Simply Florida Package

The Ceremony: 

  • Officiant: who will legally perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding elopement
  • Traditional ceremony and vows provided by “Florida Beach Weddings”
  • Our select Florida beach wedding locations
  • Your choice from one of our simply decor setups
  • Unity Sand Ceremony, including: Sand ceremony table, keepsake sand vase, sand color choices
  • Photographer at ceremony site with approximately 50-75 photos, which will include the ceremony, some photos with your guests and a few poses of the newly married immediately after the ceremony.
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic champagne toast for the bride and groom with keepsake glasses (optional)

The Final Details: 

  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license
  • Consultations by phone and email
  • Our exclusive beach wedding bridal guide mailed to you
  • Final wedding ceremony agenda/timeline will be provided
  • Access to your unique client portal where you will find all of your important documents. Your contract, selections, optional additions, ceremony choices, recommendation for amenities and more will be in your client portal.

Optional additions ($): 

  • First Dance under the bamboo canopy
  • Chairs for your guests (4 MAXIMUM)
  • Custom Ceremony Playlist 
  • USB and Keepsake Box
  • Additional fee for Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Florida Beach Elopements Package Explanation: This package is ideal for small, intimate, but important, beach wedding ceremonies (or vow renewals). This package allows the couple getting married and up to FOUR guests at their ceremony. You are given the option of 4 different decor options: Floral, Classic, Natural, or Custom. 

The only items you may add to this package are items provided through us, such as: a first dance, a custom ceremony music playlist, up to 4 chairs for your 4 guests, extra sand ceremony participant(s)…etc. Otherwise, the bride/spouse is allowed only 1 bridal escort, there is no bridal party, there are no included chairs, or added decorations/floral arrangements. This package is strictly for Florida Beach Elopements. We will meet you at the designated Florida beach area, where you will stand under the bamboo canopy for your destination beach wedding ceremony. If you will be having any guests (up to four guests), they will stand on either side of the canopy to witness your marriage. 


More Packages

Simply Package Options

Included in this package is your choice of the following decor. The Floral Simply, the Natural Simply, The Custom Simply and the Classic Simply. The photos and decor choices are listed below as well.

florida beach elopement with decor on the beaches

Floral Simply Option

  • -includes full bamboo canopy draped in white or ivory
  • asymmetrical canopy topper
  • greenery aisle-way with white shepherds hooks and hanging rose balls
  • sand ceremony
  • ceremony officiant
  • recorded traditional music for you to walk down the aisle (upgrade to a custom playlist)
  • ceremony photographer to provide you with 50-75 photos


  • Your choice of up to two colors on the bamboo canopy from our selection
  • greenery aisle-way
  • sand ceremony
  • ceremony officiant
  • recorded traditional music for you to walk down the aisle (upgrade to a custom playlist)
  • ceremony photographer to provide you with 50-75 photos

Natural Simply Option

  • -includes full bamboo canopy draped in white or ivory
  • natural branch and floral canopy topper
  • bamboo pole aisle-way with coordinating draped material and floral accents
  • sand ceremony
  • ceremony officiant
  • recorded traditional music for you to walk down the aisle (upgrade to a custom playlist)
  • ceremony photographer to provide you with 50-75 photos

Classic Simply Option

  • your choice of white or ivory material with pink flowers on the sides of the poles
  • bamboo aisle-way with coordinating draping and floral accents
  • sand ceremony
  • ceremony officiant
  • traditional recorded music for you to walk down the aisle (upgrade to a custom playlist)
  • ceremony photographer to provide you with 50-75 photos via digital download link


Elopement on. Florida. Beaches

Florida Beach Elopements

Just because you want to elope doesn’t mean you have to give up beautiful beach decor and professional ceremony photography.  Our beach Elopements include natural four-post bamboo canopy, sand ceremony, and ceremony officiant.  When you elope to Florida for your beach wedding, you can plan to wear whatever you both want. From formal gowns and suits, to sun dresses and linen shirts, your attire will add to the uniqueness of your special day together.

Florida Beach Elopements are planned for several different reasons:

  • You just want the intimate beach wedding ceremony to be about the two of you: to share the experience with each other, and possibly a few guests.
  • The expenses of a wedding in your hometown may be too daunting.  But you still want to have a decorated ceremony. A wedding package in Daytona Beach is your most affordable option.
  • You are planning a trip to Florida anyway and you want to marry the love of your life: why not make it the most memorable vacation you will take?
  • You want a honeymoon in Florida, but you don’t really want to plan a large wedding.  Now you can have a beautiful elopement, and start your honeymoon right after the ceremony!
  • A destination wedding on the beach is what you are looking for but you don’t want the hassle, and expense of leaving the United States. Eloping is the solution.

If you are already married but want to renew your vows, Florida Beach elopements are perfect in celebrating your continued commitment to each other. No marriage license required!

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Indian Rocks Beach Weddings and elopements
This bride and groom enjoy their Florida Beach Elopements while sharing a kiss under the bamboo canopy.

Simply Florida FAQ

Do kids count in the guest count?

Yes. All kids over the age of one are considered a guest (four guest maximum)

How far in advance can I book my Simply Elopement ceremony?

This popular Elopement Package can be booked up to 6 months in advance.

Can I walk down the aisle?

Our Florida Simply Package is meant to be an elegant, yet simple elopement package. There is no processional or bridal party, no ring bearers, flower girls, etc…the bride can be escorted down by one escort only.

Can we recite our own vows?

Yes! If you are looking to make your beach wedding more personal, we recommend writing your own vows. For our sample vows click here.

Where will my beach wedding take place?

We have beach locations that we use for all of our Florida beach elopements. We will provide you with an aerial view of the beach area we will be using (this will be provided to you in your reservation wedding portal).

What is included in the photography?

Our included photography covers your Florida beach elopement ceremony. We start with all the details of your ceremony:  some photos with you and your guests by the canopy, and finish with photos of you,  and your significant other down by the water. You will receive all the photos via digital download link for FREE. This is truly an all-inclusive Florida beach wedding elopement!

More About our Florida Beach Wedding Elopements

With our Simply Florida Elopement Package, you can choose from two types of ceremonies (civil, or non-denominational with a prayer).  You can certainly recite your own personal vows that you will write to each other.   In fact, we encourage this. When it is just the two you, it is a nice and memorable touch to write your true feelings for each other.  You can make your personal vows funny and sincere (what your “nicknames” for each other are, etc).

If this marriage or vow renewal will be a family affair with your children in attendance, you can include them in your ceremony. This beach wedding package includes a Unity Sand Ceremony.  Each member of the family can be represented by a color of sand and they will be able to pour their sand into the main vase to represent their importance, and commitment to this family.  What a great keepsake of your Florida destination wedding!

These Elopement Packages are perfect for vow renewal ceremonies, too!  If you want to celebrate continued success in your marriage, what better choice than a beach wedding ceremony. Florida Beach Elopements are one of the top ten reasons why people visit this state.  We hope you will join us at the beach for your small wedding ceremony!  Ready to reserve your date?  Contact us today.