So you’re about to get married on the beach: a dream come true with your friends and family. They’ve likely traveled a bit to get to your destination wedding so why not put them at ease with a Beach Wedding Welcome Party before the special day? It’s a great way for everyone to relax, mix and mingle before you tie the knot. We know you haven’t had much stress while planning your beach ceremony (planning is so easy), but still excitement and anticipation are high. Here are some tips to help everyone unwind before the big event.

Kissing bride and groom on Siesta Key beach

Tips for an Amazing Beach Wedding Welcome Party

Most likely you will be using a restaurant near your chosen beach location or a hotel party room. No matter where you host your welcome wedding party, you can make it memorable. Bеасh wеddіngѕ аrе usually mоrе саѕuаl аnd lеѕѕ fоrmаl thаn оthеr tуреѕ оf traditional wеddіngs, although still stunning like this Floral Distinctive Design wedding on St. Augustine beach below. Ѕо you can take the pressure off by having everyone dress for relaxation.

Couple gets married on St. Augustine beach by seaoats

Grazing Tables

Everyone loves a charcuterie board, like the one below from Tastes Better From Scratch. A grazing table is ususally a large table with beautifully displayed meats, cheeses, nuts, jams, crackers, etc. for your guests to ‘graze’ while enjoying the cocktail hour. No, you don’t have to do it yourself: it can be ordered!

Charcuterie Board for Wedding party

Serve Lighter Food

Choose foods that are flavorful, and prepared in a variety of creative ways. Ocean foods such as fish tacos are always delightful, or a dip. Think of wraps or sliders. A good idea might be mini burgers as appetizers and fresh salads. Why not something like the Blackened Shrimp Avocado Cucumber Bites shown below. Be sure to offer your guests fresh non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic cocktails. As the bride, you may wish to sip sparkling water to keep you skin fresh and ready for your special day!

Shrimp bites for ocean party by the beach

Fruit and Beach Themed Dishes

Smaller beach weddings also offer the opportunity for some fun food ideas with a tropical theme. Even pizza is go, no formal tables necessary for an intimate wedding. You can have a watermelon fruit bowl shaped like a shark with melon balls inside, or other food or dips in seaside themed dishes if that’s something you love. Why not some pineapples that look like palm trees like this one from Pinterest? Unforgettable at a destination wedding!

Palm tree pineapples and fruit for wedding guests

Personalize your Party

Your wеddіng welcome party can be matched to your wedding package thеmе which will delight fаmіlіеѕ аnd frіеndѕ. Are you having a blue wedding like the Shades of the Ocean Destiny Package pictured below, a neutral wedding or perhaps tropical wedding? Small, lovely favors that guests can take away as memorable gifts are appropriate at a beach theme party like this…shell and pebble candles are a good example. You can also have guests sign a large card or keepsake book with their best wedding wishes for you and your beloved.

Destiny bamboo wedding altar on Daytona Beach

Beachy Cocktails

Another fun thing you can do if you are having your welcome party at a hotel is оffеr ѕіgnаturе drіnkѕ based on your seaside wedding theme or chosen beach location. For instance, Siesta Key has a signature spiced rum that has won awards, distilled in Sarasota. How about a tropical cocktail that has the color of the sea: a Blue Margarita, with blue curaçao. It reminds us of the Gulf water in St. Pete! For non-alcoholic options, how about the Fuzzless Navel? This is a thirst-quenching tropical drink that all ages can enjoy with a combination of peach nectar and orange juice poured over ice and garnished with slices of citrus fruit. Add this to your Daytona Beach wedding welcome party and have some fun!

Bridesmaids funny faces on beach with bride by ocean

So after the welcome party is over, it’s time for the real party to start. The wedding day that is! Click here to book your affordable Beach Wedding! We offer vow renewals, beach elopements, commitment ceremonies. We are a Couples Choice® Winner. Compare beaches and plan your Florida beach ceremony today.