Wedding Hair for East Coast Beaches

There are the color swatches…and the wedding dress shopping. The vow choices…and the perfect location. Then there’s the icing on the wedding cake: your hair and make up. Let’s talk about wedding hair, specifically for east coast beaches. Why? Because the Atlantic ocean is unique and if you are getting married on Daytona Beach, New Smyrna BeachSt. Augustine Beach or Cocoa Beach, or further south in Boynton Beach and Fort Lauderdale, there are natural elements to consider when planning your wedding hairstyle. So here’s some Atlantic ocean beach wedding hair tips.

Sea Breeze

MPH– I’m talking wind here. Consider the unpredictability of the wind conditions, especially on the east coast. You could have a bright sunny day, with little wind 5 miles inland, but a normal day’s sea breeze on the coast will get things moving. And by things, I’m talking your hair. So whether your hair’s up, down, or somewhere in between, keep this in mind. For your beach wedding day or beach elopement, you want to keep your face clearly visible. A simple pin back with a cute, beachy accessory or a headband could do the trick

Bride with white rose bouquet and groom hug on st augustinebeach

Wedding Veil

A wedding veil on the beach…why not? However, keep in mind the east coast breeze could have it whipping around. You might want to make it easy to remove in case the wind picks up. You can wear it for the ceremony and remove it afterward for your ocean wedding photos. Our professional photographer will ensure you have beautiful pictures in both cases.

Couple gazes at each other under wedding arch on Daytona Beach

Professional Hairstyling

D.I.Y. or call in the professional: Do you have some wiggle room in your budget for hair and make up? If you’ve booked a cheap Florida beach wedding package you probably do! If so, this is a good place to go for it. There’s just something about the magic touch of a stylist that keeps things in all the right places for the long haul. Especially for beach weddings when you’re considering sand, salt, heat, wind, etc. Maxed out budget? Don’t sweat it. Seek help from a fashion savvy friend, or a YouTube style channel, and do a few practice runs. Oh, and LOTS of hairspray!

Your Hair Type

Be realistic: In the world of internet stock images and photoshop, don’t be fooled. Finding an image or style that “inspires” you is a GREAT place to start. But be willing to modify the look to fit your beach wedding venue and personal hair type. Consider thickness, length, and curl/straight and be aware of how that affects your style options. If you have heavy, thick, straight hair, springing curls may not work for you. However, you can still achieve a beachy wave or similar look. Just cater to your natural beauty!

Bride Smiling before wedding Cocoa Beach trees

Long/Medium Wedding Hairstyles

Couple kisses by ocean in St. Augustine at beach weddingBohemian bride and groom by the seaBride looking down at bouquet on Anastasia Island Beach FL

Short Hairstyles:

Up Do’s

Hair updo

Happy Hair Styling! And if all these dreamy hair photos have you ready to get things going, click here to book your all inclusive Florida Beach Wedding package today!

Beach Wedding Hair Styles Every Bride Will Love

sunSHINE. ocean WAVES. GORGEOUS sunsets. Words to describe a perfect beach wedding. Aaaand perfect beach wedding hair. 🙂  Any outdoor wedding ceremony requires a few adjustments from traditional indoor wedding environments…especially if it’s in Florida. Add in salty air and ocean breeze, and your hair could go from terrific to terrifying within minutes. Check out this style guide for choosing the best beach wedding hair style!

African American bride with flower in hair

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, or the texture. You can find a beautiful style that is perfect for an outdoor wedding by the sea.
blonde hair with braids

           Accessories in your hair can make a difference when you use them to accent your bouquet or the lines of your beach wedding dress.                                 Brunette bride with flowers

Tips for Choosing the Best Beach Wedding Hair Style

Ocean Air Sign

  • Ocean Breeze: So this is perhaps one of the greatest factors to consider when choosing a beach hairstyle. Whether you want an up-do, completely down, 1/2 up 1/2 down, don’t forget about the sea breeze. Choose a style that keeps your hair off your face. You’ll want to look into your hubby’s eyes and savor the moments of your wedding day. So while it’s flirtatious and whimsical for a model ad shoot, no one wants to be pushing hair off their face for an entire wedding ceremony. An up-do is an easy solution. But if keeping your hair down in non-negotiable, consider pinning back just the hair in the front. Also, wrap around braids and headbands provide extra help for keeping hair in place.

