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Weddings in Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet Daytona Beach Weddings are the ideal spot for gorgoues wedding photos.

Weddings in Daytona Beach, Florida

With our Weddings in Daytona Beach, you can have the ideal destination Florida beach wedding. Here are the top reasons you should have a Daytona Beach Wedding Ceremony with us. 

  1. Weddings in Daytona Beach can happen behind your hotel. We recommend checking out The Shores Resort and Spa.
  2. Weddings in Daytona Beach are more affordable than any other city in Florida. With an abundance of hotel and restaurant choices you are sure to find something that fits your budget. Plus our beach wedding packages are the best price in Daytona. 
  3. Some beaches have driving on the beach, if you have loved ones that may have a hard time getting to the beach, this is a great way for them to be able to easily make it your Daytona Beach Wedding. 
  4. Weddings in Daytona Beach are only a short drive to Orlando, where you can enjoy world-known theme parks and fine dining. 
  5. Weddings in Daytona Beach have an incredible setting for your destination wedding. With beautiful beach dunes, white sand, blue skies and white cap waves of the ocean, your pictures will be unforgettable.

Check out our Beach Weddings in Daytona. All of our Florida beach wedding packages are available in the Daytona Beach area. 

Daytona Beach elopement ceremony on the beach.


Contact us about your Daytona Beach Wedding Ceremony

Destination Wedding Myths Busted

On the fence on whether or not a destination wedding is right for you? Thinking it may be out of your budget? Well put aside whatever you’ve been told before or doubts you have about destination weddings. We’re going to give you the facts and bust some popular destination wedding myths!

Top 3 Destination Wedding Myths Busted


Myth # 1:

Destination Weddings are too complicated to plan.


If you can book a flight and pack a suitcase, you can plan a destination beach wedding. With Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Company, we do EVERYTHING for you to ensure a seamless and beautiful beach wedding. We’re talking beach locations, set up/break down, officiant, photographer, it’s a one stop shop.  And things like what to do the week before the wedding, how to choose the perfect beach wedding dress, beach wedding make up, yeah, we’ve gotcha covered with all the best tips and tricks. 


Myth # 2:

Destination Weddings are too expensive.


The average cost of a traditional (non destination) wedding in America is $26,000. Wait, what? That figure should have you running for the hills, but wait, how about running for the beach? 😉 Your Clearwater Beach Weddings are coming in somewhere between $1,000-$2,000. Out the door wedding package price. Now if that’s not an affordable wedding price, then I don’t know what is. Now add in flight and hotel, dress, hair & make up to the budget. But you could still have roughly 5 beach weddings for the price of 1 “average, traditonal” wedding. Aaaaand, here’s another post on more ways to save money with a destination beach wedding


Myth # 3:

Destination Weddings are for elopements.

destination wedding myth


Ok, ok, you got us here. Kind of. Well, not really. 😉 While a destination wedding elopement is a beautifully intimate way to say “I do,” it’s not just for elopements. We offer wedding packages to accommodate up to 50 or more guests. And it’s not like you’re bringing your guests to Death Valley. We’re talking Clearwater Beach; a dream, beach vacation destination. 


There, there. Don’t you feel better now that you know a destination wedding is not as scary as it seems? Contact us to plan your dream destination wedding or find out the truth behind any other myths! 


Florida Winter Beach Wedding

How fun are those games they put in the back of magazines or the mind games section of the newspaper? You know, the classic “Find the Differences.” Well, Find the Difference- Wedding Edition is right here! I challenge you with this Florida Winter Beach Wedding game.

Find 5 Differences Between a Northern Wedding and a Florida Beach Wedding:



florida winter wedding                                           florida winter beach wedding

Ok, ok. So there are a few more than 5 differences. 😉 But the point is, you can come to Florida any time of year, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, and have a  beautiful beach wedding. Sink your toes in sand, watch the ocean waves and sunrise/set, and leave your winter coat, gloves, boots, and ear muffs behind. Florida’s mild winter temps will have engaged couples ditching the snowsuits for swimsuits any time of year. 

So although Your Clearwater Beach Weddings had nothing to do with the couple in the left photo (brrrrr). The stunning, smiling couple on the right said “I do” right here in sunny Clearwater, Florida with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings. And yes, it was winter. February 10th to be exact. Alyson and Scott (from Wisconsin) planned their Florida Winter Beach Wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings and it was a gorgeous day all around. Beautiful couple, brilliant sunset, 84 degree weather (it was 10 degrees in the couple’s hometown that same day). It was the ideal combination for a destination beach wedding. 

Maybe you’re on the fence if a destination winter wedding is for you. But I think this next comparison will help you with your decision. Would you rather be shoveling snow or walking down a white sandy aisle one your wedding day? And hey, if you really miss the shoveling we can find a beach pail and shovel. And you can shovel sandcastles until your heart’s content. 😉

      florida winter beach wedding

Ready to make like a snowbird and fly south for your winter beach wedding? Click HERE to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today!

Money Saving Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding

Gearing up for your destination wedding? Trying to stick to your budget? Follow these money saving travel tips for a stress free, money saving, trip!

Money Saving Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding:

money saving tips for your beach wedding

1, By land, air, or sea: Choosing your mode of transportation is a good starting point. And depending on your starting and ending point, your most affordable option can vary.

money saving travel tips for destination wedding

  1. Land: Calculate gas/mileage for a road trip and travel time. 

  2. Air: Check travel sites like Orbitz or Travelocity to see flight costs. Don’t forget to consider additional fees like baggage, seat selection, cost to park at the airport. Sometimes choosing a slightly higher “upfront” ticket can be cheaper in the long run by including free bags or seat assignment. Also check out Trip Advisor’s handy tool for choosing which airport is the right fit and some Florida Flight Stats.  

