Let’s answer a few questions about how destination weddings can work for you and your fiancé. It will help you make some decisions about planning your own wedding and how it might be possible for you to have a beach wedding in Florida. Wedding planning can be stressful because there is so much to think about and moving parts that need to come together. We hope this brief Q & A will help you move forward toward your big day.Couple kisses on St. Augustine beach under teal wedding arch with starfish

How is an all inclusive beach wedding package different than a wedding package at a traditional wedding back home?
All inclusive wedding packages include all the items required for your beach wedding, including ceremony coordination and helping the bride with the event from the day she books her date until the ceremony photography has finished. The Florida Beach Weddings company, as an all inclusive wedding provider, works with our couples as often as needed to ensure they know exactly what they are going to get when they show up on their chosen beach to get married. This includes a detailed agenda for your special day.

Brides, however, should beware of “extra hidden fees.” Make sure your wedding company outlines all fees and options up front and includes them in your contract. Having to deal with surprise fees as your wedding day approaches is just going to cause extra stress. Our complete beach wedding package prices have everything outlined. It’s easy to see costs up front, since our pricing is listed by beach location on each of our wedding package pages (using a drop-down menu). Professional wedding photography may be extra, as well as permits, extra music or ceremony rituals. Once you’ve booked your date and paid your deposit, our beach wedding company keeps all this information handy in your own secure online portal accessible any time, day or night.

Nautical Knot teal wedding arch in St. Augustine with couple

What special touches can be added to an all inclusive wedding package to personalize the ceremony?
The beauty of our all inclusive beach wedding packages is that the bride customizes the package she wants. The perfect ceremony can be created using her wedding ideas. Our wedding planner is there to offer suggestions and guide her through a variety of colors best for a beach wedding. Other accessories that may coordinate with her wedding theme can be added, depending on the package design the couple chooses. Special touches include:

Purple fabric on black bamboo wedding arch with couple kissing on Daytona Beach

How do all inclusive beach wedding packages simplify the setup of a ceremony?
Our beach wedding packages can save couples hundreds of hours of planning and work. Making plans and pulling together all the aspects of a traditional wedding at home is likely to take up much or your time…and your budget. It is much easier to meet with a beach wedding planner, tell them your ideas, share some wedding inspiration and have it all ready when you arrive on the beach. Check the wedding company’s reviews to make sure their reputation for service and quality is excellent. How is their photography? Just so so or does it make you want to swoon with delight? Make sure you speak with a real person on the phone and get all the answers you need.

Bride and Groom say I do on a Florida beach under white geometric arch with tropical flowers

What are the trends in all inclusive beach weddings?
With current travel restrictions, many more couples are choosing complete wedding packages and staying within the USA. Deciding to purchase a wedding package you can customize at a reasonable price is hard to pass up. Just about anything goes these days for design, although rustic romance, vintage weddings are still very popular like the one pictured below in St. Augustine. Brighter oranges and yellows are showing up in tropical wedding packages that are stunning against the ocean.

Bride and Groom in St. Augustine kiss at beach wedding under rustic floral wedding arch

With an all inclusive wedding you DON’T have to worry about:

  • Performing many vendor interviews and driving around for reception halls, photographers, caterers
  • Mailing out several different deposits and contracts and keeping track of it all
  • Orchestrating who arrives when, walking down the aisle, guest seating, rings, flowers
  • Worrying about the wedding company showing up at all!
  • Who will setup the decorations and seating and take them down
  • Will the photographer take time to get unique pictures of the wedding
  • Who will run out to find someone or something you forgot (because it is all included!)

What is an example of a popular all inclusive wedding package?
An example of a complete wedding package that is very popular with our couples is our Classic Distinctive Design package. This four post bamboo canopy has elegant greenery with pink and white floral arrangements on the wedding arch and a bamboo pole aisle-way with flowing material and more coordinating flowers. It includes up to 32 deluxe white resin chairs with option to add colored spandex chair bands. Your guests can enjoy chilled water as they watch you say your vows by the sea. In this case, the ceremony took place in Destin Beach, Florida and was a perfect Gulf beach wedding.

Couples who choose an all inclusive wedding package for their destination wedding will benefit from easy planning and the process will be fun. We even help you with your Florida Marriage License and recommendations for activities, accommodations and services in your chosen beach city. We provide weddings on both coasts of Florida: Atlantic Beaches and Gulf Beaches. Contact us today to get started! Call for weddings on the east coast of Florida: (386)214-6361 or west coast: (727)249-2708 or email us today.