Anastasia State Park Beach Weddings- Your ideal location

Anastasia State Park beach weddings in Florida

Tucked away, off a main road, is the beautiful 1600 acre, Anastasia State Park. Situated on a peninsula on Anastasia Island, 4 miles of pristine beach awaits. Not only do beach goers have this beautiful beach to enjoy, but there a variety of actives that are sure to cater to any out door enthusiast.

The beautiful expansive beach at Anastasia State Park is the perfect location to sit back, enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sound of the crashing waves. Take a swim in the refreshing cool water or a casual stroll down the beach to collect sea shells or maybe even a shark tooth. You never know what little treasures may wash up.

Visitors can walk the nature trails and wind through the dunes. There are tidal marshes and hammock perseveres to explore as well. It is a great way to spot some of the natural wild life, such as birds and turtles. There are plenty of picnic areas so pack a lunch and make a day of it. Want to keep the day even more fun and easy, don’t worry about bringing lunch and just hit up the Island Beach Shop and Grill.

Feeling a little more adventurous? There are a variety of recreational activities that visitors enjoy; such as biking, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding to name a few. Conveniently, rentals are available on location at the concession stand. A favorite past time for locals and visitors is inshore fishing. With a Florida Fishing License, you are allowed to fish at the Salt Run. It is great place to chase redfish.

Love a weekend get away? Camping is a great way to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. Anastasia State Park offers a full-facility campground with showers and bathrooms. They have 139 campsites shaded beneath the trees.

Anastasia State Park is also a great location to host special events or gathering, like family reunions, birthday parties, and even weddings! They have picnic pavilions, playgrounds, restrooms, and best of all parking!!! It creates the perfect back drop for any special occasion.

A fun little fact: Located at the park entrance, visitors can find the protected historical site of the Spanish Coquina Quarries. This archeological site dates back to the 1700’s and was the primary source of coquina. This coquina was used to build the Castillo de San Marcos as well as many other buildings throughout St. Augustine.

Open 365 days a year, this gem of a location offers visitors a variety of actives to enjoy. Soak up the sun and scenery at Anastasia State Park on your next visit!

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Taking Care of Your Siesta Key Beach Wedding Guests

When having a beach wedding in Siesta Key, Florida, you should always make sure that your guests are well-informed.  They are counting on you to provide them with all the necessary information they need to attend your Siesta Key Beach Wedding.  The following are some tips to insure a smooth, successful destination beach wedding:

  1. Provide your guests with the beach arrival time for your wedding ceremony.  For example, if your beach wedding ceremony starts at 5:00 p.m, your guests should arrive no later than 4:45 p.m.  This way, they will be waiting for you to arrive, and see your grand entrance.
  2. Make sure you give them the exact location.  In most instances, we have given you not only the beach location address, but an aerial view of this area with landmarks to assist in location.  We sincerely, hope that you share this with your guests, so they are not calling you as you are getting ready, to find out where your wedding location is.
  3. Parking:  Parking is not reserved, even if you have obtained a necessary beach wedding permit.  In Siesta Key, as well as Lido Beach, Venice Beach, and surrounding beaches – parking is almost always an issue.  They should arrive early, so they can obtain a parking spot, and be able to leisurely walk on the beach to the wedding site.
  4. At our recommendations page that can be found on our website,  you will also find information on free ride services, if your guests want to get dropped off at the beach. As well as local restaurants, and hotels, so they can make their own reservations in the local area.
  5. If you arrive a day or two before your ceremony, you should definitely visit the beach and become familiar with the area.  This way, if there are any questions from your guests, you will be able to answer them knowledgeably.
  6. You can always make a list of the activities you have planned specifically for your wedding ceremony.  For example, any rehearsal dinner, or get together before the ceremony, the ceremony time, and any reception or dinner plans.  This way, they know where they will need to be, and at one time, and then they can plan any of their free time for activities they may want to enjoy:  Fishing, Boating, just laying on the beach and enjoying the gulf waters.

