Our Top “Trash the Wedding Dress” Moments

Trash the dress refers to part of our photography session in which you can choose to “trash” your beach wedding dress in the sea or sand. Sounds a bit scary but many of our beach brides love it! Popular trash the dress sessions include going in the water, either kissing or jumping waves, or frolicking beach side in the sand and sea with your new spouse. The bride may “trash” her dress by getting it wet in the ocean, all of her dress or only part of it. Most of the time the dress is not ruined and can be cleaned, depending on the fabric (synthetic fibers are usually okay).

Couple trashes the dress in the ocean after vow renewal

This can be a symbolic transformation from a bride to a wife. This part of the photo session can be very romantic as it usually is sealed with a passionate embrace or kiss and makes an incredible picture. While anyone can have a “trash the dress” photo shoot at their wedding at home, it is really popular for destination weddings because you get to take advantage of the stunning sea available on the Florida Gulf coast or Atlantic ocean. So if you decide to “trash the dress” as part of your wedding photography package on the beach, take a look at some of our favorite moments with Florida Beach Weddings company just married couples.

Here is a recent vow renewal couple that wasn’t afraid to get a little wet and have fun at Jacksonville Beach. Five years of marriage deserves a celebration! Crystal and Brandon have incredible passion and their love shines through in this amazing photo take by our beach wedding photographer. We consider this one of our best trash the dress ocean photographs.

Bride and groom in the waves kissing after beach wedding

Trashing the Dress in the surf at Jacksonville Beach

The layers with lace over the fabric of her dress look amazing as the waves in the ocean crash around this couple. Wouldn’t you love our beach wedding photographer to get one of the two of you? You can! You will look back and be amazed at your special day and how wonderful it was. Perhaps you will come back to your favorite Florida beach in the future to celebrate a few years of marriage like this couple did.

Although much calmer, this Clearwater Beach wedding couple is clearly thrilled with their experience tying the knot in Florida! Her simple dress is lightly touched by the rolling waves on this Gulf beach. The water is so warm I’m sure they wanted to go right in, but this sunset wedding is picture perfect. Yes, sunsets are really special if you choose a Gulf beach wedding in Clearwater or St. Pete.

Clearwater Beach bride and groom in the Gulf waters at sunset

Aaaah the “golden hour” in Daytona Beach: pink and peach hues fill the sky as the sun sets over the Atlantic ocean. What a beautiful trash the dress beach picture for this couple’s wedding photo album. The soft pink of the sand matches the sky framing them in soft light, not to mention the blue ocean that gently surrounds them.

Bride and Groom embracing and sitting in the ocean

Trash the Dress on Daytona Beach at sunset

When to do trash the dress photos? After the ceremony in the evening can be just right. It’s hard to beat Siesta Key for romance in the Gulf waters as the sun sets in the evening sky. This bride’s wedding dress is suspended in the water, floating behind her giving added drama to this incredible photograph by our experienced beach wedding photographer. For many years this couple will look back at this day and sigh with pleasure remembering their wedding in Siesta Key. And yes, the water really is that color: the beautiful blue, green Gulf of Mexico needs no photoshop!

This bride and groom share glances during their trash the dress session of our Siesta Key Beach Weddings.

Trash the dress in Siesta Key

Even a long veil can work for your trash the wedding dress session, and a long gown definitely makes a statement. If a trash the dress photo session is on your wedding wish list, then there is no better place than a Florida beach. Even at a cheap wedding on a budget, you can likely afford the extra photography time our beach wedding company offers so that you too can experience the joy of trashing your dress! Don’t be overwhelmed by the stress of planning a beach wedding, if you just got engaged we can help you design the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Pam, Kayla and Karen have a reputation for top service and beautiful wedding package designs. There is surely one waiting for you and your beloved.

Our beach wedding company photographer captures your emotions and love for each other as a wedding couple. The warm ocean, your love for each other, and your wedding dress will be captured for now and forever.

Remember, be sure to look at the care label in your wedding gown before you make the decision to go into the ocean. 100% polyester is easy to clean and using a cleaner should make your wedding dress look almost as good as new. However, maybe you don’t care…you just want an incredibly romantic photo like the one taken below. It reminds of a timeless love story in the movies!

