When having a Gulf Beach wedding in Florida, you should always make sure that your guests are well-informed. Like a home-town affair, they are counting on you to provide them with all the necessary information they need to attend your ceremony…they don’t want to get lost, be late or come unprepared for your special day!  Remember they will already be excited by the beauty of Florida, especially if you are tying the knot in Siesta Key, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach or Fort Myers Beach. The following are some tips to insure a smooth, successful Florida destination ceremony:

Couple celebrates marriage with toast on Clearwater Beach

  • Provide your guests with the beach arrival time for your wedding ceremony. This is different than your CEREMONY time. For example, if your beach wedding ceremony starts at 5:00 p.m, your guests should arrive no later than 4:45 p.m.  This way, they will be waiting for you to arrive and see your grand entrance, but not be out in the Florida heat too long.
  • Make sure you give them the exact location. In most instances, our beach wedding company has given you not only the beach location address, but an aerial view of this area with landmarks to assist in finding the location. We sincerely hope that you share this with your guests, so they are not calling you as you are getting ready, to find out where your wedding location is. A good idea, however, is to designate someone to take any calls and assist guests, if possible. There is always a last minute detail to take care of!
  • Parking: Parking is NOT reserved, even if we have obtained a necessary beach wedding permit.  In Siesta Key, as well as Lido Beach, Venice Beach, and surrounding Sarasota and Clearwater beaches – parking is almost always an issue. Guests should arrive early, so they can obtain a parking spot, and be able to leisurely walk along the beachfront to the wedding site. Nobody wants to be anxiously driving and looking for a spot as the clock ticks towards the upcoming ceremony!
  • As a Florida Beach Weddings company couple, you enjoy many privileges. You will receive a list of recommended vendors and services around the location of your ceremony. You will be able to find information on free ride services, if your guests want to get dropped off at the beach. As well as local restaurants, and hotels, so they can make their own reservations in the area. Of course there will also be hair, makeup and florist suggestions as well.
  • If you and your partner can arrive a day or two before your ceremony, you should definitely visit the beach venue and become familiar with the area. This way, if there are any questions from your guests, you will be able to answer them knowledgeably and set them at ease. Besides, it is so exciting to see your beach location beforehand and envision your special day!

Sharing a first dance on the beach for their Florida Beach Elopement ceremony

  • You can always make a list of the activities you have planned specifically around your wedding ceremony or vow renewal.  For example, any rehearsal dinner, or get together before the ceremony, the ceremony time, and any reception or dinner plans. This way, they know where they will need to be, and at what time, and then they can plan any of their free time for activities they may want to enjoy: fishing, boating, shopping, just laying on the beach and enjoying the gulf waters. There are several options that you can consider for after the ceremony. You can arrange to take all of your guests out to dinner. Several area restaurants offer private rooms with full service for a wedding supper. Or, for larger parties there are a couple of options for full reception facilities nearby. In Siesta Key, one of the best beaches in Tampa, there are a couple of picnic areas off of the beach. But, this would be for a very informal get-together afterward. On one of the walkways down to the beach, The Gulf Wave Pavilion, can be rented too. This is a great back-up location for a beach wedding on Siesta Key. You would still be under cover, but right off of the beach. You can also rent this pavilion for a reception, but keep in mind, the walkway may still be used for other beach goers to walk on, and off the beach – so I would just suggest this area as a ceremony back-up.

Just providing the above information can make your Florida wedding a great success! For a list of great beach wedding ideas including decor, chair sashes, arbor decorations and more browse our complete packages. Contact us to reserve your date today.

Groom Clearwater Beach Wedding saying vows