Beach Wedding Welcome: A Party You Can Be Proud Of

So you’re about to get married on the beach: a dream come true with your friends and family. They’ve likely traveled a bit to get to your destination wedding so why not put them at ease with a Beach Wedding Welcome Party before the special day? It’s a great way for everyone to relax, mix and mingle before you tie the knot. We know you haven’t had much stress while planning your beach ceremony (planning is so easy), but still excitement and anticipation are high. Here are some tips to help everyone unwind before the big event.

Kissing bride and groom on Siesta Key beach

Tips for an Amazing Beach Wedding Welcome Party

Most likely you will be using a restaurant near your chosen beach location or a hotel party room. No matter where you host your welcome wedding party, you can make it memorable. Bеасh wеddіngѕ аrе usually mоrе саѕuаl аnd lеѕѕ fоrmаl thаn оthеr tуреѕ оf traditional wеddіngs, although still stunning like this Floral Distinctive Design wedding on St. Augustine beach below. Ѕо you can take the pressure off by having everyone dress for relaxation.

Couple gets married on St. Augustine beach by seaoats

Grazing Tables

Everyone loves a charcuterie board, like the one below from Tastes Better From Scratch. A grazing table is ususally a large table with beautifully displayed meats, cheeses, nuts, jams, crackers, etc. for your guests to ‘graze’ while enjoying the cocktail hour. No, you don’t have to do it yourself: it can be ordered!

Charcuterie Board for Wedding party

Serve Lighter Food

Choose foods that are flavorful, and prepared in a variety of creative ways. Ocean foods such as fish tacos are always delightful, or a dip. Think of wraps or sliders. A good idea might be mini burgers as appetizers and fresh salads. Why not something like the Blackened Shrimp Avocado Cucumber Bites shown below. Be sure to offer your guests fresh non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic cocktails. As the bride, you may wish to sip sparkling water to keep you skin fresh and ready for your special day!

Shrimp bites for ocean party by the beach

Fruit and Beach Themed Dishes

Smaller beach weddings also offer the opportunity for some fun food ideas with a tropical theme. Even pizza is go, no formal tables necessary for an intimate wedding. You can have a watermelon fruit bowl shaped like a shark with melon balls inside, or other food or dips in seaside themed dishes if that’s something you love. Why not some pineapples that look like palm trees like this one from Pinterest? Unforgettable at a destination wedding!

Palm tree pineapples and fruit for wedding guests

Personalize your Party

Your wеddіng welcome party can be matched to your wedding package thеmе which will delight fаmіlіеѕ аnd frіеndѕ. Are you having a blue wedding like the Shades of the Ocean Destiny Package pictured below, a neutral wedding or perhaps tropical wedding? Small, lovely favors that guests can take away as memorable gifts are appropriate at a beach theme party like this…shell and pebble candles are a good example. You can also have guests sign a large card or keepsake book with their best wedding wishes for you and your beloved.

Destiny bamboo wedding altar on Daytona Beach

Beachy Cocktails

Another fun thing you can do if you are having your welcome party at a hotel is оffеr ѕіgnаturе drіnkѕ based on your seaside wedding theme or chosen beach location. For instance, Siesta Key has a signature spiced rum that has won awards, distilled in Sarasota. How about a tropical cocktail that has the color of the sea: a Blue Margarita, with blue curaçao. It reminds us of the Gulf water in St. Pete! For non-alcoholic options, how about the Fuzzless Navel? This is a thirst-quenching tropical drink that all ages can enjoy with a combination of peach nectar and orange juice poured over ice and garnished with slices of citrus fruit. Add this to your Daytona Beach wedding welcome party and have some fun!

Bridesmaids funny faces on beach with bride by ocean

So after the welcome party is over, it’s time for the real party to start. The wedding day that is! Click here to book your affordable Beach Wedding! We offer vow renewals, beach elopements, commitment ceremonies. We are a Couples Choice® Winner. Compare beaches and plan your Florida beach ceremony today.


Ultimate Bride Guide: Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination wedding planning time! So you’ve decided on a beach wedding in Florida and of course you want to invite your friends and family. And planning a destination wedding is a stress free experience with the Beach Wedding Specialists at the Florida Beach Weddings company. So give your guests the same stress free beach experience by following these easy destination wedding invitations tips!

