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Some wedding plans are more fun than others, and well, this makes the very fun list! Newly engaged and preparing the perfect invitation for your bridal party? Look no further than these absolutely wonderful beach wedding inspired bridesmaid invitations for your soon to be beach wedding bridesmaid! Of course there’s the traditional call your friend or ask her while on a lunch date, but we just can’t resist some of these beachy fun invites. And it fits right in under the affordable beach wedding theme! 🙂 So read on, maybe even just get inspired, and create your own special invite for your Florida Beach Wedding bridal party. 


Beach Wedding Bridesmaids Invitations


Tropical Card

beach wedding bridesmaid


Message in a bottle 




Flip Flops

beach wedding bridesmaids







Mermaid Card




Bridal Cards 


Well, now that you’ve nailed down your bridal party, let’s get to planning your dream beach wedding together! Contact Florida Beach Weddings to start planning your perfect and affordable beach wedding.