Can’t I do it myself?

Couple gets married on Daytona Beach saying vows in the surf

You’re getting married later this year or next year: you’re organized, creative, and have access to Pinterest…so do you really need to spend money on a beach wedding planner? Well, whether you’re a local bride sharing vows at your favorite beach spot, or planning a destination wedding from out of state, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a Beach Wedding company to plan and execute your event.

Bride and groom on Miami Beach after wedding

     5 Top Reasons to use a Beach Wedding Company

      • One Stop Shop– From wedding officiant to ceremony photographer, set up to break down, the Beach Wedding planner does EVERYTHING for you. As a bride, do you really want to drag equipment and decorations through the sand and work up a sweat? No! Don’t spend countless hours researching reviews or juggling phone calls the day of the wedding. Rest assured that Florida Beach Weddings company has you covered. 
      • Trip Advisor- Did you know some sections of coastal Clearwater may only provide 2-3 parking spots? Or that not every dream beach spot has a ramp/stairs within reasonable walking distance? High or low tide times? Florida Beach Weddings Planners have over 12 years experience, know Florida cities and beaches, and ensure every detail is covered. Whether it’s a Gulf beach wedding or on the east coast of Florida, we plan your entire ceremony and personally make it happen. Our family and friends operated business goes all out to make your dream wedding day a reality.
      • D.I.Y.- Dreaming of making your own beautiful wedding arch or tying together dozens of those amazing floral arrangements? Those “little” expenses add up and you would end up saving money by hiring an affordable Beach Wedding Company. Complete Florida Beach Weddings packages start at $699 and at the top end average $2,500. Not to mention, what are you really going to do with all of those perfect projects after the wedding? Well, besides provide gorgeous decor for your basement or attic.

Miami Beach bride and groom kissing after wedding on park bench

      • Sign on the X– Permits and the Florida wedding license may contain fine print, unforeseen details, or time sensitive material that you may not otherwise be aware of. Allow our Beach Wedding Company to guide you and do the work for you without the stress of a minor detail keeping you from your dream day. 
      • Smooth Sailing– our Beach Wedding Planner does it all. Your “Handy Uncle John” or “Crafty Cousin Susan” won’t have to lift a finger or stress about what goes where. Instead, you and all of your closest friends and family can relax and enjoy your beautiful day. And let’s not forget to mention the hours involved in a beach wedding. Set up and break down will leave you with sand and sweat in places no attendee or bridal party needs to know about!

So avoid sweat, tears and stress and choose an all inclusive Florida Beach Wedding package for your wedding day; it really includes everything! 

Bride and groom kissing after beach wedding in Clearwater, Florida