Bride Guide to Beach Bridesmaid Invitations

Some wedding plans are more fun than others, and this makes the very fun list! Newly engaged and preparing the perfect invitation for your bridal party? Look no further than these absolutely wonderful beach wedding inspired bridesmaid invitations for your soon to be beach wedding bridesmaid!Ā Of course there’s the traditional call your friend or ask her while on a lunch date, but we just can’t resist some of these beachy fun invites. And it fits right in under the affordable beach wedding theme! šŸ™‚ So read on, maybe even just get inspired, and create your own special invite for your Florida Beach Wedding bridal party.

Wedding couple pours sand into a unity glass during St. Pete Beach wedding ceremony

Beach Wedding Bridesmaids Invitations

Tropical Card by Zazzle

For a destination wedding on a sunny beachfront, this is obviously a top choice! It doesn’t matter if you choose the Atlantic coast or Gulf beaches for your special day, palm trees line the coasts of Florida. From white sand to cocoa, to cinnamon beaches this card shows the upbeat, tropical vibe every Florida beach bride loves. Click here to explore.

Bridesmaid Card by Zazzle

Message in a bottleĀ 

Of course you can find many, many ideas on Etsy that will delight your beach bridesmaids! Cute bottles and other ocean themed, sun and sea beach gift items are the perfect way to ask your girls to stand up with you on your special day.

Bridesmaid Flip Flops by Zazzle

Could anything say, “beach wedding” more than flip flops? Presenting these to your bridesmaids will have them so excited to arrive at your destination and stand up with you and your beloved. They come in many colors so you can coordinate them with your beach wedding package.

Bridesmaids Flip Flops in Teal

Bridesmaid Puzzle

Etsy gives us even more choice with this charming puzzle for your creative friends. How much fun is it to receive this box and assemble the puzzle to pop the question…the bridesmaid question that is!

Mermaid Cards

How adorable and fun are these bridesmaid invitations using personalized caricatures found on Etsy? Your beach bridesmaids will start your wedding journey together with smiles and laughter. What a wonderful idea.

Classic Bridal Cards with Beach Theme

Mospensstudio.comĀ has some lovely cards that will make the perfect statement for your bridesmaids. A beautiful keepsake for years to come.

Now that you’ve taken care of your bridal party, let’s get to planning your dream beach wedding together! Contact Florida Beach Weddings to start planning your perfect and affordable beach wedding today. Call 386-214-6361.

Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Ideas

You’ve seen the evolution of bridesmaids dresses. From ’50s lindy to ’70s mod polyester to ’80s shiny satin with matching colored shoes. Yep, that happened. But no matter the trend or the style, every beach bride should have the same goal: happy, beautiful bridesmaids by her side. So these tips will guide you as you search for the perfect beach wedding bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party.

Beach wedding couple cheers underneath teal fabric arch

Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Attire

One size fits all? Not!

This is often the biggest challenge. Short, tall, skinny, curvy, apple shaped, pear shaped. How can you find a dress to suit them all? A line dresses are one of the most universally flattering dress types and perfect in length for a beach wedding. High-low hemlines are also compliment most body types. The high-low also will keep your bridesmaids cool with a flirty, fun flare. If you only have 1 or 2 bridesmaids, get their input on what they feel comfortable in too!


Breathable, flowy fabrics are the best option. Most of the time sleeves will be too hot. Halters, spaghetti straps, and off the shoulder will be breezy and cool when paired with the best fabric for an ocean ceremony. Read more about bridal tips and fabric options here. 

Bridesmaids and Bride laughing on Daytona Beach


Short/A length dresses are your best bet. Long dresses can work too, but be sure it’s a tulle/chiffon-like fabric to avoid getting stuck in the sand. And consider sandals or bare feet when making any alterations. We love the bridesmaids featured in the photo below who have chosen the necklines and sleeves they prefer on each dress. Yet, the whole bridal party has a cohesive look that complements the bride and maybe even her wedding package decor…just the way it should be! The bride pictured just below chose the Coral Distinctive Design package for her ceremony. We also see pictured Sea Green which our Jacksonville Bride chose.

Bridesmaids with bride on Daytona Beach

Bridesmaids in short dresses on Daytona Beach

Jacksonville Beach bridesmaids pose together


Brides, there is so much choice regarding color this coming year. As you can see by our own Florida Beach Wedding photos, coral and fuchsia continue to be popular and are oh so pretty with beach blues. However, Teal combined with other colors continue to gain in popular: hence our Teal Distinctive Design all-inclusive wedding package. Check out The Knot’s vision for some beautiful beach wedding color combos.

Three Bridesmaids smile in St. Augustine Beach

Price Point

Consider your crowd here. If your girlfriends are taking time off work to help prepare for your wedding and possible travel, keep the financial burden at a minimum. You can often get inspiration from top name brands and find an equally stylish look for less under from another more affordable company.

4 bridesmaids in pink satin stand with beach bride


 So shoes are easy. Barefoot or cute barefoot sandals are both practical footwear choices. No need for sandals that will flip sand everywhere or become buried treasure. Fun and beach-y hair pins or other jewelry could double as a sweet bridal party gift. And why not a playful beachball for the wedding photography session?

Ready to book your beach wedding date in Florida? Get ready to bring your beach bridesmaids down to the sun and the sea and say, “I do!” Contact our planners today.