African American wedding couple kissing on Daytona Beach

  • Timing: You know the old saying, “Timing is everything.” Well a late invite could have your destination beach wedding more like a VERY quiet elopement. Give guests PLENTY of time to save and plan for your destination wedding. The real truth is lots of folks won’t make travel arrangements until they get an honest-to-goodness invite. So if a lot of people are going to have to travel for your wedding, sending the invitations out 3-4 months in advance will be a greatly appreciated. (And trust me, nobody will forget about the wedding because you sent them a little early.)
  • Are you having a pre-wedding cocktail party or other event such as a rehearsal dinner? Don’t forget to include those details.
  • A destination wedding is an especially good time to utilize a “Save the Date” card. Check out these cute postcards or magnets

Teal save the date cards for a beach wedding

To Paper or Not to Paper: That is the question. You can save money with a paperless invite from Evite and Greenvelope; some are even free! They even have some great beach wedding themed Evites. You can also do this for “Save the Dates” and follow-up with paper. Just make sure paper and pencil guests (ahem, Grandma and  Grandpa) have access and information! You can even get romantic, beach-themed invitations from Etsy: a sunset, sandy beach, tropical flowers or starfish will be hard for your guests to turn down!

Wedding invitations with a beach theme and starfish design

Content: Be sure to include all the traditional wedding invitation information, of course. Rather than being super-formal, just address people by the names they actually use. The key to remember is to clearly communicate the who, what, where, and when for your destination wedding. If you’re sending out save-the-dates, put your wedding website (if you have one) on them to get your guests even more interested in your special day. When you send out your formal invitation out later, include the wedding website information again…we all get so much information so another link doesn’t hurt! 

You may also need to add hotel/travel information. Let guests know the best ways to get there, when flights to your destination go on sale, and links to places to stay – you might even want to book reasonably-priced accommodation for your guests and then ask them to reimburse you. A fun idea is to arrange welcome gift bags for them on arrival with items that they can enjoy during their stay.

White wedding favor bag with beach shells on it

Most importantly include specific instructions/directions for getting to your beach wedding ceremony site. Your Florida Beach Weddings Specialist will provide you with a complete, detailed agenda with landmarks for you to communicate to your guests. Guests should arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony time. We often tell our couples to have someone act as a “guest liaison” so that the bride and groom are not held up with last minutes texts or phone calls. 

Couple walks down aisle at beach wedding in Siesta Key, FL

Gifts: “Our guests are already spending so much money traveling to our destination wedding…or we don’t need anything.” This a common concern for many modern couples so what should you do? What is the best wording to use to discourage gifts or steer guests toward a different kind of gift? Avoid printing “no gifts” on the invitation. Instead, you can carefully word the invitation with a cute message. Here’s some fun wording from Pinterest that you can include on a separate card asking them to contribute to a possible honeymoon fund.

Wishing well gift card for wedding use

Inviting guests to a Hometown reception after your destination wedding
Are you planning a hometown reception after your beach wedding? If you have only invited a small number of guests to your destination ceremony, you may wish to have this type of party upon returning home. You’ll need to send an invitation for your hometown reception that also serves as an announcement for your destination wedding. Here is an example of how to do this:

They got their feet wet in the sea and the sun
They exchanged their rings and had some fun
Jane & Jon
were joined together in marriage
on July 13, 2021 at Treasure Island, FL
In celebration of their union, please join us for
a post destination wedding reception
on August 22, 2021 at 3:30 PM

Design Time: Now for the really fun part…choosing your invitation design. There is no shortage of creative and beautiful beach wedding invitations designs.The ideal destination wedding invitation will excite your guests so they say, “Yes, we’re coming” and book their flight! You can also send them a preview of the beach wedding package you have chosen in an email or link, and photos of the destination wedding location whether it is St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach near Orlando, or one of our perfect Gulf beach wedding venues near Tampa (Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete, Venice Beach).

Couple kissing under floral beach wedding arch St. Augustine FL

Rustic Romance wedding in St. Augustine

It’s time to find the perfect wedding invitation design and get ready to fill in all your special day details. Click here to secure your ceremony date for your Florida Beach Wedding today!

