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If you are having a beach wedding, vow renewal or eloping in Florida you want to be sure that you have given all the many details you have carefully planned the attention that they deserve. Most brides know that they should allow enough time to get their hair done (2 hours is the recommendation) but there are other things that need your attention, especially when dealing with the elements of sun, sand and sea. There are 5 things that you might not want to forget to do for your Florida beach wedding, especially when taking in the comfort of any guests who may be attending.

The goal for any wedding, whether in Florida or at home, is to have a memorable ceremony where nobody is distracted and everyone has all eyes on the bride and groom, listening to their personalized vows under the archway. Now this isn’t hard to do when you are in a serene beachfront environment surrounded by beautiful wedding decorations, but if you are overheated or covered in sand it is a different matter! You want your guests to be moved by your declaration of love as you tie the knot and hopefully, to follow it up with a reception where everyone can let loose and enjoy themselves. So why not prepare in advance with some little things that can make a big difference. Of course, a highly rated Beach Wedding Company can go a long way to making your day easy and lovely: we take care of setting up your beach wedding decor and break it down afterward. Our beach wedding specialist gives you detailed agenda of your day and valuable resources for flowers, hair, restaurants, hotels and more. We even help you with your Florida marriage certificate! However, you can do some little things beforehand to make it even more perfect. Every great wedding is great because every detail has been taken care of, the ceremony has gone smoothly with no stress for the you and your spouse.  Let’s take a look at some of these “little things”:

5 Things That Will Make Your Day Perfect

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on it is that beach weddings in Florida are truly beautiful…breathtaking even. You get to get married on a beach of your choice, in an unforgettable ceremony like no other. There is another thing that everyone can agree on, it can be hot on the beach! Our Beach Wedding Company helps you plan your wedding at the most comfortable time of the day, taking into account sea breezes and sunsets, but it is tropical in Florida almost all year long. Therefore, making sure everyone attending your beach wedding is comfortable relies wholly on the planning you do in advance.

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We know everyone at your wedding ceremony will have a good time, but we suggest you incorporate the following into your wedding planning. Our suggestions are simple and cheap to do:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip Flops
  • A foot cleaning station
  • Handheld fans

Avoid the 3 S’s

Okay, I hear you, seems like this is a no-brainer. Of course people need sun protection, and shoes! However, even though there are other details of your day that might seem pressing, setting up the beach area for comfort is key. You want all eyes on you and your beloved, you do not want people squirming in their seats because they are dealing with the 3 S’s: sweating, sticking and squinting. Why not shop the dollar store or Etsy in advance? A couple of buckets of cheap sunglasses will ensure that everyone gets to see the wedding service and that they are not fighting off the glare. We all love the Florida sunshine but when it bounces off the white sand into your eyes…ouch! Buckets, baskets, colors…even personalized! There are plenty of ways to present these little gifts for those that forget their own.

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Your beach wedding in Florida is going to hopefully happen on a crystal clear day where you can exchange vows by the sea. However, don’t be fooled by a cloudy day…and even a sunset wedding, yes as the sun goes down, requires sunscreen. A good strategy is to buy trial sizes from your nearby pharmacy and place them in the area that greets your guests. If you have chosen one of our all inclusive Distinctive Design wedding packages there will be a charming chalkboard sign and chilled water station for your guests. This is a great location and another great use for that little bucket, pail or basket. This thoughtful touch of sun protection can go a long way in making sure no one is too burnt or in pain to enjoy the wedding reception or dinner that follows. Of course wearing a hat is ideal for your guests, but often we don’t want to mess up our wedding day hair. If your female guests want a tip in advance: choose a makeup foundation with sunscreen on the special day. However, your little bucket of sunscreen will still be helpful for anyone that forgets in the excitement of the day. Don’t forget some for your youngest guests too!

Bucket of Flip Flops

Coming to your wedding dressed to impressed may mean you will have some ladies that have left their sandals at home. Although everyone loves to be barefoot in the sand, sometimes it can be hard to walk in! High heels…no way! Make it easier for your guests to get on the sand and watch your ceremony by placing a bucket of different sized flip flops near the entrance to the ceremony. Even a guest in a wheelchair will enjoy the cool relief of taking off their shoes. You can buy flip flops online or at a dollar store for about $1, and they will be greatly appreciated by those that forget theirs or don’t want to ruin their more formal shoes. For those guests that don’t care for flip flops, see our next suggestion which is a delightful touch that will have your guests smiling.

A Mat And Some Paint Brushes (what?)

No we are not asking you to paint a scenic picture of the sea! You don’t have to because Florida Beach Weddings will take all the beautiful wedding photos you could ever want! What we suggest is that you set up a station where your guests can brush the sand off their feet. Whether you have chosen a Gulf coast location such as Siesta Key, Clearwater/St. Pete, Destin, or an east coast beach such as Daytona, St. Augustine or Cocoa Beach you are going to have lots of sand! A mat with some paintbrushes in a bucket can be a welcome relief for guests that have sand between their toes that do not necessarily want to take with them to the reception. Adding a small towel would be thoughtful too. You can even match everything to the color of your chair sashes so that your theme stays consistent from start to finish.


Help your guests to beat the heat by incorporating handheld fans into your wedding décor. You can place them on each chair with the wedding program. Your guests will be able to take them to your reception beach wedding venue afterwards to keep cool there as well. Again, fans can be personalized and made of different materials such as cardboard, silk, paper, lace, sandalwood even feathers! No need to do something formal, just whatever works for your bridal theme and wedding day. Etsy is a great resource. 

We also love these personal mister fans and if you or your guests extra sensitive to the sun, check out these fun parasols with UV ray blocking features. These are also great for beach days before and after your summer beach wedding day too – perfect for your honeymoon! There are many nice beaches to get married on that offer shady pavilions and picnic areas including Sand Key ParkSiesta Key Beach,  and Cocoa Beach to relax under (a favorite of ours is the Turtle Pavilion at Anastasia State Park for St. Augustine Beach weddings). Check out Fort Desoto beach park with over 15 pavilions which can be reserved for receptions in this amazing Gulf beach venue.

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So now that you have completed your planning and are ready to provide these thoughtful touches for your guests, you can stand up, take a bow, and head for your beach wedding altar. These handy wedding ideas stand the test of time and can be incorporated into any beach wedding day. Of course, you can get more ideas at the Knot wedding website and Pinterest, but you will have an amazing beach wedding by paying attention to these comfort details. Not just lucky in love, you and your spouse will be considered thoughtful and smart. Your guests will always remember this special day! Contact us today to reserve your Florida Beach Weddings package and date.