Just Engaged? Plan a Beach Wedding Everyone will Envy

Congratulations! It’s so exciting to get engaged and celebrate! However, after the BIG question, there are even more questions to answer: when and where? These days, those questions can be tough to answer. Even with the new COVID-19 vaccine, it may be awhile before traditional weddings and receptions get back to normal. So, these days many couples who want to get married are still considering outdoor, non-traditional venues. Destination weddings and elopements are more popular than ever and, in Florida, destination weddings offer the the most unique, beautiful venue: the BEACH!

Even during a pandemic, one thing remains constant: all brides desire a wedding ceremony that fulfills their dreams. That dream could be romantic, fun or dramatic. It could include flowers, rustic wood, lanterns, a variety of colors or flowing, silky fabric. Can you get this on the beach in Florida? Yes, you can! Beach wedding packages include all the elements of a traditional ceremony including on-trend, elegant decor, a wedding officiant, and music. Some may even include a wedding photographer or you have the option to add it (for less than a traditional photographer). You can have 100 guests if that is your dream, although many couples choose smaller guest counts during this time. Our Florida Beach Weddings packages start at $699 and at the top end average $2,500.

This couple is happy to say "I Do" under one of our Classic Distinctive Design Wedding Packages in Florida.

Which Florida Beach is Best for a Wedding?

Although very affordable, the beach a couple chooses will be a factor in the cost. Gulf beaches like Clearwater/St. Pete and Siesta Key are very popular because of the sunsets. However, with the Daytona Beach area is often less crowded and provides a variety of beaches. They offer you the Atlantic ocean and beautiful waves. Permits are less, and many places don’t have parking fees. Brides also love St. Augustine which is a historic city and Cocoa Beach which is the closest beach to Orlando. A reputable beach wedding planner can help you pick the right beach location for your ceremony.

However, do you really need to use a wedding planner or beach wedding company? The answer is no…BUT if you want an outdoor wedding ceremony everyone will envy, you should say YES! Besides the fact that you will have a much easier wedding experience, and will likely save some money if you do. Choosing a complete beach wedding package will be stress-free and, once you browse the gorgeous package designs with customizable options, you will be even more excited about your special day. Some of our most popular wedding ceremony designs include:

Rustic Romance Beach Wedding Package

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Wedding couple kissing on white chairs in St. Augustine

Floral Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package

Click here for more infoClearwater couple poses by chalkboard sign announcing marriage on beach

Natural Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package

Click here for more infoNatural branches and flowers on wedding arch Daytona Beach with couple

Teal Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package

Click here for more infoWe present the newly married couple at this beautiful Teal Distinctive Package at a Florida Wedding on the beach.

Tropical Geometric Distinctive Design Wedding Package

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Nautical Knot Beach Wedding Package

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Nautical Knot wedding package and couple Palm Coast

Florida Destiny Beach Wedding Package

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Daytona Beach Wedding Packages with black bamboo, aisle way, chairs and officiant.

Beach Wedding Planning

The help you receive from your Beach Wedding Specialist will make every detail a sea breeze! After you reserve your date with a deposit she will:

  • Provide guidance in choosing exact ceremony location, time (tides or sunset), as well as the beach permit if required
  • Recommend many package options to design your wedding online with your wedding ideas
  • Assist you with ceremony vows (you can also choose to write your own)
  • Provide consultations by phone and email
  • Help you choose ceremony decorations including sand colors for the Unity Sand Ceremony
  • Provide recorded music for ceremony played on our PA system and decide if you want to add on a first dance under the wedding arch
  • Legally file your Florida marriage license after the ceremony, per Florida laws for resident and non resident couples
  • Provide recommendations for florists, salons, suggestions for a reception or celebration dinner, outline the best parking areas and more.

As you can see you, your partner, your guests will be comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day. Your friends will breathe a sigh of envy when looking at your photographs and you will remember your Florida Beach Wedding ceremony for a lifetime. So are you ready to plan when and where to say, ‘I do?’, then CLICK HERE to book a Florida Beach Wedding or browse more packages. You can also call our Beach Wedding Specialists at 386-214-6361.