Just providing the above information can make your beach wedding in Siesta Key, Florida a great success!

Beach Wedding Spray Tan Tips

So you’ve chosen a destination beach wedding. And now the question is do you want to show up to your wedding looking like a bronzed, sun-kissed local or don your fair skin? The choice is yours whether or not to “pre-tan.” And the best advice is to choose whatever will have you feeling like singing, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!” 😉 So let’s assume for the sake of this post, that you decide to get your tan on. Here’s a list of the do’s and don’t’s for your beach wedding spray tan preparations:

Do’s and Don’t’s for a Beach Wedding Spray Tan :

beach wedding spray tan

DO :Try out your spray tan BEFORE your wedding day.

This allows you to make sure you like the idea AND make sure your make up matches your spray tan skin (picture “Snow White” face make up & “Pocahontas” tan body- yikes)! If this is not an option for you, consider nixing the idea. Mystic Tan is a spray tanning company with services across the country. The product is consistent from salon to salon. This means you can have a trial spray tan in your home town. Loving your beach-y glow? Check out these tanning salons in Destin and Panama City Beach , Florida to plan your tan. Most people look great with a spray tan, but give it try before your big day. AND go for the trial at least 3 weeks before your wedding. The spray tan can last up to 14 days and you won’t want a double spray tan. Can you say Oompa Loompa?


DON’T: Let the day(s) before your wedding be the first time you ever try a spray tan.

Bad idea. Like we just said, most people look great with a spray tan. But don’t take a chance on “most.”


DO : Tan 2-3 days BEFORE your wedding day.

The first day of spray tan leaves a distinct scent (along the same lines as hair salon after color treatment or nail salons and strong chemicals). Days 2 & 3 are ideal tan days. The tan is still fresh but after a shower or two is most natural looking. 

DON’T: Get a spray tan the day of your wedding.

The spray tan may wear off on your beautiful white dress within the first few hours/day of tanning. And the first day is just a little smelly and unnatural. A shower will take care of that though!


DO: Plan your tan ahead of time. Tips for the day of your tan:

  • The best time to tan is night time (read on and you’ll see why)
  • You will want to take a shower, exfoliate, and be sure to NOT wear any lotions, deodorant, perfumes, cremes, make up.. you get the point. Bare skin. 
  • Stay dry- You MUST NOT get any part of your body wet within approximately 8 hours of tanning. This includes rain, little splashes from the hand washing sink, spilled drinks… again, you get the point. The water stops the tanning process. So unless you want to look like a polka dot princess, be sure to check the weather for rain and stay dry (easiest to do close to bed time and sleep for the “dry” time).
  • Getting a manicure or pedicure? Do so BEFORE tanning. The scrubs and exfoliants used for your mani/pedi may wear away your foot/leg tan.
  • Prepare what you’ll wear. You can wear a bikini, just panties, or sans clothing during the spray tan. Just consider your dress lines and straps.

DON’T: “Wing it.”

A spray tan isn’t really complicated, but to get the results you want, you need to follow the directions. 



All this talk of tanning have you ready to get to the beach? Book your Destin Beach Wedding today!



Beach Wedding Groom Attire

We all know the excitement that comes with choosing the perfect wedding gown. A bridal right of passage. But let’s not neglect Mr. Groom. While his style attention may not be in the driver’s seat, so to speak. Let’s at least let him ride shotgun. 😉 There are extra considerations to be made for a beach wedding. Find out more about the future Mrs. attire HERE. But for now let’s talk beach wedding groom attire!


