sunSHINE. ocean WAVES. GORGEOUS sunsets. Words to describe a perfect beach wedding. Aaaand perfect beach wedding hair. 🙂  Any outdoor wedding ceremony requires a few adjustments from traditional indoor wedding environments…especially if it’s in Florida. Add in salty air and ocean breeze, and your hair could go from terrific to terrifying within minutes. Check out this style guide for choosing the best beach wedding hair style!

African American bride with flower in hair

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, or the texture. You can find a beautiful style that is perfect for an outdoor wedding by the sea.
blonde hair with braids

           Accessories in your hair can make a difference when you use them to accent your bouquet or the lines of your beach wedding dress.                                 Brunette bride with flowers

Tips for Choosing the Best Beach Wedding Hair Style

Ocean Air Sign

  • Ocean Breeze: So this is perhaps one of the greatest factors to consider when choosing a beach hairstyle. Whether you want an up-do, completely down, 1/2 up 1/2 down, don’t forget about the sea breeze. Choose a style that keeps your hair off your face. You’ll want to look into your hubby’s eyes and savor the moments of your wedding day. So while it’s flirtatious and whimsical for a model ad shoot, no one wants to be pushing hair off their face for an entire wedding ceremony. An up-do is an easy solution. But if keeping your hair down in non-negotiable, consider pinning back just the hair in the front. Also, wrap around braids and headbands provide extra help for keeping hair in place.

        Bridal hair blond updo                 Four flowered hair dos for brides                   

  • Sea Salt: The whole trending “Salty Hair, Don’t Care.” Yeah, that’s great for a good ole’ beach day, but not your wedding day. The salty air can do wild things to your luscious locks, so get ready to add an extra dose of shine drops, hairspray, or other serum to keep things looking fresh and in place.
  • Hire Help: It may be worth splurging on a professional stylist for your wedding day. Even if you just want a simple look, the touch of a expert will have your hair soft, shiny, and camera ready for your wedding day. If you’re looking for someone in the St. Augustine area, check out Panache or Small Indulgences.

Here are some of our recent brides and their chosen hairstyles:

Siesta Key bride and groom

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