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So you’re probably here for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re getting married and need a photographer.
  2. You’re getting married and not sure if a professional photographer is worth the money.

And if neither of those reasons pertain to you, welcome anyways! So hiring a professional beach wedding photographer is an easy choice if you ask us. And with Your Daytona Beach Wedding, your wedding package includes a staff photographer.

Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

1. Experience

Well a no-brainer really, but let’s clarify. So having a friend snap some shots on his/her latest iPhone may seem tempting to save a few bucks on a photographer. However, the angles, tricky lighting, perfect timing, are all things a few YouTube tutorials can replace years of experience. Professional wedding photographers have to know the flow of the ceremony to make sure the bride and groom are the objects of attention (not the photographer). Down, set, hike ready position for the first kiss, sand ceremony pouring, ring exchange, etc. Check out our photo gallery to see for yourself!

Daytona Beach Weddings are unforgettable. This bride and groom share a moment on the unique jetty rocks

2. Reliability

Late, last minute cancellation, dead battery, full storage space. All things your professional wedding photographer will NOT have issues with. The professionals are prepared. And they have a back up for batteries, memory cards, and worst case, even themselves. Another professional could stand in. Whereas your friend who caught the stomach bug probably doesn’t have a replacement on hand.

3. Editing

So getting the perfect shot is only 1/2 of it. Brighten, darken, soften, touch up, remove unwanted objects. All the job for an experienced photographer/editor. That speedo jumping character in the photo below can be easily erased with a few handy photoshop tricks.


4. Affordability

 Wait, WHAT?! Yes, there are photographers out there who charge more money for your wedding photoshoot than a down payment on your new home. But Your Daytona Beach Wedding Company isn’t in that category. So by eliminating the middle man and using staff photogprahers, the result is easy on your wallet.

5. Forever

Your marriage, your vows, your photos. Your wedding photos will adorn your walls, Christmas cards, Facebook page, Instagram feed, Time Hop…. And they never get old. Your wedding photos are your one way to preserve the beauty and experience of your destination wedding. These photos will be passed on for generations and hiring a professional wedding photographer means clear and perfect shots and the preservation of a once in a lifetime experience.


So….ready to have your wedding photos hanging up in your home? Click HERE for more information on your Daytona Beach Wedding!