Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Ideas

You’ve seen the evolution of bridesmaids dresses. From ’50s lindy to ’70s mod polyester to ’80s shiny satin with matching colored shoes. Yep, that happened. But no matter the trend or the style, every beach bride should have the same goal: happy, beautiful bridesmaids by her side. So these tips will guide you as you search for the perfect beach wedding bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party.

Beach wedding couple cheers underneath teal fabric arch

Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Attire

One size fits all? Not!

This is often the biggest challenge. Short, tall, skinny, curvy, apple shaped, pear shaped. How can you find a dress to suit them all? A line dresses are one of the most universally flattering dress types and perfect in length for a beach wedding. High-low hemlines are also compliment most body types. The high-low also will keep your bridesmaids cool with a flirty, fun flare. If you only have 1 or 2 bridesmaids, get their input on what they feel comfortable in too!


Breathable, flowy fabrics are the best option. Most of the time sleeves will be too hot. Halters, spaghetti straps, and off the shoulder will be breezy and cool when paired with the best fabric for an ocean ceremony. Read more about bridal tips and fabric options here. 

Bridesmaids and Bride laughing on Daytona Beach


Short/A length dresses are your best bet. Long dresses can work too, but be sure it’s a tulle/chiffon-like fabric to avoid getting stuck in the sand. And consider sandals or bare feet when making any alterations. We love the bridesmaids featured in the photo below who have chosen the necklines and sleeves they prefer on each dress. Yet, the whole bridal party has a cohesive look that complements the bride and maybe even her wedding package decor…just the way it should be! The bride pictured just below chose the Coral Distinctive Design package for her ceremony. We also see pictured Sea Green which our Jacksonville Bride chose.

Bridesmaids with bride on Daytona Beach

Bridesmaids in short dresses on Daytona Beach

Jacksonville Beach bridesmaids pose together


Brides, there is so much choice regarding color this coming year. As you can see by our own Florida Beach Wedding photos, coral and fuchsia continue to be popular and are oh so pretty with beach blues. However, Teal combined with other colors continue to gain in popular: hence our Teal Distinctive Design all-inclusive wedding package. Check out The Knot’s vision for some beautiful beach wedding color combos.

Three Bridesmaids smile in St. Augustine Beach

Price Point

Consider your crowd here. If your girlfriends are taking time off work to help prepare for your wedding and possible travel, keep the financial burden at a minimum. You can often get inspiration from top name brands and find an equally stylish look for less under from another more affordable company.

4 bridesmaids in pink satin stand with beach bride


 So shoes are easy. Barefoot or cute barefoot sandals are both practical footwear choices. No need for sandals that will flip sand everywhere or become buried treasure. Fun and beach-y hair pins or other jewelry could double as a sweet bridal party gift. And why not a playful beachball for the wedding photography session?

Ready to book your beach wedding date in Florida? Get ready to bring your beach bridesmaids down to the sun and the sea and say, “I do!” Contact our planners today.

Why Hire a Beach Wedding Planner?

So you said, “Yes!” and now it’s on to the next set of decisions: multiple lists of wedding plans and contacts, budgeting and to-dos. You’ve decided on a beach wedding, but now what? Is it worth hiring a beach wedding planner and what does a beach wedding planner even do? Let’s break down the top 5 reasons for hiring a beach wedding planner.

A bride and groom celebrate their Daytona Beach Weddings at the Shores resort and spa.

  1. Affordable: Most brides tend to think of D.I.Y. weddings as the most affordable option. However, with Florida Beach Weddings you pay one affordable price with no hidden fees. You won’t be left with much to do besides show up the day of your wedding. Save your money on beach decor and tedious hours planning. We’ve been planning dream beach weddings for over a decade (since 2007 in fact). Our efficient practices allow our beach wedding planning services to stay well within your budget.
  2. Destination Known: While the majority of beach weddings are destination weddings, many couples may be unfamiliar with beach locations. We perform weddings on the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast. Our beach wedding planners can tell you which beach are the best during tides, highly sought after photography locations, beaches with free parking and those with fees, permits, handicap accessibility, drive and no drive zones.
  3. One Stop Shop: Florida Beach Weddings prides itself on two things: affordability and stress free weddings. We can provide all the services you will need for the day of your wedding in one place for one price. Officiant, wedding photographer, set up and break down, ceremony decor: you choose the details, customize it and we make it happen. This means you won’t be worrying and wasting time contacting dozens of vendors throughout planning and the day of your ceremony. So easy!
  4. After Party: Whether you’re looking to throw a huge party or enjoy an intimate celebratory meal at a wedding reception venue, our Florida Beach Weddings specialists can guide and help you find the perfect spot. With many years of planning beach ceremonies, we have found the services and venues that our couples are looking for. We want your wedding day to be perfect from start to finish and have the experience to make your dreams come true.
  5. Relaxation: So hiring a beach wedding planner is affordable, reputable, and professional. This means you get to relax and enjoy the beach wedding vacation you deserve. Take the extra money you’ll save by hiring the Florida Beach Weddings company and splurge on a couples massage or buy the wedding party an extra round of frozen cocktails on the beach.