        Bridal hair blond updo                 Four flowered hair dos for brides                   

  • Sea Salt: The whole trending “Salty Hair, Don’t Care.” Yeah, that’s great for a good ole’ beach day, but not your wedding day. The salty air can do wild things to your luscious locks, so get ready to add an extra dose of shine drops, hairspray, or other serum to keep things looking fresh and in place.
  • Hire Help: It may be worth splurging on a professional stylist for your wedding day. Even if you just want a simple look, the touch of a expert will have your hair soft, shiny, and camera ready for your wedding day. If you’re looking for someone in the St. Augustine area, check out Panache or Small Indulgences.

Here are some of our recent brides and their chosen hairstyles:

Siesta Key bride and groom

Decided on your perfect hair style for your special day and ready to book your dream beach wedding? Click here!

Top 5 Things to Avoid the Week Before Your Wedding

It’s almost here. The day you’ve been waiting for! Your wedding day on a Florida beach! And although it’s tempting to squeeze in those last few to-do’s or shed those last few pre-wedding pounds, be careful with any drastic changes the week before your wedding. It’s tempting to hit the spa, salon, or gym to get ready for the big day. But don’t push it and end up with wedding regrets that include a bad haircut or sports injury. Check out this list of 5 things you should steer clear of the week before you tie the knot.

Avoid the avoidable written on napkin

1. New Skin Care Products

We know. You want a fresh, smooth glow. But the week before your wedding is not the time to get a peel, microdermabrasion or other types of facials. These treatments can leave your skin flaky, peeling, red and irritated for days and sometimes week. Red, flaky, and irritated should NOT be associated with anything to do with your beach wedding day. So save your facials for after the honeymoon.

This also means don’t add any new moisturizers, make up, or creams to your regimen. Buying new make up for you big day is fine, but don’t wait until the day of your ceremony to try it out. This is especially true for you sensitive skin gals out there.  Remember, you will already be glowing with happiness as you walk down your tropical aisle towards your beach wedding ceremony arbor where your beloved will be waiting for you to say your vows. Take a look at our bride Rhiannon below in Turtle Beach.

Wedding couple on Turtle Beach, FL

2. New Hair

A fresh trim or color touch up is fine. But don’t decide to try out a pixie cut or experiment with red hair for the first time on your wedding day. Your hair certainly shouldn’t define you, but don’t shock your future spouse and guests with an extraordinary new hair style the week before your wedding. You should be walking down the aisle feeling and looking like you, fresh and beautiful in your wedding dress!

Embassy Suites St Augustine weddings on the beach with your bridal party.

3. Work Outs/Diet Cramming

Unless you are eloping, you probably have had plenty of time to prepare for your wedding day. So don’t decide the week before your wedding that you want to “tone up” or lose a few pounds. If you arrived in Florida a few days before your ceremony, a brisk walk on the beachfront or swim in the ocean is a great way to release some endorphins and get things moving pre-wedding. An intense new work out is a recipe for muscle soreness, injury, and fatigue. If you haven’t done any parasailing, paddle boarding or jet skiing in the Gulf of Mexico, a few days before your wedding is NOT the time to start: sore arms, sore legs, or the chance of jellyfish stings are not what you are looking for! 

And speaking of recipes, a healthy, well balanced diet is all you need to feel good the week leading up to your wedding. Don’t throw your digestive system into a frenzy with an extreme diet or fasting. Your partner will love you, all of you. Be confident, take care of yourself, and you’re sure to feel healthy and strong on your special day!

