Wedding

Choose Your Wedding Date

Elopements are often associated with short engagement periods, but not always. So maybe you just decided to get hitched and want to make an immediate wedding getaway. Great and you can choose an all inclusive small wedding package! Or maybe you’ve been planning an elaborate wedding for months but feel overwhelmed and ready to get back to the basics. You can still have a fully decorated ceremony even on a beach but it’s so much easier. Whatever your story, let’s get this show on the road so you can learn how to have a beach wedding in Florida!

Make Your Deposit

Once you’ve decided on your date, your deposit will reserve your selected beach wedding date. And this deposit goes towards your package price. Upon your deposit payment, you will receive the User ID and Password to our selections pages.  Here you can make all of your important beach wedding ceremony selections including your vows.  A confirmation packet will be sent to you where you can make all selections electronically. Our professional design experience allows for easy decisions regarding your beach wedding cost and you can keep it as neutral or colorful as you like!

Choose Exact Time and Ceremony Decor

Are you looking for a late morning wedding with a quiet, intimate ceremony before the Florida heat sets in? Or will your wedding bells be ringing in the afternoon/evening hours to take advantage of a Gulf coast sunset? Anyone who knows photography and Florida beachside weddings knows how important the light is. The “golden hour” (the hour or so after sunrise and before sunset) is the best part of the day to take wedding photos. It’s also highly recommended that you use a professional outdoor photographer so every moment is captured with the right lighting and poses.

Choosing an inexpensive beach wedding package is so easy even from the comfort of your living room. We show you, on our website and options pages, EXACTLY what you can expect with our decorations, chairs and accessories.

Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is such a timeless right of passage for brides. And just because you may be eloping or having a small beach wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t pick out an elaborate wedding dress. Or, maybe you love the idea of a casual wedding dress. Whatever your style, whatever your budget, choose a dress/groom attire that suits you and matches your personality.

summer florida beach wedding dress

Staying in Indian Rocks Beach

Staying in Indian Rocks Beach is a pleasure and we’ve even already taken care of hotel research. The Holiday Inn Harbourside and Pelicans Cove are highly rated. Public transportation system is available: Provided by PSTA, the Suncoast Beach Trolley & There are some really great restaurants in the area too, such as Crabby Bill’s which is recommended by many travelers to the area as having some of the best seafood around.

Crabby Bills Seafood Indian Rocks Beach, FL

That’s it – five simple steps to paradise and a stunning beachside ceremony. Seriously. Ready to run away and tie the knot? Click HERE to book your Indian Rocks Clearwater Beach wedding today!

Clearwater Beach sunset bride and groom kissing

Easy, Outdoor, Affordable Beach Weddings for 2021

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is starting to be distributed in the United States, we can begin to think about when weddings might get back to normal and have some hope. Even though brides and wedding planners are optimistic, it’s going to take some time to get the vaccine to all the recipients in high priority groups…and even longer for the general population. So what does that mean for a couple that wants to get married in 2021? For the Fall wedding season, key populations may already be vaccinated: so hopefully we will be past most of the COVID-19 outbreak by that time.

Bride and Groom in Covid Masks on Clearwater Beach

Eric and Trisha in COVID-19 wedding masks on Clearwater Beach

But what about the earlier months in 2021? Experts advise that couples should continue to follow the safety measures advised so far. That’s why you might want to consider a Florida beach for your wedding: it’s outside, it’s warm and you can easily social distance. Zoom and live feeds can be used on the beach for relatives and friends that cannot be present.  Many couples get married legally on the beach, but put off the big wedding reception until they get home. Some have a small, outdoor dinner party at a Florida restaurant. Others may wait to schedule the reception party to go along with their first wedding anniversary, just to be on the safe side.

The bonus with a Florida Beach Wedding is that it will surely cost less than a wedding at home. Brides can still have a decorated ceremony, full of all the beautiful decorations they desire, at a much lower cost than a traditional wedding. Plus, you will likely get better weather with a beach wedding, even if it is early in the new year. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing!

Bride and Groom say I do on a Florida Atlantic beach

Bride and Groom say I do on a Florida Atlantic beach with Tropical Decor

Having a large wedding reception is likely still out of the question in early 2021, so what can you offer your guests? Although masks and social distancing will still be necessary in some places, the bonus to hosting a destination ceremony in Florida is that you can entertain outside. You can definitely eat outdoors at a restaurant or a covered beach pavilion (like St. Augustine), and outdoor activities are everywhere in Florida. From mini-golfing to cycling to kayaking, there is a socially distant activity for everyone.

