Brilliant Beach Wedding Photo Props

Are you the creative type? Or do you like a fun loving or silly photo memory? Maybe you want to consider one of your wedding photos for your annual Christmas card? Whatever your reasons, you’ve clicked to the right place. Look no further for fun beach wedding photo prop ideas and unconventional poses by some of our recent beach going brides and grooms!

Beach Wedding Photo Props

Wedding Rings: Your wedding rings are such a beautiful symbol of marriage. What better way to preserve your bling than with a little beachy ring photo shoot? One of our couples chose a beautiful wooden keepsake box for not only their rings, but also other wedding day jewelry. Our professional photographers are happy to photograph these special keepsakes for you, including your bridal bouquet. Other creative ideas include wedding rings on a starfish: it looks lovely with our Starfish Distinctive Design wedding package. We especially love the couple’s hands in the Florida sand in St. Augustine with wedding rings. Nobody else will ever be able to have your unique and very married hands!

Rings in beach box before wedding

Rings on starfish before beach wedding

Hands with wedding rings in sand on the beach

wedding rings in clamshell

Signs: Our all inclusive Florida Beach Weddings can include a large chalkboard sign announcing the happy couple, like the one who married on Clearwater Beach, FL below. Their Gulf beach wedding was pretty in pink with petals underneath the bamboo wedding arch, and best of all it was affordable. The chalkboard sign is included if you decide to tie the knot with one of our Distinctive Design packages.

Chalkboard sign announcing couple beach wedding vows

Beach Wedding couple In Ft. Lauderdale smiling by the sea

Romantic and Fun: If you like more unique destination beach wedding photo ideas with couples, kids and extended family…we have them! Whether you choose the Florida Gulf coast or Atlantic beaches for your wedding day, our seasoned photographers will capture your memories forever. They know how to work with the outdoor lighting, the clouds or bright sun, the sparkling water and the sunsets. Even a vow renewal or beach elopement ceremony gets the best photography our Florida Beach Weddings company has to offer.

A bride and groom pose behind a frame of their child during our Siesta Key Beach Weddings.

Family wedding in Siesta Key

Buckets of romance in Clearwater

Couple getting married on Siesta Key laughing

Silly love in Siesta Key

St. Augustine beach wedding party photo

Family and friends St. Augustine Beach

Wedding couple on the beach with toasting glasses

A toast in Treasure Island near St. Pete

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Reasons to Use an Actual Beach Wedding Photographer

We’ve recently blogged about ideas for capturing the best beach wedding photo poses. However, let’s talk about why you should hire a professional beach wedding photographer for the job. Our culture’s obsession with social media and selfies has prompted big companies (like that one with the fruit with a bite taken out, ahem) to make cell phones with better cameras than most professionals had ten years ago. However, your friend’s iPhone vs. a professional beach wedding photographer is a serious consideration for your special day. Further, we’d like to discuss why an experienced, outdoor wedding photographer is the best (and very affordable choice) for your Florida destination wedding.

Professional Beach Wedding Photographer: The Right Choice


Our beach wedding photographers have done hundreds of outdoor weddings by the sand and sea. Our professional wedding photographers know just how to pose you and your partner to get the best pictures. In fact, Forever In Love professional photographers have now joined the Florida Beach Weddings team! We are experienced with the bright lighting on the beach: the sun, the glare, the sparkling water and most importantly, the sunsets. Not an easy task when you only have a few precious moments to get a shot. We also know how to deal with the sea breeze blowing around your wedding dress and hair, or if there is precipitation coming and the light is low. Some of our most wonderful photographs include interesting cloud formations off the Florida coast. It doesn’t matter if it is a small group of family and friends or a larger wedding party. We complete the photography session with smiles, laughter and natural love showing between for our beach bride and groom.  Check out photos from some of previous weddings. 

Couple gazes at emerald Gulf Beach water after weddingCost:

Photography is included in some of our smaller, elopement packages such as Heart In The Sand. For larger wedding packages, you can add an hour of extra photography time at the ceremony site. You can get many extra photographs with special poses: this will include the wedding ceremony, some photos with your immediate family members, bridal party photos and photos of you and your spouse down by the water. 

Passe-A-Grill beach wedding couple by the Gulf

Unique photos:

Our beach wedding company takes advantage of all nature and our beach parks have to offer: dunes, walkways, water, sea oats, rocks and piers. We capture the vibrant colors of the landscape and can also do black and white photography to bring different feel, mood and emotion into the wedding picture. We take care to capture the essence of your love for each other, and the joy of each moment. If you have children, we can include them in the sand ceremony and other photos. 