Couple sitting on sand after beach wedding Siesta Key with sunset

4. Alcohol

A mimosa, glass of wine, celebratory cocktail. Those are all fine. The key is to keep it to a minimum. Let’s skip the lecture on excessive alcohol consumption and stick to the simple facts: too much alcohol will leave you bloated, red faced, tired, dehydrated, with a headache, and hungover. So the only spinning you should experience the week before your romantic beach ceremony should be on the dance floor…or perhaps dizzy with love like our bride Tanja in Fort Lauderdale, Florida below! Cheers to that!

Couple toasting after beach wedding Florida

5. Too Much Sun

Ah, a wedding on the beach in Florida. This likely means you like the sand and sun, right? Of course! So if you plan on spending time outdoors the days leading up to your beach wedding day, be sun smart. Drink lots of water, especially in the summer months. And lather up with sunscreen…or even better use a hat. You’ve saved money on an all-inclusive beach wedding package, but you don’t want to blow that extra cash in the ER. Even a cloudy or cool day in the tropical climate of Florida can still leave your skin exposed to UV rays. Of course this is true at the beachfront or poolside, but even sitting on the outside deck of a restaurant can leave your exposed skin burned. If you are under an umbrella, remember to tuck your arms and legs under it as well, otherwise you could have one normal arm and one red one…not so nice for photos in that sleeveless beach wedding dress! You will be beautiful on your special day, like our bride Shannon in Palm Coast below. She chose the Nautical Knot complete wedding package to pledge her love: now and forever, right beside the Atlantic ocean.

Nautical Knot wedding package and couple Palm Coast

Now, that was easy right? You know what else is easy? Beach weddings with our Florida Beach Weddings Company! Our couple Shandi and Jason below did it and got married in Siesta Key. You can too so click HERE to book your beach wedding today!

Siesta Key couple kissing in the ocean

Best Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas: Real Brides Pose

Now that you have booked your beach wedding and decided on your dress, it is time to decide what to do with jewelry and headpieces. Do you need or want either one? What does a bride wear for a beach wedding? It depends entirely on your sense of style, your wedding dress and what will work with your beach-y look. When you wear a wedding dress, jewels can add a touch of glamour. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a small beach wedding or larger celebration…every bride wants to look and feel special. Whether it is modern neutral decor, a rustic romance feel or exotic tropical ceremony, jewelry can enhance your natural beauty. From the necklace to the earrings to the veil or tiara, we offer some tips from our retail bridal experience. You will be the most beautiful you can be on your beach wedding day! All of the following photos are from our real Florida beach weddings. We start with Denise and Ivan in Clearwater Beach. She chose glamour from top to bottom for her special day.

Choosing a necklace
This accessory that accompanies a wedding dress is popular, but not every dress needs one. If your dress is ornate or has some color in it, or if you have a tattoo, you may wish to leave your beautiful neck bare. However, a necklace can be the central focus of your style. It helps to look at the neckline of your wedding dress and overall style or theme: is it Boho, Classic, Minimalist, Princess, Mermaid? For a beach wedding you may also want to consider necklace materials: do I want shells, pearls, flowers?

Neckline matters
If your dress has a ‘V’ shaped neckline or sweetheart neckline, a bridal necklace could work perfectly. The right necklace will enhance your bust and can even be sexy. Take a look at this Miami Beach bride below: even with a colorful dress, flowers and tattoo, Miranda’s simple ‘v’ shaped necklace enhances her beauty and brings out the obvious sparkle in this bride’s personality!

Choosing a round necklace
A simple string of pearls is a tried and true favorite of many brides. Pearls come from the sea therefore they are a natural choice for a beach wedding ceremony. Of course, you have chosen the Florida beach as your wedding venue, so half the styling job is done – your backdrop is already breathtaking, crafted to perfection by Mother Nature! See Cathy below who got married on Daytona Beach.