Beach Wedding Countdown: 1 Week Away

Wow, your beach wedding countdown is officially 1 week away! You’ve made phone calls, paid deposits, bought, altered, picked out and perfected every last wedding detail. And you’re only days away from the official “just married” title. Getting the planning out of the way can make it easier and more enjoyable for the happy couple on their special day. Use this checklist so you can rest assured that when you walk down the aisle, saying “I do” is the only thing you have left to-do on your list. 

Couple gazes together by St. Augustine ocean after beach wedding

Couple on St. Augustine Beach after ceremony

Beach Wedding Countdown Checklist

Make your Florida marriage legal

Have you applied for your marriage license? Whether you get married on the Gulf coast or an Atlantic beach, this is a critical detail. Contact your wedding coordinator if you aren’t sure what you need to do. Also, make sure you or someone very trustworthy is in charge of bringing the marriage license to the wedding site the day of your ceremony.  Check out some FAQs for obtaining a marriage license in Florida here.

Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant

Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant

Last minute wedding vendor details

During this last week before you tie the knot, call any vendors to confirm appointment times:

  • hair salon
  • nails
  • gift baskets
  • photographer
  • travel vendors
  • pickup of any accessories, etc.

Even if you have a cheap beach wedding package, extras can add up fast if you have to do things last minute! Now is also a good time to check your map to ensure the timing is going to work to and from hotels, appointments and your beach location. If your wedding day is on a weekend, consider that traffic will be busier than a weekday. Think of it as part of the fun to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible.

Daytona Beach Weddings at hotels.

Check out the beach

A day or two before the actual wedding ceremony, go and check out your beach location. Your wedding specialist will have sent you a detailed itinerary so you can also check out parking and meeting spots ahead of time. While you’re there, why not pack a beach chair and a towel and enjoy some sunshine! If anyone asks, it’s part of the beach wedding preparation. Oh, and don’t forget sunscreen to avoid a burn or unsightly tan lines. 

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach

Your guests

Now is a good to figure out what your guests might do after your wedding: natural leisure activities such as beach-going, hiking or water sports. They might also enjoy getting a list of museums and restaurants nearby. Anything you prepare for them in advance will be appreciated and add to their vacation time enjoyment in Florida, after your special day. You might even want to join them!

Natural St. Augustine Beach Wedding Packages with all-inclusive options

Wedding dress details

Literally iron out any details: get the iron (or steamer) out and make sure your dress and your significant other’s wedding attire is ready to go. You don’t want to worry about this right before you head out to your ceremony. Hopefully you followed any packing and travel tips here.

African American wedding couple on the beach

Get married!

Having a schedule or list will help you make sure that everything goes as smoothly as you planned. Having a trusted friend or volunteer help when you are pulled in many directions on your wedding day is a very good idea (especially if children are involved). If you’ve chosen a beach wedding package you won’t have to worry about decorations, officiant, chairs or even wedding photography (optional). Whether you’re a frequent beach goer or you’ve traveled many miles for your destination wedding, keep the beach mentality. Take it easy, relax, enjoy this special time and congratulations! 

First kiss as mr.and mrs. at our Destin, Florida beach weddings.

Read our reviews on Wedding Wire. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Florida Beach Weddings, your preferred date or Florida wedding packages.

Wilbur Beach Blissful Wedding

The Beach Venue

Caren and Juan Carlos were married in October at Wilbur-By-The-Sea, just south of Daytona Beach. This soft sand beach has no hotels or driving on the beachfront so it is very quiet. There is a large, free parking lot right across the street from the beachfront so the couple and wedding party easily walked to their wedding ceremony destination. Their ceremony started at 5:30 pm.

