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Lost, wrinkled, stained. All words you DON’T want to hear in the same sentence as the words “wedding dress.” So we’ve got just the ticket for keeping your dress safe and sounds throughout your beach wedding travels. From flight to hotel read on to learn how to travel with a wedding dress .

How to Travel with a Wedding Dress

travel with a wedding dress

Rule #1: Avoid packing your wedding dress in checked luggage. 

Don’t let the fate of your wedding dress lie in the hands of baggage handlers. Bags may unintentionally be damaged or lost so play it safe and use a carry on when you travel with a wedding dress .

Carry On/Garmet Bag:

You may choose a carry on garment bag or hard shelled overhead luggage. Check with your airline requirements for sizes and carry on regulations. Don’t assume anything. If you have an oversized bag or too many bags, you may be forced to gate check. And that goes against Rule #1: avoid packing your wedding dress in checked luggage. You can also call your airline ahead of time to see if they would potentially offer closet space (often at the discretion of the flight attendants on duty). Check out this short YouTube video to get wedding dress carry on packing tips. 

*Check with a professional (dress sales people or alteration specialist) to see if your dress will require steaming. You can pick up a travel steamer for around $30. 

Professional Fold & Pack:

So the same laundry services that offer bridal gown preservation/storage often also offers professional bridal gown packing. 


Check with flight attendants to see if there is available closet space to hang your dress. If not, you can place your hard shelled luggage in the overhead bin. If you have a garment bag, kindly ask your seat mates if you could lie your dress on top of the luggage bags in the overheard bins. 

Arriving early to your gate will allow for a little more flexibility with storage options. 

Arriving/Hotel :

Car Travel: Upon arriving to your destination city. You’ll want to practice the same travel tips in the car as you did on the plane. 

Hotel: Hang your dress immediately. Remove garment bag and hang dress in a safe, dry place. Often hotels offer on steaming/pressing services so check with front desk. The night before you wedding give your dress one last steam if required. And now you’re good to go!


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