Kid Friendly Wedding in Clearwater Beach: Fun for Children

Whether it’s your own child(ren) or those of your friends/family, don’t overlook the importance of planning for kids on your beach wedding day. You’ll want your flower girl, ring bearer or other cute little guests remembered for all the right reasons. Not because they were crying, throwing sand, or partaking in other beach mayhem! So we have some tricks to help your wedding day run smoother than a baby’s bottom. 😉 Oh, and the kids will surely have a great time too with these kid-friendly beach wedding tips, including fun places to visit after the special day.

How To Plan For a Kid Friendly Beach Wedding 

We have broken up these kid friendly tips into 3 categories: pre-ceremony, during, and post wedding. Most often moms and dads bring their own bag of tricks for use during the wedding. But what about when it’s time to take photos after the wedding? Or those last few antsy minutes before the ceremony starts? Well, here goes:


The key here is don’t use up all your tricks before the bride walks down the aisle. You are getting ready for a ceremony with a restless, bouncy kid, who naturally will want to frolic and play on the beach. To deal with that pre-wedding energy:

  • Go for a Walk –  Ask the officiant or photographer approximately how long until the ceremony starts. Go for a walk/run in the sand to burn off some inherent kid energy. Stay within viewing distance of the ceremony site and be prepared to get back to your seats within a minute or two. If the child is in the wedding, it’s not advised to wander off on a walk. However, a run around in the nearby sand or some energy-burning movement is encouraged. The minutes leading up to the ceremony is a great time for a game of “I spy” or “Simon Says.” 
  • Snack Time – A healthy(ish) snack before the wedding is a great way to keep kids happy. Don’t choose something that’s going to stain, spill, or cause a mess. Goldfish, pretzels, apple slices, raisins, and Cheerios all make for the perfect nibble pre-wedding. 
  • Pep Talk – Talk to kids so they know what to expect once the wedding begins. Kids are more likely to behave when they have a clear set of expectations and timeline. Let them know they are expected to be quiet, stay seated, and there is nothing wrong with a little incentive (incentive = politically corrected word for a bribe). The promise of a lollipop or bubbles post ceremony can be a great motivator. Now, kids under 2 may not understand the idea of waiting for a reward or understand the rules laid out, so more on that. But kids around 3 and up will totally understand. Kids in the wedding ceremony should have a clear understanding of what they will be during and where to walk/stand/sit during the wedding. Don’t assume anything here!

Things to Do During the Wedding

It is NOT the bride or groom’s responsibility to be managing ANY childcare DURING the ceremony (biological kids or otherwise). This is YOUR wedding day. Holding a crying baby while exchanging vows is unromantic, impersonal, and quite frankly, unfair to your spouse. So plan for someone to be the “emergency” helper (preferably non-wedding party member). There will be plenty of time afterwards to include your child in your special day including wedding photos.

Now there are a few different ideas here and the strategies for keeping kids quiet and content during the ceremony differs with t;heir age.

kid friendly beach wedding

  • Babies (non crawlers or walkers)- The biggest task here is keeping baby happy. This means the caretaker will need to be in a position to stand, sit, bounce, or walk away with minimal distraction. Preferably the back row(s) on an end. Bottles, cereal puffs, pre-chopped food, quiet toys, pacifiers should be on hand, at all times! DO NOT keep a miserable crying baby at the ceremony site- take a hike (literally, down the beach) Happy baby = Happy bride! 🙂
  • Crawlers/Toddlers– Same goes for above. A clean, quiet snack (no crinkly wrappers or crunchy bites) or noise free toys are a great way to keep the little ones content and quiet. Even a shovel and bucket is a great toy to have on hand for easy entertainment. DO NOT expect a young toddler to sit for the entirety of the ceremony. So whatever keeps that little one happy, bring it, pack it, use it! Expect the best, prepare for the worst.
  • Young kids– Kids ages 4 and up should be able to sit through the ceremony (averaging 10-15 minute) without a hitch. A coloring book or sticker book and paper pad are easy, quiet kid tools to bring along though just in case.
  • NO TECHNOLOGY– Avoid iPads, iPhones, Leap Pads, and all other screens during a wedding. Unexpected alerts and sound effects can be very distracting. And, even if silenced, are just a distraction to other guests. Not to mention the whole sand/water mess factor.  

