Need to Know: Beach Wedding Bridesmaids

Having your friends stand by you on your wedding day is more than just a tradition. It’s a friend’s way of saying, “I love you, I support you in your marriage, and I’ve got your back.” And choosing your beach wedding bridesmaids is just as important as choosing where you will get married…in this case, it’s a beach in Florida! Which one? Why not choose one of the Gulf beach venues such as Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Siesta Key for you and the gals to stand together by the emerald water on your special day.Will You Be My Bridesmaid written in beach sand And once you’ve established your bridal party, the next step is to choose the right beach wedding bridesmaid style. You will probably want to include some color and design themes from your all-inclusive beach wedding package. The Destiny is the package that has the most color options for customization. With up to 24 chairs, it is a great choice for a larger wedding. Another popular package our brides love is the Rustic Romance (shown below) which can accommodate up to 100 guests! Whichever complete wedding package you decide upon, you and your bridal party will want to arrive in style.

Bride Guide: Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Style

Wedding couple kissing on white chairs in St. Augustine

Bridesmaid Dress Color:

Beach wedding pastel colors

This is probably the biggest statement when it comes to the overall aesthetic look of your wedding. Are you into bright and bold or are you looking to go natural and blend in with the beach scene? Remember to think about the BIG picture. Envision you and your bridal party in front of your beach wedding package set up and decide what look you want to achieve. And remember, you can totally go for matching dress and decor (bold or neutral), complimentary but not quite “matching” colors, or a neutral for set up and bold dresses (or vice versa).

Nude color bridesmaid dresses in front of beach dunes

Three Bridesmaids smile in St. Augustine Beach in peach dresses
Beach bridesmaids in royal blue dresses with yellow flowers

Yellow dresses on the beach with laughing bridesmaidsFlower girl and bridesmaids pose in pink dresses on Siesta Key beach

Gold dresses on bridesmaids with bride in Siesta Key

Beach bridesmaids wear lavender gowns posing with bride

Bridesmaid Dress Style:

Do your ladies have a variety of body types? It’s likely that there is a variety of shapes and sizes standing up in your wedding. Before you are able to make the final call, get advice from your bridesmaids so they feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. There’s lots of resources for body types and flattering styles just like this one. And remember you can choose one style for all or do a little mixing and matching within the same color family.

Budget Friendly:

You probably have a good idea of where your friends stand financially (ballpark figure anyways). So consider this when choosing dresses. If you’re friend is scraping the bank just to travel and attend your wedding, don’t send her into debt over a dress. There are lots of affordable bridesmaid dresses. Some tips for saving money include:

  • Shopping last year’s dress styles
  • Looking in nontraditional dress stores (think Macy’s, Dillard’s formal clearance section)
  • Shop local: Support local business and do yourself a favor by checking out your local bridal shop’s sale rack. Often they need to clear previous season’s dresses to make room for the next batch.
  • Resale- Check sites like Ebay or a local Facebook resale site. This is especially convenient if you are mixing and matching styles or colors.

Hopefully this guide has you started on the path to planning your dream beach wedding. And if you need some more help with designing and planning, contact us here!

Fort Myers: Beach Wedding Inspiration

It’s time again to look at wedding colors and decor trends to inspire your wedding dreams for the new year. In Fort Myers, Florida the forecast is: warm, sunny, with a touch of spring pastel! Check out some of our staff favorites for affordable beach wedding set ups that are perfect for a Gulf beach wedding. Whether it’s a Spring beach elopement or you’re ready to get ideas for a destination wedding later this year, these inspirations will have your beach wedding heart in full bloom!

Plan Your Fort Myers Beach Wedding

Our favorite thing about a beach wedding in Fort Myers is the warm sea breeze, sugar sand and sunny skies. The natural, outdoor environment and white sand coordinates with any wedding color scheme! Our beach wedding packages allow you to choose your dream color design or touches like Starfish. So here you go, get inspired…

Colors and Trends

NEUTRALS: White, blush, and ivory are such classic colors that really they can go with any season. This allows you to really be creative with your focal points of design such as flowers, textured greenery or accessories like lanterns or buckets. For example, the Nautical Knot Beach Chic design pictured below has such a clean, subtle design it blends seamlessly with the sand and water. This allows you to include pops of color through your floral bridal bouquet or bridesmaid dresses and groom attire. All-white flowers look natural and organic and give your wedding an elegant look.

Bride and groom say vows holding hand on Wilbur Beach, Daytona FL

PASTELS: It’s hard to say the word Spring and not think of baby pinks and blues, soft greens and cream. In the beach wedding world, we love soft colors that compliment the natural beauty of the sand, sea and Florida sky. In Fort Myers, the Gulf water is a beautiful turquoise so just about anything goes. For 2021, we are seeing groom attire trend towards bolder colors while the bride and her bridesmaids stay with pastel tones.

Beach wedding pastel colors

FLORALS IN FOCUS: For brides flowers never go out of style, and that goes for beach weddings too! We love the simple, organic beauty of our Natural Distinctive Design Wedding Package which features bamboo and champagne tones: timeless and elegant in its rustic wedding simplicity.