Why not be bold and make a statement! You can trash the dress alone like this Daytona Beach bride and her beautiful reflection in the sand. Just the hem of her dress trailing in the water is stunning. Perhaps she is looking at her former self as she embraces her new life on her wedding day. Our photographer from Forever In Love Photos is now part of the Florida Beach Weddings team and available to all our couples when tying the knot. It is important to use a highly experienced photographer that can shoot in outdoor lighting during the night and daytime. Intense sun, salt and sunsets can be challenging. Don’t take any chances!

Daytona Beach Weddings are the best place to have a trash the dress photography session.

If you still don’t want to trash your precious wedding dress in the sea, we have plenty of other poses that make perfect memories of your special day. Why not get down in the sand for some playful couple time? Your dress might get a bit dirty but probably not wet. A few props like buckets or rose petals can set the stage for romantic and unique photographs like this couple who married on Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach Weddings during the sunset have beautiful views of the dunes.

You can also involve your wedding party in a trash the dress session. Even without getting the dress wet, this wedding day was clearly full of fun and joy – what great memories for all of them at Jacksonville Beach! Having a barefoot wedding is the way to really enjoy a Florida beach ceremony. The faces of newlyweds and their friends have a special place in our hearts as we remember their smiles. 

Jacksonville Beach wedding party laughs in photo by the ocean

Now that you’ve done the hard part and picked your wedding date, why not pick your package, wedding location and get ready for your own “trash the dress” photography session! The Florida weather is warm and the water is waiting for both of you to join us. We are standing by so contact the Florida Beach Weddings team today.

Casual Beach Wedding Dress Options

Simply serene. Your casual beach wedding dress should be the perfect compliment to your beach wedding atmosphere and location: sunning in Siesta Key, drifting in Daytona Beach, coasting in Clearwater, site-seeing in St. Augustine. However, just because you’ve got a laid back feel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Check out some of the hottest trends in casual wedding dress options and find the perfect fit for your wedding day. At the very bottom of this post you will find some of our very own Florida Beach Weddings brides with their interesting dress choices.

 Latest Styles in Casual Beach Wedding Dress

Practical Romance: This classic feminine lace paired with a breathable chiffon bottom is the perfect combination for a beachfront wedding. This mix of fabrics is perfect for the beach bride looking for a romantic gown with complete sun and sand functionality. It will move beautifully in the sea breeze too!

Boho Beach Bride: If dream catchers, flower headbands, and wavy beach hair are your love language this is the look for you. Thin straps or unique cuts are fun way to show off your feminine style. Bare feet, sun-kissed hair, and a simple earthy floral touch bring this whole look together perfectly to say, “I do”. Just be aware of floor length fabrics (avoid heavy lace bottoms and silk may drag through the sand).


The Tradition Continues: If a beach wedding is your dream but you hate to give up the idea of a traditional bridal look, fear not. You can still achieve the classic white wedding bride look with smart style choices. The main thing is to be aware of the heat and sand. Breathable fabrics like chiffon maintain the traditional look without leaving you sweaty and weighed down. You can also start with ball gown in mind but go for a short version like the one below. 


Think Outside the Box: Lastly, we look at the bride who wants to bend the rules when it comes to bridal fashion.  Two piece dress, asymmetrical cuts, or a flashback vintage look. Don’t be afraid to bring your unique look to tie the knot!


Our Own Florida Beach Weddings Brides

Many of our couples chose their wedding attire to match their beach wedding package theme and customized their colors. For example, Dorothy and Daniel, married at Indian Rocks Beach, chose these ocean fresh and tropical colors for their Nautical Knot wedding. Dorothy’s wedding dress was simple, strapless and breezy.

Wedding by a Gulf Beach in Florida

Emily and Eric in St. Augustine went fun and easy with a bit of color in the bride’s more casual wedding dress:

St. Augustine Beach wedding couple kissing

Lanesha, in an all lace dress, and Anthony went all out tropical with our distinctive design package in St. Pete Beach:

St. Pete Beach couple just married by the Gulf in Florida

In Daytona Beach, this couple went with a sunny, elegant floral look. The bride had a simple, spaghetti strap, form-fitting gown. The groom matched the distinctive design decor.

