Your friends or family are getting married on the beach and you’ve been invited; how exciting to be invited to a destination wedding! What do you wear to a beach wedding? You may think this is a no-brainer but if you have never been to a Florida wedding before, especially one that takes place on the sand, in the sun and by the sea, you may need a few helpful suggestions.

Boho beach dress maxi length on young woman

Beach weddings have an aesthetic all their own. You will not be in a church, so very formal attire is out. More casual, comfortable clothing would seem to be the norm, however some beach weddings can indeed be more dressy. It is wise to check with the couple getting married to find out what kind of ceremony they are planning. So, when answering the question, what do people wear to beach weddings, we draw on over 13 years of retail bridal and beach ceremony experience to help you. Let’s explore clothing options that will fit with a beachy theme and keep you comfortable:

Siesta Bridal Party on the sand after wedding

Cool, comfortable, and loose fitting

Summertime is when many beach weddings will happen. Summer in Florida is hot. Therefore, you may wish to wear a sundress or wrap dress as opposed to a heavier fabric. Chiffon dresses are elegant but can be worn in a semi-formal or a casual atmosphere.

Bridesmaids in short dresses on Daytona Beach

Colorful beach clothing

When people think of beach weddings, they think of the ocean, sun, and cool breezes. Tropical and exotic are good beach wedding themes. Pastels, such as pink and peach work well, and yellows and light greens will give your outfit an island feel. Floral prints and the blues and greens of the ocean will fit any tropical and exotic themed beach wedding. You can also inquire what colors the bride has chosen for her beach wedding package and use that as a guideline.

Long and flowing beach dresses

Maxi dresses are a good choice for beach weddings. From strapless to one shoulder, or off the shoulder completely, these long, flowing dresses will keep you cool and make you look and feel beautiful. Because there’s a breeze, you can wear dresses that have some movement. Ruffles, layers, and asymmetrical hemlines. Not only will they look great on the beach, they are great on any figure and look festive and classy. Unlike a traditional wedding in an indoor venue, at a beach ceremony you may have to hike over sand to get to the bridal location. A dress that is flowing will be far easier to walk in on the white sand.

Guests pose with bride at Siesta Key beach wedding

Beach wedding jewelry

Islands are homes to treasure in literature and mythology, so why not don a gold bracelet or a colorful beaded anklet for the upcoming beach wedding? Jewelry can add a nice formalizing touch without formal pretensions.

Wrap yourself

Beach weddings, since they are near the ocean, bring abundant breezes. A wrap is a good choice to protect from the sun and wind, and it will keep you layered in a cool fashion. Along with a lotion with UV protection and sunglasses, adding a wide-brimmed hat will keep you from the agony of sunburn, especially if your family or friend’s wedding is midday.

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Wear sandals

Sand and sandals go together like peanut butter and jelly. The open-toed look is appropriate and comfortable for a summertime ocean side wedding. You can wear glittery sandals if you want more than a strict beach look. The rays of the sun will make your footwear sparkle. You can wear low wedge sandals if you want to add height without the pretension of high heels. Heck, you might even go barefoot after the wedding to experience the incredible beach sand!

Wedding Guest hair and makeup

Brides should schedule 2 hours minimum for hair on their wedding day. As a guest, you do not have to go to these lengths, but you will want to spend time fixing your hair for the beach ceremony. Remember the sea breeze can be gusty when choosing a hairstyle. Hair and makeup are not clothing, however, how could we forget your most important feature, your lovely face! Beach destination weddings have a feel of naturalness, so don’t wear too much makeup or wear your hair as you would in a formal wedding or church ceremony. You can wear your hair up or down, however, the main thing is to not apply too much hairspray or a stiff gel that will subtract from a soft, natural feel. You can wear makeup that makes you feel pretty and presentable, however, a beach wedding with ocean breezes and bright sunshine will highlight a “less is more” aesthetic.

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So, whether you are planning a beach wedding or simply attending one to watch people you love tie the knot, you now have some tips on dressing appropriately, comfortably, and with flair. Contact us for more information on booking a Florida Beach Wedding.