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You’ve done your research. You’re on the fence. Is a destination beach wedding the right choice? Maybe you’ve come across some questions or even myths along the way. Here are some statements you may find surprising to learn the truth about!  Test your destination beach weddings knowledge and see if a white sandy beach is the perfect location for your white wedding!

Destination Beach Wedding – TRUE or FALSE

true or false beach wedding


1. Destination Beach Weddings are affordable. 


Our wedding packages begin at $699 and that includes EVERYTHING you need for your beach wedding ceremony. EVERYTHING. Not sure what that means? Check out this packages page for a clear and detailed description of all that entails (think officiant, photographer, set up, break down…). And the top end packages cap out around $2,500. We’re talking all the bells and whistles and high guest count. Now if that doesn’t say affordable wedding budget, then I don’t know what does. 


2. Destination Beach Weddings are hard to plan.


Florida Beach Weddings Company has been in business for over a decade. At night, we dream about ocean tides, sand ceremonies, and perfect wedding photo ops. 🙂 Wedding planning is our native language. So all inclusive beach wedding planning means just that. You and your guests show up and we do the rest. You can find a detailed description of everything we do by package HERE. With years of experience, we’ve scoped out the best beaches, set ups, ocean tides and permit regulations. 

3. Destination Beach Weddings are hot.


Ok, so yes it’s Florida. Yes it gets hot. HOWEVER, the mild fall, winter, and pleasant spring all make for perfect beach weather. We don’t recommend a mid afternoon wedding in the middle of August, but the sunset hour is beautiful. And the ocean breeze can cool even the hottest of days. So if you are set on a three piece suit and ball gown dress, consider any October-April date and you’ll be cool as can be! And if you’re a northern bride, kiss those winter boots, heavy coats, and snow shovels “bye-bye.” How about a nice pair of flip flops and sunglasses any Florida winter day?

4. Destination Beach Weddings Limit My Guest List


Come one, come all. Or, just the bride and groom. The great thing about a destination beach wedding is the pressure of the guest list is gone with the ocean wind. Destination Beach Weddings are ideal for stress free elopements. But we also have packages for up to 50+ guests. So invite the whole gang or sneak away and exchange vows. You pick and there’s no pressure on who to invite or not. 

5. “I want to get married right away and I’ve waited too long to book a Destination Beach Wedding.”


Worn out by the millions of decisions, choices, and price of planning a traditional wedding? Maybe you’re ready to hit the trail and say, “I do!” We have the resources to get your destination beach elopement organized in a matter of days or weeks. Contact us today if you’re ready to plan your destination beach wedding next week, in a few months, or in a year!