Anastasia Park Wedding Pavilion

Sea Turtle Pavilion at a St. Augustine Beach Wedding reception

“But is a destination wedding really that easy to plan?”, you might ask. You might think there is extra work involved. Well, really it’s quite simple if you have the right help. And by the end of this post, you’ll know everything that goes into planning a beach wedding in Florida. And from the comfort of your living room sofa, can plan your entire beach wedding that won’t break the bank! Here’s how:

1. Choose Your Wedding Date

Couple kisses at Daytona Beach Wedding

Couple kisses at Daytona Beach Shores Wedding

Bookings for summer 2021 are increasing as Coronavirus vaccine hope rises! So maybe you want to consider a Spring beach wedding or Fall. Whatever your choice, you want to be sure to get the right date for you and your beloved. Pent-up demand for travel makes it important for couples to book that important date as early as possible with the wedding provider of their choice.

2. Make Your Deposit

Couple kisses at Jacksonville Beach Wedding

Couple kisses at Jacksonville Beach wedding under lily bamboo wedding arch

Once you’ve decided your date, your deposit will reserve your selected beach location and date. And this deposit goes towards your package price once you decide on the right beach wedding package for your special day.

3. Choose Exact Time and Ceremony Decor

Are you looking for a late morning wedding with a quiet, intimate ceremony? Or will your wedding bells be ringing in the afternoon/evening hours with a sunset?

Upon your deposit payment, you will receive the User ID and Password to our selections pages.  Here you can make all of your important beach wedding ceremony selections.  A confirmation packet will be sent to you via email, where you can fill in all of your contact information, and selections electronically. Our professional design experience allows for easy decisions on your end and you can keep it as neutral or colorful as you like! Do you like white chairs or bamboo? Tropical flowers or lilies? Lots of green palms or starfish? You can even have black bamboo for your wedding arch if you like. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of themes and styles for almost any beach bride to love!

Bamboo chairs and tropical flowers on bamboo wedding arch on Daytona Beach

Aloha Destiny Package on Daytona Beach with bamboo chairs

Couple saying vows under lime and bamboo wedding arch on Siesta Key Beach, FL

Nautical Knot Wedding Ceremony Package on Siesta Key

4. Getting Here/Staying Here

Basically you just need to find a way to get to the beach, find something to wear, and come with marriage license in hand! Airline travel is expected to pick up in the second quarter of 2021 as the vaccine continues to roll out. With Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa and Sarasota International Airports all within 10 minutes to 70 minutes of the beach, your travel arrangements should be easy to make. Airlines are taking safety measures seriously in 2021.

Treasure Island Beach Weddings in Clearwater at the Thunderbird hotel

Thunderbird Beach Resort, Treasure Island near St. Pete, FL

We can see that Florida has many hotels to offer and the hygiene of guests is very important. Our Florida Beach Weddings company can help you with recommendations in your desired beach location. We can also help you with restaurants, florists, hair salon recommendations and more.

5. Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is such a timeless right of passage for brides. And just because you’re getting married on a beach doesn’t mean you can’t pick out an elaborate wedding dress. Or, maybe you love the idea of a casual wedding dress, short dress or bohemian style. Whatever your style, whatever your budget, choose a dress/groom attire that suits you and matches your personality.

Barefoot bride and groom kiss after St. Augustine beach wedding

St. Augustine Beach bride and groom

That’s it. Seriously. You just basically learned to plan your destination wedding in Florida. You don’t have to settle for a drive-through or middle of the street wedding ceremony. You don’t have to wait forever to get married. Run away and tie the knot the way YOU want! Click HERE to contact our beach wedding specialists today.

5 Ways to Have a Neutral Wedding

Do you want to tie the knot in an understated, elegant way? The beach backdrop in Florida is already the perfect environment, but many of today’s brides are looking for soft and neutral decor for their wedding day. For those brides, this is what dreams are made of: light and airy colors and pure romance. Hosting your dream wedding on a beach guarantees a venue full of lush beauty. Greenery, white and coral sand, and the sea that glimmers with emerald and silver waves. With the expert planning help of the Florida Beach Weddings team, a neutral color palette for your ceremony will make for a stunning wedding day everyone will remember!