Map of Wilbur-By-The-Sea FL

The Wedding Ceremony

Caren walked across the soft sand sprinkled with natural petals toward her beloved groom with her mother. Her long, lace wedding dress and large bouquet of pink and white flowers was breathtaking! Caren chose to wear an understated veil that also held her hair in place and revealed her beautiful smile.
Bride and mother walk down petal aisle at Daytona Beach wedding

Caren and Juan Carlos had 13 guests in attendance, 1 maid of honor dressed in blue, a flower girl and a ring bearer. Traditional piano and violin music was played at this beach wedding ceremony. 

Bride and groom say vows holding hand on Wilbur Beach, Daytona FL

The wedding vows included a sand ceremony using turquoise and purple sand to symbolize uniting of this couple in marriage. Two children joined in adding green and ivory sand as the sun began to sink in the early evening sky.

Couple gazes at each other under wedding arch on Daytona Beach

The Wedding Package

Our couple chose the Beach Chic Nautical Knot wedding ceremony package. The silky ribbons in blushes and neutrals, and metal floral buckets with white baby’s breath flowers is such a gorgeous choice against the beachfront sand and sea. This package includes 18 deluxe white chairs and spandex sashed chairs…Caren chose pretty Blush/Rose Gold Sequins bands.

Couple says vows by Atlantic ocean on the beach with ring boy

The Wedding Photos

After the wedding ceremony, Caron and Juan Carlos, now newly joined in matrimony followed our professional photographer down to the Atlantic ocean. This is where more magic happened for this couple! Choosing to add our beach wedding company photography to their wedding ceremony package made it easy to capture all the wonderful moments of their special day…without stress or worry that pictures would be missed.

Couple kisses by the ocean after marriage with brides pink flowers

Wilbur-By-The-Sea, on the Atlantic ocean, experiences the “Golden Hour” of the sunset which is reflected back from the west coast. It results in golds, pinks and purples that surround the beach and water. The sand is like a mirror for this couple as they embrace at the end of the wedding day.

Beach wedding couple stares at each by the Atlantic ocean with wedding dress in water

If you would like to explore this ocean beach location for your destination wedding, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Clearwater Beach: Planning For a Florida Destination Wedding

Clearwater Beach couple married on the white sand

Does the thought of white, sandy beaches and palm trees rustling while you say your I-do’s sound perfect? Right now, maybe you know more about shoveling snow than shoveling sand. And maybe the thought of planning an entire wedding from hundreds or even thousands of miles away sounds pretty intimidating. Well put your fears to rest. Take a look at some common destination wedding planning concerns and see how a Florida Destination Wedding is easier and more affordable than you think.

Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant with couple on St. Augustine Beach, FL

Pamela Fuit Beach Wedding Officiant

Top Florida Destination Wedding Planning Concerns:

  1.  Destination-Unknown: Whether Clearwater Beach is on your frequent flyer destination list or you’re a first time visitor, this beautiful Gulf beach is  what wedding dreams are made of. Don’t believe it? Well, Trip Advisor also agrees that Clearwater Beach is a pretty sweet spot, for couples and families alike.
  2. Coordinating plans: Don’t try to coordinate multiple vendors and hours of stressful emails and phone calls… so much stress. Our Florida Beach Weddings company takes care of everything for the perfect wedding:
    • Officiant (performs ceremony and provides assistance directing you on how to obtain a Florida marriage license)
    • Photographer
    • Wedding decor which can be customized
    • Set Up of your complete wedding package
    • Break Down and clean-up
    • Organized itinerary for the couple
    • Ideal beach location of your choice 
  3. Affordable: All inclusive means less out of pocket expenses. Florida Beach Weddings offers affordable beach wedding packages with no hidden fees or costs. In addition, multiple airports are within an hour or two (Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville) which allows for cheap airfare for the couple and their guests.
  4. Affordable Part 2: Honeymoon/Vacation: Finally, your honeymoon and your guests’ vacations are a built in bonus when choosing a Florida destination wedding. Hence, no additional travel expenses. For example, the list of things to do in Clearwater Beach is extensive, beautiful and affordable hotels abound, and consequently a perfectly intimate beach wedding experience allows you to escape to a tropical paradise! If you’re looking for a relaxing, stress free, and beautiful atmosphere, a Florida wedding on the beach is right for you! Book here!

