Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

So you’re probably reading this for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re getting married and need a wedding photographer.
  2. You’re getting married and not sure if a professional photographer is worth the money.

And if neither of those reasons pertain to you (maybe you are just dreaming about weddings) then, welcome anyway! Hiring a professional beach wedding photographer is an easy choice if you ask us. And with our Florida Beach Weddings company, you have the option add a staff photographer to any of our wedding ceremony packages, for a small fee. Is it worth it? Let’s explore the top 5 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer.

1. Experience

Well a no-brainer really, but let’s clarify. So having a friend snap some shots on his/her latest iPhone may seem tempting to save a few bucks on photography. However, the angles, tricky lighting, perfect timing, are all things a few YouTube tutorials cannot replace when faced with years of experience. Professional wedding photographers have to know the flow of the ceremony to make sure the bride and groom are the objects of attention. Also, you want your friend to enjoy your wedding ceremony and not have to think about (or miss) any important shots or poses. It’s definitely a lot of pressure to put on someone. It’s less stressful to know your special day is in capable and experienced hands for the first kiss, Unity sand ceremony pouring, ring exchange, etc. Our photographer have down hundreds of beach ceremonies in all weather and lighting conditions. They love doing it and you can check out our photo gallery to see for yourself!

2. Reliability

Daytona Beach Weddings exclusive photographer poses the bride and groom.

Late, last minute cancellation, dead battery, full storage space. All things your professional wedding photographer will NOT have issues with. The wedding professionals are prepared. And they have a back up for batteries, memory cards, and worst case, even themselves. Another professional could stand in. Whereas your friend who caught the stomach bug probably doesn’t have a replacement on hand.

Walkway Cocoa Beach Bride from the back with flowers

3. Editing

So getting the perfect shot is only half of it: brighten, darken, soften, touch up, remove unwanted objects. This is all part of the job for an experienced photographer/editor who has done thousands of shots. That speedo jumping character in the photo background can be easily erased with a few handy photoshop tricks to preserve the beauty and magic of your special day.

Barefoot Cocoa Beach Wedding

4. Affordability

Wait, WHAT?! Yes, there are photographers out there who charge more money for your wedding photoshoot than a down payment on your new home. But our Beach Wedding Company isn’t in that category. So by eliminating the middle man and using staff photographers, the result is easy on your wallet.

5. Forever

Your marriage, your vows, your photos. Your wedding photos will adorn your walls, Christmas cards, Facebook page, Instagram feed…and they never get old. Your wedding photos are your one way to preserve the beauty and experience of your destination wedding: the beach venue, package decorations, first kiss and more. These photos will be passed on for generations and hiring a professional wedding photographer means clear and perfect shots and the preservation of a once in a lifetime experience.

Beach wedding couple in Siesta Key by Gulf

So….ready to have your wedding photos hanging up in your home? Click HERE for more information on booking your Beach Wedding!

UK Brides: US Destination Wedding Myths Busted!

Are you thinking of getting married in the USA on a beautiful Florida beach? On the fence as to whether or not a destination wedding is right for you? Thinking it may be out of your budget? Well put aside whatever you’ve been told before or doubts you may have about destination weddings in Florida. Many couples travel from England, Scotland, Ireland and other countries to have a wedding ceremony in Florida. We’re going to give you the facts and bust some popular US destination wedding myths!

Siesta Key wedding couple UK

Myth # 1:

Destination Weddings are too complicated to plan.


If you can book a flight to the USA and pack a suitcase, you can plan a Florida destination beach wedding. With our Florida Beach Wedding Company, we do EVERYTHING for you to ensure a seamless and beautiful beach wedding. Our US beach wedding packages are all inclusive. We’re talking about helping you choose a Florida beach location, set up/break down of your wedding decorations, a wedding officiant, professional wedding photographer, and assistance with your Florida marriage license. Our beach wedding specialists can advise you regarding what to do the week before the wedding, how to choose the perfect wedding dress for Florida beach weather, beach wedding make up….we’ve got you covered with all the best tips and tricks to make your US destination wedding perfect. 

Myth # 2:

Destination Weddings are too expensive for UK citizens


The average cost of a traditional (non destination) wedding in America is $26,000. Wait, what? That figure should have you running for the hills, but wait, how about running for the beach? Our Florida Beach Wedding packages are coming in somewhere between $1,000-$2,500 USD with almost everything included. Now translate that into your own currency and start clapping with excitement! Add in flight and hotel, dress, hair and  make up to the budget and you will still have room for the honeymoon. Really, you could have roughly 5 beach weddings for the price of 1 “average, traditional” wedding. Once you have booked your date with us, we can provide even more ways to save money with a destination beach wedding with our recommended vendors list for every Florida beach location. 

Destin Beach wedding couple embraces after UK wedding in Florida

Myth # 3:

Florida Destination Weddings won’t be legally recognized in the UK


In order for your Florida marriage to be recognized as legal in the UK, the following conditions must be met (per raydensolicitors.co.uk):

  • The marriage must be recognized as a legal marriage in the USA and the parties to the marriage must have complied with the procedures required in the country of marriage: USA. This generally includes giving the relevant notice and having the required witnesses.
  • Each party to the marriage must have capacity to marry under the laws of the country that they are domiciled at the time of the marriage. The country in which you are domiciled will be the country of your main permanent home in which you live, or to which you intend to return. Capacity covers issues such as age, consent and mental capacity.
    Any previous marriage must be properly terminated as per the requirements of English law and you must have the date for your Florida marriage license application.
    It is also important to have evidence of the marriage, which will generally be the original marriage certificate.

The Notary or Minister of your wedding is responsible for posting the marriage license back to the courthouse to have it validated (Florida Beach Weddings takes care of this for you). You won’t receive your marriage certificate straight away. The courthouse will post it to your home address, which usually takes 4-6 weeks, although some people have said they received theirs earlier.

Following Florida’s legal marriage process will ensure that your marriage is legal in the UK. You can obtain it by mail. There is no residency or citizenship requirement to apply for a Florida marriage license but you will need your photo passport. Contact us to plan your dream destination wedding or with any other questions. As you can see, getting married in Florida is easy for UK couples! Email pam@floridabeachweddings.com.

UK couple kiss on Florida beach after wedding in Daytona Beach