  3. Sea: Surprise! Sometimes this can actually be a very practical way to travel if you’re near a port city. With Florida hosting cruise ships up and down both coasts, there are various options here. Check out this list of American cruise ports and see if this may be an option for you. This is also a great idea for an elopement as it serves as a stress free honeymoon/vacation built in to your wedding celebration! Check out our post on Cruise vs. Beach Weddings here!   

2. Time of Year:  So spring break is a hot season for travelers to Florida and hotel prices often reflect those demands. You can often get late August/September discounts as long as you can handle the heat. Otherwise, fall is a great time to plan a beach wedding. Less heat, less travelers, and traditioanlly cheaper rates. Also, avoid price hikes during holiday weekends. If you are a northerner looking to take a break from the brutal winter, Florida’s mild winter weather may be the perfect reason to ditch the snow shovel and get some Florida sunshine.

3. Weekday Wedding: Although this is often a burden for wedding guests due to work conflicts, consider a weekday wedding for an elopement or vow renewal. Save a few bucks, have a less busy beach, and turn off the alarm for a few days! 

So now that you have an idea of money saving travel tips for you destination wedding, are you ready to book the beach wedding of your dreams?

Click here!


How To Plan For a Florida Destination Wedding

A bride and groom sitting in the sand watching the sunset at their St. Pete Beach Wedding ceremony.

Does the thought of white, sandy beaches and palm trees rustling while you say your I-do’s sound perfect? Buuuuut, maybe you know more about shoveling snow than shoveling sand. And maybe the thought of planning an entire wedding from hundreds or even thousands of miles away sounds pretty intimidating. Well put your fears to rest. Take a look at some common destination wedding planning concerns and see how a Florida Destination Wedding is easier and more affordable than you think.


Top Florida Destination Wedding Planning Concerns:

  1.  Destination-Unknown: Whether Clearwater Beach is on your frequent flyer destination list or you’re a first time visitor, these beautiful beaches are what wedding dreams are made of.  These Florida Destination Wedding photos in Clearwater Beach speak volumes. Don’t believe it? Well, Trip Advisor also agrees that Clearwater Beach is a pretty sweet spot.
  2. Coordinating plans: Don’t try to coordinate multiple vendors and hours of stressful emails and phone calls. Your Florida Beach Wedding Company takes care of everything for the perfect wedding:
    • Officiant (performs ceremony and provides assistance directing you on how to obtain a marriage license)
    • Photographer
    • Wedding Decor
    • Set Up
    • Break Down
    • Organized itinerary
    • Ideal beach location 
  3. Affordable: All inclusive means less out of pocket expenses. Your Florida Beach Wedding offers affordable beach wedding packages with no hidden fees or costs. In addition, multiple airports are within an hour or two which allows for cheap airfare. 
  4. Affordable Part 2: Honeymoon/Vacation: Finally, you’re honeymoon and your guests’ vacations are a built in bonus when choosing a Florida Destination Wedding. Hence, no additional travel expenses. The list of things to do in Clearwater Beach is extensive, beautiful and affordable hotels abound, and consequently a perfectly intimate beach wedding experience allows you to escape to a tropical paradise! 

If you’re looking for a relaxing, stress free, and beautiful atmosphere, a Florida Destination Wedding is right for you! Book here!


Beach Weddings or Cruise Weddings?

Why Cruise Weddings are not as great as beach weddings and cruise honeymoons. Enjoy the beautiful natural beach setup with canopy and chairs for your guests and relax before your honeymoon.

By land or by sea? With Clearwater Beach Weddings you can have it all!

So you’ve already decided you want to get married by the water, be it by boat or beach. Now it’s decision time. Cruises can be fun and relaxing and they sell you that everything is all in one place. Sounds to me like a perfect….. honeymoon. Cruise boat weddings can be stressful, expensive, and complicated. So get the best of both worlds with a beach wedding and then it’s “All aboard the S.S. Honeymoon!”

Why beach weddings are a better choice than cruise weddings:

  1. Expenses: It’s good to set a clear budget before any planning starts. Your Clearwater Beach Wedding has affordable and upfront prices with no hidden charges and fees. Set up/break down, wedding coordinating services, officiant, photographer, unity sand, and legal filing of your Florida marriage license is all included at a budget-friendly price. Cruise wedding packages can average around  $4,000-$8,000. And that starting price comes with a whole list of fine print, exclusions, and additional charges. Oh, and it definitely doesn’t include the cost of the cruise/stateroom itself. 
  2. Time constraints: Pre-departure cruise weddings can be stressful. If guests are not cruising, the ceremony and time may feel very rushed. Guests are provided specific boarding and exciting times and special accommodations will not be provided for non-cruising or late guests. 
  3. Don’t rock the boat: Considering getting married mid-cruise? Those pre-wedding jitters don’t mix well with rough seas. A seasick bride, groom, or guests could make for a rocky wedding day. With a beach wedding, seas could be 10-15 feet all while you can enjoy them from the flat sand. 
  4. Make it official: Many cruise wedding packages are not actual legal ceremonies. Don’t be tricked by “keepsake wedding certificate.”  That does not pass for a legal marriage. Furthermore, foreign ports can also be tricky when it comes to legalizing marriages. Your Clearwater Beach Weddings provides all the information you need to legally by Mr. and Mrs. _____________(fill in the blank)!
  5. Plan ahead: Cruise ports, itineraries, and conditions can change, leaving you scrambling last minute. However, you can book your wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings way ahead of time without thinking twice. 

You and your guests can set sail from the Port of Tampa after your Clearwater Beach Wedding. Therefore, beach weddings are the way to go. Say “Bon Voyage” too pricey, regulation-heavy cruise weddings and head over to Clearwater Beach Weddings!