Florida Beach Wedding floral design on the beach

8 Blue Beach Wedding Ideas That Brides Will Love

A romantic kiss under a blue and white canopy at St. Augustine Beach wedding.

Do shades of blue make you sigh with joy? Blue is a very popular color for weddings all over the world, but especially beloved when used by brides at the beach. The wonderful thing about blue themed wedding decorations is that they not only compliment the ocean, but the sky and the sand, no matter how light or dark it is. You can’t go wrong using blue in your beach wedding theme, and we can’t think of any other color that really goes with everything. The couple kissing in the photo above chose bright blue and white draping on their wedding arch from the Destiny Package. It really is stunning with the bride’s bouquet and white wedding dress.

Black Anchors at a Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony.

Blue and teal together? We say, “I do” to this wedding color palette. After all, the ocean behind this stunning black bamboo wedding arch is blue and teal also. The black accents in this Anchors Away Distinctive Design package complete this nautical theme on Daytona Beach. Sometimes called “Tiffany Blue”, shades of teal will always be popular with beach brides, and paired with another color it simply makes a seaside ceremony come alive.

Couple hold hands after a beach wedding under blue and white bamboo arch.

This Nautical Knot wedding package is stunning again with white and royal blue, some call it sapphire blue, with a lily topper. The bride and groom chose yellow flowers as an accent color and the effect of the entire wedding setup is whimsical yet beautiful against this cloudless Florida sky and seaside.

Navy fabric on a bamboo wedding arch with couple saying vows on Daytona Beach

Navy, natural thick bamboo and a gold flower accents could not be more beautiful…that’s why we call it the Beach Bliss Distinctive Design! Starfish and nautical rope complete the aisle where the bride walked down to meet her beloved. This barefoot wedding is the perfect coastal wedding design. The addition of navy bridesmaid dresses is an elegant touch. Even the sky cooperated as a soft blue grey background for this couple’s photographs!


Dusty blue and white are again the top choice at this Siesta Key beach wedding. This Dusty Blue Distinctive Design package sure looks high priced with it’s upscale greenery and muted florals. The aisle and white chairs are waiting eagerly for an engaged couple to celebrate their marriage vows with white sand and sea oats gently waving in the background. How breathtaking!

Royal blue and white beach wedding setup on Daytona Beach, FL

The Destiny Beach Wedding Package strikes again! For larger weddings it is the perfect choice for brides because it has over 20 colors to choose from…including this Azure blue! Daytona Beach Shores is the perfect backdrop for this wedding setup accented by grassy greenery and Tiki torches. In the photo below we see it combined with coral which is so perfect for a Gulf beach wedding in Clearwater.Royal blue bamboo wedding arch with white chairs and coral ribbons on Clearwater beach, FL

Blue and teal again intertwine on this beach wedding arch pictured below from our Teal Distinctive Design package. Look at that large, gorgeous topper with white and teal flowers plus greenery! This country-style couple got married at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine on this beautiful beach that offers white and cinnamon colored sand. Even a vintage wedding could use this blue wedding decor…it never goes out of style.

Groom in cowboy hat and bride say I do under blue bamboo wedding arch on beach

So, after seeing these blue wedding designs, you may be wondering, “How much does a destination wedding cost in Florida?” With our beach company, you will be delighted by how affordable our all inclusive wedding packages are. Depending on which beach location you choose, packages start at $699 and at the high end average about $2,500. Permits and parking may be extra as well as our affordable professional wedding photography option, however your total wedding day bill will be much cheaper than a traditional wedding in your home town. Contact us today to secure your date. You can browse our complete wedding packages here.