Couple under wedding canopy exchanges sand during wedding in Siesta Key

This Nautical Knot beach wedding package below in Siesta Key reminds everyone of a spring wedding. The wonderful thing about Florida is that you can enjoy this feeling just about any time of year on the Gulf coast. Temperatures on this Sarasota beach are mild year round so pairing this beachfront location with a simple, neutral wedding arch will work in any season. This muted palette paired with a lily topper is one of the best wedding colors you can choose and adds a vintage touch. For simple Florida beach wedding packages, it is hard to beat our Nautical Knot since you can customize it to suit your taste and it won’t break your budget!

couple holds hands under wedding arch in Siesta Key

Let’s face it, even a cloudy day can’t take away from this stunning white draped Natural Distinctive Design wedding package on Daytona Beach below. The fabric gently flows in the Atlantic ocean breeze as it awaits the entrance of the bride and groom at low tide. This romantic and unfussy look is so natural it seems like it belongs on this beach! The branch and floral topper paired with luminous fabric, bamboo posts and white chairs is a wedding dream come true. 

Natural branch and floral topper on wedding arch Daytona Beach

The ultimate in understated beauty is our dreamily draped Classic Distinctive Design package. Peaceful and simple, it never goes out of wedding style. Breathtaking details such as pink and white floral arrangements on the sides of the bamboo pole arches and aisleway. This ceremony pictured below on St. Augustine Beach was filled with delighted guests as the couple completed their vows. A neutral color palette can be suitable for any size wedding. You do not have to choose loud or extra color to make a statement on a Florida beach!

Bride and Groom hugging under beach wedding arch in Florida

In Clearwater Beach, the couple below tied the knot with our Floral Distinctive Design wedding package. Although it is classic design with white draping, the asymmetrical flowers on the bamboo poles with greenery give it a modern touch. Additional neutral touches include “kissing balls” on shepherd hooks and white guest chairs with coordinating warm toned color bands. Our photographer captured the couple with the chalkboard sign announcing their special day!

Clearwater couple poses by chalkboard sign announcing marriage on beach

Finally, in Daytona Beach Shores, this couple chose our Beach Chic Nautical Knot wedding package with satiny, blush and neutral ribbons on a simple, pale bamboo wedding arch. The metal buckets lining the aisle are filled with baby’s breath flowers adding a touch of vintage whimsy to the entire look. These muted shades are so pretty for a small wedding by the sea. The blue Atlantic and sky highlight the beauty of this neutral wedding package that comes complete with setup, breakdown, and wedding officiant. They added our professional beach wedding photographer.

Bride and groom say vows holding hand on Wilbur Beach, Daytona FL

Destination weddings are so popular in Florida now that couples need to book early so they get the date and beach location they want. You can see by these complete wedding packages that neutral doesn’t have to be boring. You can customize your neutral color palette to fit your dreams. So contact us today and get inspired by the sun and sea for a perfect beach wedding.

How to Plan a Florida Gulf Beach Microwedding

If you want an intimate marriage celebration but don’t want to miss out on the excitement of choosing wedding decor, flowers, music and more, then you might want to plan a microwedding. You can still have your family and friends participate in every part of your special day, just on a smaller scale.

Bride walks with ring boys Fort Myers Beach

What is a microwedding?

It is NOT an elopement where usually it is just the couple tying the knot. A microwedding is a scaled-down version of a traditional wedding, except there will be less guests: usually under 50 and often much smaller. This type of ceremony gives you all the delight of planning and hosting a decorated wedding: with officiant, wedding arch, walking down the aisle, first dance and more. It is a custom styled, on trend wedding day on a smaller budget, and in a safer manner. If you choose a beach venue, you will be outdoors which is the best choice for weddings right now!

Bride and Groom married under bamboo wedding arch Siesta Key Beach

Plan Early

Destination weddings in the US continue to be very popular with outdoor ceremonies taking top place. Many beach wedding companies are booking into 2022 so securing your preferred wedding date is a top priority for engaged couples.  According to the 2020 Wedding Report by Wedding Wire, the top wedding dates were:

  • October 10
  • June 20
  • September 19
  • October 17
  • September 12

Now if you are planning a beach ceremony in Florida, you have your pick of dates most the year due to the warm weather. The average couple is engaged for 15 months but should start planning early. With a microwedding on the Gulf beaches of Florida, planning early is vital to getting the date and beach location you want.

