De-Stress with these Beautiful Beach Wedding Dresses

We are all going through uncertain times right now, and many of us are experiencing anxiety. Things are slowing down and we may be looking for a way to relax and ease our minds. One of the best ways to do this is to think about beautiful things: read a romantic novel, watch an old movie or even browse some fashion. If you are bride to be why not indulge your fantasies and look at some gorgeous beach wedding dresses. This might be just what you need!

Key words for a beach wedding dress include: beach-y, romantic, affordable. Now keep those ideas fresh in your mind. Bring them to the table when choosing your perfect beach wedding dress. Let’s use those three magical words for our wedding dress guide.

How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress:

Beach-y: Your choice for a beach wedding alludes to the fact that you have an appreciation for the outdoors and adventure. So let’s consider the beach elements like sun and sand when narrowing down your beach wedding dress selection. It’s best to stick with dress fabrics that are lightweight and wispy. Cotton, chiffon, tulle, lace overlays are all great options. Avoid heavy ballgown type dresses that will get weighed down in the sand and leave you uncomfortable or hot. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a traditional white wedding gown look, just choose the right fabric. And, no, it doesn’t have to be white either!

South Beach Weddings on the beach with Florida beach weddings

Wispy, dreamy dress for a South Beach Wedding

Daytona Beach wedding bride in the surf

Daytona Beach wedding: bride in the surf

Perfect Summer Florida Beach Wedding Dress

Perfect summer Florida Beach wedding dress

Romantic: Romance is in the eye of the beholder? Or something like that. 😉 Let your natural style guide you here. Are you into vintage? Modern? Classic? Boho Chic? Fun and flirty? Get an idea of which style speaks to you and that will narrow your focus. Any style can be tweaked or adapted to fit the beach scene whether it’s a Gulf beach wedding or Atlantic coast. So once you’ve found your “style” keep in mind the beach-y fabric choices mentioned above.

Bride on beach with flowers

Bride on the beach with flowers

Bride in boho beach wedding dress

Toolcloth Boho lace wedding dress

Siesta Key Beach Weddings during the sunset provide beautiful pink skies for your wedding photographs.

Simple and short is perfect for a Siesta Key Beach wedding at sunset

Affordable: Where there’s a high end wedding dress, there is an equally creative company designing very similar concepts. And at a much more budget-friendly price. There’s nothing wrong with skimming the hottest bridal magazine for inspiration but don’t get glued to an exact dress. Find a dress you love and get in touch with your local bridal gown store. These stores specialize in the latest trends and brands and can likely find the perfect beach wedding dress for you! There’s another take here too. You can keep the romance and tradition, but opt for a more casual dress. When you can, peruse local boutiques for white dresses that may not be labeled as “wedding dresses.” Deals are coming!

Tadashi Shoji V-Neck Lace Wedding Dress at Nordstrom

In conclusion, if you have the right fabric, feel romantic and beautiful, and haven’t broken the bank- success! Now imagine the perfect Florida beach wedding. The brides below were just like you: they had dreams and made them come true at beautiful Florida beaches in Cocoa Beach, Treasure Island and Destin. The wedding package decor was customized for each couple.

Cocoa Beach Weddings in Florida are the ideal spot to put your toes in the ocean and enjoy a sunset Florida beach wedding ceremony.

Florida Beach Wedding in Cocoa Beach.

Treasure Island Beach Wedding at Sunset

A sweet thank you photo for a destination beach wedding from one of our Destin, Florida beach weddings.

Couple after Florida Gulf beach wedding in Destin

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Florida Beach Weddings Coronavirus Update

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, Florida Beach Weddings, at this time, is continuing to do beach weddings. We are aware and still open for business, but we care about, and are committed to your safety. We know this is a time of great stress for our couples, so we are moving quickly to help you make sensible decisions about your destination wedding ceremony.

At the time of this writing, although state parks are closing there are private parts of the beach that are still accessible. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your options.

While we still plan to move forward with our beach weddings and are eager and ready to make your dreams come true, we understand the circumstances may have effected your plans to come to Florida. For this reason, Florida Beach Weddings has decided to implement our Disaster Policy. We encourage our couples to reach out to us so that we may answer any questions you may have. 


Florida Beach Weddings provided by a professional company


How To Plan For A Destination Wedding

A bride walks down the beautiful aisleway of our Cocoa Beach Weddings.

Planning Destination Weddings

Just because weddings are common does not mean that each one is not special. There is are nearly 2.5 million weddings annually in the United States. You are not just a number…you are getting married and you want to plan something special.