Finally, this cool, spaghetti strap ivory dress was perfect on our bride Lillian and her groom Ryan as they posed among the sea oats at their Siesta Key Beach wedding.

Siesta Key wedding couple hugging in sea oats on beach

Ready to tie the knot on a perfect Florida beach in the perfect wedding dress? Browse more of our wedding dress posts and contact our Florida Beach Weddings company today to reserve your ceremony date.

Five Tips to Find Your Perfect Summer Beach Wedding Dress

Summer beach weddings just have something relaxing, intimate, and beautiful about them. And your beach wedding dress should be no exception to the relaxation, intimacy, and beauty of the day! So let’s talk dresses! Now consider a wedding dress store. And imagine, for a minute, all the dresses are applicants, vying for your purchase. You announce, “Now accepting wedding dresses to wear on the beach resumes!” And just like a job search, you can quickly eliminate those which aren’t even in the same field. Royally heavy-weighted thick gowns- goodbye! Hello light, breathable fabrics. But just how do you narrow down the choices and find a stunning, yet practical beach wedding dress? Read on summer bride, read on!

Choosing the Perfect Summer Beach Wedding Dress

1.Your Style 

Whether the thermometer reads 56 or 86, you don’t have to sacrifice your own personal style when choosing a dress. So even though breezy, flowing, bohemian wedding vibes may be the beach’s love language, you can still rock your girly girl sparkle, rhinestone, or otherwise lavish style. Think about if you gravitate towards a boho driftwood beach wedding, or mermaid, or classic and elegant…or maybe you just don’t really have a “style,” you just want to look good! At least have an idea of what you like. Browse photos to eliminate some definite no-go’s. Then when you walk into a bridal gown store, you have a great starting point. You can also check out our Facebook page to view photos from previous seaside weddings to get some style inspiration! 

2. Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric is absolutely key to finding the perfect beach wedding dress. Remember when you are in the store, it’s nice and air conditioned. The beach, even if there is a breeze it may not so cool! The best fabric options for a  breathable summer wedding are chiffon (shown below from Amazon for $105), cotton blends, tulle, or organza. Silk and satin are very heavy and hot. Charmeuse looks lovely in the magazine, but be aware that every flaw will be revealed. Remember the sea breeze we mentioned? Remember this to avoid a wardrobe malfunction with your dress blowing up and revealing too much, so choose your fabric carefully. 

Chiffon beach wedding dress from Amazon

3. Budget

Check out local wedding stores and don’t be afraid to buy off the rack. You can save hundreds buying a sale dress and even if the size isn’t a perfect match, a professional seamstress can fix that seamlessly! Other money saving tips include checking out local swip swap Facebook groups, Craigslist, and there’s a great selection of non-traditional type wedding dresses at Rent the Runway. If you’ve saved some money on a cheap beach wedding package then you can decide to spend more on your wedding dress, or for bridal jewelry to complete your look like Kenya, below, who had her wedding on the beach in St. Augustine

African American bride on St. Augustine Beach, FL

4. Trial 

Sometime between purchasing your dress and walking the aisle, try your dress on and go outside. The natural sunlight may EXPOSE some otherwise unseen features when inside. Don’t skimp on skivvies!  Invest in some nice no show, nude, seamless undergarments and make sure you can move about freely without anything shifting, sliding, or falling! You may have decided to go for a long dress, and end up with a shorter one…or vice versa. Does the dress enhance your skin tone or do you want something with color in it? Your dress does NOT have to be white: see our bride Liliana below. You have chosen an outdoor wedding in the sand and sea, so it is critical to see your look outside the artificial store lighting.

Bride in peach wedding dress married on the beach

5. I Do!

You’ve said yes to the proposal, yes to the dress, now it’s time to say “I do!” Make sure you have packed your wedding dress for travel with a steam iron for your special day. Click here to check out our affordable package and location options. Maybe you’ve got your dress and you’re ready to pack your bags and elope! Read our post to see if a beach elopement is right for you! It was perfect for Deborah and Richard in St. Augustine below.

Older couple married on St. Augustine Beach

Find out more about our beach wedding packages. We travel to your chosen location.

Call (386) 214-6361 east coast of Florida or (727) 249-2708 Gulf coast.