Your next step is to find the necklace, if desired, that compliments this and pearl and shells are a top choice. Are you a one strand or two strand gal? You might even choose one pearl or stone alone or several dropped along a strand. Whatever stone or materials you wish, it’s up to you and it will look lovely no matter the style.

‘Y-shaped’ necklaces may also be appropriate for beach jewelry. We have seen many brides with starfish or silver flower round necklaces and they look sexy and carefree. You can also use a long knotted necklace to symbolize “tying the knot”. See our Siesta Key bride Emma below:

Tiaras and diamonds
Can you wear a necklace, earrings and a tiara all at once? Of course, and you can be stunning! The natural beach landscape including the ocean is full of color and variety. It sparkles on a sunny day so why shouldn’t you? You may have even received a wedding jewelry set as a gift that you want to wear for your beach ceremony. Below you will see two of our brides wearing all three who look amazing and nothing can take away from their joy and beauty!

Lubova’s choice of muti-colored stones adds beach-y glamour to her wedding dress:
Bridal jewelry set on beach bride

As previously mentioned, there is a close relationship between the choice of necklace and the style of your dress. If you have a dress that doesn’t show  cleavage, you might just choose earrings. Here are some tips to find the right earrings for your dress:

How to choose earrings
When choosing earrings, they should be in harmony with the color and style of your necklace, if you are wearing one, or your dress. The main thing to consider is how the shape and style highlight your face. If they are too long, they may distract from your wedding dress, so make sure you try them on with your dress when attending any fittings. If you have received earrings as an heirloom, this might be the perfect day to wear the to honor your family history.

Now, let’s not forget about your hairstyle! Can we talk hair? I’m sure you noticed how beautiful all these brides are with incredible hair! Short or long, up or down these brides made mastered their wedding day look for the beach. have How will your hair be on your wedding day? Given the sea breeze you may choose to have your hair in an updo. So be sure to choose your earrings accordingly. With an updo or a bun, you can opt for dangling earrings: perhaps they contain stones (diamonds, pearls, turquoise, emeralds.) On the other hand, if you want to keep your hair down then you can choose studs or earrings that hang close to your ears.

Viola chose gorgeous pearl earrings and an understated veil – breathtaking!

Maria is beautiful with red accents and glittering earrings in St. Augustine:
Our beach bride Heather has a high neckline with beautiful earrings and headband below. Perfect for her dress and St. Pete Beach wedding:

Do you need a bracelet?
Not many beach brides choose to wear bracelets, however when doing so the key is in simplicity and lightness. An elegant gold or silver bracelet may just be what you are looking for to complete your look, especially if it is vintage wedding jewelry passed down through your family. Perhaps you do not need a necklace so this one simple touch is perfect for a seaside ceremony.

The Headpiece
If you decide to have a hairband, veil or headpiece, wear your hair in the style you wish to have it at your wedding when you choose your headpiece. Even if you have already decided on which style you prefer, try on a couple of different types of headpieces. Your hair style, facial features, figure, and gown style should all be considered when deciding which headpiece best suits you. This is definitely a very personal decision and there are no rules! It doesn’t have to be a white veil, although Samantha, our Clearwater Beach bride, chose one. This is the beach where anything goes as long as you love it!

Tammy is beautiful in veil, jeweled headpiece and earrings at her Siesta Key gay marriage ceremony with a Nautical Knot package.

If you love the Boho bride look and want to be a free-spirit, there are many chic hair pieces you can choose. Hair chains are very popular for Bohemian brides and crystal is romantic and easy to wear. Hair vines and wedding halo headbands are chic and can be jeweled or flowered…or both! Your hairdresser can incorporate it into your hairstyle such as a romantic braid. Perfect look for the beach as our bride Danielle illustrates below:

If you have longer hair, you may wish to put all or part of it up. Even the smallest swirl created to frame your face can blow into your eyes during a beach wedding. However, don’t worry if you want your hair down, just use lots of hairspray and we will make sure you look beautiful in your wedding pictures!
Here are a few of our past brides choices for headpieces, veils, tiaras and hairbands. Caroline in St. Augustine dressed her lovely hair in flowers:

Martha’s free spirit is surrounded by flowers, an understated veil and a short, lace dress in Daytona Beach:

Okay – so now we will cave in and give you some traditional guidelines since you are taking the trouble to read this and may need help. But remember, these are not rules. Here are suggestions for hairstyles and headpieces according to the shape of your face:

  • Long face: Anything that will widen your face will best suit you. This can include a tiara of flowers, or a full hairstyle.
  • Round face: A high tiara will create length will look great. A veil with some height above your face will also help lengthen your face. Keep in mind it might blow about on the beach so another type of headpiece might be more practical.
  • Oval face: Since this is considered the perfect face shape anything goes! Try on what you love and enjoy.
  • Square face: You will want to create height on top of your face. You can do this with your hairstyle or with a headpiece which sits further back on your head, or an understated veil will look best on you. A longer necklace can also be beautiful.
  • Heart shaped: You should choose a veil which is full at your jawline to add width or longer drop earrings. Minimize the height of your hair. You might want to keep it down to give fullness but remember the beach sea breeze!

These can be made of nylon or of silk, and you’d be surprised how many beach brides choose them…even with the sea breeze and heat. However, the veil is often kept away from the bride’s beautiful face and just used as an accessory to soften their look and add a traditional or romantic feeling. If you choose a veil, you may try to match any lace in your gown on your veil. We suggest a detachable veil so you can remove it after the ceremony. Make sure it is well secured with bobby pins! Furthermore, you do not have to put it over your face. Here is an example of a bride, Lucchese, that has a veil and it is softly flowing: the perfect accent for her beachfront wedding day look.

Cosina has a long, flowing veil which goes with her package on Daytona Beach: the Simply Tropical Deluxe.

Couple saying vows on Daytona Beach
Do keep in mind however, that there can be a strong breeze along the coast. Even the Gulf beaches have a sea breeze so you may wish to think twice about a veil. If you do choose one, make sure you can detach it after the ceremony photos. As you can see by Delicia’s smile in Palm Coast below, it can be truly romantic.

Other jewelry
Ankle bracelet anyone? Why not show this modern bridal jewelry off with your shorter length wedding dress. There are also barefoot sandal anklet chains that sparkle with rhinestones, pearls, crystals beads or shells. Although many brides go barefoot at their beach ceremony, these jewel encrusted sandals and bridal anklets can be a glamorous accessory. What a beautiful way to give your beach wedding dress some bling! Just remember, shoes can be a hazard on the beach. If you must wear them, choose wedge type heels for stability when walking down the sandy aisleway.

Can we talk belts? If you are going for glamorous, then a bling belt is for you! One strand or a wider sash can be just the right touch for your wedding dress to add texture or define your silhouette. This sparkly accessory can have pearls, crystals, flowers and even be a different color. Pink might go with the sand color on Cocoa Beach and blue might accentuate the Gulf water on Fort DeSoto Beach near St. Pete/Clearwater. Ashley looks lovely during this Siesta Key Beach wedding sunset.
Wedding jewelry from your culture and traditions is also wonderful for getting married on the beach. Although wearing bridal jewelry for fashion and style is reason enough to adorn oneself, a bride or couple may choose to wear jewelry that has meaning in traditions and customs as well. These customs can only add to your beach wedding ceremony so choose the pieces that have the most personal meaning to incorporate into your special day like Katherine below. We don’t mean the dog although he/she is a cute accessory!

Jewelry to avoid
There is one type of jewelry we suggest you avoid at a beach ceremony…wedding cake jewelry. Unless you want a melted cake with sand in it, cake is not a great a great idea on a hot beach! Save your beautiful cake for your reception venue or special dinner post-ceremony. You will be glad you did.

We hope this brief guide will help you decide how you want to dress for your beach wedding, how you might style your hair and how to find the best beach bridal jewelry for your special day! Congratulations! Contact us to reserve your date today.