Grooming the Groom: Beach Wedding Groom Attire

  • Beach Factor:

  • So the most important thing to remember is that you will be getting married on the beach. Duh, right? Consider your weather season and dress accordingly. No one’s going to turn on the A/C or dim the lights for you outside. The Florida weather is warm/hot most of the year. You can still achieve a traditional groom/groomsmen look with a combination of the right fabrics and colors. More tips:
    • Avoid heavy fabrics and try to steer clear from black, which just absorbs the heat.
    • Shorts can look great too, when styled creatively.
    • A vest can replace a coat to keep things a little cooler.
    • Into the hipster look? Try a nice white shirt paired with a bow tie or suspenders.

beach wedding groom attire

beach wedding groom attire

beach wedding groom attire


  • Head to Toe:

    • Shoes are optional when it comes to beach weddings. Bulky dress shoes are OUT. Casual boat shoes or a new pair of sandals are both great options. And there’s always ya know- sans shoes, barefoot, toes in the sand. No shoes, no problem.
    • Hats and Glasses: A bright sunny day may leave you reaching for you sunglasses. However, try to keep the shades off until after the first kiss. It’s much more intimate (not to mention photo friendly) to keep the sunglasses off. And a fedora can be a fun style option if hats are your thing!
    • Accessories: Fun cufflinks or a creative beach boutonniere can add the perfect beach groom touch!

beach wedding groom attire

beach wedding groom attire

beach wedding groom attire

beach wedding groom attire

beach wedding groom attire


  • Size:

  • Make sure to try on the entire ensemble before the big day. From boxers to belts and everything else, make sure it all fits and gets packed. Your wedding day is the time to spend a few extra dollars to get that tailored/polished look. And a mock photo shoot isn’t a bad idea just to make sure everything is A-ok (especially if you’re wearing linen, ahem, for transparent reasons).

beach wedding groom attire

  • Destination: Beach.

  • Once you’ve decided your style, color, and final look, make sure everything gets packed. Also consider bringing a steamer or visiting a local dry cleaner pre-wedding. Leave the ripples to the ocean and sand, not your shirt and pants.

beach wedding groom attire


Maybe all this suiting up has you ready to say, “I DO!” Click HERE to book your Daytona Beach Wedding today!



Destination Beach Wedding

Stress free. Perfectly romantic. Beautiful beach sunset. Do those thoughts make your engaged heart beat with excitement? If you like the thought of a destination beach wedding, but don’t quite know how to do it, check this out:

Dream Clearwater Beach Wedding Photo

Destination Beach Wedding Guide:

  1. Choose Your Location: East coast or west coast? North or South Florida? Many of Florida’s beaches have made the “Best Beaches in the U.S.” list. A west coast wedding is perfect for stunning sunsets and white sandy beaches. While the east coast offers historic cities and world famous entertainment spots. Both coasts provide lots of opportunities for accommodating both night life party-goes, quiet nature enthusiasts, and everything in between. Determining your own must-haves and creating a pros/cons list can help you narrow down your most desirable beach wedding spots!
  2. Determine Your Budget: Figure out how much you’re able to spend on your wedding day and break it down into these main categories:
    1. Wedding Package- See pricing here
    2. Wedding Dress/Groom Attire 
    3. Transportation (flights, taxis/Uber/gas)
    4. Day of Preparations (hair, make up)
    5. Hotel/Lodging
    6. Food
  3. Guest List: By browsing wedding package options, you can see the price points on smaller vs. larger weddings. Once you’ve determined your guest list, be sure to notify family and friends of your date. The sooner the better so they can also plan for an exciting and fun vacation!
  4. Honeymoon Included: Don’t forget the costs you’ll be saving on a honeymoon. You’ll already be in a paradise location so stay a little longer and enjoy your first days as Mr. & Mrs. soaking up the sun and relaxing by the water!
  5. One Stop Shop: The best thing about choosing Your Wedding Company is the affordability and convenience. Save money and time by eliminating multiple vendors, travel researching, phone calls and emails. We provide everything you need the day of your wedding (officiant, photographer, set up and break down). If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar beach, rest assured we will help you create the destination beach wedding of your dreams!