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Not sure what some of the options are in our beach wedding packages? This page explains all of the options that are included with your package, as well as our additional options that you can add to your package for an additional fee. 

What is the sand ceremony? 

Our Sand Ceremony is included in all of our Florida beach wedding packages. It is similar to a Unity Candle at church and signifies the joining of your lives together. You and your significant other will each get to choose a sand color from our selections and you will take turns pouring them into the vase during the ceremony. This is also a great way to incorporate your children into the sand ceremony. You can choose a color for each of your kids and we will include them in the ceremony. You will get to take the completed vase home with you after your ceremony. 


How does adding a first dance work?

Even if you aren’t having a traditional wedding reception, you can still share a first dance together. A first dance can be added to any of our Florida beach wedding packages. Once your beach wedding ceremony is complete, we will play the song of your choice on our amp and you will get to share your first dance under your beautiful bamboo canopy. There is no better place to share a first dance. This is great if you are doing dinner at a restaurant after the ceremony or want to take advantage of having a photographer around for your first dance! 

What is the seashell blessing? 

At the end of your ceremony, you and all of your guests will grab a seashell from our provided basket of seashells. You will then all go down by the water and on the count of 3, throw them in the ocean as you all silently say a wish, a blessing or a prayer for the happy couple!