Most people think that “Aloha” is a word that means both hello and goodbye. Although it is true that Hawaiians say “Aloha” both when greeting someone and also saying goodbye, the real meaning of Aloha in Hawaiian is that of love and peace. Aloha is when the heart is so full it is overflowing…such a beautiful expression of a wedding and happy marriage for life.

Just because “Aloha” symbolizes sincerity of the heart, you do NOT have to travel to Hawaii to express your love. You can take the spirit of Hawaii and have it represented on another beachfront wedding venue in Florida. This Hawaiian themed Destiny Wedding Package below expresses everything about an “Aloha” wedding without travel. Couple it with a reception dinner in a nearby Clearwater Beach restaurant watching dolphins swim by, or Siesta Key and you have a paradise wedding indeed! Find out more here.

Destination Florida beach weddings with tropical beach decor and bamboo chairs in Daytona Beach.

Aloha Destiny Beach Wedding Package with bamboo chairs and tropical flowers

Below the spirit of “Aloha” is so easy to see with the tropical greenery, palms and paradise flowers. This dream wedding on the beach will impress your friends and family when they sit down to witness your vows in the sun and sea. Check out more package details here.

Florida Beach Wedding Packages with tropical decor, chairs, officiant and more.

Tropical Distinctive Design Beach Wedding Package with white chairs

For an easy seaside Florida wedding, why not choose the Classic distinctive design below. It is one of our most popular beach wedding arbor decorations and reflects the vibe and simplicity of “Aloha”. You will be glad you chose this all inclusive wedding package as your officiant guides you through your ceremony vows with joy.

Classic White draping with sprays of pastel flowers are a feature in one of the beach Wedding Packages in Florida.

Classic Distinctive Design with bamboo aisle and flowers

This modern beach-themed wedding package below, the Tropical Geometric Arch, is new for 2020: such a clean and elegant option for a Gulf beach wedding blessing. Elegant asymmetrical, tropical floral arrangements on the arch, greenery garland aisle-way and white chairs. Mini geometric wedding arches with coordinating flowers greet the couple at the aisle-way entrance. It’s so easy to get married with a complete package, whether you have planned or months or want a wedding on a whim! No set-up or other details have to managed by you: just show up and tie the knot on the beach. This setup below is stunning by the Atlantic ocean on Daytona Beach.

Tropical geometric wedding arch

White Tropical Geometric Arch Design

So you can see our wedding package prices include so many of the options you are looking for in an “Aloha” themed wedding on the beach. You can also add extra wedding photography. Click HERE to book your Beach Wedding today!