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Professional Beach Wedding Photographer

So we’ve recently blogged about ideas for capturing the most memorable beach wedding photos. So now let’s talk about why you should hire a professional beach wedding photographer for the job. Our culture’s obsession with social media and selfies has prompted big companies (like that one with the fruit with a bite taken out, ahem) to make cell phones with better cameras than most professionals had ten years ago. However, your friend’s iPhone X vs. a professional beach wedding photographer is your call.  But like those catchy t-shirts would say, “Trust me, I’m a photographer.” I present, the argument:

friend hired to take wedding photos

Professional Beach Wedding Photographer vs. Helpful Tech Savvy Friend:

  1. Experience:
  2. Cost:
  3. Final Product:
    • Your Clearwater Beach Wedding Photographer: Photography services include photo shop editing and CD or digital download. Our timeless photos will leave you with beautiful memories to last a lifetime. The image quality also reflects the experience required for dealing with bright sunlight, water reflections, and unpredictable sandy/salty elements. 
    • Your Friend: A cute IG filter and catchy # are nice, but that only gets you so far.

So now the final verdict is for you decide. Let your friend be a guest. Avoid that awkward moment when your friend has a sandy lens. Or blurry photos. Or runs out of storage/battery…yikes! Hire a professional. 





Best Beach Wedding Photos

Hashtag wedding day. Hashtag best beach wedding photos. Let’s get wedding photo ready. Framed art, photo albums, Facebook posts, IG account, family gifts just to name a few. But don’t wait until the day of to think about your beach wedding photos. Here are a few tips and ideas for preserving timeless moments from your beach wedding day. 

beach wedding couple clearwater beach wedding

5 Tips for the Best Beach Wedding Photos:

  1. Plan Ahead: Google, “Pin,” get creative. To make your big day as stress free as possible, the key is making all your decision ahead of time.  While your photographer likely has some great poses planned, consider doing a little photo research on your own. Find the poses you love, and consider saving them to your phone. This allows you to have them on hand to show your photographer and refresh your memory! Check out our photo page to get some inspiration!
  2. Family & Friends: The last thing you want is to look back at your photos and realize you forgot to take a picture with ___________ (fill in the blank). Make a list of bridal party, family, and friends so you don’t leave anyone out. 
  3. What NOT to wear: Find more tips on beach wedding attire for brides and grooms, but a good rule of thumb is take a photo test drive. Either at your final fitting or home, take indoor and outdoor pictures in your wedding dress, undergarments and all. Make sure there’s no unsightly straps, lines, or crumples, showing through. 
  4. Sunny Days: It’s likely to be sunny at your beach wedding. However, don’t forget to ditch the sunglasses for your photos. Make sure to pass those shades to a friend so they aren’t accidentally mistaken for a headband or neck tie!
  5. Freshen Up: We’re not talking full on make up re-do. Just a quick lip gloss and a little powder sweep to absorb any sweat and eliminate shine will do the trick! 

Smile, relax and enjoy the rest of your day! Your beach wedding photographer will take it from there!