You are planning a destination wedding so maybe you’re considering a beach wedding? How do you overcome the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, let alone one that is in an exotic Florida location? We have some tips for those planning destination weddings.

Advance Planning

    • Location. First, select a special location that both you and your soon-to-be spouse will enjoy. Destination weddings are not exclusively held in Tahiti! There are beach weddings, country weddings, barn weddings, museum weddings, and a host of other options to choose from. You may want to be in a park near your childhood home. Wherever you choose, you’ll want a place that will have a special place for your big day and in your memory. A wedding on the beach in Florida could be just the thing!
    • Weather. You want to make sure that your destination wedding will not be hampered by inclement weather. Research the area’s weather patterns, especially during the season and month that you’ll choose. This will affect how you plan other things, such as suggestions for how your guests should dress. If you’re getting married on the beach, this will also affect your guests’ dress options. Check out our chart for Gulf beach wedding weather.
    • Travel costs. Destination weddings can be near or far, so estimate travel costs for you and your guests. You and your guests will need to be aware of airfare costs and have time to research and order airfare tickets. Flying in to Orlando, Florida can be very cost effective and is central to many Florida beach wedding locations. If the destination is only a long drive for you or some of your guests, you’ll want to factor in drive time and gas prices.
    • Visit beforehand. Go to your destination before the big day so that you can reconnoiter the area and the potential venues for both the wedding and the reception. You’ll want to reserve the wedding venue well in advance, at least a year, especially if you have chosen a popular destination wedding location such as Clearwater, Florida. If you are having an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding ceremony, select a backup indoor location in the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

The Wedding Day Is Near

The wedding day is near. You’ve completed your advance planning. Now you’ll need to prepare for the final months and weeks before the ceremony.

    • Wedding invitations. Send out your wedding invitations well in advance. How far out will depend on how much time it will take for your guests to make arrangements for your wedding. Your guests will need to make flight and hotel arrangements and these take time. Some wedding planners say that you should mail your invitations 6 to 8 months in advance. You may also mail “save the date” notices even before the official invitation, so that your guests are given a heads up that the invitation is forthcoming. This will give them even more notice. The courtesy of a “save the date” and invitation is much appreciated by your guests.
    • Create a website. This is the age of the Internet, so if you’re tech savvy (or you can hire a professional), you can have a website with news of the wedding, engagement pictures, and a timeline for upcoming events up to the wedding day. You may also offer airfare and hotel accommodations, making it that much easier for your guests. With Florida Beach Weddings you will have your own private client portal.

Of course, these are only a few of the items that you’ll need to arrange for your destination wedding. However, these tips will set you and your guests on the right path for the big day. With your guests’ invitation needs taken care of, you can spend the rest of your time focusing on the needs of the bride, groom, and family.

Destination weddings are for the enjoyment of the happy couple and their guests. For more information on our complete beach wedding packages click here.

Fort Meyers beach Wedding ceremony at the hotel with fun watersports.

Florida Winter Beach Wedding

How fun are those games they put in the back of magazines or the mind games section of the newspaper? You know, the classic “Find the Differences.” Well, Find the Difference- Wedding Edition is right here! I challenge you with this Florida Winter Beach Wedding game.

Find 5 Differences Between a Northern Wedding and a Florida Beach Wedding:



florida winter wedding                                           florida winter beach wedding

Ok, ok. So there are a few more than 5 differences. 😉 But the point is, you can come to Florida any time of year, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, and have a  beautiful beach wedding. Sink your toes in sand, watch the ocean waves and sunrise/set, and leave your winter coat, gloves, boots, and ear muffs behind. Florida’s mild winter temps will have engaged couples ditching the snowsuits for swimsuits any time of year. 

So although Your Clearwater Beach Weddings had nothing to do with the couple in the left photo (brrrrr). The stunning, smiling couple on the right said “I do” right here in sunny Clearwater, Florida with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings. And yes, it was winter. February 10th to be exact. Alyson and Scott (from Wisconsin) planned their Florida Winter Beach Wedding with Your Clearwater Beach Weddings and it was a gorgeous day all around. Beautiful couple, brilliant sunset, 84 degree weather (it was 10 degrees in the couple’s hometown that same day). It was the ideal combination for a destination beach wedding. 

Maybe you’re on the fence if a destination winter wedding is for you. But I think this next comparison will help you with your decision. Would you rather be shoveling snow or walking down a white sandy aisle one your wedding day? And hey, if you really miss the shoveling we can find a beach pail and shovel. And you can shovel sandcastles until your heart’s content. 😉

      florida winter beach wedding

Ready to make like a snowbird and fly south for your winter beach wedding? Click HERE to book your Clearwater Beach Wedding today!

