How to Have a Happy Beach Wedding Flower Girl

I’m not sure if it’s the pure innocence or the nostalgia of dressing up like a bride as a young girl…but there’s just something heart melting about a beach wedding flower girl. From dress choices to child-proofing your wedding ceremony, here are some helpful tips for your beach wedding flower girl experience. Beautiful and drama melt-down free.

Flower Girls by beach dunes at Florida wedding

Bride Guide: Beach Wedding Flower Girl

Asking Your Flower Girl

The process for choosing your flower girl is relatively simple. Whether it’s daughter of a bridesmaid, niece, goddaughter, etc. Here are some points to consider:

Flower girl on St. Augustine Beach holding flowers

  • Age appropriate: Flower girls are typically anywhere between 18 months (give or take) and 9 years old. Once they hit 9, they may be better suited as a “junior bridesmaid.” You can choose younger, or a non-walker for the tradition, but a bridesmaid or “mom” will need to “walk” her down the aisle.
  • Memorable invitation: So it’s totally standard to simply ask the parents first and then formally ask or invite your future flower girl. You can also take things a step further and double up with a wedding gift with something like this adorable bride/flower girl memory picture. And it’s totally customizable. What a sweet token to remember this special bond.

African American Flower Girls at Daytona Beach Wedding

Flower Girl Dress Choice:

  • Weather: First and foremost, consider your season. Now a destination Daytona Beach wedding is likely to be a warm environment. But that’s not to say we don’t have a chilly day here and again in January and February. So you don’t want your sweet little Miss shivering or sweating because of her inappropriate dress.
  • Color: White is the traditional flower girl color choice. However, it’s totally ok to think outside the box or add a splash of color with a sash or bow embellishment.
  • Style: You can stick with a similar style or fabric as your bridal gown or go a different way. I think it’s best to have a budget in mind and keep the affordability factor especially if you won’t be footing the bill. You can check out a variety of ideas and styles on Pinterest and Etsy.

  Flower Girl and Ring boy on the beach wedding

  • Accessories/Footwear: So barefoot is best for little walkers. If your wedding is peak summer season, a securely strapped, light sandal may be best to keep little toes from the heat. As for accessories, you can find lots of cute ideas from headpieces to jewerly, flower baskets and more at

Pre-Wedding Practice

It’s important to communicate with your flower girl’s parents the timeline for when and where to be the day of your wedding. Make sure you communicate who will be transporting/walking/caring for your flower girl the day of the wedding. The idea is to enjoy each other’s presence and cherished wedding relationship. NOT a hectic babysitting scene from the movie “Problem Child.” It’s VERY important for kids to know the expectations in order to ensure compliance, understanding, and no misunderstandings. Don’t let the wedding day be the first time she hears these reminders. Take note to discuss:

  • Procedure for walking down the aisle/flower dispersing/where to go after the aisle (standing or sitting)
  • Expected noise levels at a wedding
  • Photography shoot post wedding
  • Length of wedding (though most young kids don’t have a great concept of time, explaining the wedding timeline helps and a candy bribe doesn’t hurt) 😉

Bride and Flower girl at Florida Beach wedding St. Augustine by ocean

The Wedding Day

So you’ve chosen the dress, you’ve reviewed expectations, now it’s show time! Here are some fool proof tips for a great beach wedding flower girls experience:

  • Who’s in charge? Make sure the flower girl’s “supervisor” (AKA mom, bridesmaid, etc.) reviews the plan for the ceremony. This “supervisor” should also make sure the flower girl has a:
    • Snack/Drink: A quick, mess free snack and sip of water isn’t a bad idea before walking the aisle. Once it’s all said and done it could be a while before the next meal post wedding.
    • Bathroom Break: Nothing like a potty dance or scurried rush to the bathroom in the middle of your wedding ceremony!
  • Flowers: Fake flowers are BANNED from certain beaches so be sure to stick with the real deal and check with your Beach Wedding Company regarding this.
  • Flexibility: Some times the best laid plans just don’t work out. So if your flower girl is having a diva melt down or just too nervous to walk the aisle, don’t worry. The show must go on. Have your designated “supervisor” walk/carry her down the aisle or down the beach a bit while she calms down.
  • Treats: It’s always nice to offer a little treat as a reward for a job well done and to keep the little one entertained/happy. Some ideas are bubbles, candy, a small toy. You can arrange ahead of time who will be in charge of bringing that to the beach.

Flower girl and bridesmaids pose on Siesta Key beach

Well that covers it! Are you ready for your beach wedding flower girl to make way for you down the aisle? Click to book your Beach Wedding!