Gulf beach wedding in Fort Myers

Incredible Weather

Another great thing about a Fort Myers Beach Wedding is the lovely weather. There are usually a few lingering “cold days” before Spring and we use the Florida definition of cold. Florida Cold: Any temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit! Spring Florida temperatures can range anywhere from upper 50s to low 80s, which by most standards is pretty pleasant weather and the oceanfront is usually milder.

Affordable Wedding Package Prices

No matter what location you choose, our complete wedding packages allow couples to have the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. It can be planned from the comfort of your home because we show you online exactly what you are going to get with each package. We provide you with a detailed timeline, an aerial view of your beach ceremony location, photos of all of our decor and wedding ideas from you to choose from, sample ceremonies to read and choose and more. The classic distinctive design below includes everything you need

Classic Distinctive Design Gulf Beach Wedding couple kissing

And if we had an image to match the stress level for couples planning a beach wedding with our Florida Beach Weddings company, it would probably be something like lying in a hammock on the beach or a happy just married toast! Affordable, stress free, gorgeous: the triple play!

Don’t miss out on your perfect date or location. Ready to plan your Florida Beach Wedding? Click to contact us and start planning!

Affordable Groom Attire RENTAL?

You read right. Affordable groom attire for rent. We’ve given the break down on do’s and don’ts for groom beach wedding attire. Now here’s a resource that’s going to rock your beach wedding world.

So there are a handful of decent groom tux rental companies out there. But remember this name: The Black Tux. The Black Tux has all the best the tux/suit rental world has to offer. Affordability, convenience, and style. When compared to other top name rental companies, The Black Tux is between $50-$100 cheaper while still maintaining the high end quality. I’m talking 100% super-fine Italian merino wool. They even have specialists who can assist you in figuring the logistics of rental, shipping, and care specifically for destination weddings. So let’s break it down.

Affordable Groom Attire from The Black Tux

  1. Choose your suit. Select your shirt, vest, tie, etc. So a lot of the suits available will be great for winter weddings. The selection for summer weddings isn’t somewhat limited, but a khaki or light grey suit is a great option. The Black Tux even has a Fit Survey and a team to ensure proper sizing and ordering. They also have a great FAQ section from the most basic questions to every minor detail.
  2. Your order is shipped, for free. Plan on receiving it on a Tuesday of your choice.
  3. Try it on. See how it looks, feels, fits.
  4. Return it (for free) by Thursday in the box provided.
  5. Order. Once you find the perfect style and fit, set the date. Orders should be placed by 3 weeks (21 days) prior to your event date to ensure that your package arrives the full 14 days in advanced.

So why “The Black Tux?” The convenience, flexibility, great customer service, and most of all, affordability. Great customer reviews and has been mentioned on The Knot, New York Times, GQ, and more.

How is it affordable and still quality? The Black Tux has partnered with one of the world’s finest suit-makers. They source the highest quality wools directly from Italian mills and oversee all production runs of our garments. These rentals would normally sell for at least $1200 in department stores and are only available through

As The Black Tux says, “Rent the suit, own the ‘I do.” Well The Black Tux has the affordable groom attire style covered, now let us help you with the “I do.” Click HERE to book your Florida Beach Wedding today!

Cocoa Beach bride and groom kissing


Casual Beach Wedding Dress Options

Simply serene. Your casual beach wedding dress should be the perfect compliment to your beach wedding atmosphere and location: sunning in Siesta Key, drifting in Daytona Beach, coasting in Clearwater, site-seeing in St. Augustine. However, just because you’ve got a laid back feel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Check out some of the hottest trends in casual wedding dress options and find the perfect fit for your wedding day. At the very bottom of this post you will find some of our very own Florida Beach Weddings brides with their interesting dress choices.

 Latest Styles in Casual Beach Wedding Dress

Practical Romance: This classic feminine lace paired with a breathable chiffon bottom is the perfect combination for a beachfront wedding. This mix of fabrics is perfect for the beach bride looking for a romantic gown with complete sun and sand functionality. It will move beautifully in the sea breeze too!

Boho Beach Bride: If dream catchers, flower headbands, and wavy beach hair are your love language this is the look for you. Thin straps or unique cuts are fun way to show off your feminine style. Bare feet, sun-kissed hair, and a simple earthy floral touch bring this whole look together perfectly to say, “I do”. Just be aware of floor length fabrics (avoid heavy lace bottoms and silk may drag through the sand).


The Tradition Continues: If a beach wedding is your dream but you hate to give up the idea of a traditional bridal look, fear not. You can still achieve the classic white wedding bride look with smart style choices. The main thing is to be aware of the heat and sand. Breathable fabrics like chiffon maintain the traditional look without leaving you sweaty and weighed down. You can also start with ball gown in mind but go for a short version like the one below. 


Think Outside the Box: Lastly, we look at the bride who wants to bend the rules when it comes to bridal fashion.  Two piece dress, asymmetrical cuts, or a flashback vintage look. Don’t be afraid to bring your unique look to tie the knot!