Small Florida beach wedding ceremonies

Reasons to Elope to Daytona Beach in 2021

It’s called “world famous.” But why? People have been attracted to Daytona Beach for decades. But just what is it that keeps people coming back for more? This “top 5” list will guide you to some of the top rated reasons couples chose this area for beach weddings and entertainment.

Couple embraces in the sea after wedding on Daytona Beach.

1. The Beach

It’s true Florida has an abundance of beaches…and they are all different and beautiful. But we aren’t alone in our thinking that Daytona Beach is pretty awesome! So whether you are ready to dive in and swim in the warm, clear ocean or simply stroll along the beachfront, the salty air is calling your name! Many people don’t know there are a variety of unique beach venues along the Daytona Beach coastline: Ormond Beach with its cinnamon sand, Daytona Beach which is perfect for driving and biking on, Daytona Beach Shores which is a little quieter but with many hotel options for your reception, Wilbur-By-The-Sea (no driving on this beach), and serene Ponce Inlet. These are all our top ceremony sites: and these beaches are perfect for family activities if you bring children along. Something magical happens when you visit the Atlantic ocean, so get ready!

Bridal family jumping on sand in Daytona Beach

2. Sunrise and Golden Hour

While you can experience some form of the sunrise from just about anywhere on earth, there is something about a Daytona Beach sunrise that will still your soul and wow your senses. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this point. Getting married during the sunset hour on the Atlantic coast can be just as magical as the west coast. The pink, peach and golden tones stretch across the sky from the west to provide an unforgettable backdrop for your beach wedding photographs.

Sunrise on Daytona Beach, FL

Couple sits in the surf in Atlantic after beach wedding in Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet Beach Sunset

3. Riding on the Beach

Beach cruisers, scooter and  bicycles are one totally enjoyable way to experience Daytona Beach. But the cruising isn’t just for the bicycles. Daytona Beach is amongst the few beaches that allows cars to drive on the sand. So roll down the windows, play some tunes and take it all in! Beach carts, electric bikes, or scooters are all fun ways to get around on Daytona Beach. With 23 miles of firm, sandy beaches, Daytona Beach provides plenty of room to ride bikes right on the beachfront. You can take the family for a fun ride any time of day, providing the tide is out. Biking on the beach is the perfect way to spend time together before or after your beach wedding. The couple pictured below rides their bikes during their stay at the Nautilus Inn near the Daytona Beach Pier.

Couple rides bikes on Daytona Beach

4. Surf and Sea

The east coast of Florida is known for it’s slightly bigger, more powerful waves in comparison to the west coast. So what does this mean for travelers? Surf’s up, dudes! Get your adrenaline flowing with a unique Daytona Beach surf lesson or grab a body board and hit the waves. And if the water is calm, stand up paddle boarding will have you feeling on top of the ocean world! Or just try jumping the waves with the kids! When the tide is out, the beaches will be left with delightful pockets of clear, warm saltwater which is perfect for little ones to wade and play in. If you want to see the sandy shoreline and ocean waves from another perspective, a fishing charter is a fun way to take to sea. If you’re lucky, you may even bring back fish dinner. Doesn’t get an fresher than that!

Two surfers in Atlantic on Daytona Beach

Ponce Inlet Beach Tide Out on cloudy day

5. Cheaper Weddings

It doesn’t matter what size wedding ceremony you are planning, and if you are eloping to Florida, you can’t beat the wedding package prices on the Atlantic coast. The smallest elopement ceremony for just the two of you, Daytona Heart in the Sand, costs only $599 if you get married Monday-Thursday! For many of our eloping couples, Wilbur-By-The-Sea is one of our most popular small wedding venues because of the white sand and there’s no driving on the beach. Slightly larger elopements, for the couple getting married, and up to four guests can choose the Simply Florida Package which is all-inclusive with a natural bamboo wedding arch and starts at $699 on weekdays.

Daytona Beach Couple married heart in sand made of flowers

For large weddings, Daytona Beach is still the cheapest option. The Classic Distinctive Design below is neutral and breathtaking with all the bells and whistles below costs $1750 and that is for 32 guests!

White draped bamboo wedding arch on Daytona Beach with white guest chairs

Or choose our extremely popular Rustic Romance package for $1650 which again includes everything you need to have a successful and complete wedding day on the beach. This photo was taken on Daytona Beach Shores.

