Weddings on the beach in Clearwater are a dream come true. However, any wedding budget can quickly get out of hand. Pinterest ideas, the Knot, Wedding Wire photos…even Martha Stewart can quickly overwhelm you. Don’t let it happen to you! Your wedding budget is an important part of your planning process. At the end of your wedding day these words should come to mind: relaxing, special, and affordable. Even if it is a Clearwater beach elopement package, you will need to stick to your budget which is easy with our beach wedding prices. However, there are extras you may be able to trim to save even more. See which Florida destination wedding expenses are worth keeping and what needs ditching when it comes to your perfect beach ceremony.

beach wedding expenses

So of course, you’ve already chosen the perfect beach location: the Clearwater, Tampa area on the Gulf coast. This could include an Indian Rocks beach wedding, St. Pete beach wedding, Treasure Island, Sand Key, Sunset beach and more. Our beach wedding company has you covered with everything you need for a wonderful ceremony, including our cheap Florida Beach Weddings packages. The rest, eh, it’s just details. You’ll need to get an official Florida marriage license and something to wear, but we’ll handle the rest. 🙂 So these next points are ways to trim your budget and eliminate unwanted expenses.

Tropical wedding arch and couple on St. Pete Beach

1. Wedding Invitations

Now we’re not suggesting a beach elopement (which you could do), but couples often end up spending hundreds of dollars on fancy invites and postage stamps. These intricate, pricey invitations are usually read, RSVP returned, entered as a phone calendar event, and end up ultimately in the trash. Why not save time, money, and stress with an evite. Or if you’re dead set on using a paper invite, photo cards are an affordable alternative to elaborate cardstock invites.

Clearwater sunset wedding couple on beach

2. Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Again, we aren’t saying toss the bouquet idea out the window, but get creative. Hiring a florist is not mandatory. And depending on your level of creativity and vision, you can find tons of bouquet ideas. Buying flowers at a grocery or market can save you hundreds (and in some cases thousands) on your floral budget and we offer suggestions when you arrive at your Clearwater beach location. If real flowers really don’t matter to you, you can also find a host of faux flower bouquet ideas. Just keep in mind tossing fake petals is not allowed on most beaches.

Wedding flowers on Clearwater Beach

3. Cheap Wedding Favors

Things that are cheap or break may not make the best wedding favors. However, personalized sunglasses for your wedding day? Fun, practical, and perfect for a beach wedding photo op! Think of your beach theme or the colors you’ve chosen for your Clearwater Beach wedding package and go with that for your favors. Your guests will look back fondly on your special day with a fun keepsake, even if it’s a small beach wedding.

Tropical Wedding Arch on the beach with flowers and white chairs St. Pete

4. Expensive Bridal Accessories

It’s a big day. Wear what is special to you. Family heirlooms or gifts from your groom or family and friends are perfect ideas to add to your wedding day  look. However, don’t go spending hundreds of dollars on a piece that you will likely never wear again if you are on a strict budget. And, spoiler alert, no one will know if you buy a good knock off (pearls, diamonds, etc.). If you just must have that statement bridal piece to go with your wedding dress, did you know you can rent accessories from rent the runway? And as for the veil, consider not wearing one. There is often a light breeze on Clearwater beach which will have you constantly fixing your veil.

5. Wedding Dress: Beg, Borrow, or Buy 

Begging for something special to wear with your wedding dress? Borrowing a family heirloom set of earrings, a friend’s gorgeous headpiece, or your cousin’s perfect wedding shoes will make it that much more special…and it is tradition! You can even rent a bridal gown! There are lots of creative ways to take otherwise expensive things and get thrifty with it! Etsy, Goodwill, Facebook marketplace, or your grandma’s closet are all easy spots that just may be holding your perfect wedding day find! For the groom, The Black Tux offers cheap tuxedo rentals and purchase delivered directly to your home with free shipping.

Clearwater Beach wedding dress on bride by water

Ready to ditch the stress and have a relaxing and affordable beach wedding? Weddings in Clearwater are perfect for the budget friendly bride. Click HERE to book your Florida Beach Wedding today!