You read right. Affordable groom attire for rent. We’ve given the break down on do’s and don’ts for groom beach wedding attire. Now here’s a resource that’s going to rock your beach wedding world.

So there are a handful of decent groom tux rental companies out there. But remember this name: The Black Tux. The Black Tux has all the best the tux/suit rental world has to offer. Affordability, convenience, and style. When compared to other top name rental companies, The Black Tux is between $50-$100 cheaper while still maintaining the high end quality. I’m talking 100% super-fine Italian merino wool. They even have specialists who can assist you in figuring the logistics of rental, shipping, and care specifically for destination weddings. So let’s break it down.

Affordable Groom Attire from The Black Tux

  1. Choose your suit. Select your shirt, vest, tie, etc. So a lot of the suits available will be great for winter weddings. The selection for summer weddings isn’t somewhat limited, but a khaki or light grey suit is a great option. The Black Tux even has a Fit Survey and a team to ensure proper sizing and ordering. They also have a great FAQ section from the most basic questions to every minor detail.
  2. Your order is shipped, for free. Plan on receiving it on a Tuesday of your choice.
  3. Try it on. See how it looks, feels, fits.
  4. Return it (for free) by Thursday in the box provided.
  5. Order. Once you find the perfect style and fit, set the date. Orders should be placed by 3 weeks (21 days) prior to your event date to ensure that your package arrives the full 14 days in advanced.

So why “The Black Tux?” The convenience, flexibility, great customer service, and most of all, affordability. Great customer reviews and has been mentioned on The Knot, New York Times, GQ, and more.

How is it affordable and still quality? The Black Tux has partnered with one of the world’s finest suit-makers. They source the highest quality wools directly from Italian mills and oversee all production runs of our garments. These rentals would normally sell for at least $1200 in department stores and are only available through

As The Black Tux says, “Rent the suit, own the ‘I do.” Well The Black Tux has the affordable groom attire style covered, now let us help you with the “I do.” Click HERE to book your Florida Beach Wedding today!

Cocoa Beach bride and groom kissing