Romantic Bohemian Beach wedding decor in Daytona by the ocean

Wedding couple kisses in the surf of the Atlantic in Daytona Beach

Are you ready to come explore the Atlantic coast? Click HERE to book your Daytona Beach wedding date today!

Pretty in Ponce Inlet Beach

Tucked away from busy, everyday life there is a hidden gem of a town, Ponce Inlet. Situated just a few miles south of Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet is a much quieter, more preserved version of it’s bustling neighbor: the “world famous” beach. That being said there are still days worth of exploring and fun within this quaint beachfront town. With emerald water so clear you can see through the warm rolling waves and white sand, you might think you are closer to the Bahamas than Florida! Ponce Inlet provides opportunities to see manatees, dolphins frolicking close by and manta rays swimming by your side. As the fluffy white clouds billow offshore, you and your beloved just might decide to stay forever after your wedding on the beach…and who could blame you? But if you can break away from the sun and sea, then grab your sneakers, appetite for fun and let’s explore Ponce Inlet Beach!

Wedding Couple kisses on sand walkway to Ponce Inlet Beach

Top 5 Things to do in Ponce Inlet

One of the coolest things about this list is you could do them all without any transportation besides your own two feet! Now if you’re planning a summer Ponce Inlet wedding, you will likely still want to drive and soak up some A/C in between stops. Let’s explore Ponce Inlet and why it is pretty perfect!

Child runs on sand at Ponce Inlet Beach Florida with seagulls

1. Ponce Inlet Jetty

There aren’t many places quite like Ponce Inlet Jetty. You can actually walk along a paved sidewalk atop the jetty for about 100 yards. The views are like no other with a variety of boats passing by. It’s like you’re walking on water. The jetty itself is free. Parking at the Lighthouse Park runs $10. Public bathrooms, picnic tables, a wooden walkway through the dunes, all make for a perfect beach adventure! The water is the clearest in this area: watch the fish shimmer in the sun as you take a swim. You can even get married at this park with the lighthouse in the background!

Ponce Inlet Beach jetty walkway at sunset with view of lighthouse

2. Ponce Preserve

You don’t need extreme survival skills to hike this trail. However, the views and peacefulness at Ponce Preserve are well worth any trek. You can walk through a shaded path to a lookout tower with a beautiful ocean view. Continue a little further to a beach access point. Walk in the opposite direction and you can journey down the boardwalk to the Intracoastal river. At its heart is the Green Mound State Archaeological Site, an ancient Indian midden. At the base of the Green Mound is a live oak estimated to be more than 350 years old. It’s the perfect spot to reconnect with your significant other and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are staying in the area for your honeymoon, why not share a romantic moment and watch the sun rise together.

Aerial view of Ponce inlet Beach, Florida

live oak at ponce preserve, FL

3. Marine Science Center

A fun spot for animal lovers, kids and grown ups alike! The Marine Science Center is an awesome place to visit for an hour or two. You can pet sting rays (don’t worry, they’re harmless), observe gorgeous tropical fish tanks, learn about the turtle rehabilitation and view sea turtles, visit the aviary, and more! And there’s a fun gift shop with perfect souvenirs to remember your Florida Beach Wedding by!

Ponce Marine Science Center entrance sign

4. Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Tie your sneakers and get ready for some spectacular views! Climb 203 steps to the top of the 175 foot tall lighthouse. The views of the ocean, beach, and surrounding cities of New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach is breathtaking! Trekking to the top is well worth the effort — and when you come back down explore in the on-site museum and light station. The Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station is one of only 11 lighthouses on the National Historic Landmark list.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Florida for weddings

5. Off the Hook

Looking for a place to get some delicious fresh seafood (or a burger for you non-seafood lovers out there)?  Off the Hook offers delicious food and an atmosphere that matches the Florida vibe. Picture yourself: sitting on the water, sunset watchin’, cold drink in hand, and maybe even a dolphin show in the river if you’re lucky! Sounds like a date!

Off the Hook restaurant aerial view, Ponce Inlet, FL

So what complete beach wedding packages work best with a Ponce Inlet seaside wedding? Our staff recommends these ocean themed decorations:

The Beach Bliss Distinctive Design with navy and gold decor is perfect with the sky, the sand and the sea. Hanging starfish lanterns, flowers, nautical rope and a large decorated “chalkboard” sign announcing the new couple is stunning, along with a chilled water station for your guests. You can even change the materials colors if you like.

Bliss beach wedding arch in blue and gold with white chairs

Another favorite is the Teal Distinctive Design. Nothing says “ocean” like vibrant teal flowers, greenery and bamboo. White resin chairs and chalkboard sign announce your marriage, along with the convenient addition of chilled water for your wedding guests. 