Bride with veil kissing groom on Siesta Key Beach

The best part about a micro-wedding, or small wedding in Florida, is that you can get lots of help with planning. A reputable beach wedding company can assist you with picking out wedding decorations, vows, music and more. We know the tide times, sunset time, and the best beaches to meet your dream wedding needs. We can also make local recommendations for you to have a reception or intimate dinner with your guests. This saves you lots of time, headaches and cash!

Gulf Beach Locations

On the west coast of Florida you will find the white sandy beaches, emerald water and glorious sunsets, but beach wedding prices often vary by location. Many of our couples choose Siesta Key or Lido Key near Sarasota for their ceremony. It’s a very popular spot to fish, sun or experience shopping and dining in an upscale atmosphere. A permit is required for Siesta Key events, but it is worth it because the main beach area has hundreds of parking spots, and is easily accessible for all your guests. It’s definitely one of the best beach weddings in Florida.

Sunset behind wedding couple kissing on a Gulf beach in FL

Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg Beach are equally as popular, being close to Tampa. Having a Gulf beach wedding ceremony on one of these beachfronts will give you memories to last a lifetime. The vibe is so relaxed and you can count on this charming area to provide you with daily activities such as dolphin watching, watersports, boating or just walking through the gentle tide. St. Pete is just one of the area beaches you can choose to get married on.

Further south, you can choose Fort Myers for a completely different Gulf of Mexico experience. Shells and sugary sand make this an ideal location to tie the knot. So relaxing! And taking a boat tour to Key West is a highlight you won’t want to miss.

Around the Florida panhandle, you will find Destin Beach which is a highly sought after wedding destination. You will need a permit to get married on any of the Destin area beaches but if you love stunning beaches this might be the choice for you! The sun dipping low over the Gulf of Mexico is breathtaking.

Wedding Ceremony Options

As mentioned above, a microwedding is still a fully decorated ceremony with all the bells and whistles. If a bride uses our Florida Beach Weddings company her best choice for beauty and customization is one of our Distinctive Design wedding packages which can satisfy all of your Florida wedding ideas. They have large bamboo or wooden wedding arches draped in material or with other accents such as starfish or flowers. Greenery aisleways and other details can be customized as well as color schemes and chair bands. With these wedding ceremony packages, the couple is announced with a large wooden “chalkboard” sign and a Unity Sand Ceremony is part of their vows. We coordinate your ceremony, officiate it and legally file your Florida marriage license. You can also use your own minister or officiant too, if you prefer.

Tropical Distinctive wedding arch on Sand Key Beach, Clearwater, FL

Event livestreams

Zoom wedding ceremonies are also very popular right now and can be used at a beach microwedding. Guests who are unable to attend the live marriage  celebration can still participate from a distance.

Your Wedding Dress

Like a traditional wedding, the bride can choose the dress she loves. A long wedding gown or short, beachy dress is perfect with your special beach wedding bouquet! Many brides choose lace and small straps or strapless styles are very popular. Surprisingly, our brides do often wear a veil, although this can be an issue with the ocean breeze. However, the choice is yours so you can feel beautiful on your special day.

Bride and Groom kiss by dunes in St. Augustine Beach, FL

Don’t Forget Professional Wedding Photography

When it is sunset time, you will be glad you picked a Gulf beach for your wedding day! Our professional photography can be added to your already inexpensive beach wedding package for a small fee. It gets you extra time down by the ocean with your beloved, extra poses as a bride and with your guests. We don’t recommend you leave wedding pictures up to a friend or relative who might miss a shot, or take blurry photos…plus you want them to enjoy the day too!

Wedding couple kisses at sunset in the water

Outdoor Dining or Reception

Outdoor dining in Florida is one of the nicest things you can do. For a reception, if you are only having a few guest tables, a beautiful view and lovely decorations will delight your wedding party and guests (Siesta Key, Treasure Island and Venice Beach are some choices). This is one of the nicest things about a beach microwedding: it is intimate in a way you can’t always experience with a larger group.

Legal filing of your Florida marriage license is included in our wedding planning service when married by our officiant. It’s just one less thing to worry about. So why not consider a micro-wedding on a Florida Beach? Let us help you with dates, wedding packages, Gulf beach locations and more. Contact us today.