Our Own Florida Beach Weddings Brides

Many of our couples chose their wedding attire to match their beach wedding package theme and customized their colors. For example, Dorothy and Daniel, married at Indian Rocks Beach, chose these ocean fresh and tropical colors for their Nautical Knot wedding. Dorothy’s wedding dress was simple, strapless and breezy.

Wedding by a Gulf Beach in Florida

Emily and Eric in St. Augustine went fun and easy with a bit of color in the bride’s more casual wedding dress:

St. Augustine Beach wedding couple kissing

Lanesha, in an all lace dress, and Anthony went all out tropical with our distinctive design package in St. Pete Beach:

St. Pete Beach couple just married by the Gulf in Florida

In Daytona Beach, this couple went with a sunny, elegant floral look. The bride had a simple, spaghetti strap, form-fitting gown. The groom matched the distinctive design decor.

Finally, this cool, spaghetti strap ivory dress was perfect on our bride Lillian and her groom Ryan as they posed among the sea oats at their Siesta Key Beach wedding.

Siesta Key wedding couple hugging in sea oats on beach

Ready to tie the knot on a perfect Florida beach in the perfect wedding dress? Browse more of our wedding dress posts and contact our Florida Beach Weddings company today to reserve your ceremony date.

Five Keys to Great Groom Beach Wedding Attire

Laid back and relaxed, small and intimate, or straight up beach party. Whatever the feel of your wedding ceremony, here are some tips for choosing the perfect men’s beach wedding attire, and for your wedding party if you have one. These helpful beach wedding ideas for clothing and style will help you be cool and comfortable when you tie the knot in Florida.

5 Keys to Great Groom Beach Wedding Attire

  1. Practically Speaking: So the fact you’ve chosen a beach wedding or elopement hints at the fact that you’re outdoorsy and appreciate nature’s beauty. Don’t let your beach wedding attire steal the joy a beach wedding has to offer with hot and uncomfortable clothing. Rather, let your style blend in. So what does that mean? You don’t have to scour the Knot wedding website to find the answers…we have them here! Years of planning and officiating marriages on the beach in Florida have provided us with insight on what works and what hurts. Avoid clunky shoes, multiple layers, and thick fabrics. Wear lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen and stick with lighter colors. The colors will compliment the beach scene and can even be customized to your beach wedding package, if you so desire. It will also will leave you feeling much cooler.

2. Barefoot Bliss- We’ve already said to ditch the clunky shoes, so what options does that leave you with? Well, you can choose a classic boat shoe, flip flops, or lose the shoes altogether and go for a barefoot wedding ceremony…it feels so good. Anything more will have you weighed down in the sand and enough sand in your shoes to fill a child’s sandbox. You are lucky in love and on a sandy beachfront in Florida: let your feet and toes enjoy that warm, sunny sand. Our groom below opted to go barefoot and suit-free for a truly tropical feel.

St. Augustine beach wedding packages with blue water.

3. Well Suited: Consider your season. Tampa, Florida beaches are pretty consistently warm MOST of the year: Fort De Soto, Pass-A-Grille, Lido Key, and Sand Key Beach near Clearwater. Even the Atlantic side of Florida, like St. Augustine, Daytona beach venues and Cocoa Beach with its robust surf and sea breezes, is nice and toasty. So, even if you love a suite and tie, save the three piece suit for another day.

Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings

Groom and beach wedding party

You don’t have to lose the traditional groom wedding attire look however. A classic white shirt with a vest paired with a nice pair of Chinos is a great option. You can even get a little creative with colored chinos. Or add a pop of color to a white button up with a fun bow tie or suspenders. For winter weddings, jackets and dark colors are a go, so just check out the trending temps before you pick your style! Our groom below went more formal and neutral, but he looks completely cool and comfortable for his marriage ceremony in Siesta Key.

Siesta Key bride and groom

4. Accessorize: Okay, accessorizing isn’t just for the bride. There are lots of ways to add a personal touch to your groom style. Check out cuff links, tie clips, sunglasses or nautical bow ties. Really it all comes down to personal style and theme of your wedding. Is it nautical, natural with driftwood, neutral or floral? A groom can match this theme with colors and accessories to make the wedding a stunning success. Having a sunset beach wedding? That may be all the color you need for your perfect day, so a simple white shirt or jacket may be what you choose. Our St. Pete and Clearwater wedding venues provide you with many choices for this purpose.

5. Dry Run: Light colors, linens, and cottons are all ideal groom beach wedding attire. However, let’s make sure whatever fabric you’ve chosen for your undergarments are not public information. The outdoor sun can shine right through those dapper linen pants and reveal a pair of bright boxer briefs. So, like we advise our beach brides, it’s best to give your ensemble an outdoor test drive before the big day! 

Couple kissing on St Augustine beach after wedding

If you feel like rocking a hat there is no better place than the beach: it keeps you feeling cool and looking cool! Now it’s time to get your Florida wedding license and hit the beach! Get married then enjoy the beach activities you love with family and friends. Contact our beach wedding company to find our if your date and beach wedding venue is available.