At a Florida Beach Wedding this couple has their first kiss with a teal wedding arch

Okay, now you know how to enjoy this pretty and pleasant beachfront venue. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that getting married on Ponce Inlet Beach is pretty darn awesome too! 🙂 Click HERE to book your beach wedding today!

Ponce Inlet Beach walkway to sand and ocean view




Ponce Inlet Beach Wedding Photos

Ultimate Bride Guide: Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination wedding planning time! So you’ve decided on a beach wedding in Florida and of course you want to invite your friends and family. And planning a destination wedding is a stress free experience with the Beach Wedding Specialists at the Florida Beach Weddings company. So give your guests the same stress free beach experience by following these easy destination wedding invitations tips!

African American wedding couple kissing on Daytona Beach

  • Timing: You know the old saying, “Timing is everything.” Well a late invite could have your destination beach wedding more like a VERY quiet elopement. Give guests PLENTY of time to save and plan for your destination wedding. The real truth is lots of folks won’t make travel arrangements until they get an honest-to-goodness invite. So if a lot of people are going to have to travel for your wedding, sending the invitations out 3-4 months in advance will be a greatly appreciated. (And trust me, nobody will forget about the wedding because you sent them a little early.)
  • Are you having a pre-wedding cocktail party or other event such as a rehearsal dinner? Don’t forget to include those details.
  • A destination wedding is an especially good time to utilize a “Save the Date” card. Check out these cute postcards or magnets

Teal save the date cards for a beach wedding

To Paper or Not to Paper: That is the question. You can save money with a paperless invite from Evite and Greenvelope; some are even free! They even have some great beach wedding themed Evites. You can also do this for “Save the Dates” and follow-up with paper. Just make sure paper and pencil guests (ahem, Grandma and  Grandpa) have access and information! You can even get romantic, beach-themed invitations from Etsy: a sunset, sandy beach, tropical flowers or starfish will be hard for your guests to turn down!

Wedding invitations with a beach theme and starfish design

Content: Be sure to include all the traditional wedding invitation information, of course. Rather than being super-formal, just address people by the names they actually use. The key to remember is to clearly communicate the who, what, where, and when for your destination wedding. If you’re sending out save-the-dates, put your wedding website (if you have one) on them to get your guests even more interested in your special day. When you send out your formal invitation out later, include the wedding website information again…we all get so much information so another link doesn’t hurt! 

You may also need to add hotel/travel information. Let guests know the best ways to get there, when flights to your destination go on sale, and links to places to stay – you might even want to book reasonably-priced accommodation for your guests and then ask them to reimburse you. A fun idea is to arrange welcome gift bags for them on arrival with items that they can enjoy during their stay.

White wedding favor bag with beach shells on it

Most importantly include specific instructions/directions for getting to your beach wedding ceremony site. Your Florida Beach Weddings Specialist will provide you with a complete, detailed agenda with landmarks for you to communicate to your guests. Guests should arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony time. We often tell our couples to have someone act as a “guest liaison” so that the bride and groom are not held up with last minutes texts or phone calls. 

Couple walks down aisle at beach wedding in Siesta Key, FL

Gifts: “Our guests are already spending so much money traveling to our destination wedding…or we don’t need anything.” This a common concern for many modern couples so what should you do? What is the best wording to use to discourage gifts or steer guests toward a different kind of gift? Avoid printing “no gifts” on the invitation. Instead, you can carefully word the invitation with a cute message. Here’s some fun wording from Pinterest that you can include on a separate card asking them to contribute to a possible honeymoon fund.

Wishing well gift card for wedding use

Inviting guests to a Hometown reception after your destination wedding
Are you planning a hometown reception after your beach wedding? If you have only invited a small number of guests to your destination ceremony, you may wish to have this type of party upon returning home. You’ll need to send an invitation for your hometown reception that also serves as an announcement for your destination wedding. Here is an example of how to do this:

They got their feet wet in the sea and the sun
They exchanged their rings and had some fun
Jane & Jon
were joined together in marriage
on July 13, 2021 at Treasure Island, FL
In celebration of their union, please join us for
a post destination wedding reception
on August 22, 2021 at 3:30 PM

Design Time: Now for the really fun part…choosing your invitation design. There is no shortage of creative and beautiful beach wedding invitations designs.The ideal destination wedding invitation will excite your guests so they say, “Yes, we’re coming” and book their flight! You can also send them a preview of the beach wedding package you have chosen in an email or link, and photos of the destination wedding location whether it is St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach near Orlando, or one of our perfect Gulf beach wedding venues near Tampa (Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete, Venice Beach).

Couple kissing under floral beach wedding arch St. Augustine FL

Rustic Romance wedding in St. Augustine

It’s time to find the perfect wedding invitation design and get ready to fill in all your special day details. Click here to secure your ceremony date for your Florida Beach Wedding today!