Get Ready: Your Beach Wedding Day is Here!

You’ve gone through it all. The exciting engagement, the fun planning, the dress shopping, the choice of beach location. And it’s finally here, your big wedding day! Naturally, you are nervous but we hope you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your wedding ceremony on the beach. if you’ve hired the right beach wedding company then all systems are go! So here’s all you need to know for Beach Planning Wedding – the day of your wedding!

beach wedding planning

Time management is your best friend as you prepare for the day of your beach wedding (just like a traditional wedding day). You’ll have a detailed agenda  from your beach wedding specialist explaining the exact times of where to be and when so there will be no surprises. You also will be confident in your beach wedding décor because you made your package choices from online photos. So we’re going to focus on pre-wedding timeline plans! 

Rise and Shine!Omelet on plate

Hopefully you’re waking up on your big day refreshed and well rested. Well maybe we should back up and say, it’s important to get to bed at a decent hour the night before your wedding. And don’t party hard. A glass of wine or drink the night before is fine to settle any nerves and unwind. However, hangovers, headaches, and regrets are NOT the way to start your big day! Then start of with a normal breakfast – something like a smoothie, omelet and toast. No need to change things up here from your regular routine, however some foods can cause bloating: too much dairy, gluten, refined sugar, carbonated beverages, and caffeine.

Hair and Make UpBeach bride getting ready for wedding with veil

A girl’s got to look good on her big day! Whether you’re doing a D.I.Y. wedding hairstyle or getting a professional touch, remember the 2 hour rule.  You should allow at least 2 hours for hair (shampoo, blow out, the works). And you should have about 2 hours before your wedding of being “aisle ready.” Meaning you should be ready to walk the aisle – hair, make up, fed, ready to rock and roll. This sounds like a lot of time, but inevitably something will take a little longer than expected, or traffic, or… Better safe than sorry. When choosing your hairstyle, keep in mind that heat and humidity may be a factor depending on the time of year.


Breakfast, lunch, do your thing. Don’t eat anything out of the ordinary on your wedding day. It’s best to just stick to the usual. If you normally pig out for breakfast, do it. Breakfast skipper? Skip it. And make sure to stay hydrated. It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement that you forget the H2O. Don’t let dehydration happen to you! And it’s also a good idea to pack a healthy snack for a little pre-wedding snack so you don’t get dizzy. You may lose track of time and not eat for hours and we want you feeling your best on your best day! This applies to any children participating in your Florida beach wedding as well.


If you haven’t already, get an ETA from your pre-wedding location to the ceremony site. Thank you technology. And with that being said, you now have no excuse for being late to your own beach wedding. 🙂 

Calling Guest services

One thing couples often forget is how to deal with “needy guests”(you know that friend who always gets lost, explaining to grandma where to park, flower girl’s mom with 1,000 questions). It’s best to have your maid of honor or other reliable friend as a contact for any wedding guest Q&A. Send out his/her phone# to guests and indicate they can call them with any questions. Or simply give her your phone the day of and she can play operational manager for the day. Less stress = more fun!

Last StopsDestin, Florida beach wedding where the bride waits to walk down the aisle

So you’re ready to go! Wait until the last 30-45 minutes before leaving your last stop before the wedding ceremony to get your wedding dress on if possible. This eliminates the chances to get stains, wrinkles, etc. And don’t forget to use the restroom before dressing. Stay in your air conditioned car for as long as possible before meeting your Florida Beach Weddings coordinator. Soon enough it will be time to walk down the aisle!

I Do!

Once arriving to your wedding ceremony location all the beach wedding planning is a thing of the past. Florida Beach Weddings will give you instructions on where to go from there. And you get to simply enjoy the beautiful beach and your stress free wedding. 

Tropical Florida Beach Wedding couple in Clearwater, FL

Well that’s everything to do the day of. And if you’re not quite there yet, but like the idea of a beach wedding, contact us to speak to a beach wedding specialist and start planning today!