So you’re ready to tie the knot… Congratulations! However, as current recommendations continue to include social distancing, it may be difficult to plan your wedding for months and you may have to readjust. If you are looking for a plan B, look no further than Florida Beach Weddings. After all, Plan B means Plan Beach, right?! With many Florida Beaches opening up for beach wedding ceremonies soon, our Beach Wedding Specialists are ready and eager to make your dreams come true. 

What do I need to know about planning a wedding now?

  • While some beaches are open, not all locations are allowing beach weddings at the moment. Our beach wedding specialists are on top of the developments and can advise you.
  • Now is a great time to elope. Social Distancing is still in effect on the beaches in Florida. The Florida Natural package is a perfect choice to elope in Florida.

If you don’t want to elope, you can still plan and wedding and there is certainly no shortage of decisions to make. But don’t get overwhelmed; take a deep breath, close your eyes, picture the sand beneath your toes, waves rolling, breeze blowing, vow exchanging… Ahh, beach weddings. Our Florida Beach Weddings company is on top of which locations are allowing beachfront ceremonies and can help you find the right one for you. We encourage you to contact us for current information.

Reasons to Choose an All Inclusive Beach Wedding

Tropical Florida Beach Wedding with an african american couple under the canopy

1. Affordability 

Destination weddings can sometimes get a back rap for being pricey. However, let’s debunk that myth right away. Our Florida Beach Weddings All inclusive beach wedding packages can range from only $700-$2,000. And that price includes everything you need for your wedding ceremony. Wedding decor and set up, officiant, photographer, legal Florida marriage license filing, ceremony/vows, sand ceremony, and more! There will likely be more room in your budget for a few little extras that we include in our premium packages, such as our Distinctive Design weddings.

Couple after saying vows during sunset at Gulf Beach wedding

2. Convenience

No need to spend hours, money, and stressful decision making on venue choices, sub contractors, set up and clean up crews, linen rentals, coordinators.. the list goes on. All inclusive beach wedding packages do all the “dirty,” or should we say, “sandy” work. You figure out what to wear and how to get to your desired beach and we’ll take care of the rest!

Couple saying vows on Daytona Beach under bamboo wedding arch

3. Stress Free

Points one and two naturally lend themselves to point 3. Affordability + Convenience = Stress Free! And there’s just something about the salty sea breeze that just naturally sweeps away stress. Nautical wedding? No problem. Driftwood, palm leaves or florals? We’ve got them! Beach weddings can be as casual or elegant as you make it, so the flexibility with an all inclusive beach wedding makes for a smooth ride! 

African American Wedding couple pose under pier on Daytona Beach

4. Built in Honeymoon

With many Florida beaches to choose from and a wide variety of things to do, there’s no need to book an additional, expensive honeymoon. Beach towns are full of activities like fishing charters in Clearwater, parasailing in St. Pete, paddle boarding, amazing seafood, historical coastal sites such as St. Augustine, snorkeling, and live entertainment. Our Beach Wedding Company has a list of recommendations ready for you…or simply grab a beach chair and a cold drink and call it a day!

Clearwater beach pier and chairs for honeymoon

5. Intimacy  

Typically beach destination weddings have smaller guest lists compared to traditional wedding ceremonies. While small beach weddings are a popular choice for elopements, the beach is certainly large enough to accommodate bigger weddings as well. So the flexibility of choosing the size of your guest list makes an all inclusive beach wedding a great option. 

If you are ready to get married in Florida but uncertain how to proceed please contact us so we can help you plan your location, date and details. Couples are actively planning and love is in the air!

Clearwater Beach Weddings with beautiful views of the sunset and Gulf of Mexico.