Say Yes to a Beach Wedding Dress

Bride and groom after beach wedding in St. Augustine, FL

Bride Guide: Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

You know the tune, “Here comes the bride all dressed in….see through!?!” Wait, what? Your beach wedding dress should have guests dropping their jaws at your beauty and elegance. However, jaw drops should NOT be due to the fact you look like you’re auditioning for a Victoria Secret lingerie photo shoot or because of the amount of sweat pouring down your body. After many years of operating a wedding store, we want to help guide you in choosing the perfect dress whether it’s magical mermaid, classic beauty, or boho chic style. So here are a few pointers for choosing the perfect beach wedding dress.

Daytona Beach wedding couple holding hands after vow ceremony

How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

  1. Material, girl: We’re not talking Madonna here, we’re talking fabric. Choose a breathable wedding dress made from fabrics like chiffon, cotton blends, or organza. And if you want one of those crazy sweat inducing wraps to shed those last few pre-wedding pounds, go for it. However, sweating off pounds in a satin suction cup dress while walking down the aisle is just a bad idea. Keep it cool and comfortable.
  2. Length: You may be thinking, warm, sunny weather hence a shorter dress. Well, that MAY be an option, but the sun isn’t the only factor to consider. While that sea breeze will keep you cool and relaxed, a swift breeze in a short dress could have your guests getting to know you in ways you didn’t expect. Beach brides may be afraid of “dirtying up” a floor length dress, but a little saltwater and sand is nothing a professional cleaning can’t take care of. In fact, many brides love to wade into the sea for a few stunning photos! If you’re set on avoiding a full length dress, above the knee and tea length are great options also.
  3. Stylin’: Choose a style that magnifies your natural beauty and is comfortable for you. You may choose to stick with your already non-traditional wedding theme and go with a flowing and mystical gown or opt for a classic, timeless look. Check out our Beach Wedding photo gallery below to get an idea of some beach wedding dresses.
  4. Trial: Lighting in a retail store provides a totally different effect from natural sunlight. Think you’ve found the perfect dress? Take a step outside in your dress to make sure it’s not see through. It’s also a good idea to take a couple of pictures in that natural light. Often the camera has some sort of tricky x-ray vision and without testing out the lighting and visibility, you could end up with some very revealing wedding photos.
  5. Underneath it all: Make sure to wear no show/seamless undergarments. Again, do a trial run. Get your whole ensemble together and step outside. Have a friend check front and back to make sure there are no see through surprises or funky strap lines. You can also add a personal touch with a fun garter.
  6. Coordinate with your decor: Don’t forget you can style your beach wedding package decor to match your bride and groom vibe! Tropical island mermaid or elegant, simple and neutral? We have the bamboo, flowers and draping for that. Floral or seashells? At Florida Beach Weddings company it’s your choice.

Beach Wedding Dress Gallery



De-Stress with these Beautiful Beach Wedding Dresses

We are all going through uncertain times right now, and many of us are experiencing anxiety. Things are slowing down and we may be looking for a way to relax and ease our minds. One of the best ways to do this is to think about beautiful things: read a romantic novel, watch an old movie or even browse some fashion. If you are bride to be why not indulge your fantasies and look at some gorgeous beach wedding dresses. This might be just what you need!

Key words for a beach wedding dress include: beach-y, romantic, affordable. Now keep those ideas fresh in your mind. Bring them to the table when choosing your perfect beach wedding dress. Let’s use those three magical words for our wedding dress guide.

How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress:

Beach-y: Your choice for a beach wedding alludes to the fact that you have an appreciation for the outdoors and adventure. So let’s consider the beach elements like sun and sand when narrowing down your beach wedding dress selection. It’s best to stick with dress fabrics that are lightweight and wispy. Cotton, chiffon, tulle, lace overlays are all great options. Avoid heavy ballgown type dresses that will get weighed down in the sand and leave you uncomfortable or hot. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a traditional white wedding gown look, just choose the right fabric. And, no, it doesn’t have to be white either!