Wedding couple in black and white photography by the ocean

Cocoa Beach wedding couple embraces in ocean

Beach wedding couple in Siesta Key by Gulf

Amelia Island Beach Wedding Packages in Florida.

Daytona Beach Weddings at Ponce Inlet Point Park/

Final Product:

Lots of photos! Our timeless photos will leave you with beautiful memories to last a lifetime. The image quality also reflects the experience required for dealing with bright sunlight, water reflections, and unpredictable sandy/salty elements. Compare our photographs to others and you will surely see the difference in quality: clarity, composition and color. You will receive ALL the photos taken. You do not have to purchase any additional prints or photos from us. We will send you a link for to download all of your photos and provide you with a copyright release letter, so they are yours to print and share for personal use. A photo CD is available for an additional charge. 

Coulple Kisses after Miami Beach Wedding


Of course this is the most important thing about your wedding photographs: to be able to look at them any time and remember the beauty and joy of the day. Wedding days go by in a blur, and years later you will still have the photos – heirloom pictures that will be passed down to your children and theirs, and shared within your family with laughter and love. Our beach wedding photographers will be sure to create romantic images that capture the emotion, the beauty, and the joy of your wedding day on the Florida beaches.  Memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Contact us to find out more.

Unique Daytona Beach Wedding Packages with black bamboo, aisle way, chairs and officiant.Save



Beach Wedding Photo Shoot Quick Tips

Your wedding photos will serve as a permanent memory from one of the biggest days of your life. When you get married at a coastal wedding venue, it is important to end up with an album full of timeless, cherished photos to show off back home. This quick tip guide will provide the basics for your best seaside Florida wedding photo shoot.

St. Augustine couple in the sand after beach wedding

Pre-wedding Day

Before we get to the tips and tricks for the actual beach wedding photo shoot, let’s talk pre-wedding. A little pre-game, if you will. Make sure both bride and groom have properly fitted/altered clothing and undergarments. Nothing says photo buzz kill more than an unsightly bra strap or see through dress. So put on the full get up, and get outside because sunlight has a way of, well, bringing a whole new light to sheer/white. You can even have a friend/self timer snap a couple photos to make sure everything is in it’s proper place. Also, if you have a large guest list and have paid for extra photography, pre-wedding is the time to think over your family photo must haves. You can make a list if you like, but at least give it some thought ahead of time. If you opt for photography time with our beach wedding company you will have an hour of extra time for pictures. You can get a lot of photos in an hour so give it some thought…and of course we have suggestions to make you both look great!

Pre-Aisle Walk

Once you’ve established everything pre-wedding day, let’s talk about what to do right before the walk down your beach themed wedding aisle. Once you’re fully dressed (brides and grooms) have a friend give you an 360 degree inspection. Pin, shimmy, fluff, straighten, whatever needs to be done, do it now. Check accessory clasps and reinforce any backings or buttons. Boutonnières can be pinned and perfected now. That beautiful close up of you sharing your vows will have you saying, “GRRRRR” when your necklace clasp is upside down, glaring at you. One last powder and lip gloss is a great idea pre-aisle walk, but BE SURE to place a paper towel/t-shirt/barrier over the wedding dress before applying. Also, give the cell phone and sunglasses to a friend. Even a silenced phone provides an unsightly bulk in your pocket and you don’t want to lose it in the sand.

Beach Packages in Florida with starfish lantern aisle-way and beach wedding decor.


There’s really nothing much for you to remember here. Just prepare to follow the lead of your photographer and beach wedding officiant/coordinator. And if you’re extra nervous, remember to smile and take some nice, deep breaths. Don’t let your resting face look like you are awaiting a life sentence instead of a joyful wedding union on island sands.

Post-ceremony Beachfront Wedding Photo Shoot

If you’ve hired Florida Beach Weddings rest assured, you are in good photography hands. Your experienced photographer will be doing the posing and directing, but communicate if you have any specific ideas in mind, especially any you planned for in advance. This is the time  to remember any specific family members or friends you want to include in your photos. Our photographers will do the organizing, but just be sure to communicate with them so no one is left out.

Siesta Key bride and groom

A few go-to wedding photography tips:

  • Flowers– When holding flowers, your hands should be grasping the stem(s) and hands should be just directly below the belly button. It will feel a little awkward, but will look totally natural and appropriate in the photos. The natural resting place to hold flowers for most people is too high for photographs and ends up swallowing up the bride in photos. Sometimes we pose you with flowers close to your face for extra impact, like the Siesta Key bride shown above.
  • Natural- Don’t force unnatural poses. Take a moment to really savor the moments of your wedding day and the beauty of your spouse. Your excitement, love, and confidence will be evident and reflect in your pictures. There is nothing more beautiful than a couple just married on the beach.
  • Wind & Sun- Find out more on beach wedding hair tips HERE but to keep it simple, consider the elements. There is usually at least a slight breeze at the beach, if not full on wind. So make sure your hair is pinned and out of your face for your photos. And you may be tempted to wear sunglasses, but hold off until after the beach wedding photo shoot. If you have extremely sensitive eyes, just communicate with your photographer and the old, “1,2,3, open your eyes and cheese” trick will work (for kids and adults alike)!
  • Your Personality– A classic, embraced, happy couple is a timeless photo look. But if you and your spouse have a wacky, silly side, capture that. It could make for a fun Christmas card or thank you image!