After the Wedding

Whew! You did it, you made it through your vows. No criers, no screamers, no bored kids. You and your kid(s) deserve a pat on the back!

  • Reward good behavior– Bubbles, lollipops, a kite. Find something fun for the little ones. They just sat through a (un-exciting from a kid perspective) event and now it’s time to do what kids do best. PLAY! 
  • Photo-ready. There will probably be a few wedding photographs with the kids so, again, remind the kids of the expectations. Smile nicely, listen to the photographer, and it will likely be quick and painless! They will delight in these pictures when they grow up and look back at your special day.
  • You did it! That’s about it. Run in the sand and celebrate the day!

At this Beach Wedding in Clearwater, Florida the happy couple takes their first family photo.

Family Friendly Things To Do in Clearwater Beach

In the days before and after the ceremony, there are plenty of entertaining activities for children in the Clearwater/Tampa area.

  • The most popular area of Clearwater Beach is Pier 60 which has many activities for kids right off the pier, with street performers, craft booths and a sunset cinema under the stars. There is also an amazing beach playground. These activities are free and open to the public.
  • Next up is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This is home to “Winter the Dolphin” who made an appearance in the movie “Dolphin Tale.” You can tour the aquarium, and there animal encounters that allow you to get up close and personal with dolphins, sharks, otters and pelicans.
  • For family cruise that includes music, games and friendly pirates aboard their ship, the Pirates Ransom is entertainment that all ages can enjoy. Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise includes fantasy world of swashbucklers and pirates. The two-hour trip along the Intracoastal Waterway and Gulf of Mexico includes complimentary lemonade, soft drinks, beer and wine.
  • Don’t forget adventure mini-golf: this one comes with live gators! Congo River Golf has giant waterfalls and rocky summits, mysterious caves and tropical rainforests. Travel to a world of excitement and family fun with Congo River Golf, voted best miniature golf again and again.
  • Of course in nearby Tampa, don’t forget about Busch Gardens: the ultimate family adventure, featuring an unparalleled combination of up-close animal encounters, award-winning live entertainment and world-class thrill rides. 

Okay, now for the “grown up kids”- if you’re ready to take the next step and tie the knot, take a look at some of our all inclusive beach wedding packages and click HERE to book your Florida Beach Wedding!

Tips for Taking Care of Your Gulf Beach Wedding Guests

When having a Gulf Beach wedding in Florida, you should always make sure that your guests are well-informed. Like a home-town affair, they are counting on you to provide them with all the necessary information they need to attend your ceremony…they don’t want to get lost, be late or come unprepared for your special day!  Remember they will already be excited by the beauty of Florida, especially if you are tying the knot in Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach or Fort Myers Beach. The following are some tips to insure a smooth, successful Florida destination ceremony:

Couple celebrates marriage with toast on Clearwater Beach

  • Provide your guests with the beach arrival time for your wedding ceremony. This is different than your CEREMONY time. For example, if your beach wedding ceremony starts at 5:00 p.m, your guests should arrive no later than 4:45 p.m.  This way, they will be waiting for you to arrive and see your grand entrance, but not be out in the Florida heat too long.
  • Make sure you give them the exact location. In most instances, our beach wedding company has given you not only the beach location address, but an aerial view of this area with landmarks to assist in finding the location. We sincerely hope that you share this with your guests, so they are not calling you as you are getting ready, to find out where your wedding location is. A good idea, however, is to designate someone to take any calls and assist guests, if possible. There is always a last minute detail to take care of!
  • Parking: Parking is NOT reserved, even if we have obtained a necessary beach wedding permit.  In Siesta Key, as well as Lido Beach, Venice Beach, and surrounding Sarasota and Clearwater beaches – parking is almost always an issue. Guests should arrive early, so they can obtain a parking spot, and be able to leisurely walk along the beachfront to the wedding site. Nobody wants to be anxiously driving and looking for a spot as the clock ticks towards the upcoming ceremony!
  • As a Florida Beach Weddings company couple, you enjoy many privileges. You will receive a list of recommended vendors and services around the location of your ceremony. You will be able to find information on free ride services, if your guests want to get dropped off at the beach. As well as local restaurants, and hotels, so they can make their own reservations in the area. Of course there will also be hair, makeup and florist suggestions as well.
  • If you and your partner can arrive a day or two before your ceremony, you should definitely visit the beach venue and become familiar with the area. This way, if there are any questions from your guests, you will be able to answer them knowledgeably and set them at ease. Besides, it is so exciting to see your beach location beforehand and envision your special day!

