There are family members, the bridal party, the guests, so who pays for what when it comes to Destination Weddings?

Bride & Groom

Couple toasting after beach wedding Florida

The bride and groom cover the usual wedding expenses (ceremony costs such as cheap beach wedding packages, beach wedding dresses, groom attire, rentals, photographer, etc.). These are obvious and standard expenses for any type of wedding. However, it gets a little grey after that when it comes to destination weddings in Florida. Some couples still opt for a full reception, while others simply choose to dine with guests (or just the two of you) at a local restaurant. If a wedding reception is not in your plans, it’s still nice to treat your guests to a post-wedding meal. You can find affordable restaurants near your wedding city to celebrate and eat without breaking the bank. Consider the money you’ll be saving with a bigger guest list in your hometown (think feeding 100 people at home vs. 25 in your destination wedding city). Depending on the size of your guest list (and budget), a morning after breakfast or brunch is also a nice treat.

Rococo Steak St. Pete

Rococo Steak St. Pete

Bridal Party

Your bridal party follows same procedure as the guest list with respect to paying for flight and hotel accommodations for your Florida wedding. In addition, they are expected to pay for attire and accessories. So brides, a nice thing you can choose to pay for is hair and make up for your bridesmaids. If you aren’t covering the bill, it’s good etiquette to make it optional. It’s also a nice idea to make or purchase earrings, necklace, or get cute footless sandals that double as an accessory and bridal party gift from you! 

A bridal party celebrates with a Just Married photo at our Cocoa Beach Weddings.


So your traveling guests are highly likely to look back on your fantastic destination wedding with fond memories. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a relaxing tropical vacation? All that said, they should be expected to pay for flight and hotel accommodation out of their own pocket. It’s common courtesy for the bride and groom to provide hotel options and block rooms that might provide cheaper prices. And you could provide a Welcome Bag for an added touch! Some brides and grooms have a welcome dinner AHEAD of the wedding day so that they can mingle beforehand. However, guests are basically footing the bills for themselves with the exception of these events, and the reception/post-wedding dinner. 

Of course it will be different if you have a vow renewal or simply eloped which is normally just the two of you or up to 6 people. A nice dinner will be the perfect end to your small wedding day.

Small Florida beach wedding ceremonies

Bottom line: your guests will be excited to share your special day in the sun and sea. The financial goal for your destination wedding should be for everyone to walk away with an affordable vacation, no unexpected expenses and unforgettable memories of your beach wedding day. This is totally achievable with a Florida Beach Weddings package that includes just about everything you need to get married in Florida. Click HERE to book your Beach Wedding today!