Cocoa Beach bride and groom kissing

Ready to smile your way down the aisle? Check out our wedding package deals and reserve your date today.

Best Beach Wedding Photos: Real Couples Pose

Couple kissing at Daytona beach wedding with bridal bouquet

Couple posing at Daytona Beach wedding

When planning an inexpensive wedding in Florida, the beach ranks above all the rest for beautiful wedding pictures. The white sand, the waves, the Gulf beach palm trees, the sun and the sea. It’s the perfect setting to say your vows with views, and capture a lifetime of memories. But when planning an affordable beach wedding, how do you take pictures on the beach? Friends and family may take pictures with their phones, but are these the Florida wedding ceremony photos that will look the best? What about when you want to take photos with THEM? Or if you want that kiss captured as the sun sets over the ocean? Hiring a professional beach wedding photographer, experienced in this type of setting will solve the problem and eliminate stress without breaking the bank. In fact, adding photography time to our already cheap wedding packages will guarantee your photos look first class forever (and it’s less expensive than you might think)!

A Florida Beach Weddings photographer has experience dealing with Mother Nature on the oceanfront. Be it bright light, Gulf beach sunsets, twilight, Daytona beach surf, an unexpected sun shower, fair to dark skin, children, a colorful bridal party: there are many factors a beach wedding photographer must consider. That’s on top of the already difficult tasks of capturing intimacy, correct shutter speed, posing couples at the right angle, creative/natural backgrounds, or eliminating other beach visitors. Beautiful, crisp photographs of traditional poses, bride and groom, family, friends, the bridal party and fun posing are part of the hundreds of beach wedding photos we’ve taken over the last 13 years! We’d love to show you some of our Florida Beach Wedding couples. Note: Forever In Love is now part of Florida Beach Weddings photography team!

Here are some beach wedding photo ideas for you

Best beach wedding photography poses

Ponce Inlet Beach Weddings are complete with elegant dunes: couple kissing.

Ponce Inlet beach wedding couple kissing after saying vows

Wedding couple posing on beach in the Atlantic surf.

Wedding couple posing on beach in the Atlantic surf

Couple first dance beach wedding Cocoa Beach

Couple first dance after beach wedding on Cocoa Beach, FL

Clearwater beach wedding couple kissing.

Clearwater beach wedding couple kissing in the white sand

Wedding couple posing under Daytona Beach pier

Daytona beach wedding couple posing under pier

Miami beach wedding couple kissing on a bench

Miami beach wedding couple kissing

This bride and groom share glances during a Siesta Key Gulf Beach Weddings.

This bride and groom share glances during a Siesta Key Gulf Beach Wedding

Navy wedding Cocoa Beach

Navy wedding on Cocoa Beach as the sun comes up

Beach Wedding Family Photos

Affordable Jacksonville Beach Weddings in Florida

Jacksonville Beach wedding couple with family after vows

This family joins together at a sand ceremony at a Florida Wedding on the beach.

This family joins together at a sand ceremony at a Florida Wedding on the beach

Ft. Walton beach weddings with guest in Florida.

Ft. Walton beach weddings with family and friends in Florida.

Best Sunset Beach Wedding Photos

Lido Beach Weddings in Siesta Key Beach, Florida during the sunset.

Lido Beach wedding couple kissing during Florida gulf beach sunset

A groom picks up his bride during one of our Clearwater Beach Weddings

A groom picks up his bride at sunset at a Clearwater Beach Weddings

The sun sets on this Beach Wedding in Clearwater, Florida as the bride kicks up a heel.

The sun sets on this Gulf beach wedding in Clearwater, Florida

Beach Wedding Bridal Party

Miami beach wedding bride with bridesmaids in the sea

Miami beach wedding bride with bridesmaids in the sea

Ponce Inlet Beach Wedding groom with groomsmen

Ponce Inlet Beach wedding groom and beach wedding party

Cocoa Beach wedding party jumping on beach

Cocoa Beach wedding party

Florida Gulf beach wedding bridesmaids

Florida Gulf beach wedding bridesmaids

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