In a culture FULL of D.I.Y. projects, YouTube tutorials, and Pinterest boards, bloggers and t.v. show hosts are pushing the “let me show you how to do it yourself” movement. And maybe that worked for that coffee table, paint project, car engine restoration (or maybe not). But we’re here to tell you don’t DIY for your wedding. Let Florida Beach Wedding DI”F”Y- Do it FOR you! Here are three reasons why to leave the beach wedding planning to the pros (ahem- that’s us) and save the D.I.Y. for some tie-dye honeymoon t-shirts! 😉 

Florida weddings on the beach with blush, ivory and baby's breath for a rustic feel.


Top 3 Reasons to Just Say “NO” to D.I.Y. Weddings

1. Money

One of the top reasons people are attracted to the D.I.Y. idea is to save money. And yeah, saving money is a great idea. But by the time you’ve gathered, wheeled and dealed, nickeled and dimed everything you need for your wedding ceremony, the costs start adding up real quick. And not to mention most of the items you’re planning to use for your wedding will never again see the light of day after you say, “I do.” With Florida Beach Weddings you can keep the “D.I.Y.” budget without the hassle, stress, time drain of trying to do all on your own. Our affordable beach wedding packages are all-inclusive so you know exactly what you’ll be spending on your wedding. No surprises, no hidden fees, and it’s completely planned out beginning to end. 

2. Personality

So you don’t want the next factory produced, seen it all before wedding. We get it! And a D.I.Y. wedding could allow for you to put your personal touch on every decision. Let’s say that again, every decision.. location, chairs, aisle, flower decor, unity ceremony, vows, photographer, officiant…the list goes on. Ok, so there are A LOT of decisions that go into planning a wedding. And some things, like ocean tides, sunset, beach permit regulations, wedding party size, parking issues, all these often are forgotten. So what started out as fun quickly makes an overwhelming turn! Florida Beach Weddings has put in the time, experience, and will do all the work for you. So you can still add your personality and creative touch in your color and package choices, bridal gown, choose from selected vows, with a heck of a lot less stress. And why not put your creative flare into creating fun beach wedding favors for your guests!?

3. Convenience

While D.I.Y. weddings seem like they save money and allow you to channel your inner creator, they are way more involved than what first meets the eye. Florida Beach Weddings is all about you fully enjoying your wedding. That includes the beach wedding planning before AND the day of. Our all-inclusive packages really do include everything you need for your wedding day. Wedding officiant, vows, consultations by phone and e-mail pre-wedding, unity sand ceremony, photographer, legal filing of your Florida Marriage License, all this is included with even our most basic package. So you have time to enjoy your destination beach wedding, spend more time on shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress, local entertainment while you’re in town, and truly enjoy your entire beach wedding experience. 


Ready to save money, personalize your wedding day, and kick back and enjoy your beach wedding planning experience? CLICK HERE to start planning your beach wedding today!