As we write this blog in June, hurricane season is beginning and we know that this can be a possible threat to your wedding plans during the summer. It is sometimes hard to advise our couples on the best time of year to plan an outdoor beach ceremony, since Florida has great weather all year round. We do know the most active part of the Atlantic hurricane season is September through the end of October. Therefore, one of the best times of year to plan for a Clearwater Beach wedding is March through May. November through December also provides perfect weather for a ceremony outside on the sand.

There will be less rain at these times of year In fact, during the spring months it is considered dry season in Florida so your chances of rain during your wedding are low. If it does rain it typically is a short event in the later afternoon. However, the Gulf water temperature may be a bit lower than in summer, but you can still go swimming. Furthermore, you won’t be scorching in the sun and your ceremony time may be more pleasant, with your choice of time of day more flexible.

Clearwater Beach weddings average temperature for each month.

Clearwater Beach hotels may also be cheaper in the spring. As the snowbird visitors depart for home up north, it may be easier on your budget when booking a block of rooms for your guests on the Gulf side, and availability should be better.

Many brides love a June wedding and of course summer is a popular time of year for tying the knot. Now, a Florida wedding in the summer is perfect if you are a beach and sea lover and many couples choose the summer months. Just be aware your ceremony will likely not happen in the afternoon due to high temperatures and higher chances of rain. It is common to have rain every afternoon in the summer. However, you will not be disappointed in Gulf water temperatures in the 80’s! Every day can be spent swimming, boating, snorkeling and having tropical drinks by the sea. However, getting married at this time of year means you will need to be prepared for the heat with fans, sunscreen, hats and a shady area right after your ceremony. A beach pavilion will be your best friend and thankfully Florida Gulf beaches have plenty of them. 

July and August on the Gulf coast can be uncomfortably humid. That being said, a morning wedding may be the answer for you to get married on the beach before things really heat up. There may be less people on the beach as well, especially if you choose a weekday. Even if it is busier, most people do not crowd around a wedding taking place on the beach and are respectful of the ceremony and their guests.

A favorite activity for some of our brides to do during their photography session after the ceremony is “trash the dress”! Trash the dress is a great idea when you get in the water after having a Florida wedding and don’t mind getting saltwater on your dress. Besides, it feels great in that warm water, it’s fun and makes for the most romantic photographs! Just go in there with your new spouse – our wedding photographer will make sure you have photos that are unforgettable. If you love your dress and want to save it, as many brides do, then we can take other stunning pictures; under a pier, by the rocks, and nothing is more spectacular than a Clearwater Beach sunset!

A bride and groom in the water during one of our Pensacola beach weddings.

November through December, as previously mentioned, is also a wonderful time to get married on the beach! The water is cooling down and walking on the beach is heavenly. Still no need for a sweater as many really warm days still come your way in Florida. The sun sparkling on the Gulf water in Clearwater will be the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Hurricane season will be coming to a close and the rain chances will go down. Contact us today to discuss the perfect date for you to tie the knot with a wedding in Florida.