Money Saving Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding

Gearing up for your destination wedding? Trying to stick to your budget? Follow these money saving travel tips for a stress free, budget-friendly trip!

Money Saving Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding:

beach wedding expenses

1. By land, air, or sea: Choosing your mode of transportation is a good starting point. And depending on your starting and ending point, your most affordable option can vary.

  • Land: Calculate gas/mileage for a Florida road trip and travel time to your beach wedding location
  • Air: Check travel sites like Orbitz or Travelocity to see flight costs. Don’t forget to consider additional fees like baggage (your wedding dress), seat selection, cost to park at the airport. Sometimes choosing a slightly higher “upfront” ticket can be cheaper in the long run by including free bags or seat assignment. Also check out Trip Advisor’s handy tool for choosing which airport is the right fit for your destination wedding and some Florida Flight Stats.  
  • Sea: Surprise! Sometimes this can actually be a very practical way to travel if you’re near a port city. With Florida hosting cruise ships up and down both coasts, there are various options here. Check out this list of American cruise ports and see if this may be an option for you. This is also a great idea for an elopement as it serves as a stress free honeymoon/vacation built in to your wedding celebration! Check out our post on Cruise vs. Beach Weddings here!   

2. Time of Year:  Spring break is a hot season for travelers to Florida and hotel prices often reflect those demands. You can often get late August/September discounts as long as you can handle the heat. Otherwise, Fall is a great time to plan a Florida beach wedding. Less heat, less travelers, and traditionally cheaper rates. Also, avoid price hikes during holiday weekends. If you are a northerner looking to take a break from the brutal winter, Florida’s mild winter weather may be the perfect reason to ditch the snow shovel and get some Florida sunshine on the east coast or Gulf beach.

3. Weekday Wedding: Although this is often a burden for wedding guests due to work conflicts, consider a weekday wedding in Daytona Beach for an elopement or vow renewal. Save a few bucks, have a less busy beach, and turn off the alarm for a few days! 

Daytona Beach Weddings for an intimate Daytona Beach Elopement ceremony.

So now that you have an idea of money saving travel tips for your destination wedding, are you ready to book the beach wedding of your dreams? With our complete wedding packages you can have a cheap beach wedding that looks expensive!


How To Plan For a Florida Destination Wedding

A bride and groom sitting in the sand watching the sunset at their St. Pete Beach Wedding ceremony.

Does the thought of white, sandy beaches and palm trees rustling while you say your I-do’s sound perfect? Buuuuut, maybe you know more about shoveling snow than shoveling sand. And maybe the thought of planning an entire wedding from hundreds or even thousands of miles away sounds pretty intimidating. Well put your fears to rest. Take a look at some common destination wedding planning concerns and see how a Florida Destination Wedding is easier and more affordable than you think.


Top Florida Destination Wedding Planning Concerns:

  1.  Destination-Unknown: Whether Clearwater Beach is on your frequent flyer destination list or you’re a first time visitor, these beautiful beaches are what wedding dreams are made of.  These Florida Destination Wedding photos in Clearwater Beach speak volumes. Don’t believe it? Well, Trip Advisor also agrees that Clearwater Beach is a pretty sweet spot.
  2. Coordinating plans: Don’t try to coordinate multiple vendors and hours of stressful emails and phone calls. Your Florida Beach Wedding Company takes care of everything for the perfect wedding:
    • Officiant (performs ceremony and provides assistance directing you on how to obtain a marriage license)
    • Photographer
    • Wedding Decor
    • Set Up
    • Break Down
    • Organized itinerary
    • Ideal beach location 
  3. Affordable: All inclusive means less out of pocket expenses. Your Florida Beach Wedding offers affordable beach wedding packages with no hidden fees or costs. In addition, multiple airports are within an hour or two which allows for cheap airfare. 
  4. Affordable Part 2: Honeymoon/Vacation: Finally, you’re honeymoon and your guests’ vacations are a built in bonus when choosing a Florida Destination Wedding. Hence, no additional travel expenses. The list of things to do in Clearwater Beach is extensive, beautiful and affordable hotels abound, and consequently a perfectly intimate beach wedding experience allows you to escape to a tropical paradise! 

If you’re looking for a relaxing, stress free, and beautiful atmosphere, a Florida Destination Wedding is right for you! Book here!