Sharing a first dance on the beach for their Florida Beach Elopement ceremony

  • You can always make a list of the activities you have planned specifically around your wedding ceremony or vow renewal.  For example, any rehearsal dinner, or get together before the ceremony, the ceremony time, and any reception or dinner plans. This way, they know where they will need to be, and at what time, and then they can plan any of their free time for activities they may want to enjoy: fishing, boating, shopping, just laying on the beach and enjoying the gulf waters. There are several options that you can consider for after the ceremony. You can arrange to take all of your guests out to dinner. Several area restaurants offer private rooms with full service for a wedding supper. Or, for larger parties there are a couple of options for full reception facilities nearby. In Siesta Key, one of the best beaches in Tampa, there are a couple of picnic areas off of the beach. But, this would be for a very informal get-together afterward. On one of the walkways down to the beach, The Gulf Wave Pavilion, can be rented too. This is a great back-up location for a beach wedding on Siesta Key. You would still be under cover, but right off of the beach. You can also rent this pavilion for a reception, but keep in mind, the walkway may still be used for other beach goers to walk on, and off the beach – so I would just suggest this area as a ceremony back-up.

Just providing the above information can make your Florida wedding a great success! For a list of great beach wedding ideas including decor, chair sashes, arbor decorations and more browse our complete packages. Contact us to reserve your date today.

Groom Clearwater Beach Wedding saying vows

Beach Wedding Guests, What They Need to Know

Beach Wedding Guests celebrating the newly married couple at their beach wedding in Florida

Many couples are now planning their 2021 weddings and may be thinking about a Florida destination wedding. You might even be working on your guest list which is always a challenge. Having a Beach Wedding is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. In order to ensure a smooth beach wedding ceremony it is best to make sure your guests are will informed. Below are some helpful tips to help your guests arrive on time, know where to go, and ensure they don’t have to add stress to your special wedding day.

Teal Distinctive Design Package beach wedding with guests in chairs

Teal Distinctive Design Package beach wedding with guests in chairs

  1. Most important: Time of ceremony.  Your guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before your ceremony start time. This allows them plenty of time to get to the beach, find parking, and mingle for a few. TIP: On your invitations put your ceremony start time 15 minutes prior to the actual start time, so you can guarantee your wedding will go off on time. Everybody will be relaxed and ready to watch the bride walk down the aisle!
  2. Location of the beach wedding ceremony. If you are all staying at the same hotel, or rental home on the beach and you just have to walk outside to the beach, great. However, if you are all staying at different locations, or they will be driving in, you need to provide your guests with an exact address of the beach area. Any landmarks, street intersections, etc. that can assist them in getting to the correct beach wedding location will help them navigate unfamiliar streets. Our Florida Beach Weddings company always provides you with detailed information about the beach location, and this can be shared with your guests. You may wish to designate someone as a contact to help with any guest issues that arise prior to the ceremony, for peace of mind.
  3. How to get to the beach wedding ceremony.  As you may know, parking is not always easy to find. We try and provide you with beach wedding location choices that are close to large parking areas to accommodate the size of your wedding guest list. Keep in mind, most parking is paid parking (meters are usually found in the parking lot areas — they take cash, or credit card). Your beach wedding guests should be aware that most of the parking is paid parking, so they can be prepared.
  4. If you, and all of your beach wedding guests, are coming from out of town, you should provide them with a couple of hotel options. Or at least one, if you want everyone to stay at the same hotel.  You may want to contact the hotel directly, and talk to their group sales department. They will be able to  provide you with information about how to block rooms. This usually requires a five to ten room minimum.  You will receive a code to give to your guests when they make their reservation.  If you are having a smaller group, you can provide them a few hotels in the area, and they can make their own reservations. We have hotel recommendations we can share with you after booking your wedding to help you make this decision.
  5. Provide your beach wedding guests with a general timeline of the day of the ceremony. This way, they know how much free time they will have to enjoy the day and what time they will need to arrive for the ceremony. You may also want to let them know about any after ceremony festivities. Such as meeting at a restaurant, or  providing a small reception, etc. Florida Beach Weddings company will provide you with the timelines to facilitate a smooth and happy wedding ceremony.
  6. If your beach wedding guests have never been to the area, you can provide them with some interesting things to do. If you choose to have a Gulf beach wedding in the Tampa area, you have the Florida aquarium.  And, the drive to all the major attractions in Orlando, is only a little over an hour from east coast beaches. Your guests might get lucky and get the chance to see a NASA space launch near Cocoa Beach!
  7. Your wedding guests might be wondering what to wear, especially if they have never visited Florida.  You can tell them to make sure they are cool and comfortable. There are many options to be “dress casual” and still enjoy the beach. For the gentlemen: Polo shirts, linen shirts, khaki pants or shorts, boat shoes or flip flops. For the ladies: Comfortable sun dresses (tip: make sure they aren’t see-through in the sun), dress shorts, cute flat sandals, pumps, or flip flops. If dressing up, great — another hint, if the dress is too short, it may blow “up” in the sea breeze. If you want, you can even give them some color options for those special wedding photos. For example, you can let them know that it would be great if everyone followed a color theme, and give them two to three choices of colors (for example, khaki, coral, and teal) to go with your beach wedding decor.  This gives everyone some type of guidance, and it would make a great, color-coordinated group wedding photo!

