Get your Bruno Mars playlist ready for just a minute and “Put yo pinky finger to the groom.” That’s right, this post is all about the groom: the beach groom to be exact. So beach brides, step aside, and make way for your stylin’ man! Don’t miss out on these must-have looks and tips for styling your Florida beach wedding. 

Beach Groom Style

Whether it’s Boho, classic white wedding, bright and bold, or anywhere in between, you have so many style decisions to make for a beach wedding. The beach atmosphere lends itself to a more simplistic and natural environment for a wedding. However, an affordable beach wedding doesn’t have to look like a cheap beach wedding! You don’t have to sacrifice your particular style. But beach wedding attire should blend with the overall natural, beach vibe which is a little different depending on your location choice of the Gulf coast or east coast. So here a few tips to ensure you beach groom fits right in while keeping his personal touch at your beach wedding in Florida:

  • Weather: So topping the style charts is weather friendliness. Although Florida certainly has it’s cold spells in the winter, the weather is warm-hot 85% of the year. So this topic is most important when considering your beach groom’s attire. Avoid heavy jackets and thick materials (like tweed/wool). And stick with lighter suit/pant colors in the khaki or gray family over black.
  • Black Tie or Beach Tide Affair: So as we just mentioned in the weather point, a full tuxedo is probably not the best choice for your beach wedding. However there are creative ways to get a very polished and traditional ways OR keep it totally laid back and casual. Here is a great groom look from a recent Clearwater Beach Wedding:

Groom Clearwater Beach Wedding saying vows

  • Beach Touch: A starfish boutonniere, nautical tie clip, or accent tropical flower are all great ideas for adding a beachy touch to your beach groom style. Tie in your colors with the blue green waters of the Gulf beaches.
  • Toes in the Sand: Literally. Toes, in the sand. On your wedding day. Bare feet are an easy, affordable 😉 style choice! If ditching the shoes are out, then a classic boat shoe or flip flip will do the job. Avoid traditional dress shoes as they will sink in and fill up with sand faster than you can say “I do.”

Does all the talk about beach grooms- the cufflinks, the vests, the dreamy photos of grooms in ties, have you ready to tie the knot? Click HERE to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today!