South Beach Weddings on the beach with Florida beach weddings

Wispy, dreamy dress for a South Beach Wedding

Daytona Beach wedding bride in the surf

Daytona Beach wedding: bride in the surf

Perfect Summer Florida Beach Wedding Dress

Perfect summer Florida Beach wedding dress

Romantic: Romance is in the eye of the beholder? Or something like that. 😉 Let your natural style guide you here. Are you into vintage? Modern? Classic? Boho Chic? Fun and flirty? Get an idea of which style speaks to you and that will narrow your focus. Any style can be tweaked or adapted to fit the beach scene whether it’s a Gulf beach wedding or Atlantic coast. So once you’ve found your “style” keep in mind the beach-y fabric choices mentioned above.

Bride on beach with flowers

Bride on the beach with flowers

Bride in boho beach wedding dress

Toolcloth Boho lace wedding dress

Siesta Key Beach Wedding with bride in short dress

Simple and short is perfect for a Siesta Key Beach wedding at sunset

Affordable: Where there’s a high end wedding dress, there is an equally creative company designing very similar concepts. And at a much more budget-friendly price. There’s nothing wrong with skimming the hottest bridal magazine for inspiration but don’t get glued to an exact dress. Find a dress you love and get in touch with your local bridal gown store. These stores specialize in the latest trends and brands and can likely find the perfect beach wedding dress for you! There’s another take here too. You can keep the romance and tradition, but opt for a more casual dress. When you can, peruse local boutiques for white dresses that may not be labeled as “wedding dresses.” Deals are coming!

V Neck Lace Wedding dress from Nordstrom

Tadashi Shoji V-Neck Lace Wedding Dress at Nordstrom

In conclusion, if you have the right fabric, feel romantic and beautiful, and haven’t broken the bank- success! Now imagine the perfect Florida beach wedding. The brides below were just like you: they had dreams and made them come true at beautiful Florida beaches in Cocoa Beach, Treasure Island and Destin. The wedding package decor was customized for each couple.

Cocoa Beach Wedding in Florida with bride and groom in the ocean

Florida Beach Wedding in Cocoa Beach.

Wedding couple on Treasure Island beach at sunset in FL

Treasure Island Beach Wedding at Sunset

Couple with buoy at our Destin, Florida beach wedding ceremony

Couple after Florida Gulf beach wedding in Destin

Contact us to discuss a dream beach wedding.Save


Beach Wedding Dress DOs and DON’Ts

Choosing the perfect beach wedding dress should be exciting and fun, so don’t allow the pressure of finding the perfect dress take away from enjoying this cherished wedding planning time. With over a decade working with wedding dress experts, we’ve compiled a checklist of DO’s and DON’Ts for finding your dream dress.summer florida beach wedding dress

DO’s and DON’Ts for finding the perfect Beach Wedding Dress

  • DO- Decide your style choice ahead of time. Avoid sticking with only the hottest trends and consider styles that flatter your figure and personal fashion sense. Also consider your beach wedding package decor and the style it brings to your wedding day.
  • DON’T- Get stuck in Pinterest mode. Keep in mind these (likely) photo-shopped models may or may not have your same body type, skin tone, bust, hair…. Find your inspiration, but be open to variations that suit you and your style. Check out our photo page for more inspiration!

  • DO- Consider the weather. Florida beach weddings are likely warm weathered events with a variety of weather on the east coast beaches and the west coast or Gulf beaches. So with the exception of December-February, choose a dress with a breathable fabric. Traditional long gowns are popular but it’s probably best to avoid long sleeves, which may leave you melting in the heat!
  • DON’T- Forget about your skivvies! It’s a good idea to have both a strapless bra and regular bra on hand. This will give you the best idea of what you’ll actually look like on your big day! No-show underwear are a good idea too so you’ll know exactly what’s going on underneath! *The same is true for any fittings.
  • DO- Bring your camera when dress shopping. Make sure to have a friend or sales associate take your picture outside in the gown before purchasing. Sometimes the natural sunlight can bring “new light” to your undergarments that would otherwise go unnoticed inside.

Beach bride style with natural flowers and an ivory lace dress from one of our Palm Coast, Florida beach weddings

The last “DO tip” before you say “I DO” is to enjoy your dress shopping experience. Whether it’s with your mom, sister, best friend, or peacefully by yourself, cherish this traditional bridal right of passage. Find the dress that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and aisle ready!

A bride poses for her Daytona Beach Weddings Photography.

Anastasia State Park Weddings are the ideal spot for photos by the dunes.