If you make sure your beach wedding guests know where your Florida beach wedding will take place, this just means less stress for you. You want the day of your ceremony to be filled with joy and laughter, not stress for yourself or those special people in your life. Our beach wedding specialists are here to help you from booking your date, to choosing a complete wedding package, Florida marriage license, and arriving on the beach for your marriage ceremony. So, remember, an informed beach wedding guest, is a happy guest! 

Congratulations, and we can’t wait to see you, and your special wedding guests, on the beach!

Beach wedding unity sand ceremony on Gulf beaches.


5 Tips for Your Destination Wedding Guests

So planning your destination wedding is one thing. But planning to attend one is a whole other ballgame. And we have the tips to help your destination wedding guests not only enjoy your wedding ceremony, but let them add this to the list of all time favorite vacations. Brides and grooms, this information is geared for you and your guests. So take note and share the love!

These 5 tips will create a smooth, carefree destination wedding experience for you and your guests.

1. Timing is Everything

Siesta Key wedding couple hugging in sea oats on beach

Traveling over holidays/holiday weekends are often pricier across the board. So even though it’s a built in extra weekend day, the extra costs in hotel, flights, and package prices may not be worth it. In Florida, some of the cheaper times to visit are September, November (not Thanksgiving), December (not Christmas or New Year’s Eve), January, and February (not President’s Day/Race week).

2. Save the Date

Brides and grooms- notify your guests of your wedding date and location within 6-8 months prior to, if possible. Consider the fact that your friends and family may be cashing in on vacation time at work. This gives time to budget, plan, and increase the likelihood of attendance.

3. Group Rates

Treasure Island Beach Weddings in Clearwater at the Thunderbird hotel

Airlines and hotels often offer group rates at a cheaper than normal price. Once you have a rough idea of who will definitely be attending/traveling, get plans for a group in order. It’s best to email or call the Florida hotels directly to ensure rate discounts and inquire about any special wedding accommodations.

4. Things To Do List

Once you have an established guest list, send out an email with some fun things for guests to do. Do some research and inform your guests about things to do before/after your beach wedding. Check out Trip Advisor’s Things to Do and see what catches your eye. It’s up to you if you want to create an itinerary and invite guests along or simply do your own newlywed outings and share other ideas with guests. Also prepare guests for predicted weather temperatures so they can pack accordingly- they may not realize the wedding is actually outside. 😉

5. Welcome

If you have it in your budget, a welcome bag is a nice gesture to welcome guests and show appreciation for celebrating your wedding. A welcome note is a great idea with details about the wedding ceremony (time, location, directions, after party arrangements). If you can’t afford the bags and goodies, a welcome note alone is fine and necessary. 


Ok, so now you have everything you need to know to share with your destination wedding guests. Now let’s give them a time and a place to celebrate with you. Click HERE to book your Florida Beach Wedding today!