Design Your Clearwater Beach Wedding On A Budget

Do you love the idea of a destination beach wedding in Clearwater? Captivated by these emerald Gulf beaches with a gentle tide and white sand? Here’s how you can do it online with the help of our exclusive wedding portal and beautifully designed wedding packages. This Tampa Florida beach has become one of the most popular and romantic venues for beach weddings, and with good reason. The weather and water is warm all year round making it a paradise for engaged couples to tie the knot. Not to mention the spectacular sunsets the Gulf of Mexico has to offer!

The best part of a Florida Beach Weddings ceremony in Clearwater is that you can design everything online without leaving your house…or sofa for that matter. If you have a specific budget in mind then the best way to start is by choosing an affordable location, and in the Clearwater Beach we offer 8 different beachfront areas to choose from: Clearwater BeachSand Key ParkMadeira BeachIndian RocksRedington Beach, Treasure Island, Passe-A-Grille or St. Pete.

Our complete wedding packages are priced competitively so that you can STAY within your budget and still get a fully decorated, romantic wedding ceremony on a Florida Gulf beach. For example, the Destiny package in the photo below is $1550 at one of our Clearwater Beach locations. There may be extra options you wish to add on, such as our experienced outdoor photographer for $350 or a first dance as a married couple. Even with any permit or parking fees that may be required, this incredibly beautiful wedding package comes in way cheaper than a traditional wedding would cost you at home! Not only that, but you can choose from over 20 different color choices to make your wedding day dreams come true.

Couple at Clearwater Beach with a Destiny wedding package sitting

Clearwater Beach is very popular, of course. So it you are planning to get married there you will need to book your wedding date and hotel stay very soon. As a newly engaged couple there is no time to waste! Destination weddings are on the rise and you don’t want to compromise on any detail if you don’t have to. There are a variety of chain hotels to choose from that you may be able to negotiate a block of rooms discount with. Florida Beach Weddings can provide you with a list of vendors that we have received good feedback about.

Clearwater Beach and pier

Stress is the biggest problem with traditional weddings. As a future bride, you should be enjoying every moment of your engagement with your beloved. Instead, you may have to run around securing catering, halls, parks, decorations, gifts, and more in order to meet the standards of a wedding at home. Guess what? With a beach wedding in Florida you will not have to do ANY of that! Once you have booked your date, you can relax and play around with choosing your colors and decorations. Do you love lanterns? Shepherds hooks or rustic wood? Maybe driftwood or tropical flowers. What color bamboo would you like? All this while reclining with your laptop on your sofa at home in our secure and private online wedding portal. Even more important, you will know EXACTLY how your wedding decor will look because you saw it pictured online. Stress just isn’t a part of the Florida Beach Weddings company planning process…just look how happy the married couple below are as they celebrate their first kiss under the Natural Distinctive Design canopy.

Treasure Island Beach Elopements with a natural bamboo canopy.

Even the more modern bride can get what she wants with a Clearwater Beach wedding. This Tropical Geometric Design Package is pure pleasure on the beach and won’t be forgotten by your wedding guests. With white chairs and flowing fabric, any of our wedding ceremony packages will be a standout success by the blue Gulf waters! Don’t forget to take those pictures and use our professional beach photographer who will find the poses to remember forever.

Yellow wedding material on bamboo wedding arch on Clearwater Beach

When all the planning is done, and it is a week before your wedding, you will be glad you chose our Florida Beach Weddings company. We will provide you with a detailed agenda so that when you arrive you will know EXACTLY where to go in Clearwater Beach and at what time. You won’t have to worry about getting lost or any extra fees and you will be within your budget! Soon you will be saying your vows with your beloved by the sea and enjoying your honeymoon. We even take care of officially filing your Florida Marriage License. What more could you ask for? Give us a call today at: (727)249-2708 or email: Pam@FloridaBeachWeddings.com to find out more about Clearwater/St. Pete Beach. We are a Couples Choice® Winner.