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Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings are a destination bride’s dream. With soft white sand, beautiful dunes and amazing views of the Ponce Inlet lighthouse, you can’t go wrong. Your guests will show up to your beautiful beach wedding ceremony to find a nice ocean breeze, white cap waves and soft white sand. You will get to make your unforgettable grand entrance on one of the beautiful wooden walkways as your partner catches a glance of you from the dunes. This not only makes for the perfect first look moment, but unforgettable photos.

As driving on the beach is allowed in this location, you can have guests that would have a harder time getting down easily dropped off right at your beach wedding ceremony. Ponce Inlet is a beautiful Florida beach and an easy choice for your to say your vows in 2020.

We recommend adding our photography for your Ponce Inlet Beach Wedding ceremony if you wish to take full advantage of all this special beach has to offer. With beautiful white cap waves and natural dunes plus views of the lighthouse, you won’t want to miss these incredible photo opportunities. Our photographers know all of the perfect spots that must be captured to show off the beauty of your wedding day. The emerald ocean, the reflection, the towering dunes, the fluffy clouds and lighthouse in the background and so much more. Subtle, pink and blue sunsets complete your wedding photography at the end of your special day.

Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings with a sunset feel and views of the lighthouse.

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Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings and Recommendations

This location is great for smaller wedding parties as you do not have a large parking lot for your guests. Any of our beach wedding packages look great in Ponce Inlet. Daytona Beach is home to many well known hotels that are truly right on the beachfront . Stay on the beautiful beaches and enjoy great views, the pool deck with views of the sea, and of course the Atlantic Ocean all while prepping for and celebrating your special day. The shores resort and Spa is just a quick drive to the beach where you will be having your ceremony. The shores has a great pool deck, beautiful rooms and is located right on the ocean! Looking to have a nice reception dinner after your Florida beach wedding ceremony? Off the Hook Raw Bar and Grille in Ponce Inlet is less than a 5 minute drive away. Enjoy watching the sun set over the river and fresh seafood with your guests.  

Paradise Just South of Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet FAQs

Do I Need a permit for a Ponce Inlet Beach Wedding?
No. We love how this allows you to keep the cost of your Daytona Beach wedding at an affordable price!
Is there a place for a reception in the area?
Yes! While Ponce Inlet is one of the smaller areas in Daytona Beach, we recommend checking out Off the Hook Raw Bar and Grille. 

If you are looking for a reception hall, the Ponce Inlet Community Center is an affordable and nice location. You can bring in your own food and drinks, decor, DJ, cake, etc..and have a full wedding reception following your ceremony. 

Can I have my wedding behind my private beach house?
Depending on the location of your beach house, we may be able to perform your ceremony right on the beach behind your house. Contact us with the exact address and the beach wedding package you are interested in for more details. 

Ponce Inlet Beach Wedding

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Nautical Knot Beach Wedding Package
Destiny Beach Wedding Package with couple
Distinctive Design Beach Wedding package with couple

Ponce Inlet Beach Elopements

If you are planning a Daytona Beach Elopement ceremony and are looking for a serene beach to have it on, Ponce Inlet is your location. Our Simply Beach Wedding Package has everything you need for your elopement ceremony on the beach to be a success. We include a wedding officiant, bamboo canopy, sand ceremony, ceremony photographer and more. With all of the beauty that comes with Ponce Inlet, you are sure to feel like you entered a tropical paradise. Our Simply Deluxe package takes your elopement up to the next level. We include chairs for your guests and music for the bride to walk down the aisle to. 

Nautical Knot Package

  • Our most affordable beach wedding package that includes all of the traditional elements of a ceremony
  • Three post bamboo canopy draped in two of your color choices
  • Chairs with your choice of colored sash
  • music played on our PA system for the ceremony
  • officiant to perform your ceremony
  • so much more. Check out the details here.

Destiny Package

Our Destiny beach wedding package is the ideal package for the bride that loves to customize. We have the most options for you to choose with this package. You get to choose your two color choices for the full bamboo canopy, your choice from our wide variety of canopy toppers, aisle-way choices, ceremony music choices, chair sash color choice and more. Check out all the details here. 

What is the difference between the Destiny and Nautical Knot Package? The Destiny Package includes a full bamboo canopy, more aisle-way choices, more included music choices, more canopy floral choices, and more chairs. 





Distinctive Design Packages

If you are looking for a Daytona Beach wedding package that is “Pinterest” worthy, check out our Distinctive Design packages. We include upgraded bamboo, elegant draping, dramatic aisle-ways, extra floral arrangements, deluxe white chairs, upgraded sand ceremony and much more. No detail has gone unnoticed in these packages. Check out our Distinctive Designs by visiting our Florida Beach Wedding Packages page.