You’re big day is approaching. And you’ve got the beach wedding planning ideas rolling like the waves! But before you end up drowning in the ocean of wedding planning, be sure to avoid common beach wedding planning mistakes. 

beach wedding planning

Top 5 Beach Wedding Planning Mistakes 

1. Poor Budgeting

From underestimating to overspending, don’t fall into the dreaded wedding money pit. Before you really get into any planning, know your budget. What’s your top dollar and what does your wedding week look like? Budget items to consider: 

  • wedding set up/planner
  • bride & groom bridal attire
  • hair/make up
  • hotel accomodations
  • travel expenses (airfare, baggage, airport commute or car/gas)
  • food
  • extra activities 
  • marriage license 

More budget friendly wedding tips here. 

2. Over-planning

Type “A” brides listen especially closely- there is such a thing as over-planning. Trying to plan out every minute is going to drive you to the “crazy bride ward.” Let Florida Beach Weddings do all the beach wedding planning for you so you have more time to focus on fun things. Things like which beachfront restaurant you’ll hit up after your wedding. Or what color is perfect for your bridesmaids’ dresses? And over-planning only leads to our next mistake…

3. Stressing Out

There is certainly a healthy level of anxiousness that comes with committing yourself to another human for the rest of your life. 🙂 But cold feet and a stone cold stressed out bride are two different wedding animals. And avoid falling into either category. Remember, at the end of the day, you’ll want to look back with fond memories of planning and your wedding day. With over a decade in the beach wedding planning business, one word of advice for you: TRUST. Trust that you will have a beautiful wedding ceremony. Trust that you won’t be stuck with hidden fees with our up front affordable beach wedding package options. 

4. Social Media

Yes, we said it. And since there’s no elephants roaming the beach, let’s address the blue whale in the room. Pinterest, Buzz Feed, Facebook, Tumblr.. Healthy choices, people. It’s ok to get inspired. It’s not ok to get obsessed. Whether it’s the perfect wedding or bridesmaid dress, make up tutorial, hair D.I.Y., photo pose, or beach wedding dream experience (you know the kind with magical sun rays, the perfect amount of wind, high heels in the sand- ha ha yeah right), keep it in check. So get your ideas, be inspired, but keep reality in check and focus on enjoying your day more than absolute perfection.

5. The D.I.Y. Wedding 

We go into detail with the trouble with D.I.Y. weddings here.  But the bottom line is the budget, time planning, and details involved in planning and executing your own wedding is often misunderstood until you’re too far in planning. Let Florida Beach Weddings give you a stress free beach wedding experience and keep your budget. A win-win! 

Well we’ve covered the Top 5 Beach Wedding Planning Mistakes, now for the #1 thing you SHOULD have on your beach wedding planning list, contact Florida Beach Weddings!